Antonio Sabato Jr. Says, “I Do.”

Former General Hospital star Antonio Sabato Jr. has tied the knot with Cheryl Moana Marie, according to People. Reportedly, the couple married at a private estate in Hawaii. Congratulations to the Sabatos!

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    If Y&R wants to cast latinos…here’s one that is screaming out for the Genoa City. Antonio Sabato Jr is gorgeous and would fit right in. Cast him as Rafe’s older businessman brother. BUt I just bet that they would pair him with Phyllis. Ugh! FOr some reason, TPTB there think MS is hot. She’s not.

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]Antonio is not a Latino. He’s half Italian and half Czech/Jewish.[/quote]

    Italians are considered latinos. People often times get Latino confused with Hispanic. Latinos are considered people from countries who speak one of the romance languages (Italian and Italy included). But anyway what does playing Latino have to do with being latino. You know how it is. Shows have people playing AA all the time that aren’t or don’t classify themselves at that. Soooooooo. LOL.

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    I wouldn’t care if he came back to GH or went to Y&R, just get him back on my screen somewhere! I did enjoy when he came back for Night Shift a while back and it would be nice to bring him to GH with his son.

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