Days of Our Lives Stars Hit The East Coast! (PHOTOS)

Blake Berris, Lauren Koslow and Drake Hogestyn


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Suzaane Rogers is simply timeless. She is so elegant and beautiful. I remember as a little boy when my mom would have it on and she was on the farm. I remember her wedding to Mickey. And who could forget the red shoes?

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Somehow I got to thinking that they should do a Abe/Maggie/Victor love triangle. Seeing Suzanne and James together does make them look like the perfect soap couple.

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Great photos.Over at WE Love Soaps,they have several interviews.The best are Suzanne and Shawn,and Lauren and Kristian.

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I really like Blake Berris' short hair cut. The hair that is on-screen now is a big bird nest is sitting on his forehead. Is it just me, or does Kristian Alfonso have the longest neck ever? I never really noticed it when she was a normal person weight, but when she slimmed down to actress weight it was all I could focus on in her scenes.

Anywho, they all look great and look like they had a good time.

Do we know if Bo is going to be recast or how they are writing him off yet?

As a side note, Daniel and Jennifer are beyong boring to me. Complete FF material every day of the week. Sami being into Rafe again is ridiculous. She and EJ light up the sreen. I love Rafe, but not with Sami. Bring back Carrie or put him with Nicole. More Will and Sonny please, and have that heifer Adrienne shut her judgmental trap Wink