Will Katie Make the Ultimate Sacrifice For Her Baby on Bold and Beautiful?

As Katie’s (Heather Tom) life hangs in the balance, she begs that her baby be saved. What will Bill (Don Diamont) do if he loses the woman he loves? Watch this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful promo after the jump!

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    We’re beyond the fact that Htom gave birth to a baby boy now. That’s been done and congratulations! Now comes the convulsions and whatever as Storm’s heart gives out as it only had a 6 year warranty and she’s used 5 of them. 4 with Bill and 1 with Nick. Can we PLEASE for the sake of continuity have some resolution on the heart transplant issue (get her a new one) or kill off katie once and for all? Time is short and when they made that 6 year limit I thought to myself – good grief – between now and then what’s the Katie character going to have to do? Well, here we are – she’s going to die or Bill has to fly to a 3rd world country and pay top dollar to harvest some poor schlep’s heart to save his wife who won’t like it that he did this and will leave him anyways. Go figure. What a mess of a storyline.

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    gloria burnside

    I am very upset that the producers will not let Liam and Hope get married and stay together, I am seriously thinking about not watching this soap anymore, I have watched it since it come on, and its the same thing they done to Brooke and Ridge, Just let them FINALLY get married and put Steffy with someone else!!!!! I’m over watching Hope get her feelings hurt when her and Liam obviously love each other, and Liam gets thrown back to Steffy and then they tell lies for Hope to believe so she won’t forgive Liam!!?? Your losing alot of ratings because of this, all of my freinds says the same thing, so if you want to build your ratings back up, put them together and don’t keep breaking them up!!!

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