SPOILERS: Will Sharon’s Shenanigans Land Her in an Orange Jump Suit on Young and Restless?


Victor/Sharon/Nick: The Black Knight wants payback, and his latest wife is Victor Newman's first target! After Sharon sues Victor for abandonment, he has her brought up on criminal charges.


Later, Sharon decides to crash Faith's birthday party, ticking off Nick and Noah in the process. Look for Sharon's eldest offspring to light into his mother for the foolishness she's been pulling! Sharon attempts to explain her actions, saying she truly believed TGVN was testing her. The Newmans aren't trying to hear it. Just when Sharon's day can't get any worse, two police officers arrive to haul her off to jail!

Nick pays Sharon a visit in jail, and resumes blasting his ex for her actions. Sharon pleads with her first love to have Victor drop the charges. Nick, however, feels Sharon deserves everything she's getting!

After Nick leaves, Victor swings by, vowing Sharon will pay dearly. Sharon begs Mr. Mumbles to let her off the hook, but he isn't budging either. Got that?!

Sleazy Tucker then pops up, and proceeds to throw Sharon under the bus as well.

Summer: Her announcement causes a big showdown between her parents.

The Newmans: Nikki, Victoria and Nick all stick with Victor. Will Adam follow suit?

Chloe: The fashionista starts to unravels when Michael puts the screws to her.

The Chancellors: Tucker's latest stunt may have caused new, long-lasting problems for his relationships with Kay and Devon.

Danny/Cricket: When not working to help Paul, the former lovers find time to sweat up the sheets. Will Cricket and Danny finally get the happily ever after Phyllis once robbed them of?

Ronan: What wouldn't a cop do for the redhead, er brunette he loves?


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  1. Profile photo of Yoryla

    These spoilers do NOT sound good.

    “Will Cricket and Danny finally get the happily ever after Phyllis once robbed them of?”
    – What do you mean?! Christine’s true love IS/ turned out to be Paul, not Danny. Christine ultimately chose Paul over Danny. And Paul & Chris’ happiness Phyllis tried to ruin with her car.

  2. Profile photo of cgoff

    Phyllis did not rob Danny and Christine of anything! there were not even together when Phyllis met Danny and Christine was dating Paul back GC.

    it would be nice if someone knew the history of the show and the characters!

  3. Profile photo of Mel_O

    Damn, everyone and their mother will be laying into Sharon! You’d think she held the entire town hostage with the way they’re treating her.

    I may just have to tune out for now and tune back in October 12th.

  4. Profile photo of ClosetYRFan

    Ok, here’s how I *hope* the Sharon storyline plays out (and I think another member thinks this is what will happen as well):

    Sharon’s behaviour will get a bit more crazy. As she’s being sentenced for whatever charges she’s been put up on, she’ll have some sort of medical emergency. Suddenly it’ll be revealed that she has a brain tumor in her pre-frontal lobe (which affects the personality). Then we go through all this “Will she or won’t she survive the surgery?” and then the stress of the chemo.

    Nick/Noah/Doris could care for Sharon as she recovers and they can all mend their relationship with her. It would provide the catalyst for the Shick reunion that’s bound to happen eventually.

    Other wins for this storyline:
    – Shictor can return to having a father-daughter relationship.
    – Nikki, Vicki, and Abby will have to get off their high horses where Sharon is concerned.
    – Sharon can go back to being a good character and will finally have an event that shows she’s a strong woman (something she’s been pissing and moaning about for ages)
    – Maybe Olivia will come back to treat the cancer? Which could potentially lead into a storyline for Neil that the fans actually care about.
    – The SyPh will stop being the needy, whiney, self-righteous wife of Nick, which is growing tired. Let her be the scheming, slightly crazy vixen, MS rocks that role!

    When Sharon gets better, she can have the best of both worlds: compassionate and loving, who also doesn’t take anyone’s bullshit and can give as good as she gets.

    …am I dreaming?

  5. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Phyllis did not rob Danny and Christine of anything! there were not even together when Phyllis met Danny and Christine was dating Paul back GC.

    Apparently it’s you who doesn’t know the history. Cricket and Danny were married, when Phyllis, an obsessed fan of Danny, drugged him and made him believe he fathered her child. Danny THEN divorced Cricket, because he wanted to be there for “his” kid.

  6. Profile photo of Mel_O

    – Shictor can return to having a father-daughter relationship.[/quote]

    Unfortunately, that will probably never happen. Given everything that played out between them, on-screen and off, I highly doubt these two character will ever be able to go back to the way they were. And it really saddens me because I always loved their father/daughter relationship.

  7. Profile photo of ClosetYRFan

    Very true, I was hoping seeing Sharon hit rock bottom in a mental/medical capacity might inspire some sympathy. But Victor feels the world owes him something.

    Oh well, I hear Sharon’s going to have a complete mental breakdown. Close enough.

  8. Profile photo of pennywise555

    I hate to see Sharon in an orange jumpsuit again, but’s it’s preferable to the one Daytime Confidential keeps posting of her coming out of FUCKER MCBALL’s bedroom freshly fucked. Did Hogan Sheffer join the DC team?

    No wedding clip from yesterday?

  9. Profile photo of pennywise555

    [quote=80srockfan]Maybe DC will have a photo of Jill coming out of his bedroom when her six weeks is up but then again MotherTucker likes them wild,sexy, & young[/quote]

    Oh I think Y&R should keep the woman wild, sexy, and young for him, so those high definition cheek to cheek shots on the big screen can continue to highlight how vile, decrepit, and ancient he is in comparison.

  10. Profile photo of LaDivaYR

    Today’s episode was a huge ole mess of crappy writing, bad directing and overacting by the usual suspects (EB, MTS, MS, etc). I can’t wait until the new regime’s episodes start airing!!!

    And I hope “Victor” is enjoying his last turn as a leading man. Under the new regime he will play backup to the younger players, including the new kids that JFP & JG are bringing from Hollywood Heights. Forget any more storylines about Victor marrying hot young ladies, or Nikki torn between two geezers, etc.

    I can’t wait!

  11. Profile photo of cwbybrick

    Apparently i’m the only one that loved Sharin’s takeover of Newman Enterprises and wished Victor had been killed for real. Nikki, Victoria, Nick, et al, need to get off their high horses, wipe Victor’s crap from their lips and start acting like individuals with lives of their own. I don’t agree she needs to go to jail–she should be given a medal for sticking it to the high and mighty Newmans and almost pulling it off. Does GC give medals of dishonor? LOL.

    Short of bringing Cassie back with a ‘dream sequence’ or coma that explains the past five or six years, I could stomach a medical trauma like the above mentioned brain tumor or a complete mental breakdown but disagree that she should be ‘saved’ by yet another man (past, present or future). She needs to put on her damn big girl panties and act her age. Physical age.

    Oh and I’ve never liked Saint Pristine Christeeen. I’m with Phyllis, I hate that bug. Even when she was a kid with Nina, she was holier-than-thou and the other actors (i’ve read) had to say how beautiful and what an epitomy of womanness and venusness Saint Cricket was as she twirled and fake smiled for the Jabot cameras. I was one that cheered Phyllis on when she was giving Cricket a hard time.

  12. Profile photo of pjc722

    As much as I am loving the SHARON caper now I want to Victor to start explaining his actions PRIOR to disappearing. Every time this man disappears after insulting, blackmailing, name calling and verbal abuse towards his loved ones he comes back with a clean slate.

    Why did he marry Sharon on Nikki’s wedding day?

    As for Phyllis, PLEASE just end her story and let us see her go to jail for a month or 2. She deserves to serve some sort of sentence for the sake of the fans. It will be wrong to let her off or to see Danny and Christine let bygones be bygones BECAUSE a KNOW IT ALL Phyllis is annoying.

  13. Profile photo of tedew

    We always know that Victor is never dead (even more so this time) and always comes back with a vengeance and worse than ever before. We also know that Sharon is mentally ill and will be cured and will always be a Newman; no matter which male (at least for now) has slipped the golden ring on.

    But I’m just dreading having to yet again witness Victor exact his revenge. It would be so nice if this latest lapse of memory could have given him some compassion and understanding.

    Can’t say the same for Phyllis. I am just so fed up with seeing her lapse further into denial and now seeming to think she’s going to get away with something she doesn’t seem to think she did or thinks she had the right to do. I just can’t shake the notion that she’s somehow going to get out of this whole thing smelling like a rose. That would be such a mistake.

  14. Profile photo of pennywise555

    [quote=80srockfan]Someone has to like the look Stephen does very well with the Sony & cbs survey polls[/quote]

    Congratulations to the 5 fanatical fans with 100s of email addresses.

    Funny how those polls don’t seem to jibe with the million+ viewers who stopped watching Y&R since he was added.

  15. Profile photo of SoapGirl

    So tired of Victor winning and Devon turning on his father when Neil could sleep his way through every woman in town and he says nothing. For once I wish Tucker would tell Devon to go to hell. Neither Lily nor Devon called Neil for the chit he pulled on his wife and had an affair with Devon’s “aunt” nor what he did to the mother of his child. But since Devon himself slept with aunty that makes him just as disgusting as Neil.

  16. Profile photo of crissyh80

    So Sharon is going to jail again, for what, exactly? burning a document taht was irrelevant because her husband was still alive legally married to her? legally taking possession of her missing husband’s company? are you kidding me? so sick of this crap.

    meanwhile, phyllis tried to kill two people and was heavily involved in the death of another (if she hadn’t called tim over to her apartment…) and she is walking around like a pious victim, dissing her real victims and basically lying through her teeth every time she opens her mouth. Will she get as much jail time as sharon? probably not this time around…

    And why are all the characters on the victor train again? so he can run/ruin their lives again until he a)dies again or b)goes to find himself. the only surprising part is that he didn’t come back with another woman. i’m in complete shock. wth is really going on??
    wake me when it’s over…

  17. Profile photo of seaweed3

    There is no Doubt that Paul is the love of Christine’s life. There is nothing to prove that they have been sweating up the sheets. That’s just an assumption. I also believe that over the years Danny was more obsessed with Christine than being inlove with her. Yes, Christine had started seeing more of Paul before Danny sent her the divorce paper. Paul and Christine even had a toast that said to our frienship wherever it may lead prior to her getting that divorce letter from Danny. When Danny came back from New York Chris was already engaged to Paul. Danny vowed to get Christine back even if other people’s life were hurt in the process. Paul got the brunt of it. He harrassed and plotted against Paul in everyway possible. The list is too long to even start.Christine’s main reason for coming back to GC was to be there for Paul. Heather called her and told her Paul needs her and she was there in a heartbeat. She just put her job on the back burner to help Paul.She chose Paul over Danny more than once even when Phyllis wasn’t a threat.She told Danny that she was inlove with Paul but she will always care about him. Right now, the only thing that is separating Christine/Paul relationship is boring Nina and I believe that will be resolved in the future.Remember she told Michael Baldwin that Phyllis was not the only reason thing didn’t work out for her and Danny? She said it’s because she also loved Paul and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

  18. Profile photo of tedew

    SoapGirl and crissyh80 … your posts #24 and #25 above are both completely right on the marks. I’m also completely fed up with those two holier than thou self righteous hypocritical Winters boys. It gets tiring having those two always dissing those they disapprove of. The same goes for Katherine having the nerve to call the kettle black. I’m in the minority here but I think Tucker is evolving into quite an interesting villain. Not sure about why Sharon should go to jail either except for that she did deliberately misidentify a body to her advantage. But she’s mentally ill and all those who have and still do actually love her will soon realize that.

  19. Profile photo of harlee490

    I’ve been seeing the “tweats” Josh spoke of the interview, notice how the last few weeks Sharon’s hair has gotten lighter and is “blonde” again not the brunette (it looked good) she’s looking like Sharon again, they are setting up a bust up for Phick, and Lane. They are going somewhere with Tucker (hope only there until contract is up) making problems w/Kay, making Jack & Victor enemies. I wondering if they are killing off Genura? She turned on Tucker, Victor knowing she helped Tucker, Cane is over her, I do think Gen will help Jack before exiting.

  20. Profile photo of tedew

    harlee490 … all involved with Victor’s LA adventure with the exception of Tucker can be forgiven because they did try to “help”. Of course why non of them just sort of mentioned it to those who cared still doesn’t make sense at all. Sharon’s role will be eventually excused due to her illness.

  21. Profile photo of harlee490

    Of course it will Tedew…its a soap but if we can get a good story a true story of redemption I’m OK. MAB had characters all over the map, one minute they are evil one week and next week the fans are suppose to forgive characters heinous acts. No balance on MAB…Tucker might turn into a character I might like now with Josh, SN is fine actor and could be the 3rd wheel of Jack\Victor/Tucker could be interesting and fun ride especially in a big corporate story-line…you could throw Katherine in and baby we could have a story cooking! I hated how MAB wrote the Tucker from the beginning is the problem I have with Tucker.

  22. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    I have got to tell ya, MAB REALLY dropped the ball on simply shutting down the Los Angeles dock workers story. I found it to be very interesting, and actually has some suspense, and could have been Emmy material. Amnesiac Victor saves the day from lousy bosses. Could have been spun, the dock workers were employed by Newman Enterprises or McCall Unlimited. Would have been classic.

    Instead we got to see Nicole sashay around judging everyone. Sharon wander around (what else can it be called) with that stare on her face, and the reveal of the New Evil One — Tucker McCall. Hoo haw. MAB, take the sotry back to LA, and finish THAT story!

  23. Profile photo of tedew

    hey mon … exactly! Nikki does that all the time when she’s in Victor’s good graces; which will probably not be for much longer unless they are finally back burnered.

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