CBS Daytime Chief Angelica McDaniel: “Y&R’ is a Flagship Program in Our Daytime Lineup”

What a difference a few years makes. Gone are the days when arrogant, now unemployed executives like Brian Frons and Barbara Bloom pop off in the presss about the dire state of the soaps they helped tank. Currently the genre boasts leaders who actually seem to care about keeping the remaining daytime sudsers on the air — so long as they stay modern and profitable. In an interview with Variety, Angelica McDaniel, senior vice-president for CBS Daytime, discussed the importance of The Young and the Restless to her daypart.

Said McDaniel:

" 'Y&R' is a flagship program in our daytime lineup," says McDaniel, who joined the net in 2010. "It's an iconic brand that has told compelling stories with dynamic characters for years."


McDaniel, who can often be found tweeting love to all of the series on her daytime lineup, also addressed the recent ousting of Maria Arena Bell by Y&R's production company Sony.

"These kinds of changes are not something you take lightly," says McDaniel, who supported the switch. "This was about asking, 'How do we modernize the show a little bit and continue to tell relevant stories as times have changed?' "

We like! For what McDaniel had to say about The Price is Right, Let's Make a Deal, The Talk and The Bold and the Beautiful, click here.

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    Really hope this new writing regime is better than the last two that have destroyed our beloved Y&R. Would love to see a pared down, more balanced show with storylines about all three families.

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    Ms. McDaniel just might be the classiest one connected to this show at the moment (LOL).

    Just a little too much meowing and cat scratching between cast members right now. I don’t mind saying that I hope JFP will play the Dominatrix and crack the whip for awhile and instill a little discipline with some of these cast members.

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    Restless Fan

    Thank God! One of the biggest and smartest decisions she has made this year was her involvement in Maria Bells ousting. I got through 30 minutes of todays 10,000 show and had to stop it. Only Bell could ruin a momentous occasion like this one.

  4. Profile photo of LaDivaYR

    That’s lovely, Angelica, but why do you allow egomaniacs like Braeden and Stafford to publicly humiliate cast members, fight with fans and and act like damn fools? They’re lighting up Twitter as we speak, and NOT IN A GOOD WAY.

    A true diva would slap those fools down and lay down the law! I can only hope that my fellow BITCH DIVA, Jill Farren Phelps, is as BAAAAD as everyone says. Never met her but I already feel sorry for her! Playing babysitter to this cray cray geezer and broad ain’t gonna be easy. Pray for her!!!

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    Restless Vixen

    Ms McDaniel is such a jem on Twitter. She really seems invested in daytime on CBS, and she responds to fans. She even revealed she’s named after Dark Shadows’ Angelique. The cross-pollination of Y&R/B&B actors on The Price is Right and The Talk have been really smart on her part. As a devout Y&R fan, I truly feel CBS is invested in the future of soaps on the network.

  6. Profile photo of LaDivaYR

    One more thing.

    If that crazy broad Stafford didn’t mind working with Joshua before, trust me, she does now! By publicly saying she was “hurt” and “mad” he basically outed her (not that way… yet) to the whole world as a controlling witch. LOL, I love it!

    I just opened a Twitter account today and I’m hooked for life! The back and forth between Braeden, Stafford, Morrow, Muhney, MTS and all the fans is just insane! Stafford is playing it like “whaaaat, me?” but no one is buying it. Broad started retweeting fans’ comments about how hot Phyllis & Ronan are (puke!) as soon as Joshua told The Talk that Sharon & Nick are the end game. OMG, can she be any more obvious???

    Poor Joshua, having to put up with this old broad and her pack of rabid fans online. No wonder he wants to get out of that toxic situation and go back to Sharon & Nick. Good luck to him! And the actor who plays Ronan, you better watch out… La Stafford don’t play!

    Even better, Nelson Branco is saying the brass at SONY and CBS are fuming over Eric Braeden’s meltdown and childish behavior. Why did they re-sign that fool is beyond me! Time to send him and his oversize ego packing!

  7. Profile photo of scrumptious

    GMAB! Nelson Branco is full of crap! Eric Braeden did not have a “meltdown”. It was 2 freaking tweets — one directed at Branco himself who has lead a smear campaign against Braeden for months and the other at Muhney who had it coming.

    Eric Braeden is extremely gracious and charming on Twitter. He is constantly praising the show and his coworkers. Unlike Michael Muhney who is constantly trashing the show, throwing shade at the cast, celebrating actors being fired, bashing the Emmy’s and Tony Geary, rallying people to drop State Farm Insurance because his car got rear-ended, ETC… It’s always something or another drama with that guy! Now he’s bragging that he writes 50% of his own scripts! LOL

    The brass at SONY and CBS need to put a muzzle on Michael Muhney!

    I applaud Eric Braeden for giving him a little smackdown. Maybe he’ll think next time before he shoots his mouth off knowing that TGVN is watching!

  8. Profile photo of harlee490

    Hurray! Thank Sweet Jesus we CBSers have someone at CBS that cares. After Barbara Bloom disastrous rein, I will never forgive her. Maybe the fans of CBS’s soaps have found their next Lucy Johnson, we need Execute that loves daytime as genre as Lucy had gone, she ruled over a mighty lineup and kept the ratings up the all soaps safe. ;)

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    TV Gord

    I’m surprised at the level of faith people seem to be putting in her. Experience has taught soap fans that TV executives serve a NUMBER of masters, and soap viewers are pretty far down the list. This smells to me of someone who is telling us what we want to hear…until she doesn’t anymore.

    She’s trying to prop up her shows (ALL of her shows), so of course she’s going to say the most positive things she can. Never once does she make any reference to the ratings of Y&R (instead, she deflects to B&B). Is she happy with where they are now? Does she think they might increase? Will she be happy in future years if the ratings stay the same? How much can they drop before she starts to fall into Frons territory of disinformation (because she doesn’t seem too far off to me).

    Sure, Y&R is popular around the world, but it also has HALF the audience it did 15 years ago in America. It wasn’t that long ago that it was unthinkable to most of you that AMC, OLTL, ATWT or GL could be cancelled.

    I’m not saying it’s time to panic for the remaining CBS soaps yet, but let’s be realistic.

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    I feel really good about Angelica McDaniel. She is praised a lot on Twitter, and I get the feeling she gets what the viewers want to see.

    Let’s see how things progress.

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    CBS isn’t ABC and unless the ratings drop to other soaps rating point of 1.9 CBS will support their day-part. CBS has showed its support for their remaining soaps. Y&R & B&B is clearly safe compared to the other two networks.

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    Ms. Angelica McDaniel sounds like CBS is invested in the show. She very positive and hey even with JFP having the reputation that she has; clearly CBS wants to continue this show.

    I hope this Y&R crew that taking over have a strong vision for Y&R. Josh and Jill sounds like they have some good ideas. I don’t know what Maria was thinking with the crap she was writing. It was a hot mess!

    Think about this, William Bell had a vision for his show. Not only that, but he wanted his show to be #1 and it de-thorn General Hospital for the top spot in 1988. Now you have one of the top executives in the business that worked at a slew of shows, but her last stop was GH. How about that for irony. Jill and Josh make Y&R memorable not laughable like the last two hacks! Good Morning-

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    I think it’s nice to finally have someone wanting to keep this soap on the air but I do think she has her work cut out for her in keeping the egos in check with EB & MS.

  14. Profile photo of soapylove

    I think it’s nice to finally have someone wanting to keep this soap on the air but I do think she has her work cut out for her in keeping the egos in check with EB & MS.

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