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Maxie shows up at Sonny’s ready to help Kate plan her wedding. Connie’s not happy with any of the choices, saying she wants leopard print and large flowers. Maxie doesn’t think that sounds very Kate like, so Connie says it’s more Connie. Maxie says she thought Connie was gone, but Connie says she’s integrated. She’s half Connie and half Kate. Connie wants Maxie to mix things up and make it fun.

Johnny’s released from the hospital into Carly’s care. She tells him that she cares for Jax and always will because of Josslyn but that she’s moving on and has signed the papers. Carly’s surprised that Johnny isn’t happier, but he’s busy worrying about what Connie has planned.

Alexis reassures Sonny that Kris’ marriage will be over shortly. Sonny tells her everything about Joe, Trey and Kate. Sonny’s worried how Kate will take this and Alexis tells him not to tell her until after the wedding.

Starr says she’s worried about Trey, but he says he’s fine. Kris comes out of the bedroom in Trey’s shirt, claiming that as his wife, she’s the one to worry about Trey. Starr is surprised that the marriage turned into a real one. She thinks Kris’ parents will freak. Kris heads out but not before reassuring Trey that her parents can’t make her sign the papers.

Joe wants to tell Tracy his side of the story, claiming that Sonny lied about everything. He claims Sonny killed McBain’s sister and that the sex with Kate was mutual. Joe says he didn’t tell her his last name because he was ashamed. Tracy is the best thing to happen to him in a long time. Joe mentions that Tracy’s past isn’t clean, that she’s married her share of criminals, something Tracy is not happy to have brought up. Joe says he’s never felt this way before and kisses her. Tracy breaks it off and says she can’t trust him.

Jason wants to know if Steve has heard from his mother. He says he thinks she took Sam’s baby. He explains about the blood type. However,  when Steven balks Jason says Sam was at the same shack that Heather had Luke but wonders where she got the baby to switch. Steven remembers another couple coming into the hospital that night and explains about Tea. He doesn’t want to believe his mother capable of something like this. Jason asks for the couple’s information because Sam deserves to know if her baby is alive.

John tells Sam that Heather escaped, but she’d already heard from Steve. She tells him she signed the divorce papers and explains about seeing Jason with Liz. Sam also tells him that the baby would have died even if it had gotten to the hospital. Sam says today is their anniversary and explains about the Chinese wedding. John pulls out the phoenix figurine, saying he found it. He asks if she wants to keep it and Sam takes it.

Connie calls Johnny to remind him that they have a plan and time is running out and that he owes her. Carly overhears Johnny yell that he won’t let them do this to him and thinks it’s about the money that he took. Johnny tells Carly to remember that he loves her, no matter what happens.

Maxie wants high tea for the rehearsal; Connie wants a dive bar with tequila shots and strippers. She gives Maxie Sonny’s credit card and tells her to take care of everything. Connie declares this will be a wedding no one will forget.

Jason calls John for help.

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    Loved the Maxie/Connie scenes. It’s just so great having KS back and KeSul playing the crazy just right. Alhtough I do wonder what both are doing for money since Crimson no longer exists.

    I’m glad Tracy’s not falling back into Joe’s arms.

    Trey is starting to creep me out, like Joe when he’s not in scenes with Tracy.

    Poor Johnny. What exactly does Connie have planned for him.

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    I sort of would like for Joe become a character between good/bad,
    like Sonny. Let’s face it, Sonny is a gangster.
    I like Joe’s looks, very handsome Man, almost to young for Tracey, a good 10 years I would say….
    I had not seen GH in a very, very long time, but I am enjoying all the story lines, very interesting.
    So of course I am not totally up to all the characters and SL’s of the past….I agree, poor Johnny, he is trying to be good, but wow, do his mis deeds follow him… I heard somewhere that Claudia, (his Mother) is coming back to GH….

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    I seriously LOL-ed when Maxie sarcastically asked Connie if she wanted the beer at the wedding to be domestic or import and Connie said “BOTH!” Love how the writers are getting a couple of absolutely hysterical lines into every episode.

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    I’m glad that Tracey is being a strong woman by not falling back into Joe’s arms but to HEAR Sonny tell of Joe’s evil doings when for the past 2 decades this character has been murdering people, abusing women (verbal abuse is still abuse AND shot one in the head while she was pregnant), pulls out a gun and shoots all the time to prove his manhood, calls women whores left and right, tells them they are trash ON THE SMALLEST bit of information, balked at Kate’s story of DID until he witnessed it AND ONLY after calling her vicious names…

    It sort of makes me not care at all about any of the characters. This should have been Alexis or another woman telling Tracey not to be a victim of Joe… NOT Sonny who uses and abuses women LEFT RIGHT AND CENTER.

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    [quote=Katt]I sort of would like for Joe become a character between good/bad,
    like Sonny. Let’s face it, Sonny is a gangster.
    I like Joe’s looks, very handsome Man, almost to young for Tracey, a good 10 years I would say….
    I had not seen GH in a very, very long time, but I am enjoying all the story lines, very interesting.
    So of course I am not totally up to all the characters and SL’s of the past….I agree, poor Johnny, he is trying to be good, but wow, do his mis deeds follow him… I heard somewhere that Claudia, (his Mother) is coming back to GH….[/quote]
    I love that Tracy is getting more story. I really like her with Joseph and she has always liked younger men (remember Dillon’s father). I also love that Monica is getting more screen time recently too. I hope that means that Alan is still alive.
    Not sure what is gonna happen with Johnny but I love him and the actor. I really would rather see him with someone closer to his age like Maxie.

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    I’m going to jump in with my not-as-unpopular-as-I-thought opinion and say Joe is starting to grow on me. I like him with Tracey and honestly, I’m not too certain that he raped Kate/Connie. I’m not even overly certain that he killed McBain’s sister…I never saw any revelation of proof in the whole thing. I also like him with Trey…I completely buy them as father and son.I just prefer Joe out of Sonny’s orbit, I guess. Nothing new there, I prefer everyone out of his orbit.

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    I want Joe and his son to go away now please! They’re both making my skin crawl. We need a good villain on this show, bring back Faison! Helena! Somebody! Just get rid of Creepy Guy and Creepy Guy Jr. I can’t believe I’m FFing through Tracy scenes but I just cannot watch Joe at all. And speaking of useless characters what is the point of Steven Larzzz anymore? I wish he would’ve died of the great water plague (that killed virtually no one, such a wasted opportunity).

    Loved Alexis and Sonny’s scenes, but I just want Carly and Johnny to be done already. Those two never clicked for me. And I have to admit I really enjoy Connie, she had me giggling alot.

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    Carly and Johnny are so contrived and chemistry-free. I like both of the actors but this pairing is a real dud. Especially when Laura Wright has tons of chemistry with Ingo Rademacher AND Roger Howarth! I am unspoiled but I have the feeling that Jax is not long for Port Charles. What a missed opportunity to not play out the scenes of Jax and Carly signing divorce papers? And as much as I like the actor, I wish Johnny had died during the water pathogen s/l. He’s been written into a corner and is only written as desperate and backed into a corner after killing Hope, Cole and Anthony and keeping the secret of Sam’s baby being alive.

    I do love Sonny/Alexis scenes and still cannot believe they parented an idiot as big as Kristina. My biggest problem is the acting in the Kristina/Trey/Starr scenes when I think in the hands of more talented actors the story could be salvaged. The actress who plays Kristina is particularly troublesome in that she only seems able to play pouty, oversexed, sex-kitten versus the youthful naive, vulnerable, natural version played by Lexi Ainsworth. This character has the same name but is a totally new character.

    The second most annoying thing on the episode was Jason and Steven Lars scenes. Just so tanned, heavy breathing and unnaturally intense. Boy, those scenes were annoying but at least there was major movement in the baby-switch s/l.

    I like how Joe Jr. seems to genuinely care for Tracy, I mean he sacrificed his life for hers. I know he’s a pig but I like Joecy (I just made that squish name up.) And even still, I consider Joe Jr. no worse than jobless, drunk-driving, child-killing, whore-sexing, narcissist Luke Spencer. Perhaps, Joe Jr. could be telling the truth and not guilty of his past crimes. Is there any evidence he killed McBain’s sister other than Sonny’s word? And it could be revealed that he unwittingly had sex with an already-fractured Connie and assumed he had consensual sex.

    I do like how the stories are moving along at a swift pace. I look forward to Sonny and Kate’s wedding day.

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    I really enjoyed the Maxie and Kate scenes. I love KS and I am thrilled she is back in the role of Maxie. KS brings more nuances to this role. I loved her reactions to Kate’s choices. I think this wedding is going to be funny.

    I agree that Joe does look too young for Tracy…so it sort of makes his interest in Tracy suspect…with that said…. the only way I can stand his character, is when he is sharing scenes with her. They do have an interesting chemistry.

    I don’t think I will ever like this nuKristina. Something about her just bugs me whenever she is on the screen. Trey is the same story…with the exception of his scenes with Kate the day before. I felt sorry for him in those.

    I enjoyed the John and Sam scenes…there again…those two have great chemistry.

    I agree with the poster that said Carly and Johnny are totally chemless, and contrived…I hated them the minute they started, and still feel the same way now. Such a waste of a good character….Johnny that is…ever since this couple started, I can barely watch his scenes.

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    So Joe gave Tracy his medicine correct?? Was there ever an explanation as to why- that makes me think he is a good guy. I also like him in scenes with Tracy..

    I love KS- was happy to see her back with Kate. I think she plays so well in these scenes because of all the characters she is the one that relates the most to Kates fashion world. So I loved her just like WTH expressions..

    I would so much rather see Johnny with Maxie.. Pretty, pretty please!! He was wasted on Olivia and now Carly and Kate.

    Give me more CarJax- but please have her stop and be like Jax you are awesome- I am gonna fight for you.. If Jax leaves I would really love to see him get Joss. At least he would take her around the world. What does she have at home- always being kidnapped and a nanny..

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    Aww you all know Im on the johnny/maxie bandwagon and have been for some time. I would rather see Spinelli with the new Ellie character and let the docs find out that johnny has a brain tumor or hes been brainwashed. I get the feeling they are going to try and have victor jr. alive and personally i think if they go there its going to be silly – instead let them have brainwashed johnny in to thinking he shot the tires and have it turn out that faison took hope to control victor. That would undo all the damage to the johnny character. Carly btw looks like she should be johnnys mother – and it doesnt help that sarah brown played both his mom and at one point the woman johnny is now bedding. ICK

    They need to keep jax. can i say it again – this show needs jax albeit not the douchebag version of jax that guza wrote at the end but rather the sexy jax of old.

    Loved the connie lines. DOmestic and Imported.

    Joe – Im not sure how they get around the fact that he CONFESSED to killing mcbains sister. Are we to believe joe threatened her and then sonny only THOUGHT joe killed her? And then why wouldnt he just tell his dad who the real killer was instead of going to exile? Seriously I can accept he didnt rape kate but I cant believe he didnt kill mcbains sister and I want better than that for tracy. I would rather see them bring back dillon and paul hornsby. I wish they had tested her with trevor lansing. Thats the type of guy they need for tracy – he was a bad guy but he did most of it for power.

    Love KS back as maxie.

    As for sonny, yes hes verbally abusive but he never killed a woman (and no i dont count him shooting carly because his only intent there was to protect her for alkie who – lets face it – DID kidnap both her and courtney, which led to courtneys miscarriage. Alcazar was also very much involved in the panic room story, so while I thought tb and tk had great chemistry, i was always surprised she didnt have stronger negative feelings about him because of that. )

    LOVED the mcbam scenes. They are definitely writing sam as the strong women she is these days.

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    [quote=JASAMMABBY]So Joe gave Tracy his medicine correct?? Was there ever an explanation as to why- that makes me think he is a good guy. I also like him in scenes with Tracy..
    I thought Tracy took the water that had the medicine in it from Joe. Joe didn’t give it to her IIRC

  13. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    OK- so I had it right the first time. I thought he gave it to her on purpose. Then he was so nice when he was hanging out with her at the hospital. Seems like a nice guy I guess..

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    I have to agree with a few others. Joe Scully is starting to grow on me, may-be thanks to Jane Eliot, she brings out the best in every actor.. I love seeing an adult romance. I wonder if there is more to the story, that Joe Jr wasn’t the one who raped Connie or killed McBains sister. Could it had been his father that did it all? It would explain the neckalace Connie keeps seeing, the father could have had a matching one also. Still don’t care for Try and Kristina. She is too old and harsh looking.

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    Some interesting choices with a variety of characters these days.
    Tormented is good so Johnny’s, Jason’s and some of Todd’s turns are good acting chops (although playing up Todd’s comic possibilities is kind of limiting his long term chance’s for redemption).
    They could certainly introduce a red herring into the joe jr/sonny story–some evidence that a third person killed mcbain’s sister and that they both thought the other had killed her. But how do you get past, with this character, that he willingly helped poison an entire town–his insistence on getting an antidote and sending Trey out of town certainly showed that he didn’t really have faith that Jerry was going to give up the antidote in the end.
    And Johnny…it would be great if they did a ridiculous soap save and have Cole and Hope alive somewhere (and have the ease with which Starr took up with Michael show she was never really ready to marry Cole anyway). Or have a full tormented trial of Johnny include forensics that showed a different gun shot out anthony’s tires (and pull in another villain)–he’d still have to deal with having lied to everyone and them wanting to dump him–but wouldn’t end up in jail…and when robin turns up alive, he and maxie could bond over having thought they were responsible for killing someone when they really didn’t. And he gets a pass for killing anthony–by the mob code (and sonny’s not being held responsible for anything he has ever done), that’s all part of the business.
    Final note–I follow GH on youtube most days (don’t have tv reception and don’t want to wait for abc’s 24 hour delay online. I have to complement the fans on this site–the you tube commentators (particularly the jasam vs liaison competition) are vicious. Like that people have their opinions here but don’t vilify characters, actors or other fans.

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