Relive Soap Sirens Going Without Makeup on The Talk!

In case you missed the season premiere of CBS Daytime's The Talk, where soap stars Melody Thomas Scott (The Young and the Restless), Katherine Kelly Lang (The Bold and the Beautiful) and Michelle Stafford (The Young and the Restless) all appeared sans makeup, alongside the chatfest's co-hosts, we have a clip for you. See how your faves looked after the jump!


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    I was a little disappointed. All of them still looked great, they just looked like normal people with good skin. KKL looked just like she did on Berry island, nothing new. The Staf was the most different with the glasses.

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    All involved did look perfectly just fine sans their warpaint. However, don’t forget that they were in a studio where very professional lighting experts are plying their trade plus (as noway mentioned in the other thread) they were probably deeply moisturized …

    But what surprises me more is why did these threads and/or comments take so long when your super popular super daytime divas were on a full two days ago?

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    I watched the show which I have been when I can and MTS was the most comfortable, didn’t faze her at all, KKL was still beautiful, MS was the one that appeared somewhat uncomfortable. It was fun, Sharon Osborne wasn’t completely makeup free, because she had lip gloss and base or powder but the others didn’t have any make-up. You would of thought JC would be the diva but she was cool with it. AT is just beautiful, SU (is my gurl) and no wig or nothing…love it!

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    Ruth Warrick (Phoebe Wallingford AMC) must be spinning in her grave! :)

    She used to say that no woman in the public eye should ever be seen without looking elegant and put together.

    I wonder if Susan Lucci would ever do such a thing.

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    Julie Chen cracked me up when I was watching it in the beginning before the soap divas came out and when the panel does the chat Julie said her sister told her without her make-up she looks like a teenage Chinese delivery boy! I didn’t realize now that I’ve been watching more how wicked Julie Chen’s sense of humor can be… :bigsmile: She can get racy sometimes.

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