When Daisy [SPOILER] Will Paul’s Last Shot at Freedom be Lost on Young and Restless?


Daisy: This fool accidentally ingests one too many pills while trying to bust out of Fairhaven, and ends up in a coma! Here's hoping she stays there, or someone "mistakenly" pulls the plug on her. This news sucks for Paul, who needs Daisy to prove Ricky was cray-cray.

Paul/Lauren/Avery/Cricket: Ms. Fenmore tattles to Avery that the gun Paul used to snuff out Ricky is hers. When Paul finds out he demands Avery not use the evidence. Look for Cricket Blair to return with an idea that could finally set her ex-husband free. 

Danny: Cricket's other ex makes his way back to Genoa City.

Sharon: Sharon is able to hustle her shrink into thinking she isn't crazy, and can in fact head up Newman Enterprises. Forget Stefano on Days of Our Lives. This girl is the new Phoenix, as many times as she rises up from the (volcanic) ashes! Once the judge gets Sharon's report, she is reinstated as the top dog at NE. Sharon's first order of business is to rid all of Victoria's belongings from her office. She next orders Vicki and Nick to join her at a press conference. Sharon wants the stock holders to see they are united for the best interest of the company. Will Victoria and Nicholas beat their step-monster at her own game?

Billy: The Abbott playboy is still keeping Victor's whereabouts a secret from Victoria. Will he finally clue her in?

Tucker: The rebel billionaire has a proposition for Sharon.

Newman family: The feuding clan gets some horrifying news at the Newman Enterprises press conference.

Victor: How many times can one mogul be presumed dead? Funny you should ask.

Nikki: The socialite gets a huge shock as she grieves.



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  1. Profile photo of Bartman202

    Am I the only one who can’t wait for this shizz to end…?!? Such terrible, terrible storytelling and it’s getting worse…

    Jack is walking already – PUL-LEAZE!!!

    Summer is now old enough to drive and have her own car – PUL-LEAZE!!!

    Ricky can somehow place a plastic-coated USB flash drive into a snow globe w/o breaking it, but Paul has to smash it open to get it out…?? REALLY???

    Tucker can conveniently procure anti-rejection meds for heart transplant recipients, yet there are so many different meds based on the person who received the transplant (per a REAL doctor friend of mine) that he finds the right ones for Victor’s condition – REALLY???

    Ugh ——- God, I can only hope that on Friday, October 12th one of the core characters wakes up from a 5-year coma and this shizz has all been a horrible nightmare!!!

  2. Profile photo of Divatude58

    Not in the least bit interesting or entertaining to me. And of course Tucker’s proposition is a marriage proposal. It must be a marriage of convenience cause they surely haven’t had a love story.

  3. Profile photo of pferrando

    I’ve been behind on the DVR but watched the show “live” yesterday even though I am many episodes behind.

    I think the stuff we are seeing now was written after the news came out about MAB getting the ax.

    The show seemed odd. Pacing was off, dialogue was strange, and even the normal music the show is scored with was silent. It was like watching another show.

    And I don’t have an issue with the next generation characters, but we haven’t seen much of them since they were aged, and they ALL had significant screen time yesterday which was so jarring.

    I guess everyone had checked out by this time?

  4. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    didn’t anyone have issues with today’s show?

    (1) the new Fen seems “fem”..

    (2) the new little Miss Jailbait, Summer, ( not Abby ) magically gets her hands on a bottle of vodka!

    How did that happen?

    We can’t blame Sharon for that!!

  5. Profile photo of pjc722

    Whenever Victor disappears the show makes him out to be a saint and then all these blue collar people stand up for him (mostly because he pays them off) but it just ruins the whole show. Jack hasn’t been the baddy on this show in years… YEARS… and no matter what he does Victoria or Nick or Phyllis or Katherine or Nikki judge him as if he ran over a rabbit and her babies ON PURPOSE yet as much as they argue with Victor by the next episode all is forgiven.

    The show would be more dynamic if the hatred Victoria should have for her father lasts longer than a costume change.

    Also, the biggest problem I have with this story is the fact that both Nick and Victoria together are worth a billion bucks. Throw in Abby and we are looking at 1.5 billion bucks. Yet they get mad at Sharon was calling off the search for dear old dad but don’t just say “listen, we are going to find dad and find out what’s going on with our own money!!!”

    I mean seriously, Tucker found the man within days and sent Genevieve to watch over him. So does someone want to explain to me why the Newman spawn aren’t that concerned over dear old daddy yet Nikki his ex wife whom he abuses verbally all the time left her 12 hour old marriage to find him?!!!

  6. Profile photo of Mets82

    @TraceyAbbot101-I think Summer stole it from somewhere. They never showed it but I dont think anybody would by that she was old enough to drink.

    @Bartman202- I can see Jack walking already. I think time has passed.After reading what you said about Paul, Ricky and the flash drive I’m actually thinking the sameway as you about Paul, Ricky and the flash drive. How the hell did he get the flash drive in the snow globe? Btw, havent we seen enough of the flash drive stuff? Remember when Adam, Sharon and Phyllis were looking for the flash drive so Sharon wouldn’t go to jail?

    Personally, I hope Victor comes back and kicks ass!! Enough of Sharon. When is she and Phyllis going to get what they deserve. Btw, how about today episode with Phyllis. As usual, she had the nerve to question Nick on why he was leaving yet again? As usual, Phyllis was all high and mighty and how dare people actually not support her? Also, Jack was particularly smug today. How about when he said something to the effect that Sharon or Nikki should have there head examined? Uh, Jack, you married Nikki, knowing her feelings for The Black Knight.

  7. Profile photo of stoney07

    Well, I don’t have a problem with “fem”, but it did catch me off guard to see Fen like that. Not that it would be a problem….it just kind of seemed weird to see him out on a date with Summer. Especially since we’ve hardly ever seen him.

  8. Profile photo of pferrando

    I know I’m in the minority (being one of the 10% too), but I think aging the younger characters was a great idea since it was done all at the same time…BUT…they haven’t been used or seen. So when they are introduced, disappear, and thne hog the screen, it feels odd.

    Fen being fem is fine.

  9. Profile photo of tedew

    Bartman202 … I also mused about the flash drive entering and existing that snow globe. Regarding Jack … I have no problem with his “walking” again at this point. Time has passed and I’m actually surprised that it was not even more miraculous. But all your points are also right on and quite valid.

    These spoilers presume to make us believe that Victor is dead? Well we all most certainly know that is not the case. Victor always returns from the grave to exact revenge on those he thinks wronged him. Whether that be Sharon or his Sainted Children or his Avowed Enemies remains to be seen at this point.

    TraceyAbbot101 … Fem? Exactly what do you mean by fem? Hope your Fen comment is not reflecting your true opinion on what is at least ten percent of the US population! That would be sad.

  10. Profile photo of blondi5622

    Same here….sometimes they draaaaaag out story lines. Daisy should be gone..Tucker should be gone….Ashley should come back…Shouldn’t of let Abby go either.

    They make Victor leave way too much also. He is a great person in the show…and it wouldn’t be the same if he left…but I think they should bring some new faces in…..maybe some good vilians…or or some who will stir up some of the relationships…just a bit of flava…..ya know?!

  11. Profile photo of blondi5622

    Same here….sometimes they draaaaaag out story lines. Daisy should be gone..Tucker should be gone….Ashley should come back…Shouldn’t of let Abby go either.

    They make Victor leave way too much also. He is a great person in the show…and it wouldn’t be the same if he left…but I think they should bring some new faces in…..maybe some good vilians…or or some who will stir up some of the relationships…just a bit of flava…..ya know?!

  12. Profile photo of blondi5622

    I am so confused everyone!! Help!! I am new on here. Everytime I reply to someones posts….I don’t see where they go….And I haven’t seen where I could go mysef to start a conversation…….I want to join in with you all but can’t figure it out….

    Can someone help me? And how will I know when someone replies to this??

    Whats up with the adding the numbers at the bottom??

    When I’m done do I save or preview???

    Thanks so much!!

  13. Profile photo of blondi5622

    Who is tired of Jeffery and Gloria??? I am so done with the whole story line of him and Gloria being so greedy!!!

    I was hoping he was killed off when he went missing…..

    I wished they would of let Harmony stay and hook up with Sarge….they were married in All my Children long ago…it would of been interesting….

    And I want to come througth my TV and strangle Sharon and her higher then mighty attitude…..who does she think she is………….HURRY UP and get home Victor……..I am so excited to see him go off on Jack, Tucker and Sharon!!


  14. Profile photo of tedew

    blondi5622 … I am certainly not an expert, but …

    When you reply to a post your reply just seems to become a new comment and appears at the end of the thread. That is why most include the name of that person at the start of or in their reply. So just look for your name in subsequent posts to see replies to you.

    When you are done with a comment then you can preview just to see what it looks like. When you are satisfied hit save but try to do it just once until you are sure it posted or you will end up with double posts.

    Not really sure what you mean about adding numbers at the bottom.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy it here and stick around.

  15. Profile photo of Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies
    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    I’m guessing that Sharon will earn 42 Character Redemption Points when she either backs up or tells Daisy’s story about running from the Ricker? And now, what’s the deal with the knife? I thought Daisy had it.

    I thought it was bizarre that Fen seemed beyond uncomfortable with Nick, as if he had just suddenly come into Summer’s life during these latest developments with Phyllis. Wouldn’t it have been appropriate for SOMEONE to acknowledge that despite the awkwardness of Michael and Phyllis’s current positions, Fen and Summer have been inseparable since they were babies? Sure, they’ve been inseparable off screen, but we the audience don’t have the same reaction to seeing Fen and Summer hanging out together that Phyllis does at seeing Daniel and Heather hanging out together. Except that they’re drinking coffee and one of them is trying to spike it with vodka when really their poison of choice should be Anbesol…

  16. Profile photo of harlee490

    @Blue Skies…Y&R should take a cue from GL in this instance and make Fen & Summer as best friends. They grew up together and know each other and can relate as “peers”. Flirt with a crush, Little Billy had a crush on Michelle for years. It’s more organic and believable to the story. Let each get into the other’s business. ;)

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