Vanessa Marcil on Potential General Hospital Return: “Whatever is Best For The Show, I’m In!”

Could Brenda Barrett be on her way back to Port Charles on ABC Daytime's General Hospital? Vanessa Marcil seems to be open to the possibility! Here's what the beauty said in the Sept. 17-Oct. 1 issue of ABC Soaps In Depth:

"There's everything unresolved between Sonny and Brenda, which is the best,' Marcil tells Soaps In Depth excitedly, adding that she's on board with whatever the powers that be have in mind for her character. 'I want the show to thrive and do well, and it seems like the new regime is trying really hard. So whatever is best for the show, I'm in! If that would mean Brenda's there, I'm in. If that would mean Brenda's not in, I'm there."

The thought of having my Brenda back on screen for a good and proper reunion with Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jax (Ingo Rademacher)—I've erased the last stint where Guza lost his juice from my mind—is enough to send me into a fit of Brenda giggles. Heck, I might even run out and buy satin pajamas with the sleeves much too long!

Would you be excited to see Bren back on GH? Watch my fave, fave, fave Brenda MVID below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Profile photo of Cath

    I’d be ecstatic because I’m sure Ron would pen her a million times better than Guza did the last time.

    Plus, I’d really like Sonny & Brenda to be restored to the pairing we fell in love with in the first place and what happened under Guza the last time was definitely not it even though they finally managed to get married.

  2. Profile photo of liason4real

    I would want a quad between Sonny/Brenda/Jax/Carly only if we can convince original Carly (SBr) to return to the show.

    Brenda could return with eight year old Alec which is really Jax’s son instead of that lame butt mobster that no cared about. Alec and Cam could hang out together!

  3. Profile photo of really

    I love VM and want more for her then a dying show, she belongs in primetime. Also I don’t know why people get excited about these quotes I mean this is the standard response that she has issued for 13 years, she is a very loyal and supportive person and has always said she wanted best for GH and would never close the door to a return.

    Honestly I think she does this to help the magazine (she apparently sells more then anyone else), the show (a Brenda mention gets interest) and she gets buzz because she is wanted so badly by fans and shows the value she has as an actress.

    I love Brenda (although not my favorite VM character) and know Brenda is the love of Sonny and Jax’s life but for me personally I hope she ends up on a sitcom or a Scandal type show.

  4. Profile photo of Clifford

    I love Vanessa and do enjoy the character of Brenda….but I am a Brenda/Jax fan so if they would bring her back to pair her with Sonny I’d say we’ve recently just “Been there, Done that” so instead I’d rather see her make a special appearance during GH’s 50th Anniversary next April.

    If Cartini does bring her back sooner I can only hope they’d bring back Ingo’s Jax full-time. He has sadly been missed and it has been so good to see him onscreen as the Jax I remember during these most recent weeks.

    Although when it’s all said and done it just feels like “too much time” had passed since VM had last been onscreen at GH (the gap between 2003 to 2010) that it just didn’t mean anything when she returned this last time. I don’t know what Guza was doing…but it sure had a foul odor to it. I can only imagine Cartini would have no where to go but up after that hot mess. On the flip side I will say I really enjoyed when Jonathan Jackson came back as Lucky after a 10 years hiatus so sometimes you can go home again (then again this guy really can act circles around anyone with his performances).

    On a side note: Hey Jill Farren Phelps… I hear Home Depot is having a sale on axes and you need to replace your’s as it’s been getting quite the workout this week. >)

  5. Profile photo of Marland Fan
    Marland Fan

    Her time on the show has come and gone. I don’t care about the “loose ends” to her character. And if bringing her back means more screen time for Sonny, then no thanks!

    Save the money to bring back Genie Francis.

  6. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    So, Las Vegas is really not coming back, then. ;-)

    Pardon me for being a dawg, but I would love to see that body of hers everyday. It would certainly make any Sonny scenes more bearable, because I wouldn’t even know he was there.

  7. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Marland brings up an interesting aspect – saving the money for others. While there are a raft of characters I care little to nothing about – steve, trey, joe jr (although i like that he gives tracy story), olivia, kate(although shes growing on me though i still dont get why they didnt recast with tb), and liz for starters – any or all of it which i would sacrifice to get back brenda, the question then becomes would i rather have brenda return or see lucy back on my screen? (because I could see lucy and sonny potentially and certainly lucy could run crimson and mix it up with todd – shes as cunning as heather without the mean and the crazy) Would I rather have brenda or laura (that one might be a toss up). WOuld i rather keep jax or bring back brenda (def. jax). WOuld i rather keep johnny (for maxie) than bring back brenda (again def. johnny). Would i rather have blair around full time or bring back brenda (no contest, blair). WOuld i rather have robert or brenda (def. robert).

    The only though i have is that i might like brenda around if they are going to kill off edward (but there again, i think emily might be more relevant) and if sonny is going to have his HEA because mo wants to leave, I think he could just as easily do that with kate.

  8. Profile photo of Sid123

    Of course I would absolutely love for Brenda VM to return to GH! I don’t care how they wrote her, everyone on GH has been written OCD and not true to character. So hell ya I wan’t her back.

  9. Profile photo of wmzraz

    OMG! I would love for VM to come back to GH! RC would have to write Brenda like the 90’s and fix the mess that was made of her last return. Of course eventually, after some real amazing angst, I want a SnB reunion! Vanessa is my favorite actress. Sonny and Brenda are my favorite couple out of all TV and movies! Please Soap Gods make this happen!

  10. Profile photo of raykuper

    Yes bring her back like now!!! She is the best pairing Sonny has ever had. Vanessa is a very talented actress who given good writing, can really shine. Guza wrote her horribly so others would hate her but I never will. SnB fan for life and no amount of hatred will change their chemistry or the millions that love Vanessa. Bring back Brenda already!!!!

  11. Profile photo of blanca G
    blanca G

    Yes please bring back VMG! Sonny is not tolerable without Brenda. I know the real Brenda, and I don’t care how they wrote her. I can’t watch GH any longer without her. Her fans wan’t her back like ASAP.

  12. Profile photo of scrumptious

    Brenda should come back for JAX — not Sonny!

    Jax & Brenda deserve a happy ending TOGETHER. I’d love to see Jax, Brenda, Josslyn and Alec as a blended family.

    It would drive Sonny & Carly nuts!

  13. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I would want both back over Sam, Kate, Kristina, and Felicia. Bur, this show needs fewer men and more women. It also needs male characters who are mob free. If I got to choose, I would choose Laura. I would have her come for Lulu and just ignore Luke’s existence. Let him chase her. Have her turn him down. Let her get involved with Robert with Scott fighting for her. Luke can be left out in the cold. I hate that Tracy and Anna both want him. He doesn’t appreciate either. Luke needs to show some growth.

  14. Profile photo of Sam

    I would absolutely LOVE to have Brenda back!! She is one of the best characters in daytime and I adore Vanessa! They just need to write her as the strong woman she was and fix Sonny and Brenda. They are an epic super couple!

    As for Genie I want her back too. GH would be amazing if it had both Brenda and Laura.

  15. Profile photo of tealita

    In April of 2010, Luke Kerr polled DC readers with the Question, “Whose GH return is more important: Genie Francis or Vanessa Marcil?” At that time, 66% of respondents favored Francis’s return.

    I love Brenda, so I wasn’t Marcil’s biggest critic during her last return. But Genie Francis is my girl! Hopefully (and I hope that he wants to), FV can bring back both girls and we can all get some of the stories we want.

    But this time however, if they brought Marcil back in favor of Francis, I would put my Sumo-wrestling suit on every day promptly at 2pm, hop onto the boards, and let it rip!

  16. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    I’m not a Brenda fan, so I don’t have to have her onscreen. But if they do bring her, I’d rather see her with Jax than Sonny. Although I prefer Carly and Jax when they aren’t being stupid with each other, I think that ship has sailed. Meanwhile, there’s still story left to tell with Jax and Brenda. Too bad Jason is leaving, because that would have been an interesting triangle.

  17. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    If she’s learned how to act again and they give her a REAL storyline, then I guess it won’t be horrible. But then again…………a part of me feels like Vanessa Marcil went out of style back in 2003.

  18. Profile photo of Sam

    I think Vanessa is an incredible actress and gorgeous. GH would be lucky to have her back and give her a good storyline this time. They need to reunite Sonny and Brenda in the right way this time!

  19. Profile photo of blanca G
    blanca G

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that. VM is a great actress. Any actor who is giving crappy writing it’s going to show on them. example SBu was given one, unhappy showed in his acting and now he left, MB also was unhappy with his writing and you can see he had no heart in it. KeMo also was written OCD and it showed in her acting. Having said that it is in the writing and not that acting. So yea I wan’t her back, because she is that good when she is being written in a good way just like anyone else.

  20. Profile photo of SZima

    Nooooo!! She was god-awful the last time and is no longer relevant to the show, as far as I’m concerned. But I wasn’t watching when she was originally on, so I only have the last two horrible returns to base my opinion on. I can’t really understand what the fascination is with her.

  21. Profile photo of pumpkin

    NO NO NO NO A thousand times no.

    The show is doing fine without her. I think it is longtime viewers who keep wanting to see past characters/actors. Not current fans.

    She just annoys me. Move forward not backward

  22. Profile photo of Metome

    YES, YES, YES a million times YES!!!

    Brenda and Vanessa will ALWAYS be relevant and important and wanted on GH!! Tons of us want her beautiful and talented self back on the show ASAP.

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