The View Weighs in on Riots in Libya and Egypt Following Anti-Muslim Film

ABC Daytime's The View hasn't wasted any time getting back to doing what it does best this season, discussing the world's hottest topics. The clip below has the co-hosts debating the bloody riots in Libya and Egypt. The uprising was the result of Muslim protests of a movie by an Israeli-American filmmaker, which reportedly mocks the religion's prophet Muhammad.

Four Americans, including  U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens, were killed during the riots. Watch a snippet from The View after the jump.

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    Babs and company are wrong. The attacks had more to do with the anniversary of 9/11 than with some little known film. Whoopi, Joy and Barbara are advocating self-censorship. Umm, no. Free speech is protected under the 1st Amendment.

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    These chicks need to shut their piehole. I swear you can bearly understand them because they all overtalk each other.

    And the first ammendment allows people right or wrong to spread vitroil over what they don’t like. We may not like it, others may not, but reacting to vitroil with violence is never the answer. The middle east and Libya in particular is in the midst of instability. There hasn’t been any evidence this film triggered it, it’s more likely that the attack was set due to 9/11. It doesn’t appear to be an attack just formed at the spur of the moment based on reaction to a movie, particularly when the movie had very few views up until this action occurred.

    The catholic church condemned Martin Scorcese’s The Last Temptation of Christ and if christianity were under the same attack as they were during the spanish inquisition or the crusades, how do folks think Christians would have reacted to that film.

    I’m not advocating the making of the movie, I’m chastizing violence as a means to allegedly protest it.

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    [quote=DenverDean]Too bad they were totally wrong. It was 9/11, 11th Anniversary, not some low-budget film. The Libya attack was well orchestrated and the timing was not coincidental.[/quote]

    The attack on the ambassador and safe house were well coordinated terrorist attacks deliberately intended to coincide with 9/11, but the film was used by various imams in the country to whip their followers into a frenzy in order to cause the riots outside the embassy which served as a distraction that allowed the terrorists to attack and kill the ambassador. Having said that, the video was made months ago and sat on Youtube largely unnoticed until these imams, at the request of the terrorist leaders, used it as an excuse to start the cover riots.

    The rioters and terrorists all chose to behave to commit these violent acts. If they hadn’t found this movie to use as an excuse, they would’ve just found something else.

    [quote=GLTURNS70]Why doesn’t Bill Maher receive any flack for mocking Christianity? Liz is right there are no justifications for savage behavior.[/quote]

    He does get flack but most Americans respect freedom of speech and understand that he has a right to say what he says while they have the right to not watch his shows or complain to his network if they’re offended and leave it there.

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