Katie Earns Highest Premiere Ratings Since Dr. Phil

The ratings are in for the premiere of Katie and they’re impressive. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Katie’s debut pulled in a 2.8 household rating from the Top 56 markets. It also tied with Dr. Phil’s 2002 debut.

Reportedly, Katie built on General Hospital’s lead in.

Couric, who built on the lead from the recently displaced General Hospital by 12 percent, also bested the season premiere of Anderson Cooper's talk show.


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    It still has a lot of kinks to work out, but I think Katie was one of the better talk show premieres I’ve seen in years. She’s in her element. This show, or something like Larry King Live, was what she should have done post-Today Show instead of the evening news. Though, Katie’ll always have my respect for exposing Sarah Palin as the uninformed dumbass that she is.

    [quote]Couric, who built on the lead from the recently displaced General Hospital by 12 percent[/quote]

    Well, yeah. There are a lot of us out there who either have moved on from our soaps’ cancellations, stopped watching soaps years and years ago, or don’t care for the remaining soaps one way or the other. If the talk show is decent, people will watch.

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    Steve Harvey is killing it actually. I am a Media Buyer, and he debuted very well in many markets! We’ll have to see how much Katie retains her lead in to judge. I watched the show and it’s rather boring IMO, but I guess it’s good enough for stay at home moms due to all the female oriented subjects.

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    I just couldnt get into the show. I dont know why, maybe like it was mentioned above, the kinks have to be worked out. I will probably watch again, for nothing else, Katie Couric is hot.

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    I didn’t watch and will not watch but GH is not the lead in for Katie where I live. In the Washington DC area The Chew is on at 1pm, GH is on at 2pm, Anderson Live at 3pm and Katie at 4pm (Oprah’s old time slot).

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    Swan you ask a great question – did katie do better in the markets where gh was the lead or did she do better with say steve harvey or did it matter either way. we have to remember that abcd cancelled soaps and took the hit to move to this talk show lineup and Katie cost them 80Mil. That imho is the show they care about both because of the investment and the public embarrassment that comes with the thought that they might have spent 80mil on a high profile flop (which also would embolden soap fans to tune out to anything networks offer – in the we sunk the revolution, we sunk katie, and we will continue to sink anything you put on as long as our soaps are in danger of cancellation.) If gh provided no better lead in than steve harvey and harvey costs them a fraction to produce in comparison then thats a problem (unless cartini got a promise that if they got the ratings to a certain point they would get an automatic renewal).

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    TV Gord

    She still may, thecourt99. She got a six-week tryout this summer on six Fox affiliates. The ratings were good at the start (1.9 and a 7 percent share), but dropped dramatically by that Thursday (0.9 and a 3 percent share).

    The show was produced by Ellen DeGeneres, so if she thinks a little re-tooling will bring those larger numbers back, she might get another shot. Personally, I couldn’t stand the show (but I can’t stand her, so it was going to take a lot to turn me around).

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    TV Gord

    I thought you might find the Canadian numbers interesting. Katie didn’t do nearly as well here. Keep in mind we have a smaller population here, so by comparison, the number one daytime talk show in Canada is still Ellen DeGeneres with 612,000 viewers on CTV and another 203,000 viewers on CTVtwo (she airs at two different times on the two sister networks).

    Katie on City-TV had only 161,000 viewers on her first day. Interestingly, Jeff Probst even did better than Katie with 208,000 viewers. Ricki Lake (which follows Jeff Probst on Global Television) didn’t even crack the top ten of talk shows.

    Here are the top ten daytime talkers for September 10th in Canada:

    1. Ellen (CTV)
    2. Anderson Live
    3. Dr. Phil
    4. Live with Kelly and Michael
    5. The View
    6. Dr. Oz
    7. Marilyn Denis (Canadian)
    8. Jeff Probst
    9. Ellen (CTVtwo)
    10. Stephen and Michael (Canadian)

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