President and First Lady Visit The View!

For the first time ever, President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama visited ABC Daytime's The View for a joint interview today.  The POTUS and First Lady fielded questions about what would happen to the country if Republican nominee Mitt Romney were elected, as well as if Mrs. Obama has any aspirations toward public office of her own.

Check out snippets from the interview posted by our pals at Zap2it, or watch the entire episode once it's posted at!

Photo credit: ABC

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    The Obamas are American royalty. I wish he could be president-for-life! I AM doing better than 4 years ago under this caring, compassionate man.

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    Whoopi and Sherri should be ashamed of themselves dressing like that for the president. Whoever dresses Sherri should be fired, looking like she’s going to a night club sitting next to the President.

    Sherri Shepherd and Elizabeth have NO business interviewing the Obamas. I am all for Barack, but he couldn’t find anywhere else to go? The View is a joke.

  3. Profile photo of Divatude58

    [quote=richalan67]Dear God, gag me! This is what he skipped meeting with world leaders for?[/quote]

    Our system ensures that any first term sitting president is always on the campaign trail. Sorry…it’s the American way. Beyond that, President Obama didn’t miss any meeting with anyone, he just delivered a brilliant speech to the UN. You must have missed your President?

  4. Profile photo of goyankees

    I hate that the Media tries so hard to make the President of the United States a Celebutard.

    I’m not saying I’m “For” Obama OR Romney. Maybe Im suddenly old fashioned, but I can’t help it. This picture of them with these Hens really makes me want to vomit.

    I’m suprised B.O. and the First Lady were able to make their way onto the stage having untied Oprah and Beyonce from around their legs….

  5. Profile photo of richalan67

    When the Middle East is literally in flames and our ambassador is dead, along with two other Americans, his tuckus belonged in meetings with the leaders to formulate a plan to stabilize the situation. The Israeli PM has begged for even a short meeting while here and Obama refused. I guess yucking it up with these ladies was more important! It’s called priorities and this certainly speaks volumes. I would have no problem with this IF he had met with the leaders.

  6. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    This was taped YESTERDAY, folks. It didn’t air live, so chill.

    Most leaders convening at the U.N. just began to arrive in NYC yesterday (and there is the grid lock to prove it, well for those silly enough not to use the subways and/or walk).

    Calm down.

  7. Profile photo of ChiSammi

    President Obama has been on vacation for all or part of 81 days of his presidency, compared to 243 vacation days at the equivalent point in George W. Bush’s first term.” I’m pretty sure G-dubya had a whole lot to focus on his first term too. The man was gone for over 8 months of his 1st 4 year run but was still re-elected. hmmm.

  8. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Rich there is no point in trying to explain what you are trying to say on this forum. you are right, but apparently it isnt sinking in. He COULD have met with bibi, he refused and the explanation was that he had NO TIME, then he went on letterman and the view. That is an insult to this nations GREATEST and most reliable ally and speaks to his priorities.

    Chi you are right, bush technically took more vacation days but there is a huge difference going to your own ranch (oh and btw i believe he footed the bill for his travel) or going to camp david vs. going to hawaii. I OFTEN use to work out of my home – which wasnt a vacation at all – and given that we saw coverage of people meeting with bush AT HIS HOME, again that suggests that its a working vacation. Congressman too – they often are out of session but that doesnt mean they arent working, it just means that whether its pelosi or boehner, they are just working from district offices or meeting with constituents back home and doing other work via telephone or computer. That said my only problem with barack golfing is to suggest that the man never deserves a day off but that some of the trips are extravagant at a time when he is telling us that taxpayers should willingly pay more OR we are going to have to cut services. I think ALL of them in dc need to start leading by example. CUT their own pay. CUT their own perks. SHOW the people that they are good stewards of OUR money before asking for more or gutting important programs. The amount of waste is INCREDIBLE and before Im going to stomach cuts or tax hikes, they best demonstrate that the pain is going to be a SHARED sacrifice and that they intend to start getting serious about clamping down on all the wasted resources. When they start spending our resources in way that suggests that they (BOTH parties) appreciate that this is money they took from my table and yours and that they have a responsibility to us to use that money wisely then i will consider what they have to say. Obama going on the view is typical of all of these leaders – that what is best for them is all that really matters to them instead of putting the public first in everything they do. The term public SERVICE use to mean something.

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    richalan7, you sound like a Fox News viewer, completely misinformed and belligerent in your ignorance.

    For far too long, Americans have let Israeli leaders dictate our foreign policy. That doesn’t excuse the generalized hatred for us in the Mideast, but it certainly helps to explain it.

    Having said all that, I do find it somewhat demeaning for the President to go on these shows. The words “Sherri Shepherd” and “intelligent discourse” could not be more dissimilar.

  10. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Even many Israelis frown on the way Netanyahu seems to be trying to force the President’s hand timing it during the election season. It’s a calculated move on Bibi’s part and the President appears to want to demonstrate to Bibi that he won’t be manipulated.

    Ehud Barak himself even stated that the current Administration has been the most supportive toward Israel of any other Administration in recent memory.

    I don’t want to get too into politics on a forum for Daytime shows but it gets very annoying when people oversimplify complex matters in the way they seem to desire doing online. The Israeli/Palenstinian conflict cannot be summed up on Twitter or a blog post.

    By the way, it was my understanding that the Romney campaign stated that they intend to go on the View next month (‘sharp tongue’ panelists and all) after Obama mentioned that he was going on.

    I have a lot of empathy for anyone who is going through difficult circumstances due to the economy but they are now experiencing what people like myself were going through during the Bush years when it was being reported daily that the economy was supposedly doing so well back then when many of us were suffering silently.
    So yes, I can honestly say that I am now finally doing better than I was 4 years ago!

  11. Profile photo of richalan67

    I know Ericaseviltwin. I won’t even dignify the remarks with a comment. I am an intelligent man, who can and does listen to both sides of the situation. I am a teacher and encourage my kids to listen to both sides. Israel is the victim here. What are they to do, sit back and let a mad man take them out. Oh well, I would certainly do a battle of the wits, but I only spar with those who are armed!

  12. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    MsAgent I would agree that the situation in the middle east is not easily addressed in social media. Im not even arguing necessarily that one side is right or wrong, though PERSONALLY i side with israel. What I would tell you is that your ally asks to meet, you meet. I dont care about being on the View or not being on the View, and I certainly accept that no candidate really ever gets to stop campaigning, esp. in the last 60 days. What I am arguing about is that his excuse for not meeting with bibi is that he was TOO BUSY, then he went on the view. If he was too busy for bibi because lets say he was at the white house having meeting after meeting with clinton and the top staff of the sos’s office, then I would understand telling your closest ally that hey we are in crisis mode but thats not what happened. He told him that he had no time and then did something frivolous. Had he met with israel and then also went on the view, i wouldnt criticize the appearance one bit. Its also like hawaii. I dont bitch that he took a working vacation. I bitch because at a time when hes asking the american people for a greater sacrifice – a sacrifice that comes either from a cut in benefits OR by a tax increase – then you should be leading by example by saying hey normally our family vacations in hawaii, because thats where my family lives but because it costs taxpayer money to do that, im going to fly my family to camp david out of pocket and vacation there.

    As for Barak, hes making political hay out of supporting obama because he is in the opposition party to bibi and it undermines the current approach. He may believe obama has been great for israel and he may not but you cant say for certain because theres political benefit to him saying what he said. I would argue that aiding rebellions in all of these countries and allowing new governments to form that are anti us and anti israel doesnt make things safer for israel and certainly going from a hard anti iranian, anti iranian nuke mode to a lets push israel back to the 1969 borders and iranian appeasement approach harms israel as well.

  13. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    My point is simply that one cannot force the hand of any sovereign nation, friend or foe. Too many times in the history of the U.S. the U.S. has intervenes (invaded, if you will) in the affairs of sovereign nations and it wasn’t always welcome. Just ask anyone who lived through occupations or invasions of Panama, Grenada or Jamaica.

    John McCain has advocated arming rebels in Syria, which might make sense, if anyone was sure who the rebels are. Would anyone want an outcome similar to what Reagan did in helping to arm and train the mujahadeen (of which Bin Laden was a part) to fight the Soviets, only to provide training for future Al Qaeda leaders?
    I agree that there is a great deal of uncertainty, and I don’t believe that most people want to rush to another war in the Middle East after Iraq (where the sectarian divides were never solved and where Iraq has now let their airspace be used by Iran and Syria, strictly based on their Iran’s and al Assad’s Alawite, a sect of Shiite heritage) and still being in Afghanistan. It would seem that U.S. invasion in Iraq has only exacerbated this sectarian issue– an unfortunate and unintended consequence– but one that proves that one country, no matter how powerful, can force the hand of any Sovereign nation.

    We’re just going to have to agree to disagree since even Netanyahu must admit that Obama has met with him more times than any leader in the world. Most analysts, even within Israel believe that this request for a meeting was done specifically during election season was strategic. Of course, there are legitimate concerns but people even many Israelis have stated that the timing is a deliberate attempt to force the hand of the U.S. President. Of course, Iran must be made to comply with the Nuclear Nonproliferation requirements but why are other allies of Israel taking such a measured approach?

    As for countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, etc. In the past, the U.S. has tried to back certain leaders and in many cases, it has only caused the people of those countries to reject those leaders as illegitimate puppets of the West. One cannot force another sovereign nation to bow to the will of another nation. Yes, there is always the danger that the people will elect some unsavory person. I have relatives all over the world who stated their disappointment when W. Bush was re elected but that was who the majority of the voting public and the Electoral College chose in accordance with U.S. laws. The right of any sovereign nation is to abide by their own country’s law and not be forced to do otherwise.

    Hosni Mubarak and Saddam Hussein were both the favored leadership of the U.S. There are documented pictures of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush shaking their hands. Many people blame the U.S. for supporting what turned out to be dictators and despots and helping to suppress grass roots movements because it didn’t serve U.S. needs. People have accused Obama Administration of NOT getting involved enough in these uprisings, so I’m surprised that anyone would try to make the case that the U.S. is aiding in these uprisings, unless you count sending medical supplies and aid to humanitarian agencies as aiding and abetting. I’m sorry but I just do not see your point with that one.

  14. Profile photo of isiola

    He is a sitting President….”sitting around”. with the morons on the View, visiting a loser like Letterman, biding his time till he can create more havoc on this country..he really has no clue…he really has go to go BACK TO CHICAGO!!!!!!!….and take his socialist agenda with him!

  15. Profile photo of basilnsybil

    I would be angry and have a lot of disappointment if our Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was doing tv guest appearances on talk shows instead of dealing with a very scary situtation that will impact all of our safety and security in the global world we live in. Nobody really ever likes having to deal with the bad dangerous bullies out there. It unfortunately comes with the job of being a leader. Leaders must give comfort and strength and also give a strong voice to those victims of any horrible acts. I side with countries that give full rights, recognition and freedom of speech to their citizens. I also side with countries that see and treat men & women as equals and keep their children out of harm’s way.

  16. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    richalan67, “…I am an intelligent man….. I would certainly do a battle of the wits, but I only spar with those who are armed!”

    If someone needs the rather tenuous validation of calling himself
    “intelligent” and “witty” in a thread on an entertainment blog, then his intelligence is to be questioned and his wit regarded as aimless.

    Where I live early voting begins next week and I’m voting for the black guy.

  17. Profile photo of acela

    More left-wing media bullshit. The View panel are a bunch of suck ups to Obama & crew. Joy should have just pulled down Obamas’ pants & kissed & licked his ASS. She is the most vile, hateful disgusting one of all…GO ROMNEY.

  18. Profile photo of thecourt99

    It’s amazing what is said when soaps are not the focus. In this thread I have seen some disturbing things…

    A statement that the President and his wife are not good examples of the term “American”? What does that even mean?

    A question about who is raising their children. Rather insulting because at their core, they are working parents…just like anyone else. And even working parents go out without their children. Somehow…these kids are still raised.

    I will say, that in spite of that, I did see some intelligent discourse. I am happy to see people disagree without using disparaging names and diverting from the issues that you disagree upon.

    Just wanted to say that.

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    Michelle looks amazing as always! The President knows that this is the information age, and that you have to get yourself out there if you want to win. Twitter, Facebook, and now Television…go right where your audience is. I think it’s smart actually, but let’s see if it translates to swing votes.

    That pic of the first family is so sweet.

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