John Driscoll Enlists in The Military!

Yes, you read the headline correctly. The Young and the Restless and Guiding Light grad John Driscoll has joined the military! According to his fan club's Facebook page, Driscoll will be in training for the next 52 weeks, as well as planning his upcoming wedding. We wish him the best of luck and many safe returns!

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    RealityCheck 33

    I always liked his acting, but hated the writing for his character, Chance. The fact that he was a virgin was silly. He was too good looking for anyone to believe that he hadn’t gotten laid by his mid-20’s.

    Any All-American girl would get his pants off in a New York minute.

    Stay safe and keep you head down!

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    Seems like a nice guy, but his story never caught on for me on Y and R. It’s always great having Tricia on so maybe this IS one they could recast in the FUTURE and explore the story with Ronan again. Just didn’t work. As always Tricia Cast was phenomenal. Love her. Can’t we get her and Traci back permanently.

    And I do wish him the best.

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    Cute guy. He was okay on GL, but never anything to write home about. I always did think that he had that “military look.” There’s just something about him. Him and Kyle Lowder…………..

    Good for him. Any man who chooses to fight for this country earns my respect. At least he’s not gonna have to worry about fighting for bit roles on TV shows. Sounds like a steady future for him and his family.

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    He is such a looker! And I LOVED his upstanding, honorable character on Y&R until the writers totally ruined him by having him have an affair with Heather for no good reason….grrrrr! Can’t forgive them for that one!

    BTW, didn’t someone say he was already in Afghanistan?

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