General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Heather reads the newspaper headline and decides she needs to get back to Port Charles to make amends to Steven Lars. The nurse reminds her that she’s a few cupcakes shy of a dozen and isn’t going anywhere. Heather begs to at least make a call. She makes the call to Steve, who wants nothing to do with his mother. Steve says he was better off without her. She used him his entire life and that he regrets letting her out. Heather says she’ll always be his mother and that she loves him, but Steven’s not interested.

Sam tells Jason that everything would be different if she hadn’t made that visit to Heather. She tells Jason her version of the story and how it would be.

Sam’s story/fantasy: Sam pays Heather a visit, but decides she doesn’t want to hear what Heather has to say and leaves. Sam reads about Lamaze and then drags Jason to a session. They have a baby shower with the Davis clan, Monica and Spixie until Sam goes into labor.

Sam gets a call from Alexis, who’s worried about them. She’s sad that Alexis will outlive them if they don’t receive the counter agent. Jason wants to leave and go find Jerry. However, Sam begs him to stay and that telling her story keeps her calm.

Sam’s story/fantasy: Spixie make up because of their feelings for JaSam. Alexis promises to be there for Sam and likes being called Grandma. Monica tells Jason that Allan is looking over him and to be calm. Sam delivers a healthy baby boy. Jason swears they aren’t naming it after him. Monica tells him not to take anything for granted like she and Allan did. She says to let the baby know how much he is loved. Alexis asks Sam about the name befitting the first Davis boy. JaSam receive gifts and a trust fund from Edward and decide to name the baby Daniel Edward.

Sam tells Jason that her son looked just like him and that he would have been a great father. She admits she often doesn’t want to leave her fantasy.

Sam’s story/fantasy: They are happily celebrating their daughter Emily’s first birthday, along with toddler Daniel.

Sam says she knows it’s just a story, that she lost her son and then they lost each other. She says she can’t do this anymore, that she knows what happened and that she can’t change it and that anything else is a fantasy.

Heather decides she wants a do over, that she can be a better mother. When the nurse tries to stop her, Heather kills the nurse and steals her uniform. She walks out of Ferncliff. Heather goes to Llanview and shows up at Tea’s house.

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    As a non JaSam fan (because I hate the JAson part of the equation), having an entire episode focused around them, in a what if scenario, in the middle of a huge epidemic story, did not sit well for me.

    The only good thing was that they rectified the horror of that beautiful baby being named Jason and gave him his rightful name, although I would have prefered Daniel Allan to Daniel Edward, but I can live with it.

    I did love the interaction between Alexis and Sam and baby Daniel and Alexis’ comment about her father taking Sam away at birth and my hope that that means we might be revisiting the ‘who’s Sam’s daddy’ story. You know NLG and KeMo would rock that.

    Heather being allowed to kill someone, walk out of a secured facility, and travel to Lanview is beyond ridiculous. I’m assuming she’ going to steal baby Daniel in order to raise him herself. Crazy loony toon, that one.

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    No sooner does this writing team get the audience on a roller coaster they shut it down. A few weeks back the show was on fire for a week and half with Heather going crazy, Robin returning and Anna rescuing Luke. It ends and Anna disappears for weeks. Heather is hauled off. Robin is nowhere to be seen….Duke appears and then there is no follow up for weeks…The epidemic story is getting interesting and then they insert this stupid fantasy and completely derail the momentum of the story at hand.

    Is it any wonder the ratings aren’t improving?

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    One other thing…Perkie, if you knew Heather’s history you would know this isn’t her first time sneaking out of institutions. Back in the early 80s Heather sneaked out of Pine Circle (I think that was the nuthouse) over the period of months by stealing a nurse’s uniform. She manipulated people’s lives with nobody knowing that she was coming and going.

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    The episode I of course loved. It highlighted the very reasons I have fallen in love with Jasam. The acting between these two has always been effortless. They have a way of showing subtle emotions between them. Kemo’s eyes convey so much in a scene- for me they can do all her acting. They show her dreaminess, saddness, when she is giddy. That is one of the reasons I always have loved her. For me it also gave me that glimpse into my Q’s. Sam has alwys been the one to keep a connection alive between Jason and the Q’s. When she is with him he tends to reach out to them more because he has wanted to please her. To me because Sam never got a good family growing up she gravitates towards them. I loved seeing the shower and Monica and Edwards gift. Loved seeing them with a little Emily. Loved Daniel Edward. This is how I wanted my story to play out. I will be happy I got to see it. I am curious about this story just because many people have said the long montage they got was the end.. Then we lucky Jasammers got this. Plus I know they keep running into each other- so where is the story going.

    I was just happy to get light hearted Jasam fun. Also Jasam has always been about the Davis Coven, Q’s, Maxie and Spin. So to have them featured gets me so much of my fave stuff going on. It has never been just the two of them with me. They have so many characters going on around them- so many people who love and want them together. Heck- togehter they make up most of the families on the show…

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    TV Gord

    The Jason and Sam What If story did nothing for me, either. I enjoyed the little bits of Heather, and I guess her kidnapping the baby will lead to a typical soap showdown, where both Téa and Sam will be in the same room as someone has to tell one mother the baby is not hers and another mother that the baby IS hers. I can’t wait to see that a decade or so ago.

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    I watched Heather’s scenes on YT.

    I thought Frons and GW were horrible with all of the JaSam BS, but RC/FV have taken it all to a new level. :Sp

    JaSam is suppose to be the ride and die adventure couple, so hearing about all of the scenes today, made me think that JaSam is really just Liason wannabees! Liason was now allowed to be a public couple, because Jason could not be domesticated with Liz, Cam and Jake, and yet, JaSam scenes were all domesticated family scenes. WTH?

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    I love Tea, and really wished that RC had let her and Victor Jr.’s, baby boy live.

    I read where Daniel the “Jake replacement baby”, looked so much like Jake that it was obvious.

    Instead of Liz having another boy (Aiden) she should have had a baby girl and named her Emily-Rose after her BFF Emily.

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    I loved today’s show. First show in about 3 weeks that i’ve watched. couldn’t care less about the Jerry issue. Very happy they changed the babys name to Danny. PS. pretty great to see Monica involved with the baby

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    TV Gord

    Did they really change the baby’s name, though? It was an imaginary story. Did they decide outside of the fantasy that the baby’s name should change? If so, I guess I missed it.

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    It was good to see some of the things that should have happened between Jason and Sam and their family before RC an FV tore them to shreds. It was way over the top, but it was a fantasy. So glad to see Sam imagining two children with Jason; Danny and Emily. Their son should have been named Danny all along. I would think one of the children would have had Sam’s brunette locks, but what do I know. :p Glad to see the inclusion of Monica in the storyline. So, I guess Heather is going to let the cat out of the bag. Something tells me Tea is not going to take it very well.

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    Ironically I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, this episode had all the things I love – sam finally getting to hold her baby, the amazing chemistry that always exists between jason and sam, the hint of a possible triangle (or would have been if sbu was staying) with john and THEIR chemistry, the return of Kirsten!!, the cute baby tshirt, the Davis girls!! (the scene with alexis holding the baby and talking about mikkos taking sam away made me cry) and of course all the references to the Qs and how clearly important they are to sams idea of family all made me happy. On the other hand, it made me sad to see all that we were robbed of by not giving jason and sam one iota of joy before the rape and baby’s “death”. it woudl seem to me that if they were always appeasing jasam fans we would have had a little of this joy outside of some fantasy.

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    This episode was pretty bad.
    First- Sam was supposed to be sick and that was why she stayed with Jason? The moment John left, she was fine.
    Second- her baby is dead as far as she knows and she is imagining changing his name? She names a dead baby after Jason but if he had lived she would have named him Danny. That is f@&$ed up.

    Third- if you can have anything because it is a fantasy, why couldn’t she imagine having more friends for her shower? Also, even in her fantasy, she has to cut out Carly?

    I liked the Heather stuff. I loved seeing Tea.

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    J Bernard Jones

    I wouldn’t say it was terrible, but it sure wasn’t good. This episode lifted this viewer out of the action (and not necessarily in a good way), but I also understand its ultimate (and also unintended) purpose.

    Todays “What If?” show was an example of the old fashioned A-B story setup, where the A story (CONTAGION! by Jerry Jax) is peaking and the long-simmering B story starts ramping up to take its place as the A story. Of course, the biggest problem here is that it was so clumsy and heavy-handed that it fell flat. The biggest irony is that it was the framing devices that were pretty damn bad (Sam & Jason in the hospital) while the fantasy sequences were pretty good across the board.

    The unintended purpose, of course, is that with Steve Burton leaving the show, the fantasy serves as a pre-coda for JaSam fans who will soon lose one half of their favorite couple. I like the idea, but again the execution was pretty spotty, which leads me to speculate (as I am want to do) that today’s show felt almost like it was very recently filmed and inserted into the schedule. The editing was way off and the dialogue did not ring true.

    It was almost as if this was not so much a fantasy version of a future where Sam’s baby didn’t die, but rather one where what if Steve Burton wasn’t leaving. I’m not saying this is what happened (I certainly don’t know) but it sure felt that way, even if this episode really was planned all along.

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    Nuh-uh. You can’t rain on MY parade. It’s not happening. I FLOVED the episode, and y’all haters can stick it where the sun don’t shine! And I loved it all the more knowing that Liason fans would crap all over it!

    We got:
    The names we wanted
    An Edward mention, and all the swag
    A Monica sighting and a big-ole Mother-Son hug
    One of the cutest little goo-goo newborns I’ve seen on TV in a while
    A party with happy people at it
    Davis Coven
    A dinky little black Borg T-shirt
    And the list goes on.

    Yeah, it’s disappointing that it’s all just a fantasy. But noone can take away how much I enjoyed this one day. And…and, hearing those names: Dani and Emily meant to me that someone at GH either read the boards or passed along the mail to the right person! They got it done.

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    Lucy D.

    Worst episode in months. I FF through most of it.
    Sam just whines and whines and whines.
    Heather as a serial murderer makes her less amusing.
    And since SB is leaving the show–does anyone really care?

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    I’m not a JaSam fan but did I hate the episode? No, I didn’t. I thought it was nicely done and seeing how many JaSam fans feel that their couple was ripped apart for plot, I think they deserved this episode.

    It was great to see Monica back and I pretty much liked the ‘What if’ part, just as a fan of this show.

    And of course it was a setup to let Téa return to the canvas. Which I don’t mind at all.

    I love that Heather is back but boy, what’s going on in Ferncliff that Heather can knock out ONE nurse and is free…??? This facility must be closed! LOL

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    Today’s episode was yet another attempt, to sell this awful couple. I have never in my entire life ever seen any soap couple pimped as much as Jasam. The lengths that they will go to, to appease the fans of this couple is ridiculous. I agree Perkie, an entire episode dedicated to this couple, in the middle of a major story was wrong and heavy handed. I ended up turning it off halfway. I only lasted that long because of Heather. I really can’t comment on the content, because I only saw so much of it before tuning out.

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    One of the things that soaps need to recapture if they are to survive is the sense of extended family–diversity, the cousins you roll your eyes over their behavior, the people you love to hate–the opportunity for both outrage and forgiveness at the same Thanksgiving table.

    This episode was a nice example of that–giving a section of fandom–‘jasam”ers–what they would have liked to have seen with their couple (which never would have happened whether or not Steve Burton stayed–nobody stays married or content on soaps). And along the way there was a lot of true to character moments that showed how deeply the new regime knows and respects GH history–Monica a real player in scenes (and not just background scenery), the black tee shirt (which has been as much a character in burton’s 21 years as a number of lesser characters), the Davis coven at their best, Alexis having a context to share the poignance of a new baby with her experience of losing Sam (and filling in for new viewers, if they care to youtube a bit, the complexity of their relationship). Emotionally, this moved a lot of story forward (including letting people see the connection of Maxie and spinelli when it was not all whine all the time).

    The new regime had to mix things up to give GH a chance. They are attempting to humanize their villains by showing more family issues and having consequences for their actions. One of the reasons Todd makes a great villain is stat he’s a conflicted villain. Maurice Bernard may take this opportunity to get out of the one note sonny has been for a decade. Johnny as a character has already gotten far more interesting than he had been in his entire time on the show. Steve Burton is making another choice (and maybe they’ll put him in a coma somewhere due to his weakened system with his previous health issues rather than kill him off)–but you can’t say that this regime hasn’t given him as a character some acting opportunities beyond the two note–kills people by day job, saves Port Charles by night that his character devolved into years ago.{had to laugh at Monica advising him to not let is “career” cause him to neglect his kids…Alexis and Monica’s and everyone else’s blithe acceptance of what Jason does continues to be more incredulous than Heather sneaking out of ferncliffe for me).

    I wish soap fans could emulate the extended soap family as well. This may not be the favorite kind of show for the action fans–but it was a good effort for what it was (and reminds me of some of the emotional payoff of the heaven scenes on One Life). A little patience for the cousins who love Jasam is in order, as there will be for whatever closure is needed for the Jason and Elizabeth fans. Soaps are necessarily a big canvas–there ought to be some room for people with different character faces, and different tastes without all this sniping

    All that appreciation said, I hope it is Alexis that really saves the day–cartini needs to move beyond the damsel in distress mode that plagued both one life (the actresses that played natalie and jessica must have had permanent calluses on their wrists from being tied up so often) and has been collateral damage from GH-s mob obsession as well. Monica, Carly, Bobbie, Sam, Elizabeth, Alexis, Anna, could kick Jerry’s ass (even Starr who as a kid showed more gumption than GH women usually do in a crisis). There are glimmers (Sam holding jason accountable for the thugs that delayed john and even her saying “hey its my fantasy” when he poked at the spixie sidebar). But we need to see the women save the day, ultimately, in this crisis.

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    This comment is all about the wonderful ROBIN MATTSON/HEATHER.

    As much as I enjoyed seeing Robin Mattson and Heather on GH today it was the only part that was enjoyable or watchable on this episode and within the week’s story. Robin Mattson is an amazing actress and I believe soaps are doing a severe disservice to fans by not hiring her OR even the other actresses or actors from her generation who show us what great actors there are on daytime.

    Honestly, the show when they brought her back should have been less interested in making her a typical modern day evil character with her murders, mysteriously being able to carry deadweight off estates, through bars, across hospitals and towns without being seen by cops (who are always just right there), baby switching and the like. The one thing that soaps are missing that Robin proved she could do on Santa Barbara and all the other soaps she’s been on is that she makes the BEST VIXEN. She plays righteous better than most and shows the vulnerability that few actresses can show when her cards are coming down around her.

    Of course, they had her in a ridiculous story that spanned far too long and she is going to take the fall for all the misdeeds of others like her son Steven Lars… who killed someone and tried to cover it up and still hasn’t paid for it.. like Todd Manning… who passes judgement on others like Johnny without owning up to his misdeeds by admitting to 2 women the truth of their children ESPECIALLY now that he is dying… or Sonny… who have done numerous horrible acts of violence on this show and is still considered a hero.

    Match Robin to Maurice and the acting is lightyears different. Maurice believes that stumbling his lines is still method acting but to me is just dull and straightforward whereas Robin delivers her lines with the confidence of a true actor who has learned those lines as if her life depended on them and delivers them PERFECT each adn every FIRST time!

    Days, B&B, Y&R, look at Robin Mattson’s potential to be that VIXEN on your show. Y&R dump Tucker & Geniveve and have Robin come in as the much needed female tycoon. She could easily slime her way up to Victor and give Nikki a run for her money and be a perfect combo to Jack’s desperate and lame attempts at bringing down Victor. On B&B, she could easily step into the vacancy Stephanie’s role will leave but not as Stephanie but as a Sally Spectra type. This show needs a new fashion employer. Robin can stand up to Bill, Brooke and any of the other cast and even be a romantic possibility for Eric. On Days, there are soooooo many old characters on the show that need to be replaced by fresh one like RObin.

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    NOW on the SOLO JAsam episode:

    SERIOUSLY… why do people like Sam?! Here she is possibly dying and all she can do is whine out what their lives would have been like with a WHAT IF scenario?!

    Honestly, WHAT IF you just shut up and ENJOYED the last few moments with your love going over WHY you love him in those last few hours INSTEAD of whining how you would have liked to have seen your lives played out with the birth of your child?!

    WHAT IF instead of crying about how stupid you are you spoke with confidence to Jason about HOW YOU WANT IT TO NOW be that you are certain you will come out of this crisis like all the others alive and well. That when that DOES HAPPEN you want Jason back. That you forgive him. THat you love him. That you both will try again or simply adopt. That life without him is hard because your love is so deep.

    Cartini wrote a beautiful idea that means nothing since that is not how it played out and won’t play out. Think of the wonderful possiblities that would have been there in this crisis to decide to strengthen up the characters like Sam to being more proactive and positive than the ROLL YOUR EYES, HAND TO YOUR FOREHEAD, WHINE OUT YOUR COMMENTS acting that Kelly Monaco feels is right. This episode could have been still all about Sam and Jason (actually it was ALL ABOUT SAM if you think about it) but with them making the promise that when they walk out of that hospital room it is about the two of them moving forward instead of reaching to the past.

    Jason is her future could have been her comment to him and Jason’s response would have been AND YOU ArE MINE. I understand that a child’s death is traumatic. But in a soap atmosphere that moves at lightning speed this story of Sam dealing with the death of her child (actually both kids) is the slowest one ever! I want to be sympathic but this character is severely depressed and needs therapy or just needs to move on (but not forget).

    Sadly, the romance of this episode was lost since it was all a dream since on the next episode Sam will be in John’s arms once again.

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    TV Gord

    Since there doesn’t seem to be enough controversy and disagreement in this discussion, this might be a good time for a moment of silence for the soon to be defunct Good Afternoon America.

    :(( :(( :((

    Bahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa! Daytime TV’s IQ goes up a few points again after 4pm eastern.

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    JBJ – Thank you – I could not figure out why the episode seemed disjointed to me, but I am thinking you are on to something when you mention that it felt like it was a recent taping. It would make sense and it would give something to JaSamFF now that SBu is leaving

    Ok my simple thoughts – and believe me I was near tears at some points and about to vomit at others.

    1. Really?1? Sam in all the upteen years you two have been together I have never seen Jason smile that much EVAH. So big time fantasy there.

    2. Hee hee haw haw and I think my water broke – why are they writing Sam as if she has never given birth before. You had a baby…the proof of that was yapping “my sister’s having a baby”

    3. So your fantasy included two kids and you still live at the penthouse

    4. Daniel Edward should have been Daniel Allan

    My Liason loving heart is ok because it was Sam’s fantasy NOT Jason’s.

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    [quote=GHvetfan]In a fantasy you can have anything, why not bring back Jake? Hmm, cause she still
    hates the idea of that sweet boy.[/quote]

    Because it was a “What If” episode concerning Sam’s visit at Ferncliff. For a Jake fantasy someone would have to go back to the moment where Luke ran that poor boy over. ;)

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    I wasn’t feeling the set up and the emotion that was supposed to be present between them as sam was telling the fantasy. Jason seemed to be distant during this entire exchange. He didn’t really have any input or any dreams to share along with Sam’s dreams.

    I do admit I was entertained when sam was practicing the lamaze before Jason walked in. Although I don’t think wardrobe did very good dressing Sam for that scene. There is something about that shirt that doesn’t look right on her. It is hard to explain. Maybe it’s the color?

    The baby shower was actually kind of cute. Spinelli’s gift cracked me up. Now all he has to do is buy about 6 more black shirts and some jean diapers and baby is all set with the same wardrobe as his dad.

    Loved seeing Alexis being excited to be a grandma!

    WTH was with Jason eating the ice chips? Was that supposed to be cute and endearing? Fail. It was just weird.

    Also- that was Kelly Lee right? Was there a point during the birth scene where we actually saw her face?

    When Sam was talking to older Danny, it was like she was talking to someone else’s kid. They didn’t seem like a mother and her son.

    And good old Heather and her insane ways. I feel horrible for Tea right now.

    I find it hard to believe that there wasn’t a guard posted outside or inside of the room where heather killed the nurse. The fact that heather was able to kill the nurse so easily without interruption was just ridiculous.

    I knew I wouldn’t like the episode going in. And I was right. But even though I didn’t enjoy it, there were a few cute scenes.

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    Maybe I will be super lucky and after Jason gets Sam her baby- they will have an awesome night of passion. Then after he is presumed dead she winds up preggers with Emily…

    She would have every right to name her daughter after the fathers sister. After all Jason and Emily were very close. I liked the Edward part of Danny’s name because it came from Jason- so it was sweet. For the most part I have always seen Jason smile a lot with her too. If it had not been put in one episode that is how I would have pictured it all going. He has always been the sweetest with her- his softer side comes out. Of course that is when some people want to call him a wimp- however me thinks if he was doing it with their girl he would be all romantic..

    I think its cute when Kemo is with children on the show just because of the fact that they are sometimes almost her size.. She is so tiny..

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    I thought the episode was a great ending for all the Jason/Sam fans, of “what could have been”. Steve Burton is leaving the show, I am glad they are putting closure to the storyline in a loving matter. As a One Life To Live viewer, Ron C. was always great with those type of loving storylines. I will miss Jason, but, I just hope the show can survive the time change and ratings will improve.I understand everyone’s complaints and everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I just want GH to survive. When it’s finally cancelled we will all regret all the complaints we had. I give Frank V. and Ron C. credit for working hard to try and save the show. The soaps are a sinking ship, I will watch GH to the end!

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    I think I am the only person who does not want Steve to leave the canvas. I think what Frank should have done is bring back Jason Quartermaine. I think they would be more stories there. Jason having to confront all of his demons as a former medical student whose passion was to save lives instead he became a killer. I think a story like that would of really evolve the character. It would be Emmy gold if he could of pulled it off.

    Frank worked hard to keep cost down when he headed OLTL. And he is doing his best to keep GH running. I am dissappointed when I come on this site and a poster says GH will be cancelled. I do not believe these visitor’s are genuine fans and perhaps they should go elsewhere to post negative messages. I love the direction GH has taken. I still wish Megan Ward would be placed back in the role of Kate Howard, however I understand the budget does not permit it. I am proud to be a fan of GH for over twenty years since the age of 10 years old.

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    if it hasn’t already been said, sam is not at the hospital because she is sick, she’s there to get stitches for her cut.

    the following points are simply for reference and perspective.

    i don’t think it’s fair to say sam is always whining “what if?” this is a device used for many characters, including liz.

    in fact it was liz’s “what if’s?” and wishful reminiscing that contributed to her and jason hooking up.

    then we got to listen to her weave her fantasies during the MetroCourt crisis – another life of death situation – when she told Jason he was her baby’s father.

    She’s also done it since Jake has died. Wondering if he’d still be alive if she’d let Jason be an active father.

    I’m not bashing Liz, just pointing out that I wouldn’t consider either woman to be whining.

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    I loved this episode, even though it had that douche Jason in it. I’m glad that in Sam’s what if, she named the baby after someone who honestly loved her as much as she loved him, her brother Danny. And it was nice to see her have some light and funny scenes to play because they’ve only written angst and pain for her character for a while now. I think this episode was partially to say goodbye to Jasam, and also to set up the storyline to find out that Heather did indeed switch the babies.

    I loved seeing KS back as Maxie, and thought it funny how Sam imagined Spixie together in her daydream. It’s nice to see KeMo and KS back together in scenes again.

    I guess Saint Jason didn’t get a what if because he’s never going to really truely realize how much his negative actions impacted their marriage, you know kind of like how his harem kept telling him how he wasn’t at fault for anything.

  30. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    Why, even in a fantasy, would a person dreaming of the future have dead people in their fantasy? That’s just stupid. When I daydream of the future with my kids/grandkids, my dead father & brother aren’t there. Cuz…you know….they’re DEAD.

    I cannot STAND Tea’ and I can’t wait to see that baby ripped out of her arms. He’s probably already deaf from her constant screeeeeching anyway.

  31. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    West Virginia you post is spot on, very insightful :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

    Vet – the what if starts with the premise that the baby is alive, thus NOT DEAD, but why would you say oh hey what if our baby died, maybe if danny had lived we would find out that helena kidnapped jake and hes not really dead. HUH? Why would anyone imagine something like that in a fantasy. Too I would bet if she imagined them finding jake alive the haters would say why would she bring up something so painful to jason at a time like this. I do however agree with your point that jason lacks the ability to really imagine so the fact that he didnt have a fantasy didnt bother me – i just enjoyed him smiling and enjoying the thought of what their life could have been as sam shared her dreams.

    Mipeony, Im okay with jason not having a fantasy, but i also agree with you, I was disappointed that jason didnt offer up at least one sentence about how if he had come to his senses about the baby just one day earlier none of what happened would have occurred because really its not JUST about the goons he sent after john, its about all of his actions after the rape.

    Blackjack excellent points to refute the nitpickers!! :beer: :beer: :beer:

    As for Edward vs. alan, yeah I would have preferred alan but edward makes way more sense. Alan wasnt alive when the child was born – where presumably JaSam intended to let Edward have a role in the child’s – and where sam and alan had little to no relationship, sam has a relationship with edward and they are quite fond of one another. She would be more apt to consider him in essence a surrogate grandfather and since she was suggesting the name it made sense for her to chose edward over alan.

    Kate I too wish jason was staying. I was looking forward to jason and john competing for sams heart.

    PJC I agree with everything you said about robin m and disagree with everything you said about kemo.

    Jasamm, I would love reunion sex before he goes missing but I dont think thats going to happen – I think the writers will feel that they have given us closure with jasam between the goodbye with the clips and the what if, and then she finds out her baby is alive. My guess is thats all we are getting so that they can move the story forward with sam and john.

  32. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I think the episode was pretty disjointed. It seemed surreal actually, guess that was the point though. It was also pretty boring IMO. It was too abrupt from the pace we have been seeing with the outbreak storyline.

    A better way to blend it into the story was to have the whole thing take place while Sam is passed out. All this cutting back and forth between fantasy and reality was a bit confusing.

    I usually hate Spinelli, but for some reason, I wasn’t offended by Dream Spinelli. He seemed actually tolerable. Heh! And how sad is it that Monica can only get screen time in a dream sequence…Oh Ron and Frank…

    Jason and Sam NEVER worked for me, they just don’t look right together. Also, Jason works best with damsels, and Sam was not really a damsel. Elizabeth is fine because she is so weak, but Sam was always a bit tougher.

  33. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Angrier – I agree if she had passed out it might have made more sense and jason could have been commenting on things trying to wake her up.

    Vet, jason has rescued sam more because A. hes been in story with her longer than anyone else b. his enemies know that he loves her so she becomes a target. They dont go after liz as much because liz isnt his vulnerability sam is. Franco didnt take liz, he took sam. Manny took liz once because of opportunity, but he went after sam a bunch of times. Jerry didnt go after liz, he went after sam. etc. etc. and c. sam is always mixing it up and investigating things so that puts her further in harms way. Liz didnt try to take down karpovs drug ring, sam did. Liz didnt take on manny and save jasons butt in the process, sam did. Liz didnt go with jason to rescue michael from aj, sam did.

    Liz has many a quality, but tough in that sense isnt one of them. To compare it to an old triangle, liz is more like the lily or the holly side and sam is more like the anna or brenda side.

  34. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    @EET I love post #45.. I always think it’s funny when people try and compare the women in Jasons life. The fact is Sam and Jason have had a full fledged life together. Out in the open- living together, married, trying to have children. They were never hiding away in a safe house. They have always worked together, lived together and helped each other solve problems. That is why I will always be grateful to the writers for giving me chance to see them together.. They are always perfect!!

  35. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    [quote=GHvetfan]Jason has rescued Sam far more than any female has ever been rescued on GH.[/quote]

    This is why it never worked. I feel like they have had to force this change. Sam is a detective, and she was always pretty scrappy. To try and fit her into the box of damsel has not been good for the character IMO.

    It would be like making Helena Cassadine into a damsel, poor, sweet old granny.

  36. Profile photo of engradypind

    Jasam is/was/always will be a BORE.

    Sam became a bore when she climbed in bed with Sonny and all of a sudden developed all these angst-ridden, whiny emotions that she had to examine every scene she was in.

    Jason became a bore when AJ drove his car one snowy night into a tree turning his brother into a Borg wannabe who could tell when people were lying but who had no emotions of his own. Jason dove headfirst into terminal boredom when he accepted Sam into his life when she was pregnant with Sonny’s child and Jason agreed to let everyone think the child was his.

    I wish it were the Sam character who is leaving the show rather than Jason, who happens to have chemistry with Elizabeth even when they aren’t ‘shipping’. He has even more chemistry with Brenda.

  37. Profile photo of Miry

    Hmm… this reminds me of the amazing happily ever-after storyline that we got with TB’s Carly & Lorenzo Alcazar. I really liked them together & I like that we got to see them together until their ‘dying day’ as husband & wife who had grown old together (after DreamLo killed Sonny). That was nice for this Carly & Lo fan, so I think that this was nice for the JaSam fans. I also think that the Liason fans should get their dream eppy too.
    Since SB is leaving, they need to placate ALL the fanbases. There should be good closure for all parties involved. Heck, I even want a Jason & Robin one! ;)

  38. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    [quote=tealita]Nuh-uh. You can’t rain on MY parade. It’s not happening. I FLOVED the episode, and y’all haters can stick it where the sun don’t shine! And I loved it all the more knowing that Liason fans would crap all over it! We got:
    The names we wanted
    An Edward mention, and all the swag
    A Monica sighting and a big-ole Mother-Son hug
    One of the cutest little goo-goo newborns I’ve seen on TV in a while
    A party with happy people at it
    Davis Coven
    A dinky little black Borg T-shirt
    And the list goes on.
    Yeah, it’s disappointing that it’s all just a fantasy. But noone can take away how much I enjoyed this one day. And…and, hearing those names: Dani and Emily meant to me that someone at GH either read the boards or passed along the mail to the right person! They got it done.[/quote]

    Tealita, perfectly said!!! :beer: :beer: :love: :love:

    The only thing I will add is that this was the best GH episode in a very long time and I loved everything JaSam!!!!! :love: :love: :party: :bigsmile: :party: :love: :love:

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