Will JaSam Get Another Chance on General Hospital?

Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) have been through so much. Their marriage crumbled after the “loss” of their child. However, now that Jason suspects the baby is alive, will General Hospital’s butt-kicking couple get their second chance? Watch this week’s GH promo after the jump!

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    What does it matter if Jason is gone by late October/beginning of November? Sam will be like white on rice with McBain before, during and after this alleged reunion.

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    TV Gord

    It seems the plan is to give Jason and Sam their happy ending before he leaves. As for those who say why bother, if he is leaving…well, does any couple get more than a couple of days of happiness on a soap? This way, when Jason is presumed dead, Sam can pine away for him until his eventual return…

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    Yes! Us Jasam fans better get some part of a happy reunion. I can’t wait to see Danny surrounded in love with his mother and father. Even if Steve is leaving, those scenes will be memorable.

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    It matters because the fans have shipped them for 9 years. We’ve waited for this child for all that time. We’ve waited for them to FINALLY be a family. I know hes leaving but I would like to see that moment come for them, having them together in that way. I would also appreciate at it as the PERIOD on the end of the sentence to the liason vs. jasam fan wars – who he leaves his heart with when he goes. If he then dies and she leans on mcbain, I will understand that too – not as something that lessens jasam and what they meant to each other, but because john really has been there for her for months now and been the one person she can open up to aside from her family. If john wants to be his rock because natalie is USING their son to punish him (which i find horrible, just because a guy behaves badly romantically, you cant use your kid to address that issue. Its not fair to him and more importantly its not fair to the kid) I have no problem with john supporting sam even if it ultimately leads to romance.

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    Yes please!!! Morgan family bonding even if it’s just a little is what I need. I see some Liason fans downplaying it- but I m sure if it was Liason you would totally want to see it. I doubt you would think it didn’t matter..

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    Jason is going to open up his box of pain and stick his mini mobster’s photo inside. He will ride out of town because his life is too dangerous for a child. I fail to see how Sam is getting anymore of a happy ending with Jason than Liz is.

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    I can’t wait to watch a Jasam family reunion before SB leaves GH!!! :love: We deserve it after waiting for 9 years and they deserve it!!! This is one HOT supercouple that will be remembered for a very long time!!! No matter how Jason leaves the canvas, I want them reunited and the truth about the paternity known by both before he goes. :love:

    If Sam leans on John after Jason is gone and if John leans on Sam after Natalie decided to deny him his child, then I’m fine with that. If their friendship eventually turns into romance, it works for me! ME and KM have SMOKING HOT chemistry together!!! :love:

    How wonderful for the talented and beautiful Kelly Monaco to be a part of a supercouple on GH and then to be a part of a supercouple in the making on the very same show!!!!! :love: :love: :party: :love: :love:

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    If I didn’t know Jason was leaving the show I would say “please God no” – but since he is… *shrug*

    Liason ALMOST got the closure they needed yesterday although I would love one more conversation between them to truly wrap things up. They don’t need to end up together for me to be happy…but I need resolution for this couple that never EVER was able to get off the ground for whatever reason, just as Liz said.

    13 years people…13 years… And yes JaSam fans, I do feel your pain. But…13 years. And suffering through Journey. (Sorry, just vomited in my mouth a little bit).

    I would prefer that JaSam also get their closure and not end as a couple with Jason being presumed “dead” — but obviously I have no idea what direction they are going to take his write off.


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    I don’t like Heather’s character at all….where is the money for the car to take her to Landview/clothes/food/lodging? HOW does she fake references?
    BUT I did laugh out loud when she said, “After switching DNA results, kidnapping and a couple of murders, faking references is a piece of cake.”

    Plus I ain’t buying Tea is that stupid…Heather is too obsessed to be carrying for a baby….

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    [quote] Erica’s Evil Twin wrote:
    I would also appreciate at it as the PERIOD on the end of the sentence to the liason vs. jasam fan wars – who he leaves his heart with when he goes.

    Really?? Is it that important? Makes me glad I was never a Jason, Liason or Jasam fan!

    Go Sam and Liz without Jason, you’ll be better characters without him!

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    Go Sam and Liz without Jason, you’ll be better characters without him![/quote]

    When it comes down to it I’ll always choose Liason, but I agree with this 100% – both women are stronger characters (and women) without him.

    When Jason isn’t in the picture I really do like Sam.

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    Yes, they better get the happy ending. That “What IF” episode was a slap in the face. That’s how it should of been from the beginning but Ron and Frank had to ruin this pregnancy that JASAM fans have been waiting 8 years for so I think that’s the least they can do.

    As far a McBain pair him with Liz. I just don’t see the chemistry with Sam. I can’t imagine her with him but I think he would be good for Liz and her boys. Liz needs a good guy and if JJ isn’t coming back then pair her with McBain.

    I hate when TPTB think just because a pairing worked in another show it will work with a current show. I like that John and Sam are friends but I just don’t see the sexual chemistry.

    If they cast the old AJ as AJ how good would it be if he trys to get with Sam since Jason stole his wife and child.

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    Vet I dont care about Jasam getting a total happy ending (since thats not possible) but I do care about sam getting her happy ending which is her baby returned to her by the man she loves and knowing that she has his unending love. thats good enough for me.

    Ive wanted JaSam to have their child since Sam was pregnant with lila and they were beginning to plan their lives together. If Im not mistaken thats about nine years. They werent together all that time – we had the yucky liason year in the middle for example – but fans have wanted them to have their child all that time.

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    so tired of Sam’s mopey whiny act on the show. Honestly, besides being beautiful and having a nice rack WHY ON EARTH WOULD A GUY go for her?! She only is drama, has no real job, and is overbearing to say the least.

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    :love: I sure hope for a reuniting of Jason and Sam because they have been though so much they deserve a happy ending,that is until (Steve Burton)Jason leaves the soap”,get your tissues ready”.

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    I can’t wait to see Sam get her baby back and for Jason to get a measure of redemption for helping Sam figure it out. Aside from that, I have no expectations. I support Sam in whatever she decides. I do love me some McBam!

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    Tris Drake

    I don’t want to see that douche happy with any baby! He doesn’t deserve it. He could leave the mob for Michael but not for Jake? He didn’t have to be with Liz. I would love to see him get life without parole.

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    [quote=pjc722]so tired of Sam’s mopey whiny act on the show. Honestly, besides being beautiful and having a nice rack WHY ON EARTH WOULD A GUY go for her?! She only is drama, has no real job, and is overbearing to say the least.[/quote]

    I so agree with this post. I find Sam to be a total bore. She is constantly leaking from her eyes, over-talking EVERYTHING, and working hard at being dependent upon some guy. This isn’t the Sam McCall who first came to PC. Sonny did this to her. If she hadn’t drank the Corinthos kool-ade she might have maintained some portion of independence. Now she is just an emotional leech. I’d much rather she left town than Jason.

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    If they do get back together I hope to see some closure between John and Natalie somehow before they do McBam when Jason leaves or whatever. The way things are playing now makes him look like a dog IMO because he doesn’t seem to really care about Natalie. At least they show that Sam still loves Jason.

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    Oh yeah I forgot about that @TV Gord, thanks! But I don’t know I feel like he’s so busy making googly eyes with Sam that it seems like he forgot about the woman he is supposed to be in love with. Maybe if they had played it out as if John and Natalie were on the outs or something. I just don’t believe that Natalie would have just run away from the guy she has been pining over for like ever or that John would let a missing passport keep him from chasing her if he really wanted to.

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    I love Sam and Jason!!! These 2 have been through so much and always came through because they love each other. They accept each other and don’t try to change each other. Liz wants jason but on her terms. she says she loves him but she can’t tolerate his lifestyle. Sam accepted him for who he is,she was by his side. she wanted him to be a father to her child and trusted him to protect them.
    Since RC/FV took over GH,they made the character Jason unrecognizable. Jason would never treat Sam the way he did,he would be upset the baby wasn’t his because of the rape but he would accept him. He should have fought for her. After spending 1 night alone after Sam left, he should have gone to that motel and begged her to come back. Instead they have him seeking out Liz and pouring his heart out to her instead of his wife!!They have him in essence leading her on!!!!
    Now he is on the trail of “Sam’s” baby,not realizing it is his son too!!I hope they give us a happy ending to the morgan family even if it is short lived because of Steve’s imminent departure!!

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    :) Please give us some Morgan family memories. We have watched this couple for years try to get together and the story line keeps tearing them apart. Just for once could you give the fans what they deserve. Thank you.

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    :) I am happy this baby switch is coming to an end for once, I would love to know that sam and Jason have finally got that baby they wanted for so long.I know that its jasons and not his brothers.Maybe we will see a close to it sometime next week.

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    I hope that Sam and Jason have the chance to be family before Jason leaves the show…. i am very sad that jason is leaving GH…. are they going to replace jason or what…..

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