Is the Devil in The Details for 666 Park Avenue?

The promos for 666 Park Avenue make the series look like it’s filled with mystery, intrigue and beautifully-evil people. ABC is pairing it on Sunday’s with Once Upon a Time and Revenge, which, if you’ve watched the combined trailer after the jump, seems like the perfect combination for success. Will you be watching 666 Park Avenue? Watch the Once Upon a Time, Revenge and 666 Park Avenue trailer after the jump!

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    I absolutely will be watching 666 Park Avevue, for the wonderful Terry O’Quinn. I like Vanessa Williams too, but since Lost, I have adored him. I also watch Person of Interest, which I started watching becasue Michael Emerson is in it, (and I could watch him read the phone book), but the show is great!! Oh how I miss Lost, but at least I can watch some of it’s talented cast. I also am watching Revolution, which I don’t think is real good, but because Elisabeth Mitchell is in it, I will give it a chance. Now just waiting to see Josh Holloway in something…He was great in Mission Impossible, but wasn’t in it enough

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