EXCLUSIVE: Days of Our Lives’ Freddie Smith Dishes Bullying, Scandal Crest and Sonny “Showing Some Skin” in Salem

Days of Our Lives hunk Freddie Smith has been making a lot of headlines lately. His character Sonny Kiriakis recently endured a gay bashing and now is posed for a star-crossed romance with Will Horton played by Chandler Massey. As if all of that isn't enough to keep Smith busy, he spends his free time speaking out about bullying and has joined the cast of ACME's upcoming improv soap Scandal Crest.

I caught up with Smith to talk Scandal Crest (He'll be playing Romeo Jones, secret lover to Ophelia Sterling played by Molly Burnett!), exercising an actor's muscles and to find out when we're going to see Sonny get some in Salem!

Daytime Confidential: You're a busy man, Mr. Smith! Your character Sonny Kiriakis is beginning a love story with Will Horton (Chandler Massey) on NBC's Days of Our Lives;  you're speaking out against bullying and now you're doing ACME's new improvised soap opera Scandal Crest. You must have one of those amazing smartphones like the one Samuel L. Jackson hawks in those commercials, that cooks your meals, schedules your appointments, etc.?

Freddie Smith: Yeah, I have been very busy lately which is always good for me. Luckily, my schedule allows me to do all of  these amazing things at once.

DC: What exactly is an improvised soap? I'm kinda having a hard time picturing baby switches, demon possessions and DNA test result swaps without benefit of a 70-page script!

This is the first time I have ever heard of an improv soap as well. That is one of the reasons I hopped on board so quickly. I feel there are no limitations having a improv soap, so I'm excited to be working on the project with such an amazing cast. Seeing as there is no script, who knows how crazy the storylines will become? They could be even more exciting than baby switching!

DC: You've become sort of an ACME regular by this point. They must treat you pretty well since you keep going back?

FS: I was just so happy to be asked back. Before I even heard the details I was like yes! I had so much fun the first time around, and I'm looking forward to Scandal Crest.

DC: As an actor, does performing improv help you exercise certain muscles?

FS: Improv is a great way to exercise your listening abilities. I feel listening and reacting is my style of acting anyway, so improv is right up my alley.

DC: Speaking of muscles, how soon until we see Sonny and Will "flexing" on DAYS?

FS: Sonny will be showing some skin very soon!

DC: Will there be any gay characters on Scandal Crest — improvised or otherwise?

FS: There very well may be some gay characters on Scandal, yet again being improv we'll have to develop our characters along the way.

DC: You did amazing work during the plot twist where Sonny was gay bashed by T. I particularly enjoyed Sonny coming back the next day and knocking T on his butt. Was it important for you to not show Sonny as some passive victim?

FS: There are many ways to handle these kinds of situations. I personally, wouldn't go after someone like that, I try my best to take the high road, but at the same time, our emotions run wild and we don't always think. We just react.

DC: What would you like to say to your DAYS fans to get them to follow you over to Scandal Crest?

FS: It's going to be a crazy ride filming Scandal Crest. Many of your favorite actors, alongside me, will be on the show as well. It could be fun to see these actors you watch everyday portray different characters and how these new characters interact with one another.

Scandal Crest premieres at 9 pm PST/12 am EST on Sept 21.

Photo provided by Freddie Smith

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Great interview. If you’ve never seen an improved soap or drama. You should check out Untitled Film Project: http://bit.ly/IjHVBk

    It was considered the first of its kind. I never knew where the story was going or what turns it would take. Also for those who often put down the future of the genre it was filmed high quality. So I look forward to seeing Scandal Crest. Because the air of mystery is something we are badly missing in daytime.

    Also thanks for the acting questions. This really shows if someone is an actor or a “factor” (fake and not a real actor). We have had a lot those running in daytime over the years. Smith proves that he gets it.

  2. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    @david Thanks! Yeah I did theatre in college, so I have to throw in an acting process question or three! LOL I figure Freddie is bored to death by now with questions like, “So how’d it feel to kiss Chandler?”

  3. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    [quote=days4ever]Freddie Smith is adorable and I just love him and Will. I know some will disagree with me. I am really enjoying this s/l right now though.[/quote]

    I’m with you; don’t understand some of the comments about the two not having chemistry because I think they play fantastic off each other. Far and away the best thing going at DAYS currently; all we need now is for somebody to keep Adrienne’s ass out of their business.

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