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Joe leaves a voice message for Tracy and runs into Trey, who says he knows Kate is his mother and explains what happened.  Joe says he was trying to protect Trey from the truth. However, Trey wants to know if Kate’s version is true. He wants to know if Joe raped her. Joe vehemently denies Kate’s story.  He says the sex was mutual, consensual and that Kate was so ambitious she left Trey to die after his birth. Joe says he couldn’t bear to see Trey hurt by knowing the truth.

Trey accepts that, but wonders why his father didn’t tell him the truth now, as an adult.  Joe wants them to continue with their plan so both Sonny and Kate pay. However, Trey doesn’t want to plot against his mother, even though she wished him dead.  Joe asks what Kate said. Trey admits she said she wanted an abortion and couldn’t stand the thought of him.  Joe says Trey is better off without her. 

Trey remembers that Kate has DID and thinks maybe it was the alter that yelled at him.  Joe says Kate’s a good actress and not to fall for that. Kate will never be his mother. Joe says they need to stick to the plan and go their separate ways right now.  He tells Trey to refuse the annulment, so they can take back what was stolen from them. 

Connie tells Johnny that Kate couldn’t handle a blast from the past, so she emerged and is back for good. They have unfinished business. Connie says she took the rap for him and has come to collect. Connie says Kate wants to marry Sonny, but she doesn’t.  Johnny offers to help her leave town, but Connie figures Sonny would just chase after her. 

Johnny wonders if Connie wants a repeat performance that Sonny can walk in on. Connie whispers what she wants in his ear.  Connie says it would be to their mutual benefit. If Johnny doesn’t cooperate, she’ll tell Todd the truth.  Johnny says Todd knows and that he has something on Todd.  Connie says she’ll go to Starr.  Johnny says he can’t do it, it will destroy Carly. Connie says they make a good team and will be convincing. 

Epiphany’s giving new nurse Sabrina the lay of the land when Patrick appears and Sabrina goes gaga for him.  Epiphany explains to Sabrina about the Drakes, but warns her off.  Meanwhile, new doctor Britt asks Patrick for a consult and then asks him out on a date.  Patrick says he’s newly widowed so Britt backs off.  Patrick asks Sabrina for help with a patient and then decides he needs to get back into the game, so accepts Britt’s dinner offer. 

Sonny realizes who Trey’s father is. Michael wants to know, so Sonny explains what happened with Kate.  Michael is shocked to hear that Trey is Kate’s son. He wonders if Joe set this whole thing with Kristina up.  Sonny’s angry that they would use Kris against him. He tells Michael not to say anything until they know for sure.  Michael says Starr saw Trey’s father. 

Kristina stops by the apartment, but Starr says Trey was upset and left.  Kris says she cares for Trey. She wanted to help him with this wedding, in hopes that he’d care for her.  Starr says she needs to tell Kris about Trey’s father, but before she has a chance Michael calls. He asks her to come over and ID Joe.   

Tracy listens to Joe’s message. Monica catches her crying and thinks it’s because of Cook’s funeral. However, Tracy explains who Joseph really is and wonders why Monica isn’t saying “I told you so.” Monica says she thought they had a connection and is sorry it didn’t work out, but its good Tracy found out the truth before she got real feelings. 

Tracy says it’s too late.  She says Joe is attentive and considerate and makes her feel good.  She wants to hear his side of the story and not take Sonny’s word for it. Monica tells her to forget about Joe, but Tracy says they have an intense connection.   Tracy calls Joe and says she wants to hear his side of the story. 

Michael shows Starr a picture of Joe. She ID’s him as Trey’s father and that he lied to her when he said he didn’t know Sonny.  Sonny warns her to be careful around Joe and that she can’t let anyone know the truth or people will get hurt. 

Trey gets home to find Kristina waiting for him.  He’s upset and messed up and sorry that he dragged her into this mess.  She says she can handle it and will give him what he needs.  He says he needs her and they start kissing. 

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    I know I’m always complaining that we don’t have enough hospital staff on a show about a hospital, but did we need to get two new ones on the same day. And are we in a Disney movie now, with the “ugly” girl with the glasses and ponytail, mooning over the hot doctor until the day she wips her glasses off and lets her hair flow and we see her inner beauty. Because that’s the road I;m seeing here. The only thing was missing was braces on her teeth.

    I liked Ellie the lab tech on the first day, but these two, not so much. We’ll see how they develop.

    I liked Connie/Johnny and his fear/annoyance at her. And I love when KeSul’s playing Connie.

    I liked Monica’s support of Tracy.

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    I totally thought of Sabrina as the Anne Hathaway for sure. Get a brazilian blowout and some make up and boom! However if these girls are in a race for Drake JR. I am voting for Sabrina. I didn’t like Dr. W. She came off as to cold and annoyed me for some reason.

    I adored Monica and Tracy. I wish they would show their complex relationship more.

    Just can’t get into the Sonny, Trey, Joe, Kristina stuff. It is the weak link for me..

    However great overall show!!

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    Tris Drake

    I want Pat/Liz!!! But I’m glad my man is getting some airtime. The Katy Perry crap made me cringe. Glad that Epiphany is on to Sabrina. I’m happy he is back to the land of the living,but they could have used someone already on canvas and close to Robin. That is how soaps work. Johnny needs to have Kate killed and soon! Is this the Connie that Sonny was so ga ga over? She used to be funny but the things she said to Trey were some of the nastiest I have ever heard and I’ve seen some nasty stuff on soaps. Sucking on that St. Christopher medallion made me sick. I find NO enjoyment in her DID mess anymore. Connie and Sonny truly deserve each other. Oh,and Starr can keep a secret? Ha!

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    I agree with the above comment about the girl with glasses and ponytail…it’s so obvious, but she’s cute enough, she’ll never be Robin so, yeah…the sexy doctor I’m indifferent about, I actually wish they would make Dr. Kelly”s character more upfront and give her something to do…I REALLY liked Ellie from a couple episodes ago. I liked her A LOT! Her and Spinelli have some great chemistry.

    More Monica and Tracy! Love when these two characters are in the same room together!

    I actually am liking the Trey/Sonny/Joe/Kristina/Kate/Connie thing going on…I think it’s great to go back to the shows history and it’s really proving to be a great story for Sonny and Kate. It’s not my favorite story right now, but I am enjoying it.

    Lucy Coe was mentioned today! Hoping more past characters keep coming back…

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    Is the doctor playing Britt on contract? I know Sabrina is on contract but is she? I just hope one of them becomes Liz friend.

    This whole Trey/KateConnie/Sonny/Joe/Kristina storyline needs to be backburned. This storyline does not need to be front and center. This new writing team needs to focus more. They hate Black ppl. Where is Molly and TJ. They are so cute and have so much chemistry. Why recast if they don’t show them. Why have Shawn kiss Alexis then nothing happens?

    Love Joe Jr and Tracy. I really hope we see that KatCon wasn’t rape. I need Joe and Tracy together.

    ………Just waiting for the episode. Maxie gives Sabrina a makeover. Patrick sees her and ask her out on a date. Patrick comes to pick her up after Maxie dresses her up. He opens the door and “Kiss Me” plays in the background………..

    I so agree about Sabrina. She is just a cliche character. The big red glasses, really.

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    Did any of you see the remake of Audrey Hepburn movie Sabrina with Julia Ormond playing the role? This girl looks just like Julia’s Geeky Sabrina before her make over…Same name, same look, same plot…crush on a handsome older man….talk about redo.

    New doc is pretty, but you know she is going to be the loser so why bother getting invested in her.

    Rest of the show I found boring. I like seeing Tracy and Monica….but I don’t care about any of this current story line with Joe Jr in it so I find it boring.

    I feel bad for my Johnny…first he gets saddled with Carly…and now he has to put up with Connie…another story line I don’t care about.

    They shouldn’t want to lose the momentum of the ratings up swing….but too many more days like this, they won’t sustain it.

    Where the heck is Anna????

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    Instead of bringing on new characters without any ties to the show, why couldn’t the doctor have turned out to be Dr. Sarah Webber? Instead of Sabrina why not Serena Baldwin or her younger sister?

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    [quote=liason4real]Instead of bringing on new characters without any ties to the show, why couldn’t the doctor have turned out to be Dr. Sarah Webber? Instead of Sabrina why not Serena Baldwin or her younger sister?[/quote]

    My point exactly!

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    I actually enjoyed Sabrina. I think the actress is talented and the character is endearing without being over the top. She is just an awkward, nerdy girl who has a crush on a hot guy. I think it’s a refreshing change from the usual newcomer who is Sonny’s latest enemy/baby mama/child. It’s a hospital story with 2 talented newcomers that involves my new favorite guy on the show (Patrick). I’m happy and enjoyed the episode. I still want Liz with Patrick, but maybe Liz will get someone brand new.

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    @DanielAvery, Cook is the character’s name. As I recall the Quartermaine’s longtime cook was named Virginia Cook but apparently she goes by her last name.
    Although the Q’s have mentioned her over the years we’ve never actually seen the character onscreen.

    I caught the Tracy/Monica scenes online. Those two are great together. Didn’t bother watching the rest of the episode.

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    I think and Liz would be great, but once Robin comes back where would that leave Liz? I agree about Sabrina, the whole “ugly Betty”look is clinched.I also agree that since this regime recognizes history they could have easily made at least one of the new characters a Webber or Baldwin.

    I think KS needs to dial Connie down a notch. Also, I am slightly confused here, if Connive left Trey in the boarding house to die, then how did Joe, Jr. find him? This whole story is so convoluted I am having a hard time keeping up. Maybe it’s just me but the whole Trey/Connive reveal along with the Trey/Kristina marraige reveal ran together to the point that I can’t remember who knew what when.

    I want more Jax, less of this mess.

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    I thought Joe said he knew Kate was pregnant, the priest had told him, and had her followed and knew she was at the boarding house and that she left, so he went in, found the baby and raised him.

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    [quote=curacaoman][quote=liason4real]Instead of bringing on new characters without any ties to the show, why couldn’t the doctor have turned out to be Dr. Sarah Webber? Instead of Sabrina why not Serena Baldwin or her younger sister?[/quote]

    My point exactly![/quote]

    I agree with you both! What if Sabrina is Serena and goes by Sabrina now? I doubt it but maybe!

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    [quote=days4ever][quote=curacaoman][quote=liason4real]Instead of bringing on new characters without any ties to the show, why couldn’t the doctor have turned out to be Dr. Sarah Webber? Instead of Sabrina why not Serena Baldwin or her younger sister?[/quote]
    My point exactly![/quote]
    I agree with you both! What if Sabrina is Serena and goes by Sabrina now? I doubt it but maybe![/quote]

    This is what I was thinking especially with the Lucy Coe mentions we have had would make perfect sense that this is the way she is brought on instead of a mousy librarian we get mousy nurse

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    Serena was a blonde hair, blue eyed little girl.

    Sabrina is just a RC’s version of Sabrina Fairchild. I guess he saw the movie Sabrina and decided to continue the GH tradition of stealing stories from movies.

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    Favorite part today was Monica and Tracy … two great actresses! It’s been so nice to see Monica the last couple weeks. I may end up disappointed, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed we’ll start to see more and more of her, especially with A.J. (I hope he’s A.J!!!) coming back.

    Honestly, I think it’s completely unrealistic that someone like Tracy would fall for a doofus like Joe, Jr. She is refined … he looks like a construction worker. (No offense to construction workers.)

    Hate hate hate any scene that includes any variation of Trey, Kristina, and Starr. Starr with Michael is ok.

    Connie makes me laugh … that makes the stupid DID worth it.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Honestly, I think it’s completely unrealistic that someone like Tracy would fall for a doofus like Joe, Jr. She is refined … he looks like a construction worker. (No offense to construction workers.)

    Tracy has a long history of being involved with men of certain kind of look (Luke notwithstanding and not counting Gino Solieto and Anthony Zacharra, which were marriages of circumstance).

    Lord Ashton was very refined and Mitch Williams was kind of dashing, a DA involved with Frank Smith’s mob (also, keeping her longstanding involvement with bad boys/shady characters/mobsters); but Nicholas Van Buren was a super villain who went by the name Domino (played by Joe Mascolo, now Stefano DiMera on Days and who in his younger days looked quite a bit closer to what Joes does now), big ole Paul Hornsby and there were others. More than their station in life, when it comes to what she has generally been attracted to, Tracy has gone for “manly”-looking men and Joe — physically — is right in her wheelhouse.

    And, to play devil’s advocate for a second, even if Joe were a break from her “norm,” LUKE broke that chain several years ago.

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    TV Gord

    Amen, Amen, Amen, J. Bernard! Why do we not expect a woman as strong-willed as Tracy to have the integrity to go along with that will? I mean, I understood her marrying Gino on The City, because he was clearly at death’s door, and the payday and the power was too much to pass up, but she definitely has a pattern of choosing the wrong guys for the wrong reasons, so at some point we have to concede that she is not the sharpest shade of grey when it comes to picking the men in her life.

    In this case, there really is no reason for her to turn a blind eye to Joe Jr’s shortcomings (which I’m certain go beyond his cerebellum). She could easily have sung him a chorus of “Hit The Road, Jack” without suffering any repercussions, so this is definitely a case where she is willingly making a bad choice. Circumstances are not forcing her to be with this lunkhead. She is going in fully aware and with her wits about her, so whatever she suffers as a result of this unholy alliance, she has no one to blame but herself.

    Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the Tracy and Joe chemistry (not my strongest subject in high school, incidentally), but I’m not planning to have any sympathy for her when it all falls apart.

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    J Bernard Jones

    I enjoy the Tracy and Joe chemistry (not my strongest subject in high school, incidentally), but I’m not planning to have any sympathy for her when it all falls apart.

    I agree completely. I think this is one of the better, most in-character story beats for Tracy we’ve seen in a long time. These romances always fall apart for one reason or another (often her own poor judgement when it comes to matters of the heart or her own machinations when it comes to matters of avarice) and, despite Joe’s unsavory past — where I think there might be more to that story re: Kate/Connie — this might be no different.

    I do find a particular kind of sadness in Tracy’s choice, both in the writing and Jane Elliott’s (AWESOME!) portrayal. My take on it is that Tracy knows/believes she is destined to be alone. She was so disappointed and hurt by Luke leaving her and choosing Anna [insert any number of reasons here], that if she is going to be hurt and alone she’s rather it be by her own self-destructive hand. On top of that, I think she really DOES like and is attracted to Joe very, very much. With her he is all the things she described to Monica.

    When it comes to men, Tracy always shops at ACME. So when the anvil falls, it’s going to flatten her worse than a genius coyote in a Southwestern desert.

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    TV Gord

    Yes, yes, yes. The scene where Tracy was sitting sadly (before Monica came in the room)…I can’t remember if it was today or yesterday, because I’m watching multiple shows in a row this week…she looked so severe! I thought they had done a poor job on her makeup or something, but I realized, she is probably as low as she has ever felt. She sort of knew what she had in Luke (and definitely knew what she had in Anthony), but Joe was a new entity and the possibilities were endless. Then, she was brought back to earth with a thud. Joe was not the knight in shining armor that she was hoping he would be. It wasn’t the makeup. It was her portrayal. Amazing!

    Hopefully, when she learns that Joe selflessly sacrificed his life for hers with the antidote, it will bring some of her hope back. I think we’re all hoping for Tracy to find some semblance of a happy ending, no matter how displicable Joe may turn out to be.

    In a way (as a longtime AMC lover), this reminds me of Phoebe Tyler and Langley Wallingford. Langley was a horrible human, but he gave Pheobes a bit of a softened edge. I would be able to tolerate Joe Jr, if he did that for Tracy.

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    Is it just me, or is anyone else thinking that Joe Jr is telling the truth about what happened with Connie? She does have DID and the way she is going after Johnny, I really am thinking Sonny is about to find out that Connie was afraid to let him know she had screwed around on him, and that’s why she left town. I hope that made sense.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Is it just me, or is anyone else thinking that Joe Jr is telling the truth about what happened with Connie?

    A thought: There has been a lot of speculation that Kate is the true alter and that Connie is the the dominant personality. If that is so….what if everything was reversed from what we’ve been told so far, mainly bycharacters who, in literary terms, are unreliable narrators?…What if:

    Back in the day, the wilder Connie 2.0 we know — as the protective alter of 17 year old Connie 1.0 ( who we’ve already seen ) — emerged and started acting acting out against Sonny by sleeping with Joe (who told Tracy that he & Connie had been messing around behind Sonny’s back). One day, Connie 2.0 comes on to Joe, who takes her up on it BUT in the middle of sex, a new alter emerged – KATE 1.0. (Remember, we saw this exact thing play out when Connie came on to Johnny in his penthouse, then Kate emerged in the middle of the h.r. puff n stuff…) So what if KATE 1.0 had the same reaction to Joe that she later did to Johnny, thinking she was being raped, when in fact it was the dominant personality who initiated the sex. This would mean that only did Joe not rape Connie, but Johnny did not “rape” Kate….because “Kate 1.0″ emerged both times to stop sex initiated by Connie 2.0 for nefarious reasons.

    If we think this through, the big question would be if Kate has been the alter all these years, how or why could she not know what Connie has done (in soaps, the alters always have the memories of the primary personality) while Connie as the dominant/submerged personality does? There are a couple of possibilities, including the fact that in real life there are no 100% rules for how alters act in people with DID:

    1. BOTH Connie and Kate are alters, protecting scared 17 year old Connie. Connie’s (the more aggressive alter) primary concern is Sonny; Kate’s (the more passive alter) primary concern is Joe. The REAL Connie Falconeri is still the17 year old we saw emerge at Ferncliffe.


    2. More intriguing, all these years the primary personality really is Connie, the former reckless wild child of Brooklyn (as described by both Sonny and Olivia) — feeling protected by the Kate personality — who made the CHOICE to stay submerged and let fashion maven Kate literally run her life. Even when Kate first hooked back up with Sonny, things were going well enough….and then she was shot on her wedding day…and Connie had to make a comeback…

    Just a thought.

  23. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    It does occasionally feel as though they’re going that way, Idylkng. It reminds me of when they seemed to consider that idea on Santa Barbara years ago with the superlative Nancy Lee Grahn’s Julia Wainwright and Timothy Gibbs’ Dash Nichols. Ultimately, it was decided that Dash did rape Julia, but I always thought it would be much more controversial and interesting if they had left it ambiguous.

    I think it’s risky to do this type of storyline, because rape is such a sensitive issue, but it could lead to some interesting and compelling discussions.

  24. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    More newbies? Is it me or does GH have a lotta characters?

    This nurse sorta looks like Robin…’Ugly Betty vs ManEater’ theme its easy to see who the writing will direct you to root for. The bumbling fumbling spectacled too shy nurse crushing on the handsome wealthy neurosurgeon (romance novelish) sorta reverse-Patrick/Leyla storyline. Wish Epip didn’t outline the plot set-up let it kinda reveal itself to me that may have been more fun.

    Anyway, great seeing Tracey/Monica even if its once in awhile; I like Joe/Tracey little romance story even though its predictable for me (and physically Joe is definitely manly).

    I think the D.I.D. thing is keeping Konnie from remembering what really happened w/Joe and he didn’t rape her. Still not so intrested in the Kristina/Trey nonsense. Still wondering why Starr isn’t in Llanview.

    Still waiting for a storyline for Elizabeth Webber out of the Jason baby nonsense cuz I can predict what happens to her there; I see that yellow bus.

  25. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Why would Liz hurt the baby? Ugh

    Re; the Connie / Kate rape biz – no matter who the dominant personality is, if during said consensual festivities , another personality emerged and said No and get the hell off of me and Johnny or Joe continued it was rape. No means no regardless which part of her psyche is saying it. If he hears no, rape.

    My question would be when they showed Kate remembering the night was she saying no? When Connie was with Johnny, did Kate emerge and say no but Johnny ignored her? Or did Kate emerge after the deed? I do not remember in either case.

  26. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Kate emerged after the deed because Connie was in control when Sonny walked in and caught them. Kate emerged after Sonny left.

    Thanks! That’s what happened! I still think my general kind-sorta theory still holds.

  27. Profile photo of Perkie

    RE Joe and Tracy. Sonny says Kate was 17 when she was raped, which would put her now at 42 since Trey is 25. Joe and Sonny would have been a couple of years older, so lets say they are now 45. To me Joe looks older then that, but lets say he is, Tracy is much older than that. Would Tracy not be in her mid 50s?

  28. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Thanks! I remember the confrontation now. I also remember that Johnny knew she had alters. So does Sonny now. Johnny knew Kate wouldnt consent. That is rape in spirit even if a lawyer found a way around that.

    Has Sonny had a face to face with Connie no holds barred where she told him how she felt about him? I would think knowing part of her hated him would deter his ardor.

  29. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Vet-There was a confrontation between the two of them after Kate confessed to being the shooter (and attacking Ewan also, I believe), and was brought in to PCPD. While waiting for Alexis, there was a series of back and forths between Kate and “Connie” that he witnessed from behind a two way mirror and when Kate broke down, he got into the (unlocked) interrogation room to tell her he was there for her and when sensing his presence and hearing his voice, she looked up, and “Connie” was in control. Needless to say, he stuck around and “Connie” went back into hiding when she couldn’t convince him to take a hike… 0:)

  30. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Ooops! Vet, sorry about that. She was very clear and to the point about not just her hatred for him but also being the one to protect Kate from her “stupidity” at wanting to be with him… 0:)

  31. Profile photo of ldylkng

    So glad I brought this up, I was beginning to think I was the only one on the Connie train! & it Scared me! lol
    Yes, I believe Connie & Joe had consentual sex, concieved Trey, & Then came Kate!

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