General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Tea finds John knocking on her front door and lets him in. Heather hides in the nursery and claims she has work to do, in order to avoid meeting John. Tea wonders if John has settled in Port Charles. He says he’s only been helping out and asks for her help with the restraining order. Tea says she’s caught in the middle and it’s a conflict of interest.

Tea tells John about baby Victor’s blood disorder and how she’s grateful to Todd for helping her deliver him. Tea gets the baby to show him to John. When she leaves the room, he takes a mouth swab from the baby.

Alexis wants to tell Kristina the truth about Trey, but Sonny feels he needs to handle Kate first. Kristina arrives and claims she isn’t going to sign the annulment papers because she and Trey consummated the marriage. She doesn’t want to end it. Sonny says the marriage can be annulled on the grounds of fraud. He claims the marriage was under false pretences. Kris says her eyes are open and she doesn’t want it to end. Sonny accuses her of making bad decisions and that she needs to start thinking things through.

Trey wants to know what his father has planned. He says he likes Kristina and wants to be a real couple. Joe yells that Sonny is a thief and a liar who deserves what’s coming to him. Trey says he’s done everything asked of him and he needs answers. Joe backs off and tells Trey that everything will be alright and to be happy with Kristina.

Carly’s surprised when Kate shows up, demanding to talk to Johnny. Kate says she wants to have her wedding at the Haunted Star, because it has everything she needs. Connie arranges for Carly to get an emergency call from the hotel and leave. She tells Johnny to sign her papers. Johnny refuses to sign the papers, but Connie threatens to call Dante and tell him who really killed Cole and Hope. Johnny signs the papers.

Maxie tells Spinelli that she needs a friend to talk to and hopes they can put their non-friendship on hold for a minute. Spin tells her that Jason and Sam are getting divorced and she commiserates, knowing how close he is to them. Maxie explains that she’s planning Kate’s wedding but is concerned about Connie’s side. Maxie talks about their wedding and Spin agrees they weren’t meant to be married.

Robert is happy to see Sam and Jason back and wishes them a happy anniversary. His grandparents insist they stay for an anniversary feast, which Sam balks at.  Robert admits that his grandmother isn’t well and it would make her happy. Robert make a toast to look back on the good times and remember their vows. Sam feels it was sweet of them to go to this trouble and she and Jason kiss.

Kristina says she cares about Trey and he arrives in time to declare that he cares for her as well and that he wants a future with her. He and Kristina leave. Alexis holds Sonny back from stopping them. Alexis thinks Trey might actually care about Kris, but Sonny thinks Trey and Joe are up to something. Joe meets with someone to continue his plan.

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    Maybe Connie and Johnny signed a prenuptial agreement!? That was my guess.

    Anyway “Kate” is behaving way too odd. People should notice. Maxie should have noticed. Carly should have noticed. This isn’t Connie pretending to be Kate – it’s just Connie being Connie.

    So Kristina and Trey love each other for real now!? Trey had his chances of coming clean but he chose to keep lying. Doesn’t he need to be scared that his marriage to Kristina is falling apart anyway now that it’s out that Kate is his mother? It’s like a ticking time bomb that is waiting to explode and the people involved are too stupid to realize it.

    I really would like to know what Joe’s plan with this wedding was. For me it seems like there is no genius plan.

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    Tris Drake

    Looks like Joe Jr. Is staying at the Pine Cone or that cheap motel in Llanview. The set looks familiar. Love how Sonny is protecting Kate instead of telling Kristina the truth. Jerk. Team Trey.

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    So wonderful to see that an old woman who is so very ill chose to spend her last year on earth waiting for jasam to come to the restaurant so she can make them an one year anniversary feast! Seriously the pimping is too much..

    Get maxie away from the 40 year old virgin. She needs a real man.

    I am curious to see what johnny has signed but please free this YOUNG man from those hags.

    I get kristina. Shes been lookin for a man to love her since sonny was never around, daddy ric left and ethan i gone but i care nothing bout this storyline. I actually want to see molly and tj. Wher is sean, mac, felicia

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    OMG it took me all of 5 seconds before I turned off the JaSam is love, JaSam is the be all to end all hour.

    I truly threw up in my mouth..can’t wait til SBu is gone just so I am not subjected to the barrage of Bullsh!t

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    This was not an entertaining episode.

    Connie is way too obvious for these people to not sense her presence. I am ashamed of Carly.

    Joe’s plan? This guy better not be redeemed by these writers. It seems to me that his rape of Connie caused her split personality. Kate’s reenactment looked violent. He is a murderer. Now, he is using his kid. I don’t care if he seems to have some chem with Tracy. He was willing to watch a town die for cash. Horrible man!

    Do not get me started on the idea that a dying woman held on for Sam and Jason’s anniversary. She doesn’t have a family to live for? Stupidity! I am sorry but I am sick and tired of these two clinging to dust collectors my Grandma would pick up at the dollar store and calling them symbols of some great love. Am I the only one who wonders why Jason has to find this kid for her? If they are meant to be, why does he have to find the kid? Nobody is forcing the divorce but them. There is nothing to stop them from staying married but their own lack of interest. They do not have anyone plotting against them like most soap couples. She is interested in John. Jason is disinterested in everything. The only angst is provided by the two of them being boring.

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    JaLame is well,,,lame. Blech. I think the REAL Jason Morgan is still under the rubble back in Mexico, because the guy currently on screen made a puka shell necklace and is carrying around a cheap ornament in his pocket!

    RC really needs to wrap up the Kate/Connie DID story and never write another one again!

    I wonder if Joe Jr. was waiting on Jerry?

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    Raven I wonder how many people are going to miss jason and how many are going to be glad that his exit ends pairings. I know there was part of me that was glad when Burton decided to exit because it looked like they were going to go with a pairing with liz and I would have HATED that. 07 was a tough year for me to stomach and the idea of watching that for another year – I just knew that would mean a lot of disinterest on my part. You are coming from the opposite idea – no jason means no jasam – but the conclusion of hey im not too upset that burton is leaving is the same.

    I keep coming back to the karpov story which imho is a huge part of my problem with jason and sonny – because up to that story the idea was that jason and sonny had made choices when they were young men for seemingly good reasons and then couldnt get out. ONce they wrote a story where ONE of them could get out – even if they both couldnt get out – it tainted all of their pairings for me. So when sam was dying in the hospital after manny shot her, jason COULD have walked but instead gave in to alexis’s demands. Jason COULD have walked for jake and for liz but instead he took over for sonny so CARLYS kids would be safe and now that liz has come to him heart in hand, he COULD leave so her kids would be safe but instead again he used that as an excuse to say no. He procreated with sam – or at least they had made the decision to try – and yet he didnt leave the mob for this new child either. After michael came out of the coma and wanted to join the mob, Jason STILL didnt leave. Courtney – she begged him to leave the mob and that was supposedly their only downfall – and still he didnt leave not even after she miscarried because alkie kidnapped her. Even Carly – all the times she was at risk with the kids – did he say oh hey i care so much about you i want you and the boys to leave sonny and run off with me because even if we arent a couple I want you free of that. So I look at jason and Sonny (and his relationships too, all the same issues with kate, brenda, carly, his kids – he didnt leave for any of them either) and i think i guess you didnt really love these people half as much as you crave the power. I esp. am bothered because the other half STAYED – meaning jason knows right this second that he COULD leave because sonny intends to stay and visa versa….sonny knows he COULD leave because jason intends to stay, which means neither man would be sticking the other with no way to leave since neither is looking to ever go. I really hope if jason runs away as his exit from pc, and sam sadly refuses to go with because its no life for danny and danny now has to come first, they write a scene with sonny where sonny says no one will come after you because Im here and then have jason say something like thats not true, they will always come, even when you left I kept telling everyone that I knew you would be back and that was why they didnt come after you, because I bought you time. When our enemies realize Ive left for good, they will want to eliminate the lose ends. SOMETHING like that where they negate the whole you could leave crap that they wrote in with karpov ( I think that was the scab writers who IMHO didnt understand the show nor the characters which was why they wrote the lame breakdown, endangering kids and unspooling story for sam when as Ive mentioned before they SHOULD have written it as the start of the liz and jason love story instead where jason asked sam to understand and accept jake in to their lives, sam says she cant because it would be too hard and because she knows how desperately jason wants to be a full time dad, and then having liz move in platonically because its safer. they could have then slowly moved jason and liz in to a love story from living together. I still would have disliked the pairing but I think it would have been more satisfying for BOTH fan bases because it would have been more true to the characters – jason still loving sam in the beginning, sam being in character and leaving because she had jason and jakes best interests at heart, and liz maybe resisting in the beginning because of jasons feelings for sam and her lingering hopes that maybe lucky could forgive her and put their marriage back together – and then opening up to jason as his feelings and her feelings shift from their old loves to their new. They could have STILL given us lusam too, without all the revenge, but maybe taking their broken hearts and mending them together. I could have seen lucky showing up on sams doorstep and saying liz and I decided to end things and shes gone to jasons. Sam being sad at hearing the news, lucky saying its only a matter of time and then as sam starts crying lucky decides he has to kiss away her tears. They had a friendship prior, so if they had scenes with them confiding and sharing and then giving in to something new, again way more true to their characters and would have given fans a couple to root for instead of tainting the pairing with the payback angle. I really believe too they could have then swapped back when sam started looking in to jerrys drug operation – lucky could have been unhappy that sam was running in to jason too much and that he hates how often she risks her life on cases. Jason could have still saved sam on the boat and liz would have come home to a wet sam and went off on jason that maybe his feelings for sam never really went away. If luckys jealousy fed liz’s, they could have started getting together to bitch about jason and sam and then the couples could have wistfully realized that they were better off with their old relationships and that whatever feelings they had, the reality is that they arent suited to the lives they were trying to live, esp. if jake being kidnapped by the russians and the daring rescue still happened.)

    I guess what im trying to say in a roundabout way is that jason leaving may work for the show in that it ends the two pairings and pushes those characters in different directions AND they COULD use it in part to redeem sonny – I would love to see him going home sad from the convo with jason and saying to kate I tried to get out before because I loved you and I hate dragging you in to my world but it was a foolish idea and one that I knew full well would never work. Im going to try to buy jason as much time as I can, but hes going to have to run now forever and Im worried sick for him and im sad because im asking you to marry me knowing that i cant ever leave. I would love too if they had him address the morgan issue as part of that – something like dante cant fully embrace me because of the mob, I yelled at carly about morgan but I let him go because I know hes safer, kristina is being targeted by my mob enemy, and michael was raped all because I CANT get out. I would be lying if I didnt admit that I love the power, but i love you and my kids way more. Until they redeem sonny in some way for me, i cant ever see me becoming invested in ANY pairing, even if they brought back tbs carly and I SHIPPED them for YEARS.

    I wonder too if they might decide to write in liz and sam or carly and sam more as frenemies. I could see either of those two relationships forming, bonding over the loss of jason. I could see sam for example going to carly and saying for better or worse, i know jason would want me to look after you and help you through him leaving, so now you are my responsibility. Carly might yell or say she doesnt need sam and then show her like a week later busting in to sam’s (jasons) PH the same way she has always done with jason. It would crack me up to see sam saying ive given up on you ever knocking. Or liz and sam running in to each other at kellys and them discussing their history and giving each other permission to go find new loves – Liz saying maybe she wasted a lot of time hoping for her and jason to find a way to each other and now that hes gone shes not going to waste any more time. Sam validating jasons feelings for liz and maybe telling her not to give up on love and then visa versa – liz validating jasons feelings for sam and saying dont waste time on regret if you can make it work with john go for it. The show NEEDS great frenemies the way oltl had them with jessica and natalie (yes, they are sisters but they also were frenemies in that they loved each other but messed with each other constantly, never quite getting over their sibling rivalry) or even vicki and dorian who both hated and loved one another. They COULD have done that with carly and liz after jakes death and it was a blown opportunity IMHO.

    I agree with the others that connie is way to obviously connie and that no one has picked up on it is unbelievable. If you have to dumb down everyone in a story and write them all ooc to make the story work, then its not a story IMHO you should be telling.

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    Swan, RealGHfan had to mention on twitter that the blonde was Courtney, I had completely blocked the character from my mind. I saw Alicia Leigh Willis on other things and she was fine but Courtney aarrrggghhh

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    I always felt a bit sad for ALW. The character of Courtney seemed to be constantly put in a position where she was having to prove herself to be something she wasn’t. In the end she struck me as having nothing at her core that I wanted to root for. And easily forgettable… 0:)

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