CBS Daytime Stars Kick it at CBS Fall Premiere Party (PHOTOS)


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30 March 2009
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I had no idea who almost half those people were. Are they people from Survivor or maybe new CBS shows? LOL!

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6 December 2009
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Now that's how you promote your network. The new, old, talk and daytime drama at a party. Drunk Drunk It was all inclusive for the network as a whole. Kudos to you CBS for having your daytime stars include! Smile

PS: Don Diamont...YUM! Tongue

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26 May 2012
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Melody Scott really needs to do something with her hair. The color is mousy and the whole thing is looking lifeless and granny-like.

Is there something wrong with the lighting here? They all look so pail and lifeless!

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26 August 2011
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Sela Ward is gorgeous!