Nick Threatens Ronan on The Young and the Restless

Maybe Nick (Joshua Morrow) isn’t a wet noodle after all? This week on The Young and the Restless, the favorite Newman son puffs up his chest like a Prairie Chicken and tells Ronan (Jeff Branson) to stay away from Phyllis (Michelle Stafford).

I wonder what Phyllis will have to say about her husband getting all macho? Meanwhile, Phyllis and Billy (Billy Miller) face off, as Jack (Peter Bergman) stirs up trouble. Watch this week’s Y&R promo after the jump!

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    This promo is so awful. It’s fast and flashy, but consists out of nothing. There is nothing that has substance or that is going anywhere.

    And even the music is supposed to be fast and racy, like they think viewers find it hot and funny to see Phyllis throwing coffee at Billy, when we really are wondering, why that she-devil on walking around free, even daring to speak to these people. And there shouldn’t be any men, husbands or lovers to defend her – because there is simply nothing to defend.

    Nor is it funny how Jack “likes to make trouble”. There is nothing funny with him again going after NE just for the sake of being greedy and then wind up losing Jabot once again.

    Oh and did I mention how Victor is always the hero and never does anything wrong. So now he gets to feel pitied because of the amnesia AND play champion of the underdog against big bad thug Moran.

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    I know it’s been discussed at length the depths to which the Sharon character has sunk…but does anyone get the feeling that Nick is somehow joining her on the way down?

    I must admit, I don’t watch so I may be wrong but from everything I’ve read (spoilers and episode summaries), it seems as if Nick has transformed into something of a ‘musclehead’ who seems to exist on testosterone. Maybe that’s just my perception.

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    Yup – this way Victor can come home and every character can feel sorry for him and be proud of him at the same time while all the rest of them are fed to the wolves.

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    Eh. I dont see how that promo makes people want to watch. Nick should mind his own business and make up his mind. Does he love Phyllis or not? If Phyllis “cheated” with Ronan, why does Nick care?

    I also think Billy will crush Phyllis. I think the pressure will get to her.

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    Nick already knows that Phyllis and Ronan is currently a ruse, so why can’t his pea sized brain just remember and accept that? And aren’t we all just a bit fed up with Phyllis not accepting her guilt and being found out and continuing to blame everyone else on the planet?

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    shirts429 … sorry but I just don’t get the thrills some get from the so called chemistry between Phyllis and Ronan.

    I do have to admit though that MS (and MTS) looked very good indeed sans warpaint on the TALK yesterday. (But it’s true that the red needs to be returned.)

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    Phyllis and Ronan at one time may have had chemistry,but to me,the character of Ronan has just been trashed.What should have been a great mother/son story was reduced to nothing.It became about which woman he should fall in bed with.Ronan is now there to pimp up Phyllis’ lies.

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    marybee50 … so true, exactly where is that relationship between stiff wooden Ronan and his woefully rarely seen Mother Nina? What deep dark secret is he harbouring? Where does he always disappear to and why? Are we ever going to find out?

    Regarding the purported hot boiling chemical reaction between he and Phyllis? I still think it was more comical and awkward and painted Phyllis as the wanton creature she really is.

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    There are people who like Phyllis and Ronan? All I’ve heard is people bitching about how stupid this storyline is and how its ruined Ronan (which I concur).

    Y&R needs to drop this cougar business with Phyllis. It doesn’t make her look younger, but old and desperate. She needs to go back to her own age bracket (i.e. Neil or Jack or even Victor). She’s in her late 40s. No one wants to watch to young men fight over grandma, especially, an obnoxious grandma who repeats her damn lines 5 times and either screams or whispers.

    Ronan needs to leave. I cannot handle his lame character. He should have been paired with Chloe (the only woman he’s had chemistry with and she’s in his age group). Ronan shined in the “dirty cop” storyline and that storyline was a bust. Its hard to fall from that low of a quality storyline. He was a principled and hardworking cop. Now he’s just a dirty cop.

    And is it funny that Billy got coffee in his face?

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    Wow that was lame. Nick is so weak, he has no character anymore he is as assassinated as Sharon is, it is more subtil but this is the guy that was so honest that he fed his father to the FBI, seriously.

    God three weeks is a long way.

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