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Sam sees Liz and Jason kissing and leaves. The kiss ends and Jason apologizes. He says he cares for Liz, but it’s not fair to her to start them up again. Liz is confused, since he kissed her back and they’re free at the same time. Jason says neither of them are free. His life hasn’t changed. It’s still too violent for her and the kids. Liz questions Sam’s ability to handle it and not her. Jason says Sam was raped because of him and goes on about the loss of the baby. Jason admits he thinks the baby that died wasn’t Sam’s.

Alexis assures Sonny that while Trey is manipulative, he isn’t dangerous. However, Sonny wants him out of Kris’s life. Sonny gets a call that the ransom money has disappeared and heads out to talk to Tracy. Alexis tells Kristina that she wants her to grow up, display more sense and maturity so they can have an adult relationship. She says to stop making irresponsible decisions.

Tea tells Heather that she checked her references, but wonders if she can’t earn more elsewhere. Heather says she just wants to be with Victor and offers to start today.

Kate yells that Joe is Trey’s father. Trey admits that Mitchell is his professional name, but that he’s actually Joseph Mitchell Scully the third. He claims Sonny stole everything from the Scullys and that his mother walked out on him. Kate asks who his mother is. Trey says his mother walked out on him and was Brooklyn trash. Kate asks how old he is. When he says he’s 25, she claims she’s his mother.

Trey doesn’t believe her. Kate claims Joe raped her and that she hid the pregnancy. She thought the baby died. Trey doesn’t want anything to do with her. Connie emerges and tells Trey that she wanted to abort him but wasn’t able to.

Tracy wants to know what Joe’s last name is. She gets a call about a problem with the ransom money. She finds out it’s missing out of the Swiss account. She wonders who Jerry’s cronies were. Joe reassures her that she’ll make that money back quickly and not to worry about it.

Sonny shows up at the mansion, surprised to find Joe there. Tracy’s surprised they know each other. Sonny says she replaced one gangster for another, Joe is a murderer and rapist. Joe denies everything, but Sonny tells her to ask McBain about his sister and Kate about the rape. Tracy tells Sonny to leave. Joe says he was exonerated for the murder ant that it wasn’t rape, but consensual. Tracy accuses him of being worst than Anthony and to get out. Joe says they had something good but she’s not interested.

Todd overhears Steve leaving a message about his mother and points out that any contact with Heather will invite her back in. He says Steven needs to make a clean break. Todd says Heather was a loon who made up stories when she was working for him.

Sam gets back to the lake house. She tells Alexis and Kris that she saw Liz and Jason kissing. Alexis tells her to talk to Jason. However, Sam decides she needs to move on. Kris and Alexis warn her to wait and take the time to think, but Sam signs the papers, takes off her ring and declares her marriage over.

Tea calls Todd to tell him that she hired a nanny and says it’s Susan Moore. Todd has no idea who that is. Before Tea can explain; Heather takes the phone out of her hand on the pretext that Victor has a fever. Tea checks on him. When Tea returns, she sees Heather with her phone. Heather claims she called Todd back and then apologizes for how she behaved. She wonders if things aren’t working out. Tea assures her that all is fine.

Jason thinks Sam’s baby is alive. Liz figures he’s hoping to give him back to Sam, but doesn’t think it’s possible. Jason says they can’t be together because he doesn’t want to hurt her. He says he was never anything to Jake, but can honor his memory by protecting Liz and the kids. Liz thinks they’ve come back into each other's lives for a reason. Spinelli arrives with answers so Liz leaves.

Spinelli tells Jason that the dead baby was AB negative and not Sam’s. He wonders whose it was. Jason says they need to go back to the shack to check it out. Spin remembers the shack being where Heather buried Anthony and hid Luke. Jason wonders if Heather had anything to do with it.

Liz goes back to work and tells Steve that nothing changes. Steve gets a call that Heather has escaped.

Connie and Trey get into an argument and he tries to take the medallion back from her. Sonny arrives and drags Trey off of Kate.

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    First off, let me just say how saddened I was to hear of the passing of John Ingle. I’m just glad we were able to see him one last time in the poisoned water story.

    I like KeSul, but she has to stop with the bug eyes. They freak me out. And I think she played it a little weird, when KAte made a move to hug Trey after realizing she was his mother. Although I do like Connie and her snark. Getting right up into his face and yelling that she wanted to abort him.

    I feel badly for Tracy, but I’m glad she found out now rather than later.

    Hate this Liz story.

    Nice of Ferncliff to finally realize they were one psycho short. Would they have even called Steve to tell him if he hadn’t already been calling them.

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    I thought the same thing I mean she has been gone what 1-2 days GH time how does nobody notice that shes gone till now? I was so sad to hear about John Ingle lets hope for one hell of a sendoff for Edward Q.

    I almost thought Todd was going to see the papers so glad he didn’t. I wonder if the foot bit was scripted or RH just decided to do it.

    WELCOME HOME SEAN KANAN!!!! I hope we get to see AJ vs Jason before SB leaves

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    Rest in peace John Ingle.

    Regarding today’s episode: I enjoyed it. I liked Sonny/Tracy/Joe scenes and that Tracy stood her ground. I’m glad she found out who Joe is sooner than later. Hmmm…I wonder how Tracy & Joe will be reunited? With all of the talk about Edward and the death of John Ingle, perhaps Joe will be there for Tracy if/when Edward dies. Just my speculation. If Todd and Luke could be turned into viable romantic leads given they raped women (witnessed onscreen) then Joe will likely be redeemed to pair with Tracy. Despite his past, I still prefer Joe Jr. to Luke Spencer! It’s been so refreshing to see Tracy be prioritized by a man, desired by a man and pining for some deadbeat.

    I enjoyed Sam and I am not a fan. I was not a fan of Alexis and Kristina trying to talk her out of signing the divorce papers as if there is anything worth fighting for with Jason. Even when they thought they were facing death because of the water pathogen, JaSam chose to not be together. That says a lot. There marriage ended before it started AND she has feelings for McBain. Stick a fork in it, it’s done!

    I hated Liz being rejected by wishy-washy, weak-willed Jason. She just faced two near-death experiences and had the integrity to put her heart on the line. She didn’t leave Jason’s broken but justifiably hurt by Jason who has led her on. She went back to work, was consoled by her brother and went about her business.

    These writers clearly hate the character of Jason Morgan by making him an uberdouche! I think Jason Morgan has been pigeon-holed for years but under this regime he has become weak-willed, disloyal and fickle. The Liason scenes highlighted the worst of Jason under this regime as he responded to Liz’s declaration by kissing her and then offering thin excuses and vague claims as to why they can’t be together. Jason’s behavior toward Sam after she was presumably raped by Franco put him in the worst possible light as he emotionally abandoned his wife when she needed him the most. Jason is so hard to like these days.

    The Kannie/Trey scenes were cringeworthy. Just poor performances. I hate looking at that actor’s face who plays Trey and Kelly Sullivan’s acting reminds me of the worst of Bree Williamson’s Jess/Bess/Tess/Wes-performances on OLTL. Plus, I think the actresses look alike so that doesn’t help their s/ls are similar.

    P.S. I adored Alexis’ “goodbye sweetie” to Sonny.

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    RIP John Ingle….I wonder if he willed himself to go on just to see that last epi. I cant imagine him not singing this thanksgiving.

    My heart broke for tracy. I loved the interplay between sonny and tracy.

    Liz got the brush off. “I care about you”. Not I still love you but… “I care about you” and then the absolute joy that jason felt at hearing that sas child – his child – might still be alive.

    RoH cracked me up today SPicolli lol and the shoe bit…too classic.

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    My condolences to John Ingle’s family and friends. He will be sorely missed. I’m glad that we got to see him one more time and that his friends and co-workers had a chance to say goodbye.

    I felt bad for Tracy but who sleeps multiple times with a stranger and doesn’t even ask his last name? She was asking for trouble.

    Loved the Sam/Alexis scenes.

    I actually felt bad for Trey after Connie went after him. Screaming at him that she wanted to abort him and that he was the child of a rapist. He was openly sobbing when Sonny grabbed him.

    I hate Todd!!! Standing on Spinelli’s file was childish, churlish and disrespectful! The sooner everyone learns what he did to Sam’s baby, the sooner he can be arrested and hopefully put in jail!

    I got great joy watching Jason explain to Elizabeth once again that he’s just not that into her. He couldn’t get her out of there fast enough when Spinelli arrived with news about Sam’s baby!!! :D

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    I have to question if Alexis’ “goodbye sweetie” to Sonny was actually in the script or if she added it. Either way for me it was the line of the day.

    Jason is such a wimp. In the end of the day he really wants to prove that he doesn’t deserve either one of these women. It was sad to see once again that Liz’ heart gets broken by Jason.
    Signing the divorce papers might be the best thing Sam ever did. Let’s move on. McBam is waiting. :D

    Heather’s behavior would be a reason to fire her without any questions ask. If some nanny – doesn’t matter what she did – gets her hands on my cell, she would be gone seconds after. Should have been a fair warning for Téa.

    Connie telling Trey that she wanted to abort him was just brutal. And I guess that it’s going to take some time before anything gets resolved. Now that Connie is back.

    Tracy and Sonny have some serious chemistry going on. LOL Loved their scene. I feel bad for Tracy but I like that she found out the truth so early on. Now I only hope that she stays away from Joseph and doesn’t find any excuses for his past mistakes or like he does pretends there is no proof.

    RIP John Ingle. I hope GH has a nice send off for Edward in mind some day in the future. Doesn’t have to be soon. I would even wait for the 50th anniversary to say goodbye to Edward.

    And then of course welcome back to Sean Kanan. Never thought he would return to GH. I’m happy that changed. I hope he’s back to play AJ. The Q’s need some more members present in Port Charles.

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    I sort of want the KATE/CONNIE story over with because I just don’t buy it. Sure, I understand the devastation of rape but from the very beginning with the rewrite of this story from Kate’s perspective seeing that KATE is the made up personna of the “from the block” Connie, I just have never been able to buy into Connie being an alternate.

    Then throw in all the dumb coincidences from the personality coming out and then after 25 years Joe Jr decides to take revenge on Sonny by having his son work an angle on Sonny’s daughter by meeting her at college and BY CHANCE having enough money to produce a reality tv show all so he can marry her and WHAT??!!! get divorced from her?!

    The story just isn’t compelling.

    As for the Todd story, I just don’t like this Todd. I know the character from OLTL and even with FauxTODD/Victor the show never really had the character judging others for their deeds while hiding a tremendous one himself. This just makes me want to see him fall when its revealed that he is worse then Johnny! Johnny ACCIDENTALLY killed a child by trying to kill his grandfather WHO EVERYONE in town wanted dead anyway and inadvertently causing a car accident! (Never understood how Star was able to get out of the car on her side so easily that 2 seconds later it went over the edge ON HER SIDE). Todd kidnapped a child. Denied it its mother. Switched it for a dead baby. Lied to both mothers. And still blames everyone else. Sorry, if he doesn’t go to prison for this and if Carly takes him back … because we all know first Johnny’s deeds will be revealed and Carly will fall into Todd’s arms and then Todd’s deeds will be revealed!… will just make me stop watching.

    BAD DEEDS HAVE TO BE PAID FOR AND soaps seem to forget that the LAME ways people get off TURN fans off. If you have a character commit murder, have them pay. If you have a rape, have them pay. If someone steals a kid, have them pay!

    Tracey is a great character. When it comes to love she has always been STUPID. I just wish they would write her more doing business to show that she isn’t an idiot but just a fool looking for love.

    The SAM “I am done with Jason” whiney moments were THANKFULLY missed by me. I am just not that into either Kelly Monaco as an actress or the character of Sam. If there is one person strong in this lame triangle that I would bet money on it would be Liz.

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    RIP John Ingle. I enjoyed reading all the kind tweets and remembrances from him fellow cast members and the tribute from his family. He was loved.

    Todd and Spinelli are comedic gold together, and in some ways, I think they’re brothers of another mother. I adore Spinelli, so I hope Bradford Anderson gets to branch out more after Sbu leaves. I think it would be fun to put Todd and Spinelli in even more scenes together because I’d love to see Spinelli get the upper hand on Todd. LOL!

    I love Jane Elliot. She can do no wrong in my book. I don’t think Tracy made the wisest decision by getting involved with Scully, but I understood what pushed her to it–or whom, rather. I get the vulnerability from such a tough woman, and the impulsiveness. She’ll be alright. I’d love to see GH put Tracy with someone worthy of her; someone with money in his own right. Aint gonna happen, though. I liked how she ordered Sonny around. That was fun!

    Liz needs to go on or something. The tricks she’s using now just aren’t working! :bigsmile:

    What else? Oh yeah, the Kannie/Trey mess. Ugh. SMDH Weird, cray-cray and in bad taste. Poor kid.

    I’m sorry that Sam missed her moment with Jason which pushed her to sign those divorce papers. It’s sad. But she held her head and gathered her pride. Good going!

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    Wow why am I not surprised that the haters were out first and foremost on today’s Observations.

    Sorry haters but what I took away from this convo was that Jason needs to be the hero. He told Liz that it was not fair to reignite those old feelings..and if he just said he’s always cared about her what feelings did you think would need reigniting..Wait for it…LOVE

    Also it was Liz who decided to leave and Jason tried to stop dust off those rose colored glasses.

    I for one loved the way Liz was she said things that fans have waited for her to say…like why is Sam more adjusted to that life..I mean really if you plan on holding a gun on a crazy man…use it.

    I mean wouldn’t it be easy for me as a LizFF to say that Jason must care more about Liz’ children that Sam’s because he still feels the need to protect them over Sam’s?

    I was proud of Liz that she went to work and didn’t feel the need to sit on a couch and whine (hint hint)

    Hypocrite much Sam…so Jason can’t put his tongue down Liz mouth when you practically threw him out the door and yet it’s ok for you to stick your tongue down McBain’s..just Wow

    I love Connie and I love how KSul plays Connie…I wish I can say that same about how KSul plays Kate because it’s night and day.

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    Ravennite, once more we are on the same page. Jason clearly said that he didn’t want them to “remember how we feel about eachother”. Present tense “feel”. He doesn’t want to remember how much he loves her because then it would be harder when it ended again because of the big, bad “Danger”. It wasn’t, “I can’t be with you because I love Sam.” It wasn’t, “I can’t be with you because I’m going to be with Sam when I find her baby.” It wasn’t. “I can’t be with you because I am not in love with you.” Nope. It was I can’t be with you because I am a danger to you and your kids.

    Gee…he was willing to risk Sam’s life repeatedly and the life of their child by raising it together, but Liz’s life and the lives of her kids he can’t put at risk. I think that is very telling as to who he values and loves more deeply. Jason has always felt that Liz is too good for his life, and I’m starting to agree with him, since he’s leaving ;)

    Bring on Liz and Patrick, or Liz and AJ (I can’t help loving the good girl/bad boy stories).

    I actually enjoyed KSul in this episode when she was playing Connie. When she got in Trey’s face and said she wanted to abort him it was so uncomfortable, dramatic and soapy. I was riveted.

    Good for Tracy…but I think she will cave and end up back with Joe. She (actor and character) deserve so much better.

    RIP John Ingle. You were an amazing actor and, from what I hear, a classy and loving person.

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    RIP John Ingle

    Well…here we are in the midst of the wars. He said this, but he meant this. I was thankfully not around during SOS and the previous Liason relationship, but here is what I saw yesterday. I saw Jason realize that his life is dangerous. I saw Jason take the blame for Sam getting raped and Sam losing her son. I saw Jason interested in making things right for Sam by helping her get her son back.

    Jason spoke in present tense about his feelings for Liz. The depth of those feelings, I don’t know. He just spent the last few days saving her life while the world was at risk…and I guess anyone can interpret it any way they feel. Jason did what he felt was best for Liz to keep her safe. Reminded me of the old saying that if you love something, you should love them enough to let them go. Liz was hurt, but she has said her piece and I hope she has closure on that part of her life.

    Now, I wonder how this will impact his relationship with Sam. Yes, the actor is leaving, and I think this may be his exit story. I can see him finding the baby for Sam, and leaving them both for their own safety. Like I said, when he spoke of the danger today. He looked like he meant it.

    Sidenote: I was in the midst of the Shick/Phick wars on Y&R…although I think this Jasam/Liason war is a bit more brutal.

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    [quote=sassysdreams]My condolences to John Ingle’s family and friends. He will be sorely missed. I’m glad that we got to see him one more time and that his friends and co-workers had a chance to say goodbye.

    I felt bad for Tracy but who sleeps multiple times with a stranger and doesn’t even ask his last name? She was asking for trouble.

    Loved the Sam/Alexis scenes.

    I actually felt bad for Trey after Connie went after him. Screaming at him that she wanted to abort him and that he was the child of a rapist. He was openly sobbing when Sonny grabbed him.

    I hate Todd!!! Standing on Spinelli’s file was childish, churlish and disrespectful! The sooner everyone learns what he did to Sam’s baby, the sooner he can be arrested and hopefully put in jail!

    I got great joy watching Jason explain to Elizabeth once again that he’s just not that into her. He couldn’t get her out of there fast enough when Spinelli arrived with news about Sam’s baby!!! :D[/quote]

    I loved the little smile on Jason’s face when spinelli came withthe news. Yes Elizabeth, he wants to bring Danny home to Sam.

    Go get your baby, Jason!

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    Burn Liz burn!!! You got shot down. It is because he still love his Sam. You know those papers will not get filed. Alexis is her mom. She knew Sam signed them too soon. Jason will get the baby back and they will be the family that they were always intended to be.

    Rest in peace John Ingle. You will be missed!

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    RIP John Ingles! You gave us many, many years of entertainment as Edward on GH. I cried when I heard of his passing, just one week from his last appearance on GH. Thank you Frank V and Ron C., for giving him that last, very emotional scene. It was very evident that John was ill and very fragile, but he still came on for that last scene, and I’m sure he knew it was his last. How I will miss those family Quartermain scenes, but Guza and Phelps killed off half the family. I still wish there was some way Alan could come back. Killing him off was the beginning of the whole GH downfall. Every soap needs that one, rich, dysfunctional family, and that was the Quartermain’s.

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    The only time I’ve ever felt sorry for Trey was in this episode. Kate/Connie and Sonny really do deserve one another because neither one can ever think of the feelings of the other person they are attacking at the time. Screaming at someone how you wanted to abort them and wished that they died when they left you as a baby is horrible. I know it’s a soap, but it’s a horrible thing to have to hear.

    I can’t wait for Saint Jason to up and leave town because maybe then Sam and Liz will both get to move on from his worthless butt. Jason must’ve completely forgot about Michael getting raped too, because both Sam and Michael’s rapes (because of someone obsessed with him) were in the last year or two.

    I was deeply saddened to hear about John Ingle’s passing. I hope Tracey gets a scene where she is grieving, but is happy to know that Edward is finally back with his Lila. I felt bad for Tracey in this episode also. They never seem to write a good relationship for her where the man hasn’t lied to her the whole time.

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    Isn’t this great JaSam vs. Liason debate already over now that Steve Burton is leaving GH? Aren’t both fan bases lose no matter what’s being said and done in the upcoming weeks? Why still fight over a professional killer when at this point I think both women deserve to move on.
    I already love Sam with John. I think they have some serious chemistry going on there that deserves being explored.

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    The great Jason and Liason debate will never be over.

    I can’t stand Lz either. I am a super Sam fan.

    When Jason leaves Liz will be all alone and Sam will ride off into the sunset with McBain.

    Sam always wins.

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    Lulu in the sky

    [quote=mufasa]Am I the ONLY one who can’t stand Elizabeth? She is just too pious/sainty and hypocritical…..let Sam and Jason be happy….[/quote]
    No you aren’t the only one Mufasa….I can’t stand the stupid cow for all the same reasons as you have posted…..

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    Sorry haters but what I took away from this convo was that Jason needs to be the hero. He told Liz that it was not fair to reignite those old feelings..and if he just said he’s always cared about her what feelings did you think would need reigniting..Wait for it…LOVE

    I for one loved the way Liz was she said things that fans have waited for her to say…like why is Sam more adjusted to that life..I mean really if you plan on holding a gun on a crazy man…use it.

    I mean wouldn’t it be easy for me as a LizFF to say that Jason must care more about Liz’ children that Sam’s because he still feels the need to protect them over Sam’s?

    I was proud of Liz that she went to work and didn’t feel the need to sit on a couch and whine (hint hint)

    Hypocrite much Sam…so Jason can’t put his tongue down Liz mouth when you practically threw him out the door and yet it’s ok for you to stick your tongue down McBain’s..just Wow



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    I agree about the hypocrite thing TVLover01 – I think it was more of the way Sam said it to her Mom that tweaked me

    I have never denied that Jason loves Sam and will always love her, I just think that he too loves Liz and always will.

    My biggest gripe is if you went to the penthouse to get your man back..then get your freaking man back. Don’t sit on the sidelines and complain when after weeks of pushing him away…he went.

    I miss GNO (Tequila tossback) at Jake’s (I will never refer to it as the floating rib) it was something that Liz had.

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    Danny Ricci

    Can I just say, in regards to the news of Sean Kanan’s return, that I will be incensed if he comes back as a resurrected AJ Quartermaine. I would be fine with him being AJ’s ghost, a recast Jason, or a new character entirely that we’ve never seen before. But if he’s real live AJ, I’m going to flip.

    There is something to be said for letting the dead stay dead and working with the characters you have. AJ Quartermaine was killed off in the year 2005. A huge, dumb as dirt, boneheaded mistake by the previous regime? Yes, absolutely. But they did what they did, and therefore you work around it. It enrages me when soaps bring back characters thought dead for years, and plop them in the middle of today’s storylines like its no big deal. HE IS DEAD. Why can’t it stay that way?

    It won’t be enough to make me quit watching if he does return as living AJ, but I won’t be happy either.

    Just my two cents.

    Also, on a sad note, RIP John Ingle. You were truly the cream of the crop.

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    Love the fast pace of storylines throughout GH lately, I actually have to pay attention, not be distracted by my laptop and “watch the tv” to keep up with what’s going on here. Let alone no need to fast forward through scenes that are boring, instead I’m finding myself rewinding to make sure I caught what just happened correctly (or to listen again incase I was laughing at one of Todd’s funny one liners).

    So sad to hear of John Ingle’s passing, may he rest in peace. Thankful we were able to see him grace our screens for his final performance just a week ago.

    Very excited to hear of Sean Kanan’s return to the show…it’s been what, 15 years! Can still remember the day A.J. wrapped his car around a tree causing Jason’s accident.

    Umm…again I throw in my vote to have Jasper Jax back Full Time in Port Charles, it’s just a more beautiful town with him in it.

    Keep it coming GH…so far you have me hooked.

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    I was deeply saddened to hear about John Ingles passing. I will miss hearing him sing “we gather together1″ at Thanksgiving. The man was true class act and will be missed.

    As for the Trey and Connie scenes they were pretty harsh. I may be in the minority here but I do believe that Connie( was playing both Sonny and Joe Jr. Joe told Sonny that Connie loved the finer things even back then and at that time Sonny didn’t have the money to spend on her so she double dipped on Sonny. In other words I think the rape was a lie. Regardless I thought telling your biological son that you wished you had aborted him was really cruel.

    As for the Liaison and JaSam wars I am a vet. The wars may continue because I think they are bringing Sean Kanen back as a Jason recast. Just sayin’ because their looks are similar and isn’t it fortuitous that Sean is cast just as Steve Burton is leaving. Just for the record though I think that. Jason was trying to gently let Liz down without coming right out and asking Liz if he could take a breath heroes she declared her love for him? I mean damn the papers haven’t even been signed. Even if they do get together later on down the line, let him at least see if his hunch about the baby pans out.-

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    TV Gord

    Jason is a supreme hypocrite! He’s investigating whether Sam’s baby is alive and he’s keeping what he’s finding out from Sam until he knows for sure, claiming to want to protect her. When Sam kept the questions around the paternity of the baby from him until she knew for sure, claiming to want to protect him, it was a major betrayal. I can’t believe anyone sees him as some heroic figure, but sadly, women fall for douchebags like Jason all the time.

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    J Bernard Jones

    I liked the writing of the Connie/Trey scenes, but I did laugh a lot at the Kelly Sullivan’s Kate portions yet absolutely loved her Connie portions. Pre-Connie, I was firmly in the pro-Sullivan camp and I loved her version of Kate. Post-Connie, while I still like Ms. Sullivan very, very much, the Kate part of the Kate/Connie equation has been much more problematic.

    In some ways, this speaks to the dificulty of this particular character switch. Whether or not it was planned since the re- introduction of Connie or not, the fact remains that it seems Kate has since been acted, wriiten and directed as a heightened version of original character. If the intent is to highlight the differences between the dual roles, the effect is often distracting. The other issue is common to duel roles: one version is more interesting than the other, often the alternate/bad twin/doppleganger/etc. This comes across in the writing and the performances and also in terms of audience reception.

    I still remain a fan of Ms. Sullivan’s, but I wish Connie would pop up more often.

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    TVGORD – AMEN!! Yes, Im agree that Jason isnt telling sam to protect her when he was so adamantly angry about her doing exactly that. One problem with the jason character is they never really show growth with him.

    that said, i do love my jasam I suppose because of the chemistry and because the way its been written, no matter what the mistakes, he is written as being truly in love with her and that he truly does make her happy most of the time. I thought jason was letting liz down easy – does jason love liz? Yes, he absolutely does, but I dont think his love for liz is that romantic I can stand to be without you, kind of a love. His love for her is as a close friend and the mother of his child. She is important to him, thats obvious. Alternatively, sam is the woman that he cant live without. no matter what sam does, no matter what jason does, he cant see her and not claim her no matter what the danger might be. If he leaves to protect her and the baby i would say that he couldnt be in PC and not be with her. And we saw that because the second liz left, with her bleeding heart still in her hands, jasons mind immediately flipped over to what Sam needs. BTW I hated the acting choice that RH made when she said you want to give sam back her baby, I dont think thats possible. She didnt look incredulous she looked snarky and mean spirited – more like do you think that will make her take you back instead of thats not a likely scenario. This is the type of moment that makes me say that RH is a limited actress because it was jarring and took me out of the moment.

  28. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    @tvgord- Hell Yeah to #31.. It pisses me off that he could give Sam all hell when she was pregnant by rape- but now he can’t tell her this..

    I will admit my Jasam loving heart wants just one moment of them all together as a family before he leaves. I keep reading from some people what does it matter he is leaving- but yes it will matter. And will probably be argued for years to come sadly.. Just one good family scene- like him risking himself to save the baby.

    Have been loving so much Tracy!!!

    Uggg I really really hate the Jasam vs Liason. What I wanted to happen was Sam walk in and say What the Hell Jason?? Then have Liz say yeah What the Hell?? I am tired of both women being the somewhat bad figure in this story. Let Jason say bye to one of them and be done with it. Please don’t make me watch another month of one week Liason- one week Jasam. I think Liz was written well in these scenes- she finally pressed him for hard questions that can either give her hope or help her find closure. For years I have been sold Sam is just the fall back girl and Liz is the one he loves the most- but after these scenes I felt like giving Liz a copy of He’s Just Not That Into You. After Jake died he had a huge moment of like yeah lets just live life- I should have been there for Jake. Now he falls back onto the danger card really?? I also loved how Sam was written. She didn’t go bat shite crazy she was resolved and moved forward. That had to be a heck of a shock and very heartbreaking for her. Sorry but Jasam/McBam isn’t all the same as Jasam/Lason. They have such ugly history. Up till that moment Jasom has been totally talking up his love for her. Liz has been saying hey we are just friends- I have no designs on him.. So I think she handled it great. We will see where it goes from here..

    On my sad note- RIP to John Ingle. I really hope to see some great scenes as way of goodbye..

  29. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Oh one more point – Liz went back to work to deal with her pain just like sam did after danny “died”. If you give credit to one gal for not being whiny you have to give credit to both.

  30. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    @EET- I thought I was the only one to notice the snark. I admit to being very biased when it comes to those scenes so I wasn’t sure if I was just me being a bit judgemental. I really hope this is not where the tone of the story is going. Hopefully it was just an acting choice.. Seriously I have no want what so ever of seeing either girl cast into the role of villian before SB leaves..

  31. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Really so you are equating losing a child to being told that its not our time for romance…just wow

    And yeah we keep talking about how much Jason is IN love with Sam..whatever because you always tell the one you’re IN love with the give up a kid, take second place over a friend…and god knows how many other things

    JaSam have no chemistry this time around they are beyond boring and this from a JaSam 1.0 shipper.

    What I find odd is that all JaSamFF keep bringing up the comments Liz made about just being friends. So it’s so much easier to say she lied instead of her finally realizing that they could be together. Liz sat around for weeks telling Jason and Sam that they should work things out. that losing a child was hard. Jason came to her and leaned on her…so why would it be so hard to fathom that when this relationship with Ewen blows up in her face and the man she has always loved is free again that she would open up to him. No but she lied to poor Sam…

    Oh yeah and before I jump off my soapbox… why no scathing hate for Spinelli who now knows that Sam’s baby is possibly alive not telling Sam. But the mere thought that Liz was going to keep the secret she was a beast. And they say we are delusional…

  32. Profile photo of js3557

    Liz returned to work after her conversation with Jason because after a guy you loves lets you down the normal response is to get on with your life. An abnormal, evil response is to watch a child get kidnapped, taunt its parents with mental images of said child dead, and then hire gunmen to threaten children in a park just because your man broke up with you. Liz’s response = normal coping mechanism. Sam’s response = emotional destruction and endangering children.

    And there is no way in hell you can compare losing a child to a man telling you it’s not safe to be with him. The are not even in the same emotional universe.

    As for this alleged snark, I saw it as incredulity. Liz was clearly worried about Jason’s well-being. She doesn’t know that the baby is alive, and baby switching in a shed in the middle of the woods during a storm seems really far-fetched. She was clearly showing concern because she doesn’t think Jason is going to be able to return the baby to Sam. I saw all of that with RH’s acting choices.

  33. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Well I can only speak for myself but the context I used for Liz telling Sam they were friends was more about how Sam may not have expected to see it. I also don’t blame Spin for not telling Sam because it has nothing to do about if it’s right or wrong but everything to do with what a douche Jason was about Sam protecting him from truths. I see most everything in grey so I can always understand why someone will do something. I understood why Sam kept the secret but then Jason acted like a prick. I can understand why he is keeping it a secret now- but it is very hypocritical..

  34. Profile photo of GHFan777

    Raven and Js posts 36 & 37 right on the money. Thank you for posting…I am tired of typing rebuttals to some of these posts. What I really don’t get is the fact that they even want them together after the way he treated Sam.

    They are so quick to say that he gave Liz the brush off…which he really didn’t do. He never told her that he didn’t want or love her…it was the tired old danger excuse. If he loved Sam and didn’t want Liz…Jason would have said just that. He wouldn’t have said it is not fair to stir up all the feelings we have for one another and not be together. A tactic that RC is doing to keep both fan bases hanging.

    What I have a hard time with is the way he treated Sam. That was disgusting to tell her to give up her baby. That was unforgivable to tell his pregnant wife who had been raped he couldn’t raise that child because it was not his…If that isn’t saying I DON’T LOVE YOU ENOUGH…NOTHING DOES. Yet they pretend that never happened. If Jason did that to Liz, I wouldn’t want him within 10 ft of her. I get mad when he says no because he cares and doesn’t want to hurt her.

  35. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    My condolences to John Ingle’s loved ones and friends.

    What did I enjoy? Tracey Angelica Quartermaine!

    Connie, Kate whatever I don’t care for D.I.D. storylines especially those that drag on and on with no end in sight.

    Didn’t Liz say Epip called her in for an extra shift because someone didn’t show up or something and she took it?

    My wish is that Elizabeth wasn’t stuck in this stinker of a storyline FREE LIZ but actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be; unfortunately I don’t think its over those big wheels keep on turnin’ and Liz will be well thrown under when all is said and done for the love of Jason Morgan. Give him their baby give him their happy ending…. whatever… just end this storyline;

    I haven’t enjoyed Jason Morgan in years because of being leeched to Sam so his leaving is music to my ears. I’m waiting for Robin’s happy ending but I know the actress is busy with her life but they haven’t played enough beats on this storyline which is the one I’m most interested in…

    I’m so very excited about GH because I’m waiting to see how Sean’s AJ (if he’s AJ) will be written; hopefully he won’t be the biggest loser as Frons’ Guza portrayed him & just a foil of the holy triad Sonny/Carly/Jason. I’d like a different AJ but with Korte and Wolfe’s hacking pen still at work he’ll probably end up an uber-villain worse than Jerry Jacks.

  36. Profile photo of tvlover01



  37. Profile photo of liason4real

    Cyber,,,GW left the writing staff in August. Jason Morgan began a slow death once they put him back with Sam in late 2008. RIP Jason Morgan.

    Danger. Blech. I am so over that word being used to stop Liason dead in their tracks. RC immediately put Liason in each others orbit back in late February and the word “danger” never once left Jason’s lips when it came to Liz, Cam or Aiden over the last several months.

    Liason has the IT factor and they always will.

    If Jason ever threatened to blow a hole in Liz’s head is the day that I turn in my Liason card. I will never understand how JaSam or even SamFF would want their girl with a man that looked her dead in the eye and promised to end her life. How messed up is that?

    Here’s hoping that SK comes back as AJ and the revival of the Quartermaine’s!

  38. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    JS its pointless to go into the summer of suck. Just read my old posts to see my pov because honestly every time theres a triangle you all go back to four years ago and thats totally irrelevant when it comes to whats going on today.

    Im not thrilled with spin for the record not telling sam but he did bring it up to jason and its not in character for him to second guess the master. I already said im pissed at jason, as i was for the adoption comment, but it doesnt negate all the joy hes given sam over the years and all the love. I hated that moment but I understood that he seems to have such intense emotions over franco and in part i attribute that to the brain injury issues and in part to the rape which was horrific.

    Why would jason rub salt in the wound by reminding liz he loves sam. Isnt that evident in everything hes already saying and doing? That every time he kisses liz he says thats wrong.

    Raven the problem with her declaring that she has ALWAYS felt that way is that theres been this big debate over what her intentions were all those times she eavesdropped, draped herself, inserted herself and ran into jason. Sam called her on it repeatedly and liz said bs I dont feel that way. it certainly suggests that sam and those that saw her as making a move were right and that liz was going for what she wanted regardless of jasons marriage. Wouldnt a person on some level know they had these feelings if they are that damn strong?

  39. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    So EET – Liz runs into, inserts herself and all the other but wasn’t it Jason who sought her out these last few months..he called he to bail him out, he kissed her on the bridge…he kept checking Ewen. So please let’s call this for what it was..and last I remember Sam all but threw Jason at her..but as is typical for SamFF she was just an emotional wreck.

    And again everyone else gets a pass but Liz…I think it’s worse for Spin because he knows that the baby in the ground is not Sam’s – with Liz it was still speculation

  40. Profile photo of robertscorpio

    [quote=Grimm]Has the 2nd death from the toxin storyline been revealed/confirmed yet?
    I’m starting to fear for TEA.[/quote]
    I think the second death is suppose to be the Quartermaines cook, Cook.

  41. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Spin doesnt get a pass, he just doesnt get as much of the blame as jason.

    Jason has sought out liz, but even before the break up who was it that was eavesdropping on jasam and when jason came to talk to liz who was it that was bringing up all the sam dirt from the sos??? Oh yeah that was LIZ.

  42. Profile photo of lizluvr

    Here’s hoping that my girl is over Jason now!! I still think Liason has chemistry and all and will always be a fan but I don’t think they should be together at all. Their time has passed. My girl needs a new storyline! She and Patrick need to go back to being friends and slowly grow into a romance before Robin returns!

  43. Profile photo of liason4real

    One of the coolest things about soap operas is that fans do NOT forget their history. Todd Manning led the gang rape of Marty Saybrooke, Viki Lord has multiple personalities (DID), Erica Kane had 99 husbands, Asa Buchanan had 99 wives, Jason lost his brains due to a drunken AJ, and Sam terrorized baby Jake, Liz and Cam. Liz bringing up Sam’s dirty laundry is what soaps are made of and Sam’s misdeeds will never, ever go away.

    Sam is no heroine, she is a baby terrorizer! |(

  44. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I guess for me it’s very simple. I love the magic that is Jasam- and I love Kemo.. In regards to all the other stuff I will just say I really don’t care. That was a hack job nasty icky summer. One of the reasons I dislike Liason was they felt the need to destroy Lucky, Maxie and Sam just to bring about the gosh awful story.. So yeah- I just don’t give a flying whatever about that nasty summer.. Ohh well- thats why I still enjoy it..

  45. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Is that worse than leaving zander to die on the floor of some boiler room? At least sam can say truthfully that she was dealing with several losses all in the span of a short time – lila, danny, hope, her ability to have children down the road, and then potentially jason knowing he had baby rabies. What was Liz’s excuse besides wanting what she wanted (full and unfettered custody of cam and zander letting ric (baby daddy number 2 for cam) raise the boy) when she wanted it. Then she let nic and emily twist in the wind as nic was charged for a crime liz thought she committed while she said nothing.

  46. Profile photo of js3557

    Nothing is worse than purposefully harming a child, purposefully trying to harm a child, or standing by and doing nothing while someone else purposely harms a child. Liz could murder a person in cold blood and I would still think that watching a psycho kidnap Jake or hiring thugs to scare the boys in the park were worse.

  47. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Not if you are zander. And maureen wanted to love the child – where zander would have been irrevocably harmed. Plus at least sam was mentally distraught and, though you dont believe it, in the midst of a breakdown by everything we saw on screen. Liz did what she did just to get her own way.

  48. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    OHHH- So off with the heads of who hurt Jake.. OK- his Mother and Grandfather then.. One left the door open the other one ran him over while drinking and drivng right.. In the end how is Luke never brought up in the Jake discussion. Really- he ran him over and didn’t notice.

  49. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I think the key word was purposefully. Would my wanting Luke’s head exonerate Sam? Not for me but for SamFF there are always excuses and rationalizations. Whatevs!

  50. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Actually- no excuses from me for Sam- because like I said I don’t care about that summer. That SOS that had to try to take down three of the characters I love to make one pairing doesn’t really matter to me.. So moved one from it.. That is why I still love me some Sam, Lucky and Maxie!

  51. Profile photo of js3557

    Yes, psycho Maureen wanted to love the child. Jake was definitely safe with a mentally unstable woman. Right. Did I mention that I have this bridge for sale? It’s a great deal, really…

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