SHOCKER: Katie Falls Below Timeslot Average; Loses 43 Percent of General Hospital’s Lead-In on Flagship ABC Station!

While ratings for Katie Couric's new talk show started off strong, the $80 million vehicle has started to slide. According to Deadline, Katie dropped to a 1.7 last Thursday. The chatfest shed a whopping 38 percent among women 25-54, allowing Steve Harvey to best Couric's show in the key demo.

The leading entertainment blog also pointed out how far Katie has fallen off the timeslot average for last season when "a large number of stations carried GH":

What is more alarming is that the show has fallen below the time period average last season (2.3/7 HH, 1.4/8 in W25-54), when a large number of stations carried General Hospital.

Variety reported more bad news for ABC's syndication arm, revealing Katie lost 43 percent of its lead-in from GH last Wednesday on WABC New York. If you recall, the Broadcasting & Cable piece on Katie and the other new fall talk shows revealed Disney was relying heavily on licensing fees from ABC-owned and operated networks. WABC New York is ABC's flagship station.   

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    Well there you go. What is ABC gonna do now? Are the attempt to save the show and change it in hope of getting better ratings or are they sweet talking the ratings for one season before they get Katie of the air? And if they cancel Katie after one season what’s their plan then? Another talk show? Another cook show? A game show?

    ABC learns the hard way that they made a terrible mistake by canceling two of their three soaps. It should have never happened. OLTL for sure would top Katie’s ratings and even AMC could be up there with The Chew.

    I just hope that GH still gets decent numbers out of this daytime line-up. I don’t care about the rest.

  2. Profile photo of JasamForever

    I did not think Katie was going to keep those nice numbers. People will tune in at first and then see how bad the show is and tune out. When ABC starts losing money, that is when they will start sweating. Karma 101. It was not a good idea to put all your money in a terrible journalist anyway.

  3. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I agree there is a glut of talk shows. There are talk shows with people I never heard of. I saw a guy interviewed and I have no idea who he was and he has a talk show. It was quite awhile ago but I remember he says he comes to states tapes the shows for a period of time and then goes home to England or some place, whatever. Who the hell is watching all these talk shows. The host of some of these shows are boring and what qualifies for entertainment? Oh well, Jerry Springer is still on so what can I say.

    You folks all remember ABC is the outfit that is paying Kelly R 20 million to act like a fool in the morning. I wonder if Disney will be around in 20 years. Lot of negatives with their management in all areas. Just sayin…

    I think Oprah saw where things were going and left on top. Even she might be having trouble getting ratings. The one person, lets get to know star shows are not interesting to a lot of folks anymore.

    I think shows with message Dr Oz, Doctors, Rachel Rae(cooking) even the Chew(cooking) will have more of audience at this point. I could care less about individual interviews. Even the politicians are all over the place at election time. Hard to be individual at this point. Remember years ago when certain politicians would only go on Oprah. Now they all go on all the shows. No body can claim exclusive interview. It is silly when we hear that.

    I still think that daytime dramas will rise again but in different form. I am not sure if it will happen with these last four. But they will be dramas instead of soaps. ie, Dallas/Revenge. Nighttime dramas run from the soapopera tag. Closest to soaps is more your Grey’s Anatomy which lost me awhile ago although my friend watches it.

    I am not sure what will happen with Katie. It takes times to know what shows will make it and which shows will not.

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    I watch Katie’s debut and the first 5 minutes it was boring. Ricki Lake I think it will get better, but clearly her show cater to women demos. I would like Ricki to expand what she’s offerings. Steve show is great, but I do hope he has some celebrities on there. Jeff Probst I’m still out on his show. I would think it would be like Anderson & Kelly & Michael.

    I bet ABC syndication is getting nervous with Katie, but that 80million investment they will find away to change it up a little. I just find Katie again boring!

  5. Profile photo of noway

    [quote=JasamForever]I did not think Katie was going to keep those nice numbers. People will tune in at first and then see how bad the show is and tune out. When ABC starts losing money, that is when they will start sweating. Karma 101. It was not a good idea to put all your money in a terrible journalist anyway.[/quote]

    Journalist………………..OMG ROTFLMAO, your kidding with that statement, right? :|

  6. Profile photo of Suz4th

    I don’t live in a huge market, but I’d still be curious to find out how Katie does here over the next few months. Here it airs on the NBC affiliate at 4:00 opposite Ellen (ABC affil.) and Judge Judy (CBS affil.), which I believe is the #1 rated syndicated show. GH did move to 2:00 here but it’s followed by Ricki Lake. Also, Katie is the lead-in to the highest rated local news broadcast. They won’t be happy if poor ratings for Katie affect their 5:00 viewership. I’ve never really been that interested in syndicated ratings before, but I guess the time slot change for GH, the glut of new talk shows, and the shrinking number of soaps combine to make me really interested now.

  7. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    So now its more like “What show can give GH a better lead in?” because that’s what they need to do, beef up there network around GH like hmmm oh wait yea like they used to have AMC and OLTL do? Sounds like they need to suck it up and create some new soap operas.

  8. Profile photo of LACityboi

    What will it take for ABC to give me back my damn shows?? Please ABC cutting All My Children and One Life to Live was the worst thing ever. You’ve waited long enough and sure put enough crap to replace it and nothing will get people to tune in. Give us back our damn stories, damn it.

  9. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I tried. I tuned in the first day and lasted 10 mins. The show was boring, and Katie herself, seemed very forced. I don’t care for her style as a talk show host. She came across as a investigative reporter, and it almost seemed like she was giving her guests the third degree. Ellen happens to be on at in my area. She is hysterical, and her show is fun to watch…That is what I tune to after GH is over.

  10. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I think this is fairly natural/common for a new Talk show until it finds its audience. I think the show needs to be retooled, as I found it to be really boring. She needs to tackle some tough topics, some risky ones.

    Most of the women I talk to say that they can’t stand Katie K and think she is a phony. They just don’t find her inviting, or down to earth. Time will tell if that changes.

  11. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    angrierblackerman I think you’ve hit the nail on the head most people I know also dislike Katie because they don’t believe she’s “real” my mom said “With Oprah you believe she cared with Katie I just think she’s fake”

  12. Profile photo of josser

    $80 million would have covered production costs for both AMC & OLTL. Brian Frons and Anne Sweeney were such flush two long running, profitable soaps. I’m sure that ABC will try to fix Katie. It’s only its first week. If ABC can’t, the it will try something else or just let the affiliates do whatever they want with the hour they gave up.

  13. Profile photo of KathyNYC

    I assume the “shocker” part of the headline is written in sarcasm. I will say it before and say it many talk shows do we need? How many things can you talk about before it’s overkill (we passed the limit a long time ago).

    No offense to Katie personally but ABC, serves you right.

  14. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    This is NOT a shock to me. I read last week that her numbers were dropping.

    Perhaps the show may find its way, perhaps not.

    I watched a couple of episodes and found my attention waxing (or not so much waxing, as stabilizing) and waning and I’m normally very attentive, especially with anything that’s new. I was mostly bored.

    Perhaps Katie works best in an ensemble show where her je ne sai quoi can be balanced by other personalities. I’m now convinced that the ensemble format is what kept Katie Couric and Matt Lauer palatable to their audience for so long.

  15. Profile photo of LizzieVee

    She should never have left Today. That type of show is what she is good at. I never thought of her as a serious news reporter. I think both CBS and ABC wasted a lot of $$ on her. I’m not surprised at this at all. ABC pissed off soaps fans and they are letting their voices be heard by their remote controls.

    And, I think, when Meredith Viera replaced KC, Today’s ratings went even higher.

    Anyway, I have no desire to watch her show.

  16. Profile photo of Llanview76

    It would be a first if ABC brought back one of their defunct soaps, if not two defunct soaps. I say they return AMC, OLTL, reset the standard to 30 minutes a piece, and call it the Agnes Nixon hour. You get the cream of the crop (or cast) from both shows, produce them under the budget saving techniques of Frank Valentini, you leave Ron with GH, have Lorraine Broderick write AMC, if not OLTL, or you get some fresh blood in there to write OLTL. I think you air that hour before GH and it will attract an audience, keep them there.

  17. Profile photo of Llanview76

    And maybe this doesn’t have to be a long term solution, maybe AMC/OLTL’s return can be a 13 week story arc, to at least tie up loose ends, and if there is an audience, keep the shows going!

  18. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Where is this huge audience to help Katie Couric from GH? GH numbers haven’t been all there in quite some time … yes they gain a few 100,000 then they drop its been ping/pong for years.

    Personally I’m tired of talk shows they had their heyday and I just think eventually their popularity will fade. As for Couric I’ve never got how she is all that and a bag yes I admire her because she gets her chedder but I’ve never been a huge fan of hers. But IA the show has to settle down its new and has to find its place (with the audience) then play its position.

  19. Profile photo of engradypind

    ABC doesn’t learn. They are still looking for that Sunday punch that will land them into next week. Ain’t happenin’, folks.

    There are already far, far, far too many talk shows on the air. Adding to the glut does not make sense no matter whose name it carries. ABC had a reliable afternoon audience for its soap operas before they went into a cutting frenzy. If they want those viewers back they are going to have to give the viewers what THEY want not what the uninformed execs think they should want.

  20. Profile photo of pferrando

    I think ABC has learned a lesson that the other networks (hopefully) are taking note of. Big name doesn’t guarantee big ratings, and also there is no more room for talk shows. I didn’t watch the ABC lineup, but do agree AMC wasn’t cutting it in the ratings, similar to GL on CBS. However OLTL and ATWT should never have been cancelled. We should have six solid shows on the air right now. I think two/three per network should have been able to sustain and provide a great Daytime lineup. Instead of looking for ways to cut costs and not viewers it just seemed easier for both CBS and ABC to cancel shows that had a very loyal audience. Not sure what NBC is going to do. Wouldn’t it per interesting if somehow ABC DID bring back OLTL? A couple shows did “reboot” in the past…Loving/The City and NBC did it in the 70’s with “For Richer For Poorer”. Also both Edge and Search switched networks. It’d be interesting if someone was brave enough to give it a shot.

  21. Profile photo of pjc722

    I just wonder if ABC would actually re make One Life To Live or AMC or create a new soap. It would be great to see them spend $10 million to create a great soap opera and reignite that genre and not just redo what was there when it was canceled.

    Granted, with 80 million spent Katie will be around for a good 2 years.

  22. Profile photo of Mets82

    I kind of like Katie Couric. Her show, well, hasnt been all that great so far. I wonder if they are working out the kinks or not? I do think, as it was mentioned in an earlier post is that theres too many talk shows out there as it is. I think people want variety in the daytime, not a 100 talk shows.

  23. Profile photo of SoapGirl

    The problem with bringing back a soap is a hundred reality shows, cook shows or un-talented and boring journalist shows are much cheaper to produce. Soap stars want a lot of cash along with the writers and behind to camera personnel.

  24. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Let’s be honest her show sucks! She is No Oprah, I tried watching but all her guests all seem to be promoting a product, book, etc. I just hope GH won’t take the fall for her falling ratings, (GH comes on out here in New Jersey at 2PM followed by Katie). Her show is just NOT GOOD, she should have stayed on the Today show as a morning host. BRING back OLTL, they had LOYAL viewers that these boring talk shows will NEVER have!).I hope GH doesn’t suffer from , the boring “CHEW” as it’s lead-in and now, will they blame GH for Katies’ weak ratings. Her show STINKS!!! I just want GH to survive this whole mess, and would love for One Life To Live to return to even out all the great actors on GH, but there are just too many right no (look at Jill Phelps axing so many on Y &R).

  25. Profile photo of Chelley62

    This “news” is only a shocker to ABC, certainly not me. TIIC have no clue what the daytime public really wants to watch. We do not want or need another talk show- there are too many already and we don’t need a GMA or Today Show 2.0 wanna be in the afternoon rehashing the same morning “news”.

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