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With The Young and the Restless pre-empted by U.S. Open Tennis it’s a good time for fans of the CBS soap to vote for your favorite Y&R storylines on the official message board.

There have been many memorable storylines since Y&R debuted 10,000 episodes ago, so choosing a favorite is hard. But we think fans are up to the challenge! Each day between now and September 27th, when the 10,000th episode airs, two famous plots will compete head-to-head for the right to move on in our storyline showdown tournament. Visit the official site each weekday to read about the current contenders and then visit the Message Boards to vote for your favorites!

You can read about each storyline here and then visit the official forums to vote! Right now there is a showdown between Cassie's Death vs. Cane is Alive/Lane Wedding #2. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which of those two storylines will win.

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  1. Profile photo of Bartman202

    Cane & Lily blow – ’nuff said!!

    Personally, I would go back a few decades and choose the “Rose DeVille/Black market Baby Ring” story arc, along with the whole David Kimball saga when he met his untimely death in a trash compactor.

    Of course, it wouldn’t be “Y & R” without the decades-long Jill/Katherine feud!!

  2. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    I don’t get the fascination with Cane and Lily. I find the Cane character deplorable. I liked Cane the best when they “killed” him. Other than the fact that the actor makes women (and probably a few men) wet is the only reason he still has a job. I wanted to slap Maria Bell (yet again) for that cringe inducing conversation last week between Cane and Lily at the coffee house when they were discussing the woman (Samantha?) Lily bumped into at Crimson Lights. When Cane told Lily, “who would pretend to be a ghost? Who would do something like that?” and Lily just sat there nodding her head like a dim bulb, I was screaming, You Did Cane!! Just a year ago! Another blatant attempt by Maria Bell to sweep her inconsistencies as a writer under the rug. It just makes me hate Cane more and rejoice that those awful Maria Bell years are coming to a close.

    Lastly if a storyline as poorly constructed as one Maria Bell puts together wins this race I will be floored. This show has years of good stories that were told under Bill Bell, Kay Alden and Jack Smith. Lets not validate Maria’s bad tenure under any circumstances.

  3. Profile photo of Jon

    Two of my all time favorite stories were Nikki’s back injury addiction and Victor/Ashley the first time around. They have no hope of winning, though.

  4. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    Favorite stories in no particular order;

    Nikki does not let Victor know she is in remission (1986)
    Rose steals Nina’s baby (1986)
    The introduction of psychotic Leanna (1987)
    Kay/Jill Fued
    Jill hired Rex to romance Katherine
    Sheila steals Laurens baby
    George Rawlins Murder
    Keesha finds out she is HIV positve
    Lisa kidnaps Brad
    Early Dru/Olivia sibling rivalry
    Phyllis comes to town baby in tow
    Glo By Jabot storyline
    The Fischer clan is introduced
    Anything with Bobby Marcino :)
    Shawn buries Lauren alive

  5. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    No particular order:

    The Glo by Jabot Teen story line that included just about everybody in the Abbott/Chancellor family circle leading into Raul’s diabetes and the Brittany/Bobby Marcino follow ups.

    Nikki and Jack losing their baby. Still fuzzy nose territory

    Just about anything with VR. Just for the sheer magnetism of her presence on screen… 0:)

  6. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    how about Tricia Dennison-McNeil’s reign of terror!?

    she killed Tony, put her father in a coma, teamed up with Ghost-Matt, drugged & raped Victor and finally killed Ryan McNeil!!

  7. Profile photo of Yoryla

    The whole umbrella story from 1998 to 2001 when Nikki & Victor got married on her deathbed and the subsequent divorce proceedings from Diane, her becoming bitter and vindictive, Jack & Brad planning the takeover and Jack using Diane to get it done, Victor’s plane dropping and his fights with Chet and relationship with Ramona and then coming back to claim his company, Jack getting Jabot finally back but with Victor’s loan as a loophole, Diane trying to have Victor’s child and Nikki preventing it and Ashley in secret was the one who did it, Nikki trying to dupe Brad into giving her info and then falling for him, then Brad and Nikki saving Jabot from Victor and her keeping it from him, Victor and Ashley back together while Ash all the while knew she is carrying his child.

    It was w o n d e r f u l.

    Never have I been more compelled by a soap or it’s characters in my life. And it also had a huge impact on my own life.

  8. Profile photo of harlee490

    YES! JON! :love: :love: Excellent story w\BD…maneacter, gold diggin’ bitch means Jill Foster! :love: Bill always gave his villains (were villaians) a fitting, grumsome ending and post #8 about Vernoica Landers getting that story!

    My favorite story was from mid-eighties about Dina Abbott Mergeron came to town she owned Mergeron Cosmetics until Dina pranced into town and all hell broke loose! John turned down an buy out offer of Jabot finding out it was Dina. Jack (TL) okayed the whole buy out price, being president. Dina was there for the original story of Jack\Patty\Diane and Jack being shot. Ashley finding out about Eric (she was engaged) and screwing Dina at the same time. Ashley finding out she wasn’t John’s daughter but Brent Davis was her father, Dina pissed off because Brent told Ashley and with Ashley was her 1st mental breakdown…done beautifully losing her memory ended up at a diner BOY! Eileen Davidson hit it out the park! Dina went to kill Brent and shot Mrs. C! :love: :love: Through all this story was the start Victor\Ashley, Victor found Ashley, he and Nikki was helping her at the ranch…until Victor fell in love with Ashley. John Abbott never found out that Ashley wasn’t her bio daughter to his grave! Jack was screwing Jill then secretly, and engage to John to marry.

    That mid-eighties period of 82-86 was smoking hot and Bill, Kay and Rex had it rocking with stories!!! :love: :love:

  9. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    It was the same thing day after day – Nikki looking fabulous but hurting from her back from the fall, popping a pain pill, and getting booze out of a linen closet that I remember was the size of a small studio apartment but somehow that’s still my favorite.


  10. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I’m sorry…I don’t begrudge anyone who loves Lily and Cane…but Cane being alive was the WORST contrived PIECE OF CRAP that ever existed.

    Who picked these contenders? There is nothing in the bracket that involved anyone of a darker hue. There are some good ones in here, but given the contract issues going on with CK. I am thinking that her fans are rabid and will conclude that if a storyline with her wins, then she will stay on the show.

    I am leaving to go gag right now. Thank you.

  11. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @thecourt99: Evangelize at the podium! But you don’t need to preface it with anything. Stand Your Ground! Let the tweens have it!

    But let me make clear a fact they can’t deny. On the day that the big LANE wedding aired earlier this year. The ratings dropped on 2/14 (going down 1 entire ratings point) and did not go back up until after they were no longer shown. That ought to tell you something. Silent majority spoke and Lame was not it.

    And that is one more check you can take to the bank and cash! I got better credit then the Feds!

  12. Profile photo of stoney07

    Yeah, well I got a few favorites…and here they are (in no specific order) but let me just preface this by saying…NONE of my favorites were Maria Arena Bell or Lynn Marie Latham originals. :) *Clears throat*

    1. Dr. Olivia Hastings’ new patient happens to be the woman that her husband has been cheating on her with. Dru and Neil know this and have been basically keeping it from Olivia to keep her from being hurt, until finally Dru has enough and tells Olivia EVERYTHING. Olivia at first doesn’t want to believe it, but then reality sinks in…Keesha Monroe, her patient, has HIV. INCREDIBLE acting from Tonya Lee Williams…actually, I think that was some of the best acting I’ve ever seen on Y&R though that story and the actors involved hardly get credit for it. Just AWESOME riveting work.

    2. The introduction of Kevin Fisher. He did SOO many dastardly deeds, though I tend to reflect only on the fact that he gave Lily-white Winters an STD. He also burned down Gina’s (And is indirectly responsible for that damnable GCAC set that I despise so much). I WANT to say he pulled out a gun on MIchael and Lauren because he was in love with Lauren…before he knew she was his brother’s wife. But the best moment for me was him knocking on MIchael’s door. They’d never shared a scene together or mentioned each other. Michael opens the door and he says “hello, Brother”….oh my teenage heart was made glad at that moment.

    3. I must admit, I was NOT old enough to understand what was going on, but my mom recorded a weeks worth of Y&R episodes on VHS and I still have them to this day. And one of the best things going on on that show at the time (1990) was there was this engagement party at the Chancellor Mansion. Leanna Love was there, and I’m not sure about details, I’ll have to look it up, but from what I gathered from that Friday’s episode, Leanna thought Rex was someone named Roger. Jill hired Rex to prove that Leanna really didn’t hate men? But Leanna ended up falling for Rex and likewise…but THEN, at the end of the episode, John Abbott came in and toasted the new couple, Katherine and REx, reunited…again. They made such a big deal about it with the whole dramatic background music, I’m guessing there’s more to it…but I just don’t know. ANyway, from what I saw, it looked INCREDIBLE.

    4. The David Kimball saga

    5. Veronica Landers. I was probably 8 or 9 years old at the time and I was GLUED to my tv screen from the moment Veronica first appeared. LOVED LOVED LOVED it, and it drove story for such a long time.

  13. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @ stoney07: I love #1 too. Boy Tonya Lee Williams ACTED HER ASS OFF.

    I also loved Kevin Fisher’s story. Especially the jail scene… That was Y&R at it’s finest. In fact the way it was written showed you how a soap can turn a character whom you are supposed to hate into someone you have sympathy for. Because it was that human quality. That human touch that made it so great.

    And here is the Emmy winning scene (this one was worth it):

  14. Profile photo of marybee50

    stoney and david-I think the Kevin/Michael reveal was the last real time I was surprised by a story and pleased.I still can remember my reaction,and that I squealed and loved it.Kevin was/is one of the characters you hated to love.The whole aftermath,where Michael came to realize that his leaving Kevin might have been Kevin’s downfall.I just loved the karma and angst.Kudos to both actors.

  15. Profile photo of lance_prentiss

    Of those listed it would have to be the Jill/Katherine fued (especially during the Brenda Dickson years even though I adore Jess Walton).

    My other favorite storylines would have to be the quadrangles involving Lorie/Lance/Leslie/Lucas and Jack/Nikki/Victor/Ashley.

  16. Profile photo of tashikins

    Here are some of my favourites in no particular order:
    Loved the Tonya Lee/VR earlier stories with VR dancing(I was always comparing the girls–both beautiful and talented actress!)
    Loved the Tonya Lee HIV story
    Niki and Jack and her drinking
    Sheila/Scott/ Lauren
    Cassie’s death
    Anything with VR nad Heather Tom
    Jill and Katherine(any storyline)
    Phillip’s death
    Mamie falling for John
    John and Christine’s AIDS infected mother

  17. Profile photo of harlee490

    lanceprentiss…excellent quads both, I loved the Lorie\Lance\Leslie\Lucas and I liked the Lorie\Lance\Leslie\Brad it was good, Leslie having Lance’s son married to Brad…Lorie was crushed wanted revenge on Leslie’s ass and wrote the book about Leslie causing her mental anguish to play in front of audience and Lorie kept driving the nails into Leslie but good and wasn’t going to give Lance up regardless…MMMMM…good Y&R of the ’70s I loved especially Lorie\Lance fan and Lorie\Lance had a following like Lane HUGH…but the difference was the actors of JLB & JMcC could act! ;)

  18. Profile photo of

    Growing up I always loathe Jill Foster Abbott; I was young when Brenda Dickson returned as Jill, but always remember when Jess Walton would grit her teeth and yell at Katherine. I thought Jill was so mean, but came to love the feud with Jill/Kay.

    Always love the hate of Jack/Victor and Jabot always in dire straits.

    Victoria/Ryan/Nina where Victoria & Nina both went to their boyfriends graduation, but they didn’t know their boyfriend was Ryan.

    When Shelia stole Lauren baby

    When Cricket got rape

    David Kimble & Hillary would team up to trick Nina. Nina’s mother Flo came to Genoa City and went over to Katherine house. I remember she said ” Nina has a friend, not sure of her name, but it name after a bug.”

    Y&R good times!

  19. Profile photo of aveRex

    1) Sheila Carter wreaking havoc on Genoa City
    2) Drucilla with Lilly Bell Barber (her mother) in a smack down. The entire storyline around this was awesome!

  20. Profile photo of SoapGirl

    A lot to say about a couple you don’t like but I have never understood why Cane and Lily get so many people upset. They are nowhere worse than Victor and Nikki. Nikki has taken back Victor too many times to count and Victor mentally and physically abuses women left and right and that includes Nikki and Victoria. After the phycial beating of and the threats to kill of Diane, I stopped watching. I may start up again now that they took out the trash, maybe. I really don’t get why women were not outraged all over the place after Victor beat up Diane. Really made he stop and think about letting soaps go altogether.

  21. Profile photo of tashikins

    Yes I too loved the Dru and her mother storyline. Great acting and story. Victor beat Diane? And her son was living there recently? I only catch up with the soaps when I am on holidays so I missed this. Yes viewers should be outraged. Yes Victor abuses women includimg his daughter.

  22. Profile photo of beaglesimpson

    Harlee490… are so right. That mid-eighties period was soap gold. Nikki, Victor (when I could stomach him), Jack (as played by T erry Lester) and Ashley were the foursome that ran this story and they were phenomenal. Man, I miss those stories. Character driven and compelling.

  23. Profile photo of stoney07

    I’m sorry…but I stumbled across this episode a few days ago…but GEEZZZ Y&R was ON FIRE in 1991 I’m assuming (since I was only 2)

    But on this ONE random episode, we have the Nina/David Kimball saga, the beginning of the Sheila/Lauren baby switch, Nikki and Jack and the pain pills…All three EXTREMELY memorable storylines, on ONE episode. Now on every soap, there’s really just ONE story that holds our interest. SMH…

  24. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Patty shooting Jack.
    Shawn kidnapping Lauren
    Nina’s baby
    The Rawlings murder
    Patty’s return
    Cassie’s death
    Sheila’s reign of terror (the first one)
    Katherine is kidnapped and replaced

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