FIRED Young and Restless Starlet Tweets: "#YR is Being Invaded by #HollywoodHeights"

Ousted The Young and the Restless actress Lindsay Bushman isn't too happy about being replaced as Summer Newman. The actress tweeted her frustrations over reportedly being replaced by a Hollywood Heights star! Tweeted Bushman:

Oh snap! I wonder which Hollywood Heights alum is assuming the role of Summer? #PleaseLetItBeBrittanyUnderwood. 


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23 May 2012
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Have a feeling Brittany Underwood will be the new Summer. She was on One Life To Live, ans can act .

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28 June 2012
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Ryan-Scott- I came away with the same feeling after reading the interview. It was like she was saying..."yeah, I guess I can do this..." instead of "I am thrilled to honor the tradition of this longtime #1 daytime show, and I look forward to giving the fans what they want." I realize she has someone to answer to, but I just don't have a good feeling about why her "vision" is for the show. My stomach hurts thinking about it.

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They are BURNING DOWN the Ranch!!!! I guessed it from MTS tweet! Omg