Daytime/Pop Confidential Gang Returns to The Morning Jolt With Larry Flick on SiriusXM

Tune in to The Morning Jolt With Larry Flick on Sirius XM 108 on Friday, September 21. The Daytime and Pop Confidential gang–Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens and Jillian Bowe–will join Larry Flick and Keith Price to dish the latest daytime and pop culture headlines from 9-11:00 AM EST. Join in by listening or calling (866) 305-6887! If you don’t have Sirius XM, check out their free trial here!

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    I love your podcasts as a general rule, but when you mix Larry Flick joins in there, I am in soap-bitch heaven. Can’t wait for you to post it as a podcast!

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    TV Gord

    I just gave up my Sirius/XM subscription, so I’m looking forward to you posting it as a podcast. (Incidentally Jamey, I recently saw your progress posted by Ravenbeauty on Facebook and let me say congratulations! I’m impressed and keep it up! As a fellow struggler, I’m looking at every inch around the waist as additional years on our lives! You are an inspiration!)

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    Jillian Bowe, I clutched my pearls with delight when I heard you say GAME OF THRONES should win for Best Drama Series. Since it rarely comes up on the Pop Confidential podcasts, I really thought Luke Kerr was the only one into this superb show. I for one would love to see Game of Thrones win Best Series but I certainly wouldn’t mind it losing to Downton Abbey. As for Mad Men, even though I do watch and love the show, I do agree with Luke Kerr that it doesn’t deserve ANOTHER Emmy.

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    Wow! Larry was as pissed as I was about the absurd Will and Gabi sex on Days. I guess maybe he was more pissed than I was since he has quit watching the show because of it. He had a good point a gay man in Will’s situation whoring it up with other gay men instead of having sex with a woman. Days habit of giving near constant flashbacks of that fateful night haven’t helped. Sonny is going to be devastated once Gabi’s baby bump becomes visible and he learns the truth of the baby’s paternity.

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