Julia Pace Mitchell Bumped to Recurring at Young and Restless

Have Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith started to quietly clean house at The Young and the RestlessCBS Soaps In Depth is reporting Julia Pace Mitchell (Sofia) has been placed on recurring. It seems as though Mitchell's change in status was first revealed during the sudser's credits. Mitchell confirmed the details to the magazine stating:

I'm so happy to be here. Every time I come to work, I'm excited to see Jeanne [Cooper, Katherine] and Stephen [Nichols, Tucker] work. This show has changed my whole life. It's really cool. These are some of the hardest working actors in show business.

So far Y&R has yet to comment on this latest development.

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I hate to see anyone out of a job in this economy who truly wants to work, but Julie Pace Mitchell has been in need of an enema since.....um, day one. They need to recast Sofia almost as bad as they need to recast Lily "Valley Girl" Winters. Make it happen, Phelps!!!

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Not surprised and frankly should've happened a long time ago. Stiff, awkward and charisma-free, not to mention lacking any real chemistry with any of her castmates(though I did kinda like the Sofia/Tucker relationship).

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Jillian, this is OLD NEWS. She's been recurring for 2 months already. Check the Y&R credits. It's been that way for a while now.

Julia Pace Mitchell's contract expired in July and she was dropped to recurring. She confirmed it on Twitter a long time ago.

Why is this being reported now? This was done under MAB.

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Being put on "recurring" status is not necessarily a kiss of death. The best example is Tracey E. Bregman, whom I think has been "recurring" for the past 12 years. She has just as much screentime and storylines as any of the other supporting "on-contract" cast members. Not to mention she has been nominated several times over the past several years for Best Supporting Actress, which is very rare for someone not under contract. I suppose she is a unique example, and I would equate it to a ballplayer having "free agent" status. I have a feeling that Ms. Phelps and the new writers aren't quite sure yet what to do with Sofia's character, so they are keeping her on and perhaps will sign her again if she fits into their new story ideas...

Does anyone know if Melody Thomas Scott has been taken off contract? And what about poor Jess Walton? She really got the shaft!