Hunter Haley King and Robert Adamson to Go From Hollywood Heights’ Teen Lovers to Young and Restless Siblings!

Following in the grand tradition of Jane Elliot and Wally Kurth, who played adulterous lovers on Days of Our Lives before appearing as mother and son on General Hospital, a Hollywood Heights teen couple is about to play sibs on The Young and the Restless! Hunter Haley King, who portrays Adriana opposite Robert Adamson's Phil on HH, has been cast as Noah Newman's little sister Summer on Y&R.

As previously reported, Adamson snagged the role of Nick Newman's (Joshua Morrow) now-equally hunky son. I wonder how difficult it is to go from groping sessions to brotherly pats on the head? 

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    Yeah Summer still looks like she is Sharon’s daughter not Phyllis’. But whatever. They look cute and even though some might complain about Hunter Haley King, I think they both are talented.

  2. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Eden…ugh. That’s who needs to be Recast. The actress they have now is awful, and looks like someone from the 70’s. She looks like the old actress that played Victoria Winters from Dark Shadows…Alexandra Moltke. She’s not ugly, she just looks and acts like she is from the 70s.

  3. Profile photo of syren515

    “Eden” looks like the oldest sister on Little House on the Prairie, just with dark hair.

    I’ve never watched Hollywood Heights but I hope the new actors are capable.

  4. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    HH was so corny. I watched the first 10 eps or so before giving up on it.
    I couldn’t stand either of them.
    Especially him as this supposedly bad ass thief. (please)

    And she was over the top as the spoiled daughter of Grayson McCouch’s character.

    I can’t believe JFF thinks Y&R viewers want HH actors on the soap.

    Thank God I don’t watch. lol

  5. Profile photo of pferrando

    We really don’t. Just like getting all of the AMC, GH and ATWT vets hogging airtime with mind numbing stories or as horrible recasts. Bleh. I’ll be the first to complain if they can’t act since that seems to be the norm here.

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    Bet the new regime figures they’ll have replacements if they ever want to get rid of the actors who play Sharon/Nick seeing these two especially the actress looks like a younger version of Sharon. If I were Joshua Morrow/Sharon Case I’d be watching my back,these two new stars could be waiting in the wings and they probably cost alot less then JM/SC to employ. Just saying.

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    It wouldn’t be a JFP soap without characters being recast with actors from her other projects.

    The reference to Jane Eliot and Wally Kurth reminded me of another infamous couple who ended up on another soap playing relatives: Michael Sabatino and Louise Sorel played lovers Chip Roberts and Bess Riker on Knots Landing, then played Lawrence and Vivian Alamain on Days of Our Lives.

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    Totally don’t remember Louise on KL. Was a big fan of that show but I started watching around the time Chip was killed off? Didn’t he date Ciji? Lisa Hartman’s character?

    I was love in Lisa Hartman back then when I was 13 or 14.

    I remember Louise on Santa Barbara in the mid 80s but not on KL.

    Oh well no big loss. Could never stand her.

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    Wow…tough crowd…I think that the actress who plays Eden is absolutely gorgeous, and while directly related to my desire to wrap up this Paul/Ricky mystery, I want to see more of her. I think she’s been doing a pretty good job with what she’s been given and how inconsistently she pops up. I disliked the pairing with Daniel because I thought it made him look like a jerk and her look like a simp, and preferred what I thought they were building with Kyle and her.

  10. Profile photo of noway

    The male can act, I remember him from Lincoln Heights….know nothing about the chick or HH, so give it a chance people.

    They need to just scrap Kyle and Eden…..and resurrect Colleen.

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