RUMOR REPORT: Is Jennifer Landon The Next Young and Restless Actress to be FIRED?

I'm hearing yet another The Young and the Restless actress is on the chopping block as we head into the weekend. Jennifer Landon, the third actress to play the role of Paul Williams' (Doug Davidson) daughter Heather, is set to be let go from the CBS Daytime series, according to sources.

The multiple Daytime Emmy winner only joined Y&R last May. Vail Bloom (2007-10) and Eden Riegel (2010-11) previously played the role. Landon, daughter of the late Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven actor Michael Landon, first shot to soapy fame as Carly's (Maura West) half sister Gwen on As The World Turns.

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    Too bad. I really like Jennifer Landon – for me, she has been the most realistic Heather out of the three. Never really cared for Vail Bloom. Hopefully they won’t recast. That would be the fourth actress to play that part.

    And if they don’t recast, well there goes Paul’s family in it’s entirety. I’m guessing Doug Davidson won’t be around for much longer either.

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    Vail Bloom was a weak one-note actress with very limited range. She came off like a vapid bimbo.

    Jennifer Landon is a far superior actress who gave Heather some much needed depth and intelligence (even though the writing worked against her). For once, I actually believed Heather was an attorney.

    However she was mismatched with Daniel. I wish they had tested her with Adam instead. They could have been a formidable couple.

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    I think Jennifer Landon finally gave Heather a ‘character’. Vail Bloom was just a hair model, and Eden Riegel was just not a good fit in the role. Vail’s Heather was a Bimbo, Riegel’s was a frumpy type, Landon’s was an actual character.

    Yes, she was a bit masculine, and she looks like Kathy Griffin, but I feel like I finally got the character of Heather. To me Heather is Jennifer Landon.

    Too bad JFP hates women, and hates great actors. So far she has fired some of the best actresses in daytime…people who can actually act. Oh well, soon we will be seeing nothing but brunette hunky twentysomething males.

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    While Jennifer is a good actress, I feel she too was a poor recast for the original character of. heather played by Vail Bloom. Heather was originally a savvy, sophisticated ice princess lawyer, much like Avery, Phyllis sister. With the two recasts of this character, they have countrified the character and she is no longer savvy nor sophisticated. So replacing Jennifer I could live with as long as they pick someone more in line with Vail Bloom.

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    I liked Vail because she played well against the original Adam. But she wasn’t that great of an actress.

    Jennifer is amazing and he finally started to sink into the role as her own. This sucks.

    Too many cuts! I get change is needed but I want to be able to change the channel and at least RECOGNIZE the show I am watching.

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    JFP doesn’t waste any time, does she?

    All the firings are women! The men of GC are gonna have to start banging each other! Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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    I think Douglas Marland was really onto something in his how not to wreck a soap list with one of them being you take a look at what you have and don’t fire anyone for 6 months.
    Oh well.

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    At least JFP gets that it isn’t just about hiring strong is about creating characters that fans want to see…Francis, Morgan, & Landon are all great actresses who, on other shows, proved their range as performers. Unfortunately, Y&R hired them to play characters that weren’t as written as well as their former soap roles, which resulted in fans just “sort of” caring about the characters and the stories they were part of.

    Marcy Rylan is the only one I disagree with…I wish Ms. Landon the very best.

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    I’ve really enjoyed her as heather. Eden never fit into the role of heather IMO. Im starting to feel scared to check this site with all the firings that have happened lol! I don’t mind losing genie or Debbie, to me their characters just never caught on and they aren’t natural in the roles. I did like Marcy but the role would have been much better if she wasn’t written as this valley girl, Kim kardashian wanna be. How many more characters are going to be let go? I know there is more dead weight we could afford to lose but I hope she doesn’t go too far.

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    I think Landon’s been great in the role, the strongest actress of the three who’ve played Heather. But I will say Vail Bloom managed to create chemistry with just about everybody they stuck her with(Adam, Daniel, Billy)and both Landon and Eden Riegel have bombed out in that department(Landon actually has more chemistry with Jessica Collins than she does any male on the show).

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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]I think Douglas Marland was really onto something in his how not to wreck a soap list with one of them being you take a look at what you have and don’t fire anyone for 6 months. Oh well.[/quote]

    Mmmmhmmm, I agree Ryan-Scott!

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    Jennifer Landon is one of daytime’s BEST actresses under 30 of the 2000s. She is right up there with Heather Tom and Tricia Cast, in terms of her acting skills. Its’ just unfortunate that she gets so easily tossed aside and marginalized because she happens to NOT look like a supermodel.

    Vail Bloom was one-note, but people seemed to worship her because she was pretty. I never really understood it.

    Eden Riegel was also one-note. She should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER again in her career attempt to portray a sexpot or a vixen. Stick with crying and hand-wringing, sweetheart.

    Landon also seems to be a little bit…….um, more masculine than the other females on this show. She just has a very strong stage presence and doesn’t exude sexuality. That kind of limits her romantic choices. If they want to keep Heather on as a ball-busting attorney, then Jennifer is perfect for the job, but if they are trying to turn her into a female romantic lead, they need to find the PERFECT guy for her to act alongside, or turn her gay. Is Jesse Soffer available??

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    The problem is that the role is a lost cause. Heather worked the first time around with Vail Bloom in the role because Heather had a purpose. Heather had daddy issues and fell in love with the devil. That’s all gone and Heather’s behavior has changed so many times since then that I believe Heather really should leave GC and never come back.

    And for people asking why all the women are being let go … I believe that some men will follow but that MAB particularly had her problems with the female characters. Most of them are really messed up! And yeah if they don’t have a purpose … if they ain’t vets … I say let them go.

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    Awww Alstonboy! You remembered my Jesse! Little sweetie! :love: I loved how he and JLa worked together on ATWT. She may not be the most visually beautiful type but I’ve always appreciated that much of what was written for her (both here and on ATWT), didn’t focus in on that aspect of her characters. She won me over with her acting and the intelligent choices she’s made playing them. And yes, she’s on my list of the best under 30 actresses currently working. Oh, and love the new avitar!… 0:)

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    All women so far, that tells you something about JFP. And Maureen Bauer on Guiding Light and Frankie on Another World were killed off under her watch. And she drove the best actress in daytime, Beverlee McKinsey off of GL by not listening to her.
    I thought JFP might make Y&R as great as she made GL in her first few years there but now it’s not looking so good. Guess we’ll see.

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    I am not sad to see her go. I loved Gwen Norbeck when she first came on ATWT. But then they turned her into a Mary Sue and had every guy in her age range worshipping her. Absolutely not. And yes, call me shallow, but it wasn’t very realistic because Jen Landon is not all that pretty. TV is a visual medium. And soaps are about fantasy I know. But still, that was a bit too much. So gwen then became annoying. Still think Jen is a fabulous actress.

    I liked Val Bloom as Heather. And I think it was because as someone stated above, she had purpose. I have no clue whether I like Jen as Heather because I have yet to hear her voice on the show. I FF her every scene when it became clear to me that she was going to be paired Daniel, a character I resent. I just boggles the mind why they pair any young single woman with him first while characters like Devon can’t get an on screen romance. Daniel has slept with every young woman in town. He is always the first option for any romance. I just….I just can’t.

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    Not sad about this one really. Again like Harmony, the character doesn’t work with the actress, but it’s not because they aren’t awesome actresses. If this is to be recast AGAIN, just bring back Vail. With all these changes, the less jarring the better.

    JFP just better not fill GC with Port Charles faces. That’d be a redo of MAB and her AMC fetish that everyone hates.

    I hope she realizes too many cast cuts will soon not set well with the fans, and even though a lot of us wanted to see the cast reduced I want them to be written off, not stunt deaths/murders of charactes. This show doesn’t play in that space well.

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    I hope Heather is ousted as an character and never brought back onto the Y&R canvas. She is on my list of useless and thankless characters that need to be cut. Every actress(all 3 of them) have been epic failures as Heather because the character is utterly useless and bland. The character has never fit into the Y&R canvas. So off with her head in my opinion. Jill also needs to get rid of Carmine, Anita, Chelsea, Gloria, Eden, Jeffrey, Ronan, and Tucker because they are wastes of space. I also think that Chloe and Kevin need to be cut. However if Kevin and Chloe are going to be kept then I think these characters are in desperate need of being recast.

    Also Y&R has the most overly bloated cast. This cast is in desperate need of trimming. Jill Farren Phelps has to keep trimming the fat to get rid of all of these useless characters that have been adding absolutely nothing to the show. The fans have been calling for these useless characters to be axed so Y&R can get back to being the classy and entertaining soap it used to be without the useless characters sucking up space. Getting rid of all of these useless characters will help the writers tell tighter stories that can hopefully engage the audience again in my opinion.

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    I think Jennifer Landon is good actress. Actually she can handle the cop role plus feminine side. It has to be written first. Surprised at some of the comments about her physical appearance. She looks fine to me. I remember Beth Ehlers on Guiding Light and Jennifer L somewhat reminded me of Beth’s acting style to some degree.

    I am not longtime time no interruptions watcher so I cannot compare actresses in the role, etc. I only see JL’s version. When Eden did role I was hit and miss watcher. I do believe there is a definite perception on shows depending on how long one has watched a show. No doubt about it, writing for soaps is not easy. JL seems to have been stuck with an ill defined character. Too bad.

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    That stinks. I liked her on Y&R. Didnt she just start on there? To me, it seems like a quick exit. I wonder if she wanted to quit or was she fired? Like I said, doesnt really make sense for someone who just started on there.

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    I liked Jennifer Landon, as well, on the show. She played Heather with a sweetness that the other 2 actresses could not convey BUT also made her a tough ADA when needed that “BIANCA” could not even come close to in her lame interruptation of Heather.

    But my biggest fear right now with the number of FEMALE characters being axed is whether or not Jill Farren Phelps is bringing to Genoa City the one thing that has NEVER been in this town and that’s a serial killer. We have Genevieve, Harmony, Heather, Abby and I am sure Daisy will be part of this mix because although the character of Daisy is coming on air during the writings of Maria Bell, the character’s exit will be under Jill’s hand.

    Think about it. Her recent interviews about making the show more contemporary and dusting it off scares me a little in that she plans to bring things that she felt worked on other soaps that SHE WORKED ON. As much as this show needs to be modernized it defintiely doesn’t need another murder mystery or series of them.

    I have my fingers crossed that the actresses will just move off the canvas or maybe only one will succumb to an untimely death but hopefully one that doesn’t involve a murder mystery but more of a natural or accidental death. Let’s say, while under the influence Harmony … reeling from being dumped by Neil … strikes and kills Geneveve with her car instantly killing her. The drama from not only Genevieve’s death with Cane but the drama for Lily seeing her brother’s mother, her father’s ex-girlfriend kill accidentally her mother in law coupled with Cane’s devastation would be worth firing those 2 actresses BIG TIME.

    And Debbie Morgan could easily handle the decent into drugs again with Harmny and add all the drama needed for her confession, conviction and being carted off to jail while Genie Francis could have the death scene as an actress she has never been given and bring that character to a proper ending.

    The rippling effect of both ends to the characters would be felt through out Genoa City. Cane could have a falling out with Katherine who sides with Harmony due to her own addictions over Cane’s mother’s death. Jack could be crushed that the woman he did love is truly lost, Tucker, who has a connection to both women romantically, could be shell shocked that these 2 women are gone. And Neil could battle his own addictions when he blames himself for driving Harmony back to hers. (It could also herald the return of Dru to save Neil from himself and her return WON’T be as a ghost!)

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    Never liked her in the role. When are the soaps going to learn that you can’t take an actor from another soap, Like Genie Francis, Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams, Eden Reigel, Jennifer Landon, among others, that were SO good on their original soaps, and then try to bring them on another soap in a different role. It has never worked. Get ready Y & R fans. Jill Phelps loved the actors on GH, Steve Burton, Maurice Bernard, Tony Geary, but treated the actresses and lesser characters like crap. She killed off beloved characters, like Alan, Emily, only to pump up and have all main storylines around her favorite actors.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Wow, more roadkill on JFP’s Highway to Hell. The body count is starting to pile up:

    Genie Francis
    Debbie Morgan
    Marcie Rylan
    Jennifer Landon
    Billy Miller
    Michael Graziadei
    Christel Khalil (maybe)

    Julia Pace Mitchell to dayplayer.

    I think the Fischer/Baldwin’s had better batten down the hatches. Hurricane JFP is headed for your house!

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    [quote=ANGELWENDY15]She killed off beloved characters, like Alan, Emily, only to pump up and have all main storylines around her favorite actors.[/quote]

    THAT’S the problem with Phelps. She does what SHE wants to do and not the fans want. On GH she stuck her middle finger in the fans’ faces over and over and over. Kinda stupid since your main goal is to get people to watch. She didn’t care though as long as she kept racking up Emmy’s for her “stunt” episodes.

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    Jennifer Landon is one of the best actresses in daytime. It’s amazing how short-sighted JFP is. Instead of building up legacy families, she’s destroying them. Adios to Abby Carlton Newman. And now adios to Heather, Paul William’s only child.

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    You said it all!!! Totally agree. Feel sorry for Y &R fans. I was always an ABC soap fan but when AMC and OLTL was cancelled I started watching Y &R. I really want to see the last 4 soaps survive, (GH was always my favorite), but putting Jill Phelps as head of Y &R, after she and Guza almost destroyed GH, and killed off half of my beloved Quartermain family, I have my doubts.

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    I’ve not watched Y&R in a long time, it had gotten so bad I just couldn’t take it anymore. Jen Landon is a good actress, and I wish her the best. I liked Vail Bloom in the part; she’s not as good an actress, but she was believable as a lawyer and was able to have chemistry with pretty much everyone she acted against. Eden Reigel, though a fine actress, was terribly miscast as a lawyer; that baby voice was a serious detriment in courtroom scenes. I think Paul’s daughter SHOULD be there as a character, but not having watched the show, can’t say how well Jen Landon has been working out storywise.

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    That’s a shame. Jen Landon was the best Heather, by far. She infused the character with grit and intelligence. And she was a legacy character as Paul’s daughter. IMO, Doug Davidson is the best actor in that entire cast, and the Williams family had so much potential with Heather and Ricky (Peter Porte) in the mix.

    I wish they had kept Landon and Porte, and cut some of the obvious dead weight characters like Tucker, Chloe, Kevin, Eden, etc.

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    I agree with all of you who respect Jennifer Landon’s talent and feel that she was the best to hold the role to date. I suspect that the person who suggested yesterday that she, Daniel and Lucy will ride off into the sunset together is correct…and maybe the only feasible thing that could have us understanding Paul’s daughter leaving town at this time in his life.

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    I think the character of Paul will be back burned for a minute. Bill went through periods w\Paul where he was more of a supporting character. If this is the case why do we need his daughter. I do love JL and as I stated before she has been the best Heather for my taste but once again it hurt after to many recasts. If they had used JL after VB, Jennifer could have very well fleshed out the character in a more dynamic way.

  31. Profile photo of Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies
    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    Maybe you’re right, harlee, but if so, I fear that this will mean that Nina gets put far, far away, too. And I do know that I’m in such a minority here that I am practically a Party of One, but I really do love Jeff Branson as Ronan and feel that there is a great deal of untapped potential in his stopped/started/forgotten back story. If Nina disappears, then I suspect that Ronan becomes useless assuming we take a moment or two from six-monthlong murder mysteries and, as many have suggested here, he (Branson) gets the axe. I feel gypped that MAB went to the trouble of giving us flashbacks, bringing in the Little Shop of Horrors lady who was the Heiress to the Baby Black Market, and then that whole thing got dropped. I thought we were going to have the makings of a great love story with Chloe and Ronan, and I never bought romance with Chloe and Kevin. Best friendship, sure, but I truly thought that shortly after Delia’s hospitalization, Chloe was going to realize that she would have liked to love Kevin, that it would have made life easier, but that for as infuriating as it was, she and Ronan had passion. Yes, I’m a sap, but truth be told, even above any romance, I feel like I did see Branson’s ability to play a very complex, intriguing character who COULD explain the disappearing with a kidney thing, the repressed emotion thing, the man who wants desperately to be relieved that he’s finally found his long-sought-after mother but the abandonment residue gets in the way. I still want to see Tricia Cast and him sort through all of that, but I’m fearful that if Paul and Nina go quietly away after he’s exonerated in the resolution to Ricky’s death, we’re all going to be forced to pretend that none of it ever happened. And frankly, I think it’s a richer story to have resurrected than the hit and run of yore.

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    I doubt that Paul’s current dilemma will be going on for much longer since we all know and the characters do really all know that he did the deed without prior intent.

    So Heather could go off into the sunset with Daniel and Lucy and Paul would just have to get on with his life no matter how big or small that will be in the near future. But it would be nice for him to have a family around and I liked the notion from a few months ago that Michael Learned would be a great cape wearing sauerkraut and ribs pusher.

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    @Blue Skies and….Make that a Party of Two regarding Jeff Branson as Ronan; hated his character on AMC, never watched his stuff on GL, but I’ve loved him as Ronan practically since day one. He’s sexy as hell IMO and if the writers weren’t actual preschoolers they’d have kept him with Phyllis–those two are hot together–instead of doing Phick redux yet again. As far as Tricia Cast goes, they haven’t done right by her in a hot minute, trotting her out every so often to “comfort” Paul(are they even still considered a couple? If so, don’t know why as there’s never been much chemistry there) and having her show up when it’s time for Nina to attempt yet another reconciliation with Ronan or she’s fretting about her younger, in-the-closet gay son(you mean Chance isn’t gay? Coulda fooled me).

  34. Profile photo of tedew

    ChrisGa … I guess Jeff Branson as Ronan could be viewed by many as being sexy as hell, but I’m still finding him rather stiff and too neatly coiffed. Maybe with one in another context and the another less so …

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