Sean Kanan RETURNS to General Hospital!

I've been dropping hints on the blog and on the podcast like a British royal dropping trou, but now it's official! TV Guide's Michael Logan is reporting Sean Kanan is returning to ABC Daytime's General Hospital! Said Kanan:

"This is all pretty surreal and utterly unexpected — in fact, I thought it was going to take an Act of Congress to get me back on GH!" says Kanan, referring to his wildman ways and past alcohol issues that led to his ouster from the show in 1997. "GH is one of those places I never thought I'd see again and that makes what's happened even more exciting. My life has changed completely since those days. I'm newly married and have a baby on the way. I also have an 11-year-old daughter and four stepchildren. I'm not the guy I used to be."

Will Kanan's character turn out to be the long-dead AJ Quartermaine, last played by Billy Warlock? Looks like GH is keeping that one to themselves! For more of Logan's article on Kanan's return, click here.

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  1. Profile photo of Jaydis09

    Okay! Fine! I take back what I said about bringing on vets in the GF being ousted from Y&R post.

    I am so behind this casting! I CANNOT wait for him to be on screen in Port Charles again! Sad part is his AJ was before my time, but I love him from his Y&R/B&B days.

  2. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    Wow, considering he just now appeared on today’s B&B clearly shows he was only going to be around in LA for a few episodes and only to expose Bill’s dirty Italy plan, the poof, Deacon hits the road again!

  3. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I am very excited about this. He is so hot- just what we need. I hope he is AJ- being held somewhere with Alan. Then Carly has to be like dang you are fine!! What was I thinking!!!

  4. Profile photo of THEBEST

    AJ Quartermaine LIVES!!!!!! Sean was playing him when I started watching and I instantly fell in love with him. This is the perfect time for him to return, too. With Edward’s untimely death soon coming up, AJ can go head to head with Tracy over ELQ. Plus, without Guza & Frons’ influence, we can see a fair story with Michael being torn between AJ & Sonny with Carly thrown in for good measure.

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    This is great news!!!! Not only AJ lives but the Quartermaines actually live on. Monica is going to get screen time beyond Jason’s exit. This is wonderful news!! I’m so excited.

    Welcome back, Sean!!!! May more Qs follow. :)

  6. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Jamey do you know if this is a short run (ie will he kidnap jason and thats how jason exits the canvas) or will he be back for a real story?

    This is great news – his AJ was so much better than BW’s AJ IMHO

  7. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Just wow. My former school mates who used to watch/tape GH religiously when he was last on the show have got to be thrilled! I even had a brief stint watching back then too.

    Well, no one can accuse them of not trying with GH, that’s for sure.

  8. Profile photo of ahanshew

    HOLY.CRAP! This is exciting!!! Jamey – do you know who he is playing? They are not saying AJ AND Steve Burton exits around that time. You don’t think or know if he is a recast for Jason? In my mind it’s not out of the question.

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    So he was coming back to B&B at first but now GH…Do we think Genie Francis going back …The Bellsvs ABC in the saga oontinues to get the actor or actress on the canvas…

  10. Profile photo of Yoryla

    WOHOOOOO!!! Praise the Lord!

    Not only am I happy that he is back in GH which is the HOTTEST soap right about…um, yep – now, but I am SO happy that this enormously talented actor by the name of Sean Kanan is employed!!! That a soap truly sees this man’s talent and charisma and uses it! Yessss!

    What a treat to GH fans, especially old school fans!!!

    One thing though – it has to be AJ. I don’t really want Jason back on my screen.

  11. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=Jamey Giddens]Not a recast for Jason.[/quote]

    Thank you for saying that, Jamey. That would be a suicide mission and I don’t think that SK would have signed on if he was about to follow Steve Burton.

    Here’s hope that he comes back as A.J. It just has to be A.J.
    RC planed a Quartermaine storyline since the beginning of the year. That’s his chance to do that iconic family some justice.

    I guess that they don’t clarify on SK coming back as A.J. for a twist/surprise that comes with him. Can’t wait for Oct 29.

  12. Profile photo of Cath

    Aww, yay! My AJ Quartermaine! <3 He better be playing AJ or else this will feel like the Sarah Joy Brown situation all over again. Damn, kudos to Cartini for this.

  13. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    With John Ingle passing, I thought to myself today who is left besides Tracy and Monica? Ned and Dillion are out of town. Lila, Alan, Justus, and Emily are gone. What great timing to bring him back.
    I hope its AJ he is playing. Come on Frank! Please do it.

  14. Profile photo of blackjack21

    now that i’ve recovered a little from my delighted shock, I’m glad to see I’m wasn’t the only one thinking he’d be a recast jason. oh well – i’m just thrilled to see him back whee!

  15. Profile photo of scrubsfan1980

    First time poster, long time lurker on this site….

    This is AWESOME news! Does anyone remember an old Brenda fantasy scene in the bathtub with each of her men, back in the mid-90s? Sonny, Jagger, Ned and AJ! Sean Kanan is still smokin’!

  16. Profile photo of noway

    [quote=elvara]Good for GH, too bad for B&B(idiots!).[/quote]

    Idiots is not quite the term of endearment I would use for Brad
    Bell and company about not putting SK in a rocking storyline on
    B&B. Just more of the same old same old.

  17. Profile photo of nysam

    With Edward’s passing it is a perfect time to reboot the Quartermaines. Have AJ return to the fold with Tracy & Monica. Recast Dillon (How about John Paul Lavossier) and bring back Ned (the original, Kurt McKinney). Monica & Tracy could battle it out as their sons compete to take over ELQ. Let’s not forget AJ’s son, Michael. Maybe Edward’s passing and Jason leaving town is what this Q needs to return to his real family. Have Maya, Skye, Lois, Brook Lynn return for the funeral. Just as Tracy, Ned, Dillon are beginning to battle Monica, AJ & Michael….enter Jimmy Lee Holt (Edward’s bastard son) with his brood of hot redneck kids to claim his rightful inheritance. It would also be great to see a return visit from Celia Quartermaine (the great Sherily Wolter).

  18. Profile photo of THEBEST

    I would LOVE for Jimmy Lee Holt to return (in the form of Robert Newman, ex-Josh, GL) but in Edward’s will, it stipulates that he must change his name to James Quartermaine in order to claim his inheritance.

  19. Profile photo of BornSoapStar

    Bravo! Another smart move by Ron C. and Frank V. Love Sean Kanan as AJ! Great future storyline potential Now can he please be the father to Sam’s baby, can Jalame sign the damn divorce papers and stop having a million lame goodbyes, can TPTB stop wasting the last few weeks we have of Steve Burton! Oh, and here’s hoping AJ stole Jake to punish Jason for stealing Michael.

  20. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    Holy cow! Please be AJ! No disrespect to Billy Warlock, whom I loved and thought Guza & Co. treated like an absolute dog. But the chemistry between Sean Kanan and Steve Burton was great. They sold the whole “rival brothers who still love each other deeply” angle. It didn’t hurt that they looked alike (and I think they’re actually related, albeit by marriage).

  21. Profile photo of scrumptious


    For real?

    The original AJ Quartermaine is returning to GH?

    Wow… just wow.

    Sean Kanan is a fantastic actor, so dynamic and charismatic. He was my absolute favorite AJ. He looks so much like Steve Burton too. I heard they’re distant cousins or something.

    Best. News. Ever.

  22. Profile photo of JasamForever

    This is some of the best news! I fell in love with Sean Kanan when he actually started on Y&R a few years back, although I have seen the youtube videos of AJ Quartermaine back in the day. He is an awesome actor and oozes charm, bad boy, appeal. :p What would be great is if they also brought back Keisha as well! Didn’t she and AJ have a child together? Now, that would be great!

  23. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    I am so excited for you GHers! I’ve never been a big GH fan, except in the mid to late 90s when the show was FIYAH with AJ and Jason (when he was a Quartermaine), Robin, Stone, Brenda,Jagger, Ned, Lois, Sonny and Jax and the montages. The flipping montages! I had a huge crush on SK because of his role as AJ and later when he went to B&B as Deacon Sharpe.

    I really hope he will reprise his role as AJ (somehow), but whatever. This is amazing news no matter who he plays. I know not all fans are happy with Carlivati/Valentini, but they have been making some great moves for the long term fans. They have truly surprised fans with shockers (almost completely unspoiled) like Robin not being dead and the return of Duke Lavery. Not to mention the recent stuff with Ed Quartermaine (RIP John Ingle), a new cop that can challenge the mob (McBain), and the return of Anna Devane a few months ago. As a long suffering (LOL) Y&R fan, I wish my soap would pleasantly surprise me for a change and not insult me with stupid SLs. As an “outsider” I feel like they are trying to do right buy you fans,even if everything is not pleasing to everyone.

    Shit, I might have to start back watching GH…

  24. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    OMG can someone bring out the meathook and have Jason hang off of it..Just then AJ comes thru the door and tells him something about taking back what’s his.

    I loved both versions of AJ but Sean was by far the one that matched up best with SBu…I for one hope that this AJ is written as getting the upper hand and not being a sap.

    So freaking happy

  25. Profile photo of noway

    [quote=RealityCheck 33]Bradley Bell blew this one big time. Deacon would have brought some LIFE back into the DOA B&B canvas. GH turns out to be smart, very smart. Good for SK.[/quote]

    What they COULD have done with Deacon….

    Congrats GH fans. Stupid Brad Bell……Your Loss…is ABC’s gain

  26. Profile photo of pferrando

    Wow…GHers are thrilled. Don’t know the character because I don’t watch. I am glad though that he’s gone from Y and R…another failed character on the show. It was briefly entertaining when Nikki was romping around with him, but when they brought him back the second/third time, it didn’t work.

  27. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    What fabulous news, especially with Steve Burton leaving the show and John Ingles passing (still have tears in my eyes over that. Loved him as Edward so much). I always felt Sean was the best AJ, and looked so much like Steve Burton , that they actually looked liked brothers. Sean is a great actor . looking forward to his return. I want the Quartermain family to live on. Now bring back Alan and I’ll be happy.

  28. Profile photo of days4ever

    I’ve been telling Cartini that they should bring him back for months now! They finally listened and I couldn’t be more happy. This is the smartest move since bringing back Anna and Duke! One last wish is for Alan Sr to come back as well.

  29. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I am so hoping Sean is back as AJ, which will give Monica (who is so in need of a storyline) and the whole Quatermain’s a storyline again. I think John Paul L. (from One Life To Live), would make a great Dillion, Tracy’s son. Scott Clifton is now the leading actor On B &B so he won’t be back but him and John Paul are very similar in their acting, and facial expressions.Want to see more and more Quartermain’s return to the show.

  30. Profile photo of Yoryla

    [quote=pferrando]Wow…GHers are thrilled. Don’t know the character because I don’t watch. I am glad though that he’s gone from Y and R…another failed character on the show. It was briefly entertaining when Nikki was romping around with him, but when they brought him back the second/third time, it didn’t work.[/quote]

    pferrando, I agree. Deacon is a fantastic character on B&B but he did not fit into Y&R at all.

  31. Profile photo of mipeony

    What good news! I can’t wait to see the storyline…. I would love it if AJ had been behind all the things with Franco and Heather to completely ruin Jason’s life!

  32. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    [quote=mipeony]What good news! I can’t wait to see the storyline…. I would love it if AJ had been behind all the things with Franco and Heather to completely ruin Jason’s life![/quote]

    I wouldn’t. I hated how Guza turned AJ into some evil, twisted person. To have AJ behind a serial killer/rapist and a complete lunatic would just further that mess. I’d rather AJ be a strong, Adam Chandler type. During Guza’s brief hiatus, BW’s AJ showed great potential to be a strong character, whether heroic or villainous (but not in a sick cuckoo way). I know SK could pull off a strong AJ, too.

  33. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Since TPTB are planing long-term with Sean Kanan and not bringing him back for a short stint but on contract I think that they return to AJ as a much more complex character than he was in the Guza era. That is if Kanan returns as AJ which I think he will.

    AJ’s last years were completely ruined. The 90s were full of meaningful dialogue and then they turned AJ into a one-note villain. That’s why I’m happy that Sean Kanan is back. When he played AJ, these were the character’s golden years. The battle with alcohol, fighting with Jason and the Carly hook up.

  34. Profile photo of scrumptious

    GH CriticalList ‏@GHCriticalList

    Sean Kanan will be a Jason recast, we were told. He will take over the role seamlessly, as Jasons story if hot right now.

    GH CriticalList ‏@GHCriticalList

    We are being told that Jason’s storyline is way to front burner right now not to recast!!! That is all we know for now!!!!

    12:10 PM – 18 Sep 12


    Is there any truth to this rumor?

    No… just no.

    Sean Kanan is AJ Quartermaine~

    Please don’t waste his talents as a recast Jason Morgan.

    AJ is a much more interesting and complex character.

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