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Todd’s upset that Anna has brought him in for questioning. She asks for help finding Heather, since he has a relationship with her, something Todd denies. Todd claims he was only her employer. He gave Heather the benefit of the doubt. Anna says they’ll find Heather and will know what Todd’s hiding.

Jason sees the divorce papers and is surprised Sam signed them. He gets a call to meet John at the hospital and leaves Sam at the restaurant. At the hospital, John gives him the swab sample and worries that the baby is all Tea has left.

Carly’s curious as to why Kate would want her wedding at the Star. To distract her, Johnny says he wants Chinese food. Carly offers to go and get it. Johnny calls Todd to come and meet him to discuss a problem

Sonny sees the papers in Kate’s hands and wants to know what they are, but Connie deflects, saying they’re a surprise for the wedding. Maxie stops by to update Kate about the Chinese food and the Floating Rib, which surprises Sonny. Maxie says it’s Connie’s side coming out. . After Maxie leaves, Connie claims she misunderstood what Kate asked for, but that she just wants things to be different than their last wedding. Sonny wants to go upstairs, but Connie deflects. She says she decided to put romance back into the relationship by staying at her own place until the wedding.

Sabrina arrives to babysit Emma and salivates over a half dressed Patrick. Patrick introduces Emma to her. Emma wants Maxie, but Patrick says she’s not available and leaves.

Britt comments to Liz that she’s getting ready for a date. Liz complains that she doesn’t have anyone in her life. Britt comments about Ewen. Liz says she’s thinking of someone else who isn’t available.

Carly runs into Sam at the restaurant. Sam explains how  it’s her anniversary, she and Jason came and then kissed, until he saw the divorce papers. Carly feels bad for both of them, but Sam assures her that she’ll be first with Jason again despite his reconnection with Liz. Carly says Jason won’t go back to Liz. Sam says she saw them together. Carly accuses Sam of being judgmental, because of her kiss with John.

Sam accuses Carly of her own crap. Carly says she owns her crap and accuses Sam of crying over a divorce that she wanted. Sam says she doesn’t want to be angry anymore. Carly feels she wanted the marriage over and can move on and feels sorry for Liz. Sam says not to feel sorry for Liz, since she’ll get her chance. Carly says Jason doesn’t want the divorce, Sam holds all the power and to stop jerking him around.

Patrick introduces Mac to Britt, who explains they’re on a date. Patrick explains to Mac that he was asked out. Mac says Robin would want him to move on and that Britt seems nice. Britt intercepts a call from Sabrina, who says Emma wants to speak to her father. Britt tells Sabrina to deal with it.

Emma continues to have a temper tantrum with Sabrina. Sabrina calls Patrick back and tells him he needs to come home. He leaves his date to go home. Patrick talks to Emma who apologizes to Sabrina.

Liz runs into Jason, who tells her Sam’s baby is alive and he needs a DNA test. Liz asks if he’s told Sam and wonders what it would feel like to have a child you lost placed back in your hands. Liz offers to take the sample to the lab and put a rush on it.

Johnny tells Todd that Connie’s back and trying to screw him over. Todd needs to neutralize her. Todd says he won’t, but that Johnny needs to find Heather.

Anna tells John that she questioned Todd, but thinks he’s lying since he visited Heather two days before she escaped. John admits he might be onto something that would explain Heather and Todd’s connection, but needs more time to find out. He assures Anna that he’ll let her know.

Liz comes back from the lab and tells Jason that she gave them the sample and put a rush on it. She says she hopes he gets everything he wants.

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    I did NOT like the look on Liz’ face at the end. Please tell me that it was just an acting choice on BH’s part and not that these writers have decided to make Liz tamper with the DNA sample. I swear I will have to hurt someone if that’s the direction they’re going with this.

    Am I supposed to hate Britt? Because I do. If I was out and found out that my date hadn’t given me a message from my babysitter, well, let’s just say, I’ve killed for less!!

    And the Sabrina with the chocolate milk was way more heavy handed than it needed to be. Not to mention she’s way too young for Patrick.

    I love Carly calling Sam on her crap. The sheer hypocrisy always makes me giggle.

    Loved the Anna/Todd scenes. Especially FH’s reaction to the phone ring tone.

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    It would be so wrong given her history to have Liz tamper with the results. She herself was the victim of the DNA test tampering.

    Has she now become so desperate for a man, that she will go to any lengths to get him? Please no!

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    I am not getting this BRITT/SABRINA storyline at all. It is just ridiculous to be throwing a story like this at us only a week or 2 from the BIO TERRORISM story alongside the CONNIE is back in full force story and the rushed wedding. Then through in that Tea is being so dumb about Heather and that Heather, a nut job on the lamb, was able to concoct back story and references so quickly OR that Tea would be so dumb just to let ANYONE babysit her kid.

    Honestly, she knows that Heather was just wondering in the woods during a torrential storm and KNOWS SOOOOO little of her and that this creepy woman showed up unannounced at her door 2 states away.

    Sure, the stories are being told well and the actors are good in them BUT why not take a little more time in getting to the climax by telling a couple of more stories that lead up to the climax instead of going str8 from the HELLO to “pyscho has a knife on me” ending.

    Stories can be told at warp speed to keep us interested but think of a few more in between that lead up to the BIG pay-off. Not every one story needs a BIG pay-off, just a small one will keep us glued.

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    I don’t know what to think about them taking Liz in this direction. If she really is gonna temper with the DNA results only to drag this story out for another few weeks I’ll scream. Get it over with already!
    But I guess Heather needs to have enough time to go on the run with that little boy, so we’ll most likely see Liz written after plot. That’s sad.

    Britt is a bitch. And yes I do hate her. What the heck!? Why is she picking up Patrick’s phone? He was standing three feet away from her. Ridiculous.

    I don’t understand why everyone is behaving that stupid and can’t see that Kate is Connie again. I mean Connie doesn’t even do a good job at pretending anymore. This is just dumb.

    Carly/Sam scenes were just weird with them not knowing if to sympathize or hate each other.

    Well guess I didn’t really like the episode that much. Problem is in the moment there are way too many things unresolved that are dragged out in an unnecessary way.

    I did enjoy Anna questioning Todd though. Finola Hughes always gives me what I want. LOL

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    I think the Liz thing is a red herring. I don’t think she will switch the results. It would be completely against character, especially after she was so happy about the idea of giving a baby back to it’s mother when she thought it was gone. No way, no how would Liz switch the results.

    And I would also flip out one who didn’t pass along a message about my child to me. In fact, the fact that Britt didn’t interrupt Patrick and hand him the phone was wrong. I would not want a message. I would want to be interrupted no matter what I was doing if my child needed me. I also agree that Sabrina is too young for Patrick. He needs to be with Liz.

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    LMAO!! Liz still has that DNA sample in her pocket. C’mon, now, the scene right before that was this new stupid bitch Britt telling her, “MAKE IT HAPPEN.” and then this happens. Gimme a break. But I’m sure it will be a “mistake” to everybody that she either dumped the sample in the trash or switches the results because lord knows Saint Liz wouldn’t do anything so underhanded. **Rolls eyes to back of head ala “Exorcist”**

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    ….but if/when the DNA sample indicates Franco is NOT the baby’s father, she might be willing to keep that part of the “news” to herself. Sam getting her baby back is indeed nice, and obviously there are people who are 99% sure of the results. But no one (she thinks) suspects the baby is Jason’s, so I could see her not volunteering that info, if it’s not what they are testing for.

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    I come from another perspective. Since I have returned to GH a couple of years ago, Elizabeth (the actor) has not had great stuff. I think of how much more interesting Olivia is when she is high on LSD or whatever. The actress must have been in her glory not to have the ridiculous stereotypical crap she had since she came on.

    Having said that, it could be possibly red herring but, on the other hand, oltl was must see because it was not predictable. So, again having said that, I did see the look so we will see. Since SB is leaving, it is hard to tell where anything is going. Makes for good story. Just sayin…..

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    Tris Drake

    Sabrina doesn’t look all that young if you take.a good look. But I agree he needs Liz. Brit Bitch needs to go. She acts like she has never been on date,she might ad well have announced it over the loud speaker. Gag. Love Carly calling out Sam. About time somebody did. Liz,do your worst if you must! Anything to get her out of her boring rut. She shouldn’t even be in this lame story. She needs to go get Patrick

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    I just do not see Liz doing something like this. Number one, she’s had it happen to her, someone tampering with the DNA tests. Number two, she knows how much Jason grieved for Jake and how happy he would be to have a son.

    Besides Liz said after the last Lucky mess that she was DONE making a fool of herself chasing after a man who didn’t want her. WHY take her so many steps back this way? She was finally secure in the knowledge that she didn’t need a man to be fulfilled, she was going to focus on her work and her boys, and if love happened, it happened.

    It’s just totally wrong and OOC, all the way around. They already gave Kate DID as her excuse for OOC behavior, they can’t do that again with Liz.

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    i don’t want liz messing with the test, but i also agree with The Mustache. I think RH would rock a full on villainess role. Carly’s been too tamed down and all the other bad girls are literally mental. It’s time for a conniving witch we all know. She and Britt could be the mean girls of the hospital.

    while i adore Sam, i begrudgingly had to agree with some of what Carly says. I think the storyline has shown the conflicts of both Sam and Jason. I also believe there are plenty of relationships that get stuck and no one knows how to fix it.

    BUT my biggest problem with Carly’s holier than thou rant was that she’s doing the exact same thing with Jax. It’s been what? – 2 years – he’s been gone and she still hasn’t signed the divorce papers. She needs to give her poop or get off the pot speech to a mirror.

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    J Bernard Jones

    As characters, I love both Elizabeth and Sam (I’m so not into the Liz v. Sam wars), but if Liz were to do something as far as the results of the DNA test is concerned (I would agree that not revealing Franco ain’t da baby daddy is the most likely) it is certainly within her wheelhouse. After all, Liz stole the invitation to Brenda and Sonny’s wedding that was meant for Ruby; stole Sarah’s lucky pen and planted it in the teachers’ lounge; stole test answers and planted them in Sarah’s backpack so it would look like her sister had stolen the answers; put a box of condoms in Nikolas’ sweater for Sarah to find; stole the Ice Princess from Helena Cassadine; acts of adultery (Zander Smith); stole a police file to protect Jason Morgan and shredded it; impersonated a police officer; committed perjury: lied about Jake’s true paternity during Jason Morgan’s murder trial; stole a drug from hospital to counter the effects of a hallucinogen that a drug dealer injected into Lucky. (Thanks SoapCentral!)

    Mind you, the one that sticks out: SHE STOLE THE ICE PRINCESS FROM HELENA CASSADINE!

    Manipulating information from this DNA test? Piece of cake! LOL

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    J Bernard Jones

    Of course, in the end, Britt might turn out to be just very driven, very focused and a little devious but ultimately a decent person (in some ways her ultra-confidence/ego strikes me as very similar to early Patrick Drake), but Sabrina is the one poised to be a psycho nutjob. The way she SQUEEZED all of that Hershey’s chocolate into the glass of milk was very Heather Webber/LSD spiker-ish! LOL

    (Personally loved the directing/camera tracking/acting choice for the last scene for Liz in the final shot. I thought it was great foreshadowing or deliciously ambiguous. LOL)

    Todd’s Ringtone: “Crazy calling….crazy calling….crazy calling….”
    Anna (paraphrasing): “Has a nice ring to it.”

    Cute little shout out to the fan reaction to it! LOL

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    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to notice how much damn Hershey’s syrup Sabrina squeezed into that glass of milk….til I saw that Hershey was a sponsor. And she barely stirred it, leaving this clump of goop at the bottom of the glass!

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    J Bernard Jones

    The Best wrote

    I think that Britt & Sabrina are sisters. Wouldn’t be great if they turned out to be Lucy’s daughters, Serena Baldwin & Christina Collins?

    Interesting! I thought it was possible they were sisters, too, but couldn’t place how or for whom. (My previous theory was/is that one of them is actually Kate’s true biological child). Your musing does make quite a bit of soap sense though! Especially if Kin Shriner is on his way back to GH, as I vaguely recall being rumored/reported a while back.

    They wouldn’t be biological sisters, though and Scott would be the shared legal parent, not Lucy. Serena is Dominique’s biological daughter (Lucy was the surrogate) and Christina was adopted by Scotty, but not Lucy — a source of contention in their re-marriage (Christina’s parents being Julie Devlin and Frank Scalon (from Port Charles).

    As for the ages, that would make Serena “Britt” and Christina “Sabrina,” yes?

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    Liz is no saint, but I don’t see her messing with a DNA test just to hold onto Jason or any man. Liz lied about Jake’s paternity to keep her son safe and not to hold onto Jason or Lucky.

    Gulp. I thought Liz looked like she was three feet tall next to Britt!

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    [quote=blackjack21]J Benard Jones – excellent points. I don’t know why people think Liz is so cookie cutter clean.[/quote]

    I don’t believe that Liz is squeaky clean, but that list was full of things that happened way in the past. So even if they were going to say that she reverted back to her “old ways”…then what is wrong for asking for buildup? SB knew he was leaving for a while…why couldn’t RC start building that up so that I could understand what the trigger is?

    I just want to know how she went from being a supportive friend to a person that believes that if Sam were out of the way, she could have a chance with Jason. I want to know when she forgot that Jason was still in love with Sam. There is a difference between coming to understand your own feelings (which i also think is BS)…and making an assumption about someone elses feelings.

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    First I enjoyed the Sam / Carly talk. I may be a Sam FF but some of what she has done has bugged me. However I hate it coming from Carly just because I feel like she isn’t seeing at all where Sam is coming from. Her St. Jase program bugs me. However then she went to Johnny and she had a complete turn around.. Wierd!

    Britt needs to go- she pissed me off to no end. I love the Mac and Patty interaction though. Loved Mac encouraging him. Out of the two I still like Sabrina more- but would much rather see Liz with him..

    I guess I am the only one who didn’t think Liz had an odd look. I just thought she was maybe contemplating the ramifications of everything. When you think about it it was a few days ago that she basically put her heart out there for Jason. He kind of blew her off. Then she is working and there is McBain- and then there is McBain and Jason meeting. Then she tries to get a second with Jason and he basically blows her off again with a No. Then boom- huge news- Sams baby could be alive. She helps him out and it is all starting to sink in to her right now. What all of it means for her future choices. She is obviously still into him but they aren’t playing him into her at this moment.. So who knows..

  19. Profile photo of blackjack21

    thecourt99 – i am getting some whiplash with Liz these days. i understand her deciding to declare her feelings after everyone almost died, but as Jason said, nothing has changed. so i am not getting her desperation to be with him to the point of tampering with the dna.

    if the losing Jake was the instigation, instead of Jason, this would make more sense. Understandably (too tired to check spelling :P) Liz went loco when Jake died. I could see Liz losing it now because Sam’s about to get her baby back OR I could see Liz empathizing with Tea and not wanting to take the baby from Tea. Having a major meltdown because of Jake would make so much more sense.

    Making it about Jason weakens the Liz’s character – but I would still agree, she is not above throwing others under the bus to get what she wants.

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    J Bernard Jones

    thecourt99 wrote

    I don’t believe that Liz is squeaky clean, but that list was full of things that happened way in the past.

    History is history. Whatever happened happened. I know there is a theory among some fans that if a character has “grown” or changed from a certain point where they did X, they would never do X again. I have never once subscribed to that theory. I believe that once a character has done X, they are capable of doing X again if properly motivated. To that end…

    So even if they were going to say that she reverted back to her “old ways”…then what is wrong for asking for buildup? SB knew he was leaving for a while…why couldn’t RC start building that up so that I could understand what the trigger is?

    Regardless of Steve Burton’s contract status, I think we actually have been seeing a build up of this kind for quite some time. (Mind you, Elizabeth has not done anything yet.) I think we are basing most of our speculation from a scene that Liz has had with Britt and a very intersting shot of her as she left Jason at the end of yesterdays show, but Carlivati isn’t always known for subtlety in these matters either! Nonetheless, Liz has been making strong goo-goo eyes at Jason, being ever more aggressive in terms of expressing her feelings and Jason has been sending the kind of mixed-signals to her which say “You could have me…if it weren’t for Sam and that dead baby.” Elizabeth really wants Jason back and that little push from Emperor Palpatine…er, Britt….might have sealed the deal on her making that happen.

    I stay away from spoilers so i don’t know what’s ahead but am more than willing to play along with the idea that Liz would do something to manipulate the information from the DNA tests. Love or what people mistake for love is the single most powerful motivator in soaps (outside of revenge) and would more than justify a full or even partial return to the dark side for Liz. But would it be that REALLY?

    Liz’s detractors can run down a long laundry list of not just of Liz’s past deeds but what they see as very recent manipulations on Liz’s part. Even without said detractors, Liz has a history of bad mistakes, poor judgement and manipulation whether it was being a little hellion (her early years) or for what she thought was the right reasons (her later years). I think the way the scenes with Jason were written and played that Elizabeth really does want Sam reunited with her son after what happened with Jake! I can also see how Liz could figure that one thing has nothing to do with the other; that helping Sam get back the kid could make her look heroic and selfless in Jason’s eyes and that everyone could get what they want. Jason blowing off Liz could be easily be interpreted as “because of Sam’s dead baby and the guilt I feel about that” and not “I still love Sam and I don’t want yo ass.” That kiss didn’t make everything clearer in the light of day, wither. Remember that Jason brought up the whole my-life-is-dangerous-for-you-and-everyone-connected-to-you argument, which Liz basically blew off.

    I’ve always seen Liz as a reasonably complex character whose complexity been all over the map (and often ignored) by the whichever regimes were in power at any given time over the last several years. She’s almost the quintessential Madonna/whore character in many respects (Garin Wolf had a particular interest in having characters bring up how Liz had several kids with different fathers!). She could kind of go either way at this point and having her “turn” back to what she was (something her detractors say she’s always been) could be a great thing. Sometimes making a good characters a badass is a complete flop or rings hollow (Tad Martin on AMC springs to mind), but other times it can be a huge shot in the arm and a blast for the actors and the fan and completely rejuvenate a long dormant character (Barbara Ryan on ATWT is the most successful recent example).

    I’m curious as to where all this goes. And in about 4 minutes Eastern Standard Time from me posting this, we’ll see if any of this goes anywhere, which I will catch around 11:30 when ABC makes it available on the iPad app for streaming. LOL

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    Jason’s instincts are usually so spot on. Trusting Elizabeth with the DNA sample… HUGE HUGE HUGE MISTAKE!!!!! |(

    Can’t stand the new doctor Brit. Seems like another Lisa to me.

    If Mac is the new manager of The Floating Rib I guess that means that Coleman is out. That’s sad and it’s sad that’s the only thing they can think of to write for Mac!

    Love anytime I get to see Patrick and Emma together. Brooklyn is a gem!!!

    So happy that KS is back playing Maxie!

    Loved watching Anna grill Todd!

  22. Profile photo of lovmysoaps2

    I enjoyed the Carly/Sam encounter. I am not happy with how GH cannot keep a couple together for more than a few months. I’d love to see Jason and Sam stay together. Even tho Jason may be leaving the show I still want Sam with him. I have had my fill of Liz. She can take a vacation and I won’t miss her. Use to like her but not lately.
    I really am growing tired of this Kate/Connie mess. I do like Carly and Johnny together. I don’t care for the new Doctor Britt. I think she is all wrong for Patrick and for sure not good for Emma.
    GH is still one of my favorite soaps but does need a booster shot. I don’t see the newbies, Britt and Sabrina, helping with that.
    I love Coleman! He should still be there helping Mac. And yes Mac should have a better story line.

  23. Profile photo of js3557

    J Bernard Jones – I think that changing the paternity test is on a different level than the rest of Liz’s misdeeds. Most of what you described were childish pranks (stealing the invitation, stealing the pen, putting the condoms in the bag, etc.).

    I don’t understand the allegation that Liz committed adultery with Zander. Liz was not married at the time, so she is not an adulteress. Emily had confessed her feelings about Nik to Zander and broke up with him, so all that was left was the paperwork. Technically Zander was an adulterer, not Liz, and the marriage was over.

    The other misdeeds were all done to protect others (Jason, Jake, etc.)Even when I disagreed with her (i.e. hiding Jake’s paternity), I could see that she was doing what she did with good intentions.

    Switching the DNA results would be mean spirited, selfish, and based on bad intentions. That is why I don’t see it as something Liz would do. Yes, she was mischievous as a teen and then made horrible decisions in her love life even though she did so with good intentions, but she was never purposefully hurtful to people.

    Some will say that she purposefully hurt Zander, but he was involved with the mob and was slowly going crazy (hence his suicide by police eventually), so even then she was making bad choices with the good intentions of protecting her child.


  24. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    J Bernard you forgot the worst thing she ever did – which was to nearly kill zander, let nic take the blame and then turned a blind eye to the fact that ric basically had the police kill him so that he and liz could raise cam unencumbered by the boys actual paternity – and the fact that not all that long ago she believed she drove high as a kite and in the process ran sam over and she manipulated both jason and lucky (even playing the IM A MOM I CANT GO TO JAIL card) so that they would cover for her, she stole drugs from the hospital, she used aiden to manipulate nik when she wanted him for herself..etc. etc. its not just the old stuff its that the character has ALWAYS had a flexible relationship with the truth.

  25. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    LOl yep I will say she intentionally hurt zander. Zander had NO weapon and ric knew that when he gave the order and Liz knew exactly why he did it. I believe there were even scenes afterward where she did the whole passive aggressive, that wasnt intentional stuff when it was about as clear as a nose on a face that ric used the pcpd to kill his rival. Liz could have gone to the police but then liz never did hold ric responsible for ANYTHING – not raping carly, not trying to kill her and steal the baby, not what he did to zander, not what he did to sonny, jason and courtney etc. etc. because she was either on board with his choices or they didnt harm anyone she thought merited being saved from ric.

  26. Profile photo of iowaninmn

    I also thought the chocolate syrup was over the top! And she did a terrible job of mixing it up! Bad babysitter. But that little girl is precious … and talented!

    Liz is looking pretty pathetic … especially when walking next to Bitch Brit.

    My mom was so upset that Liz is going to change the test results. I assured her that there was no way that Liz would do such a thing because she is a good person. But I’m starting to think I was wrong.

  27. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    J Bernard Jones – I think that changing the paternity test is on a different level than the rest of Liz’s misdeeds. Most of what you described were childish pranks (stealing the invitation, stealing the pen, putting the condoms in the bag, etc.).

    The only thing I was trying to point out was the obvious: that as Liz got older her “misdeeds” became more serious. To that end….

    Switching the DNA results would be mean spirited, selfish, and based on bad intentions.

    I never said she WOULD switch the DNA tests; I said it was plausible she might do something with the information, which would include NOT switching the DNA tests but withholding the info that Franco is the daddy from Jason. This is certainly within her wheelhouse. With that said, I also said that the final shot of Liz at the end was either foreshadowing or just nicely ambiguous. So my position is that this could go either way, not jumping to any conclusion as to what Liz may or may not do. I’m just guessing like the rest here. LOL

    I haven’t seen today’s show yet, so I don’t know to what extent any of this has played out…

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