PC #56: Glee’s War and Peace

On today’s Pop Confidential podcast Jamey Giddens, Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels weigh in on the latest pop culture headlines and hot topics, including:

A French magazine published nude photos of Prince William’s bride Kate Middleton. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds get married. Does Chris Brown’s new tattoo resemble Rihanna? Eva Longoria is dating New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez.

Nicki Minaj and Keith Urbon join American Idol as judges. The Voice beats The X Factor in the ratings. Glee returned for its fourth season, but Luke isn’t happy about the premiere. He and Melodie are sick of The Rachel Berry Show. Find out what the PC gang thinks of NBC’s new comedy The New Normal. Who will Jenna choose on Awkward?

Resident Evil's latest franchise offering tops the Box Office.

All this and much more on today’s Pop Confidential podcast.



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8 Responses

  1. Profile photo of elbugten

    haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but hope you discussed Parenthood. 2 episodes in and is’t already SO good this season! Have tissues handy! And I can’t wait to see the premiere of Castle next week, with Castle and Beckett waking up “after”. Any word on who Jonathan Jackson will play on Nashville? Seen a lot of press about this new show, but no info about JJ. I love fall for TV premieres!

  2. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    Wow… I hate to say, I agreed with most of o Luke said especially when it comes to American Idol… the reason the show is going downhill is because the people with the most talent are no longer coming out on top (i. e. The last 5 winners have been white guys who play guitars) and only one them really deserved to win, and it wasn’t the most recent one!!!! Joshua Ledet from this past season is by far one of the greatest singers they’ve ever had on that show, yet he did not win!!!! American Idol needs to stop catering to this current generation of mediocre popstar fans and get back to real performers, singers and musicians!!!

    When it comes to X-Factor, I don’t see what they did to that guy that song with Britney as cruel; he was horrible, he put himself on that platform and he set himself up for disappointment!!!!

    My problem with The Voice is mainly Christina Agulara…. for the past two seasons, she has screwed up with some really good singers which is why she has yet to win!!!!

    As for Glee, I am just officially getting into it… so far I am liking the new characters, but I do agree that show is too much about Rachel… when Mercedes (Amber Riley) can sing circles around anyone on that show!!!!

    Well I am gonna have to check The New Normal!!!!

    I don’t know if anybody watched, but you guys should really check out ABC Family’s Baby Daddy… think Three Men and a Baby with college guys; it’s hilarious!!!!

    ROTFLMAO: Jillian you are so wrong for calling Kirstie Alley “Biggie Smalls” and for that comment about Amanda Bynes!!!

  3. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I had to stop in the middle of the podcast to say this. I completely agree with Luke.

    American Idol started off good, and when it really blew up, it took advantage of the fame and started airing more auditions…good and bad. I don’t blame them for that. The problem is that the show started catering to the baser instincts and started focusing too much on the bad auditions. Then it became more of a popularity contest than a talent show because there was so much focus on the back story. I prefer the Voice because even the ones that they reject, they provide constructive criticism. They give the singers something that they can use and work on when they get home. They are not out to embarrass anyone. I also like that the viewer vote doesn’t come until later, so the final crop of contestants are actually good. I also don’t see this as a reality show, but a game show/competition. You stay on until you lose or are voted out, kinda like Jeopardy….but that’s another topic.

    On to Glee. YES LUKE AND MEL!!!! I understand that every show has a breakout character, but Glee was supposed to be the show that praises the underdog, the person that is different, the unexpected. In the end, this show has become a standard high school drama focused on a white, heterosexual couple. There is no longer anything different about Glee and that is the problem. How can you praise the fact that this show has amazing talents of Amber Riley inspite of her non-traditional Hollywood looks…and you never show her? Given how she was treated, how can I reasonably expect anything different with Unique? I would almost understand it if Blaine and Kurt were the focus, because it would mesh with what Glee was about….but how the hell can Kurt lose?? Really?? This show has become a complete disappointment.

  4. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I hardly EVER agree with Luke but he was spot on about Ryan Murphy; nearly every show he does starts off strong then goes absurdly off the rails(key word being absurdly). The only exception is AHS which, like Jillian noted I think correctly, started off to the extreme and kept on going.

  5. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    I’d like to know why it is that the Press continually informs the public about Prince Harry’s whereabouts while he is in action in Afghanistan? Do we really need to know? Somehow this seems like it has the potential to put not just Prince Harry but his colleagues at risk. I don’t get it.

    With Ryan and Blake Lively vs. Ryan and Scarlett Johansson– I suppose people say the same thing about any man whom Jennifer Aniston will marry versus Brad Pitt. Life goes on…

    I haven’t watched American Idol since Forever but why are they going back to the 4 judge configuration? When they last had 4 judges, it seemed to be the least successful of the panels (too cumbersome). But what do I know, I stopped watching years ago!

    I don’t get OWN so I didn’t see the Usher interview but I hear that Tameka Raymond is doing an interview of her own on Entertainment Tonight or something. This thing seems intent on going on and on. Spare a moment for those poor children stuck in the middle. No matter how much money they may have, there will be scars for these kids.

    Jillian, I feel ya with the Victor Cruz love but…is it just me, or does he seem a little…short of height? I wouldn’t mind doing some salsa with him though and I would even let him lead (LOL).

    I watch episodes online, which is a week behind broadcast– Is there any reason for me to watch Glee this year?

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