Kate to Trey on General Hospital: “I Think I’m Your Mother!”

Congratulations, Kate (Kelly Sullivan). It's a hunk! What will happen once cuckoo Connie from Bensonhurst tells Trey (Erik Valdez) she not only bore him, but left him for dead? Watch the latest General Hospital promo after the jump!


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    The more I see of Kelly Sullivan on GH (after only reading about the plots here and imagining the original actress in the role instead), I’m convinced Sullivan is a good actress, if perhaps miscast as Kate…beyond the age issue.
    I find myself wishing she were cast as Sarah Webber or someone instead.

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    [quote=js3557]Liason kiss! That does not look like it plays out how SID described the kiss. They said Liz plants one on Jason, but it sure didn’t look one-sided to me.[/quote]

    SID is very pro-JaSam. I didn’t expect them to interpret this kiss any other way.

    While I like Trey, I don’t like the story one bit. It’s all much too obvious how this is going to play out. We’ve known for months that Trey is Kate’s son. Would have been better if the storyline was more surprising and just had more impact. I remember back when Luke and Lucky found out about Nikolas being Laura’s son. That was amazing soap opera!

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    TV Gord

    This video won’t play outside the U.S., but oddly enough, I went to abc.com and it played fine there. Go figure.

    I have a feeling it’s going to turn out that Trey is not Kate’s son. Since it has SEEMED that way for months, I have a feeling that a twist is coming.

    I have to laugh and BOTH sides in the Elizabeth/Sam war! You’re as nutso as the crazies on the left and the right in the Presidential race (except I enjoy your never-ending battle a bit more). ;-)

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    This Kate/Trey storyline is the most boring thing on the show right now. Nobody cares about these characters. Now the most hated newbie of 2011, Kate is paired with the most hated newbies of 2012 Joe Jr. and Trey. So stupid. Trey is not even a viable character, and his marrying the horrid nuKristina didn’t help either.

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    Both Kelly Sullivan and Eric Valdez are the worst additions to the GH cast in years. The Kate/Connie plot has been garbage from day one. And now we get PC’s answer One Life’s Bobby Ford. Valdez couldnt act his way out of a paper bag. And Calavati is showing that his writing skills arent much better. This is another example of Calavati bringing his inept writing style to GH. SMH.

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    With out a doubt KSl is the worst actress GH has ever had. I mean its like she watched Joey on Friend describe soap acting and she decided to take it to a new level of suckiness. Not to mention her story sucks, and every time she, SKate, DID and the Trey/teen scene are heavily featured the ratings drop, so I think RC/FV needs to admit that she is a flop and so are her stories and cut their losses!!!

    RC needs to end this stupid Kate story, it is killing GH.

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    [quote=TV Gord]Thanks, coffeebean. I went looking for one that was universal on YouTube, but couldn’t find it. Well done![/quote]

    Glad to help, TV Gord :)

    If you are interested, you can subscribe to this channel http://www.youtube.com/9Saturn where GH promos & interviews are regularly uploaded and can be viewed worldwide.

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    Of all the people that had to die during the BIO TERRORISM storyline WHY did COOK have to die and not KATE?!!

    Honestly, I am so over Kate and this actress.

    And, seriously, Monica leads with a story to Tracey that someone died and Tracey believes its her father only to find out that it’s COOK and Monica chastices her for not being mournful?! MONICA NEVER ONCE REFERENCED “COOK” by her birth name… which I am certain was not COOK… so who is she to judge?

    Plus, if Jax lets his brother off one more time because they are brothers I am going to spit!!! The man has been killing people left and right and Jax still defends, fights and tries to get him to escape because they shared TONKA TOYS as kids. DUMB and even DUMBER since now its being written that way under a DUMBER writing/producing staff

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    Wow! When Todd finds out Heather is Victor’s nanny he is going to head to Landview and on the way there will be a car that he narrowly misses which in turn crashes. Todd rushes to see who is in the car and finds Allison Perkins and brother Victor unconcious. What now? Of course he takes them to Port Charles and nurses them back to health in a private condo.

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    It’s the Fords all over again on GH. It was an epic fail on OLTL. Please don’t try to recreate it here.

    I really wanted Spinelli to be Kate’s son, just because it would drive Sonny nuts.

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