General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

The women of Port Charles descend on the Floating Rib for Kate’s bachelorette party, while Sonny’s favorite boys join him at the restaurant for his party.

Maxie’s worried about the quality of her party. Connie wants to know where the strippers are. Dante drops off Olivia and Lulu before heading over to Sonny’s. Kristina and Sam arrive even though Sam feels out of place. Sam tells Kris about running into Jason at the Chinese restaurant and that they kissed. However, it doesn’t mean anything. Connie asks about Olivia’s recovery and jokes that everyone thought she was the crazy one.

Sonny sends Milo to Kate’s party as extra security, worried that Joe might crash it. Jason, Spinelli and Michael show up at Sonny’s. Sonny shows Michael the pendant he found in the alley and figures Trey and Joe are up to something. He tells Michael that he checked out Joe’s story. He found the baby at the boarding house and raised him. Michael wonders what Trey knows and if Sonny is planning on questioning him. Michael’s worried about Kristina’s reaction, but Sonny feels whatever he does will be in Kris’ best interest, since he needs to protect his family. Dante arrives and wonders who they need protecting from, but Sonny deflects, joking about Spinelli and his poker playing.

Spinelli tells Jason that he’s done with Maxie and has even signed up with an online dating service. Jason tells him that he was wrong about Sam’s baby but Spin doesn’t believe two mistakes could have been made. He calls Ellie to come and help him figure it out and begs Jason not to quit. Jason tells him about Sam and the Chinese restaurant but that he saw the signed divorce papers. Spinelli says Sam hasn’t given up on Jason yet.

Starr worries about Trey, who talks of finding his mom but when pressed, decides he doesn’t want to talk to Starr about it. When she gets to the party, Starr tells Kris to talk to Trey.

Tracy stops by Joe’s place, to return his medallion and isn’t in a hurry to leave. Joe feels there’s a connection between them. He feels the other women he’s dated were different. Tracy goes to leave, but comes back in and they kiss.

Maxie tells Felicia that Kate wants a stripper and is about to call Spinelli to help her find one when Milo shows up. Kate tells Maxie to get a stripper or she won’t reinstate her at Crimson. Maxie begs Lulu to help, so Lulu convinces Milo to play the stripper.

Lulu asks Liz what’s on her mind and Liz flashes back to her conversation with Jason about the DNA results. She tells Lulu that she messed everything up with Jason that she confronted her feelings for Jason now that he’s not with Sam and swears she respected their marriage. Liz says they started to reconnect but she did something stupid.

Connie complains to Olivia that she wanted to let her hair down and have one last blow out and wonders where the shenanigans are. Maxie introduces Magic Milo, who starts off not knowing what to do. Lulu mimes a couple of actions for him and Milo gets into the act and starts stripping, which makes all the women lose their minds. Connie sprays champagne as do Maxie and Starr and then the women start putting money in Milo’s pants.

Trey gets to the poker game, but Sonny takes him into the office for a talk. Michael tells the other about the Vegas wedding and how he and Starr wouldn’t do it that way. Dante warns him that getting married is nerve wracking. Max tells him not to commit too young. Jason says marriage is a lifetime commitment. If it ends too soon it can be painful. Michael reassures them all he has no intention of getting married anytime soon.

Sonny gives Trey a wad of money, but he declines it. Sonny wonders if Kristina isn’t all that Trey wants and gives him the medallion.

Milo finishes his dance and takes off backstage to count up his loot. Connie follows him back there and comes onto him. Olivia finds them making out.

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    Why wasn’t Alexis or Diane at the bachelorette party?

    Why were Sam and Liz there? (other than to pad the numbers and to make Liz look guilty by having her give Sam the eye all night). I fanwanked it that Sam was there via Kristina who is the groom’s daughter. But the best I could do for Liz is that the bride’s cousin is dating her brother and even that was a bit of a stretch.

    Line of the day:
    Joe: All the other women I’ve dated have been….
    Tracy: Victims?

    Ah Tracy, I’d like it better if you didn’t fall for the big lug.

    What exactly was Olivia wearing? Her girls were falling out of that thing.

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    TV Gord

    My favorite line was when Spinelli mentioned how fortunate it was that the Peppermint liqueur he gave Sonny as a gift TWO YEARS AGO was still unopened behind the bar. LOL! As cloying as Spinelli can be at times, he was pretty funny today.

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    Magic Milo was AMAZING! And the bachelorette party was funny. I didn’t get why Sam or Elizabeth were there either … but whatever.

    I wish Tracy wouldn’t fall for Joe. I’m sorry but I can’t help myself. Even if he did not rape Kate – assuming that Joe was sleeping with Connie who indeed tried to seduce him – he still murdered John’s sister and really seems to have no reason whatsoever for going after Sonny. In the end, he seems to be a loser who’s easy on lying and is even using his own son. Tracy is in for a heartbreak – again!

    I know the poker game – with anyone thinking Michael was about to propose to Starr – was supposed to be similar funny as Kate’s party but it just wasn’t. A lot of scenes that had no purpose and the rest was more of the same or stupid talk from Spinelli.

    Again Magic Milo was truly fantastic. Can’t say it enough. And Lulu convincing him to strip was one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen in a long time on GH.
    And Perkie, you are right … Alexis and Diane should have been there – instead of Sam and Liz. This never ending story could have rested for one episode.

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    This episode really highlighted how disconnected the characters are. They just do not fit together. The show is quite possibly in the worst shape it has ever been in. It is so disjointed and nonsensical. How could these people not know Kate is Connie? The only person in that bar who gets a pass from me is Kristina since she has always been way more focused on herself. Olivia, Maxie, and Lulu Should know. Dante, Mac, and Felicia are smarter than this. Liz and Starr have seen first hand the damage that Connie can do and isn’t Sam supposed to have a functioning brakn cell somewhere? If the plot requires all of the characters to be stupid, it is a stupid plot.

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    I couldn’t agree more. It’s stupid that NO ONE is questioning Kate’s behavior. Starr should know, so should Maxie and Lulu. Hell even Carly should have noticed when Connie was visiting Johnny. These characters are written without a brain to serve plot. Just like Elizabeth was written to this extreme with tampering with the DNA results to serve the plot.

    Again when characters start to serve plot and you have NO character-driven stories anymore you know that the show is in trouble. Sadly RC has shown this several times over the last couple of weeks.

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    Tris Drake

    Liz’s hair was Everything! That being said I dont know why she was there. Lulu had me rolling. I’m pretty sure Maxie would know water downed booze. I know Sonny doesn’t have many friends not on his payroll,but why wad Spin there? Sonny treats him like crap. Sad bachelor party. At least the ladies had fun. What was Starr wearing?

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    The bachelorette party was a hoot. Sam was there because Kristina dragged her there to be with her and to cheer her up, according to what she said when they arrived. But she’s also still married to Jason and so is a friend of the Corrinthos family. Both Alexis and Diane should have been there as they were/are Kate’s best friends. WTH was Liz doing there? She is not a friend of Kate or Connie or any of the other women in that room for that matter. And I was totally turned off by her snarky attitude and her shooting hateful, nasty looks at Sam behind her back all evening!!! She is so gripped by jealousy that I’m surprised she wasn’t glowing neon green!! I did love the way they had RH’s hair curled but she had on way too much makeup. Olivia was falling out of her dress and the color was horrible on her. Lulu looked beautiful in red, KS’s Maxie looked wonderful and healthy but Connie looked vulgar! How anyone in that room couldn’t see that Kate was really Connie is beyond me!! The best part of course was Milo!!!

    The poker game was much more mellow but still fun. It was nice to see all the men relaxed for a change and getting along.

    I wish Tracy wasn’t being so foolish with her heart!!

    I love that Spinelli is so determined to figure out the mystery of Sam’s missing child and encouraged Jason not to give up on finding the child or Sam!!! How perceptive was he when he said to Jason “This is no coincidence. There are other forces at work.” And then proceeded to call Elli to help figure it all out!

    The truth is going to come out and hopefully ALL the parties involved will be going down!!! :|

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    Lucy D.

    I am a little confused about Kate/Connie/whoever. If Connie was the innocent good girl teen, why is the Connie alter so crude? She’s really over the top disgusting, and there’s no subtlety in KS’s acting. It’s become grating.

    I was so in love with this show just a few weeks ago. And now we have Liz doing something (we think) that she would never do (sorry Sam fans, she wouldn’t).

    Worse I think the stuff Jerry put in the water just made everyone in Port Charles dumb. Felicia wouldn’t know Kate or Connie, but nearly everyone else in that room should. Olivia even “saw” her in one of her LSD-induced future flashes. Tracy is beyond stupid with her Joe Jr. addiction. Elizabeth is blindly dumb about Jason (for the record I am a big Elizabeth fan, but Liason leaves me numb). Is Christina over 21 now (how much did they age her–wasn’t this her freshman year of college?). Mac shouldn’t have been serving her.

    On the bright side Starr is growing on me. I can tolerate Trey. And I am happy every time Finola Hughes is on the screen (much happier when Luke is no where near her).

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    Tris Drake

    @ curacaoman Too funny! The only person who might go down is Heather. I’m pretty sure Roger Howarth is going nowhere so neither is Todd. And if Liz did do it she’s in good company with half the town lying about paternity and missing babies. Cough…Sam..Cough…

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    What struck me at the end of this epi was how MANY characters were shown. Did I love all of it? No, I would agree the fact that kate is so CLEARLY connie and no one knows is truly stupid but I still thought the episode had movement and used a big part of the canvas.

    Performer of the day: BA as Spinelli. The dont ask me to give up stuff coupled with the how great is life that we have these friends really struck a cord with me.

    Co performer of the day: JMB – I want lulu at MY bachelorette party!

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    There is no logical explanation for Liz being at this party. The only time I can remember her having any dialogue with Kate was at the MC on her date with Ewen. They are hardly friends, BUT once again she has to be used to prop Jasam and this stupid story line. With SBu leaving, the writers didn’t need for Liz to change anything. There is no time for a proper story line to play out with this plot point utilized. All this manages to do, is to permanently damage the Jason/Liz relationship before he leaves. With that said I assume Liz was at the party so she could look at Sam guiltily all night long. She did look great though. RH is a beautiful woman, and stood out in the midst of all those women.

    I agree that Alexis should have been in attendance, but when you think about it…the friendship between Alexis/Diane/Kate was really only shown when Megan Ward played Kate. This Kate really hasn’t shared any friend scenes with Alexis. It is like the writers forgot they used to be friends…Anyway… considering CH probably wasn’t back on the set filming scenes for GH yet, explains her absence.

    It IS ridiculous that they aren’t aware that this is Connie. It is beyond credulous, that people aren’t noting the differences in style, taste and behavior.

    I do like when the show has a party theme going. It is enjoyable to watch the characters have fun for a change. I thought the poker party was nice also. I enjoyed the dialogue in their scenes.

    I still don’t like Joe Jr, or Trey…or any of this story line.

    My favorite line of the show was when Kate said that the party was deader than Boca after Jeopardy.

  12. Profile photo of luvinggh

    Tvgord, You said we would see who was at Joe Jrs door today. Well Tracey was there but I don’t think she was at the door on Monday’s episode. He made a comment when he opened the door like “its about time”. He had a bag he was looking in before Tracey got there, that he stashed under the bed. Maybe thats what someone dropped off? Possibly the missing money from the ransom?

  13. Profile photo of js3557

    Liz looked gorgeous. It does not make sense that she was there. She was Lulu’s sister-in-law, and now they appear to be friendly again. Olivia dates her brother. Other than that, I don’t get it. The only explanation is that she is being used as a plot point. On Twitter last night RC admitted that Liz switching the results (if she did it) was a “story beat”, a.k.a. a plot point. When even the head writer admits that something a character does has nothing to do with that character’s history and current story, then everyone should be able to admit that it is out of character for Liz to do this.

    I loved Magic Milo and JMB had me laughing out loud and rewinding when she was demonstrating the dance moves for Milo.

    The fact that no one knows that this is Connie is beyond ridiculous.

  14. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I loved when Sam told Krissy she didn’t brood she reflected. Milo and Maxi’s little hello to each other. Liz’s curls. All the girls going crazy over Milos dance. Ohh and Lulu showing Milo how to dance..

    I really enjoyed this episode and seeing everyone be a little goofy. It reminds me of when me and my Mom friends hit the town. We act a little out of character just for fun and to one up each other. I just don’t pay to much attention to plot points. In terms of Liz being there it didn’t make a ton of sense over say Alexis- however I am glad they did because it gave a moment for her and Lulu to chat. With Robin and Em gone she hasn’t really been shown with any females.

    I really wish it was still Kemo and LA but the new girl and her did good yesturday. I liked the chit chatting and Sam slowing her down on drinking..

  15. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    Sorry, still think the writing is getting Dumber & Dumber. No one can tell there is something different about Kate??? Olivia, her own cousin, can’t see there is something off? Trying so hard to keep my faith in GH, I want it to survive SOOO badly, but the writing and character changes have been way off. I now can see why Steve Burton decided to leave the show.

  16. Profile photo of soapbaby

    As a lifelong soap opera viewer, I understand suspending belief to watch story play out (Heck, I watched and enjoyed DAYS when Marlena was possessed by THE DEVIL!) but I have a problem suspending thought/intellect. I could suspend the belief I had long enough to enjoy parts of the bachelorette party and KS’ OTT performances (both Kelly Sullivan & Kirsten Storms) BUT I have a hard time with everyone not realizing Kate has split into Konnie! Her behavior is so blatant and cries for attention. I mean, Lulu figured out Ronnie was the stripper beater with less evidence! Olivia suspected Heather was up to no good BEFORE she broke any laws! Mac was the police commissioner! An aside: Mac is so hot! He and Felicia look gorgeous and I wish they were featured being adorable more often. JJY is a fine actor and should be utilized.

    Milo has got it going on! Seeing him strip was a hoot. I loved seeing the girls’ cut loose but would have preferred Alexis and Diane in attendance versus Starr, Kristina and Liz. I love seeing Liz in anything other than hospital scrubs and with her hair in a different style.

    And the way they are using Liz has me spitting nails. It’s outrageous, offensive and stupid. Outside of a few wonderful Liason scenes a few months back, I have wanted Liz extricated from JaSam’s black-hole of nothingness. Liz and Rebecca Herbst warrants story and not to be used to prop lesser characters/stories. Given how Ron Carvialti destroyed Marty Saybrooke on OLTL (a beloved character involved in the show’s watershed storyline) I am terribly concerned for Elizabeth Imogene Webber!

  17. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    While the party was fun, i can not suspend my disbelief anymore. The whole Kate/Connie thing is just plain stupid and is ruinning my enjoyment of the whole show, it needs to stop. NOW.

  18. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    From Ron on twitter

    Ron Carlivati @carlivatiron
    I’m getting tired of the phrase “under the bus.” Can we try something else? How about “over the van”? E.g. I didn’t throw her over the van.

    5h Thea Rairdan @TheaElaine
    @carlivatiron Liz has never in 14 years on the show ever done something like this. So yes that does seem OOC/thrown under a bus.

    5h Ron Carlivati @carlivatiron @TheaElaine So when she cheated on her husband with his brother and then faked a mental breakdown to try to hold onto him, was that OOC too?

    All I’m saying is that soap characters sometimes make mistakes and do bad things, just like real people.

  19. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    So on the Kate front I get that it seems lame maybe that they don’t notice. But I guess in my head if I was watching Megan Ward it would be more blaring. They recast her with someone younger who can clearly pull of trashy. Maxie I can see just going over it because she wants her job back. I get so tired of Olivia and Kates back home stories I humm over it.. I think this Kate is just more trashy than Megan Ward would have done it. I could have seen Megan playing and looking more like Vicki on OLTL.

  20. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote; EET] So when she cheated on her husband with his brother and then faked a mental breakdown to try to hold onto him, was that OOC too? [/quote]

    NO, that was bad writing and Guza’s hatred for REbecca Herbst.

    Seriously though, personally, I don’t equate cheating on your fiance with hs brother in the same category as keeping a baby from it’s rightful mother.

    And it’s not about my likes versus my dislikes, it has to do with whether I think this character would do something like this. There are characters that I can see switching results (Carly, Sam, Maxie, Connie, Sonny, Johnny, Shawn). Those that I can’t see doing it (Robin, PAtrick, Liz, Alexis, Jax, Olivia).

    And I hate that the explanation isn’t about wanting to give good story, but that hey, she cheated on Lucky, so why can’t she do this.

  21. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    I dont think ron knows the character of liz at. All!! That was OCC of liz checking into a mental place tokeep lucky. Yeah she did stuff as a TEEN to get lucky but as an adult liz has never done stuff like that. Liz makes innbad decisions when it involves her heart. She makes bad. Choices when having affairs not keeping a woman from her child. Liz doesn’t hate sam and never has. Switching dna results is. Hateful. Liz helped keep carly baby alive and had dna switching done to her. Why do it to sam. After jason told her they couldn’t be together. What is the point.?

  22. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Add Jason and Molly to the list of peoe who wouldn’t and Monica and Tracy to the list that would.

    Cheating ona spouse is not the same thing as changing a DNA result.

    Liz may have held back on her baby’s paterinity but she didn’t change the results. She may have slept with Nik while engaged to Lucky but that wasn’t hurting anyone but someone who was already crying anyway.

    It sounds to me like the writer has no clue who these characters are and is just giving snappy answers to try and backtrack cause he f#%*ed up. It isn’t just Liz either. He has done a pretty hack job on Kate and Sam. Why does she feel her kid is alive and she isn’t looking for it? Why do her fans like that?

  23. Profile photo of mipeony

    While I would’ve preferred it if Mac had been the one stripping instead of Milo, I didn’t really care who it was as long as it wasn’t Sonny, Jason, Luke or Spinelli!

    I’m not going to get into the Liz/Sam wars, so I won’t say too much about the party except for the fact that if I were Starr, I wouldn’t have made the effort to go and no amount of it’s my boyfriend’s soon to be mother in law BS would’ve convinced me to go.

  24. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Perkie that is not what I took from that at all – that ron doesnt care about telling good story. I dont follow twitter so that bit and a recap of the twitter feeds was shared with me by someone else, but my understanding is that ronc was getting hammered by lizffs that all of this was just throwing liz under the bus and that he was writing her ooc and his response to that claim, after trying and trying to give answers was finally essentially to say that liz wasnt some saint and that you have to have characters make mistakes in order to move story. I just think this tweet in particular really doesnt fit in with the narrative that ron admitted that liz has done something that has nothing to do with that character’s history and current story and ergo that means that its ooc. I too took that to show that yes, he is well aware of her history because some suggested that he doesnt know enough about the character to write her correctly. I think he just as easily could have rattled off a bunch of her other misdeeds but the fake breakdown was one of the more recent issues. I would also add that I think by saying the bit about soap characters making mistakes is too essentially say that in his mind ANY character COULD be written as doing something like this – whether its liz or oltls marty or whoever. I sort of agree and sort of disagree with that – I could see ANY character doing this if the right context was given to it.

    Liason, since we dont know what the jason exits or aj enters (because perhaps they need to rough liz up a little to make it make sense if they pair those two together) we dont really know if this choice fits in with any of that yet. If ron is using this aspect of the story to facilitate the exit or entrance i think it puts that comment in a totally different light. We sort of have to see it play out first I think.

    Vet – sam felt her child is alive, but jason, dr. kelly, her mother and every other person who has talked to her have all expressed to her that her child was in fact that baby that was buried. I think its interesting that when liz says not to look for the child because theres no way that the baby could have been any other child shes being realistic and justifiable in her reactions, but when sam accepts that exact same premise under a less likely scenario (meaning liz had someone standing in front of her laying out how it might have happened where sam hasnt had anyone even remotely suggest that her child could be a live) then shes a mother who knows her kid is out there but doesnt care enough to hunt him down. I guess we have to blame sam for not looking and praise tea for her great mothering skills so as to excuse the fact that liz hurt danny by keeping his mother and father from him.

  25. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    See that ain’t at all what I meant. My meaning is that the writers have Sam sitting on the sidelines while Jason does all the work. She is supposed to be a P.I. And they are supposed to. E some great team. You yourself have brought up the two looking for Michael together. Yet, here is Jason not confiding in her. Here she is just accepting this story. Why isn’t she involved? Wouldn’t that also be an example of these writers writing someone out of character?

    I do expect that Sam will get baby Jason back and the child will not be seen until it’s next kidnapping or when he opens the front door and gets hit by a car.

  26. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote; EET] I would also add that I think by saying the bit about soap characters making mistakes is too essentially say that in his mind ANY character COULD be written as doing something like this [/quote]

    Well, then here’s where Ron and I diverge. I have no problem with needing to move story and what not, but I do have a problem with the attitude that any character can do anything mentality. That’s just an excuse for lazy writing.Because then we end up with a bunch of scummy people that have no rooting value.

    Todd, Sonny, Connie are characters that can and likely would do anything. They’ve been shown as such, so if one of them was to suddenly kick a puppy, no one would blink an eye.

    But other characters have that invisible moral line and making them cross that line for the explosive factor, to me, cheapens the story.

    None of the stupid stuff that LIz has done in her past makes me think that she would withold this kind of information about a baby, even Sam’s baby, considering her loss of Jake and the paternity issues around Aiden.

    Now, if she had withheld the part where Jason is the father instead of Franco, maybe, I can see that. It would be her stupidly thinking she can still have him if he’s not the baby’s father. But withholding the baby itself, no, dont’ buy it.

  27. Profile photo of liason4real

    EET, With SBu leaving the show it’s very obvious that RC had to change his story from Liason and McBam back to JaSam, but that does not mean Liz has to suddenly go all cray cray wanting to be with Jason. Heck, Liz did not go bonkers when she and Jason split up at the end of 2008 and now it’s just stupid to have her messing with a DNA test when she knows how it feels to lose a child.

  28. Profile photo of liason4real

    Liz showed no romantic interest in Jason until the 180 done to facilitate SBu leaving the show. If Liz thought the baby was Jason, she would tell him since she still feels guilty that he lost out on raising Jake.

  29. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Perkie see i guess where you and i disagree is that I believe what she and ric did to zander (and to nik, letting him be accused) was absolutely horrid. I thought withholding info on ric’s abduction of courtney too was beyond the pale esp. as jason stood in front of her a practically begged for her help, explaining to her that courtneys life was on the line. And then the bit where she thought she nearly killed sam and then asked lucky to risk his entire career to cover things up (and playing the mom card to maneuver him) all while again nik struggled with his own driving impairment issues/potential guilt was also terrible. Im not talking about the stupid stuff like using aiden to manipulate nik or leaving jake in the hospital to go boink her fiances brother – but those three things with zander, courtney and sam were serious lapses in judgement. What i find problematic with this story is i dont get why suddenly liz loves jason so much shes willing to do all this (or maybe shes grieving jake so much she cant stand to see another mother get her happy ending.) I think rons problem isnt that liz is being written ooc but rather that they arent providing us with the framework behind her actions.

    Liason im not disagreeing with you pov nor am i agreeing. I want to see if this is merely a plot point or if it actually plays in to whatever story they are going to tell.

  30. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Thank you Perkie! Your post (#33) said it all more eloquently than I could because I was too busy spitting nails about how Liz is being character assassinated again! As far as Ron Carvialti, he is not a great writer and drives plot over character as we are witnessing on GH and witnessed on OLTL. OLTL greatly benefited from the work of Scott Sickles who was credited with many of the great pieces of dialogue as OLTL neared it’s finale, including Viki’s speech during the penultimate episode. Why on Earth would RC reference the poor writing of previous regimes who did not show regard for the character of Elizabeth Webber because they were busy driving plot over character! Why not reference the works of Claire Labine, Richard & Carolyn Culliton?

  31. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    soapbaby – Why wouldn’t RC reference the work of previous regimes who have all won Emmys for their writing? We may think their writing stinks but clearly those in the industry do not.

  32. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Well, I thought the bacherlette party was a hoot no matter who showed up, Magic Milo made me laugh and cringe in a good way, Ms. Sullivan was a riot as Niki Smith…I mean, Connie, and Liz going all Sami Have DNA Results Will Travel Brady is great soap operatic fun.

  33. Profile photo of maxsmom

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]From Ron on twitter

    Ron Carlivati @carlivatiron
    I’m getting tired of the phrase “under the bus.” Can we try something else? How about “over the van”? E.g. I didn’t throw her over the van.

    5h Thea Rairdan @TheaElaine
    @carlivatiron Liz has never in 14 years on the show ever done something like this. So yes that does seem OOC/thrown under a bus.

    5h Ron Carlivati @carlivatiron @TheaElaine So when she cheated on her husband with his brother and then faked a mental breakdown to try to hold onto him, was that OOC too?

    All I’m saying is that soap characters sometimes make mistakes and do bad things, just like real people.[/quote]

    Liz wasnt married to Lucky so this is actually an example which shows RC’s lack of knowledge re GH’s history.
    And yes the affair was out of character because it ruined one of the best friendships on the show.
    RC is notoriously thin skinned and this snippet is a perfect example.

  34. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Maxsmom thats really splitting hairs since lucky was at one point her husband and they were engaged again. I actually went and looked at the comments in their entirety from the last day and half this afternoon. I was amazed at how decent and civil he was to the fans when some of them were being downright snotty. He said in a bunch of different ways that he didnt feel this was ooc for liz given some of her history – oh and then they said the history he sited was ooc as well lol – and even when he tried to be humorous and lighten the load they told him he was disrespectful for joking around. He even said he loved all the characters and some said that was bs and wished for him to LOSE HIS JOB and for the show to end (which is ironic in that when becky was fired, people that hated the character were told anything less than full support was hoping for her family to starve and that wishing for anyone to be out of work was TERRIBLE). They even yelled at him about having her confess, saying that if she was going to take the hit for having done this then she should never tell. Then at one point jillian bowe commented something to the effect that people have to lighten up a little they went off on her.

  35. Profile photo of KelliM64

    I didn’t see this addressed in the Obs or comments, but was there some significance to them showing that Max had the Dead Man’s Hand in the poker game and then folding saying he had nothing. Thought it was weird that they showed a close up to that twice. Anyone else notice that?

  36. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Soapbaby marty didnt snap over john per se she snapped because it was the last straw. but even there, she nearly KILLED someone. had she wanted to stay with the show or the show been going to continue she might well have been redeemed by saying she couldnt take her late term miscarriage, her sons incarceration and all the other things that she’d be through.

    The other thing – not to defend ron here again, but he didnt say hey guzas the greatest writer in the world, he said how can you say this is ooc when she JUST faked a breakdown to keep lucky and cheated on him with his brother, suggesting that a woman capable of the latter would also be capable of the current actions. Now if someone asked him what do you think is the most compelling story thats been told WITH/for liz and he said liz sleeping with luckys brother, i would say yeah why wouldnt he go back to the rape story/falling in love with lucky stuff since that was way better storytelling and labine had a greater use and love for the character but THAT wasnt the question. Moreover, yes guza did run out of steam in the end and some of it was plot points for sake of plot points, but i dont see much of that with ron to be fair and not all of guzas stuff was that way. He DID win emmys as sassy pointed out multiple times.

  37. Profile photo of soapbaby

    [quote=sassysdreams]soapbaby – Why wouldn’t RC reference the work of previous regimes who have all won Emmys for their writing? We may think their writing stinks but clearly those in the industry do not.[/quote]

    ^^ I asked why reference the work that discarded character-driven motivations in favor of plot points? I also mentioned previous writers (Labine & The Cullitons) who could be referenced who wrote for characters when soaps were still revered.

    And why should Liz be made hateful to the point of keeping apart a mother and child when she has NEVER been written to be capable of such a thing AND she has lost three children (two from miscarriages & one as victim of drunk-driving) AND watching Emma live without her mother. Even to contemplate such a thing to another mother over a man is not the character I have known over the past 15 years. Same thing happened to Marty Saybrooke on OLTL under Ron Carvialti. Marty completely snapped over losing a man she barely dated when she had survived lupus, a gang-rape, near death-experiences, amnesia, held hostage, miscarriages and raped AGAIN by her one of her original rapists, watching him go free for that crime. But we the audience were asked to accept that she snapped over a man she barely dated when she had survived so much worse. There was no regard for the character’s history and she became an obstacle to the reunion of John McBain & Natalie Buchanan, a heavily propped couple…similar to JaSam…

  38. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote; eet]He DID win emmys as sassy pointed out multiple times.[/quote]

    So did Jon Cryer, but even he couldn’t believe it. I love the Emmy’s but they ain’t the Nobel Prize, if you know what I’m sayin’.

    [quote]suggesting that a woman capable of the latter would also be capable of the current actions[/quote]

    Personally, I don’t think they’re one and the same and I think it’s silly of Ron (or anyone else) to try and sell me that. Because, by that token, anybody is capable of anything. Anna is just as capable as Todd of switching a dead baby for a live one and letting the grieving mother beleive her baby is dead. Patrick is capable of shooting out his father’s tires, causing an accident that kills two people and keeping quiet about it. Lulu is capable of drugging someone with LSD. I could go on, but Does anyone beleive that?

  39. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    But i would imagine that just like sam said she thought maureen was not a threat, liz is going to say i didnt think the baby was in danger. We know he is and obviously whether or not tea or heather or maureen were dangers it doesnt make it okay, it then becomes a paternity switch and we do know she is capable of that.

    would anna switch the babies? You know anna is my fave but if she thought robin was suicidal and switching would save robin? yeah under the right circumstances she might – this is a woman who was a double agent. Where you would lose me is if her motivations werent well detailed or werent reasonable – ie she would ONLY do that for Robin and there is no other situation i would buy that in. Would patrick kill his dad and keep quiet about it….what if noah operated on robin drunk and killed her? And now when he goes to tell the truth maxie says emma needs him. if someone told you matt would kill someone you would say oh that is totally ooc but didnt you buy that he did once they gave you the drinking, the forgetting, and all the other crap lisa did that night. Even sam – i think the issue is that it came out of nowhere and went against what we had always seen instinctively – but then you add in the other crazy, erratic behavior then yeah in the midst of a breakdown anyone could do anything. Would lulu give someone lsd? what if lulu got the dose from heather instead of olivia might she then? what if she got a brain tumor.

    As for guza are you honestly saying that ALL he wrote was plot point after plot point and none of his stories had value? And even that aside, are you suggesting that if you preferred labines writing then one should pretend that anything guza wrote didnt actually show up on our screens? when aj returns are we suppose to pretend aj didnt kidnap michael and kristina because guza wrote that? or is it better to say that aj snapped after all the degradation at sonnys hands and did what he did and edward knowing that he was going to go to jail wasnt going to let sonny win that way so he faked his death? Should ron ignore it or use the history in a compelling way.

  40. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Honestly again I believe characters on soaps are capable of anything given the right motivation. I think Liz has the motivation if she did do it. I love me some Sam- but really what obligation does Liz have to Sam anyways. She doesn’t know the baby is Jasons so in her mind she is just maybe keeping the baby from Sam to keep Jason to herself. Why should she care? She is hardly a Saint.

  41. Profile photo of maxsmom

    there is a huge difference between being in a marriage and trying and failing to reconnect to your first love and reluctantly accepting an engagement and I expect the headwriter to know that even if the varying fanbases dont

  42. Profile photo of thecourt99

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]The other thing – not to defend ron here again, but he didnt say hey guzas the greatest writer in the world, he said how can you say this is ooc when she JUST faked a breakdown to keep lucky and cheated on him with his brother, suggesting that a woman capable of the latter would also be capable of the current actions.[/quote]

    Here is my problem with that comparison. She didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to fake a breakdown. This was after the loss of Jake. There had already been dialouge that she still needed some help dealing with the loss and moving on. This was after Lucky had his own confusion about whether he wanted Liz or not. This was after her issues with Siobhan (and hadn’t Siobhan died already)? I guess from my perspective, although I didn’t like the fact that she did it at time, it was reasonable given the build up. Further….he points to a situation showing that she can be manipulative, but ignores the recent death of her child which would be reason why she wouldn’t keep a mother away from her child?

    That’s what gets me. I don’t see how a woman that just lost a child would be okay with letting another woman believe that her child is dead. Even in the soap world, I need some build up to that drastic action….rather than a retcon after it was over.

    The last thing I need is for them to go back and say that while she was on screen saying one thing, she was going home and talking to a picture of Jason about how wonderful their life will be…

  43. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    TheCourt I completely agree with you about build up before vs. retcon after and Ive said that now a few times. I also get your point about the fact that Shadybrooke happened around the time jake died, but at the same time ron could have used a multiple list of things to point to Liz’s ability to lie, he just chose the last one. The cheating with nik happened before jake. The courtney thing was not a teen response and it happened before jake. Lying about the hit and run and asking lucky to steal the evidence, using the mother card to try and get him to risk his career (im a mother, i CANT go to jail) happened before jake. The reality is that liz’s fault has ALWAYS been the fact that shes a liar when she wants something badly enough, just like carly at her worst is a schemer (and I LOVE carly) Heres the thing, you need to read the twitter feed. folks were basically saying he didnt know history so he threw out a nugget to prove he did. If he threw out that whole laundry list of things, the nutty lizFF (and they arent all nutty, im just saying the ones that were harassing ron endlessly) would have sent him a gazillion tweets about how guza sucked, how frons had an agenda, how all those stories were ooc, how she had reasons to do all the things she did in each of those instances etc.

    My gut tells me that we are going to hear liz say something after the fact that she didnt think the woman who wasnt treating jasons right (since IMHO shes been taking his side from the jump in all things jasam) and the woman who allowed jake to be kidnapped didnt deserve her happy ending. We DID see some of that when she twice mentioned putting a “dead” child back in a mothers arms. I wish we had seen more of that BEFORE she did what she did, but I thought the storytelling so far has been pretty interesting.

  44. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I see your point, but here is where I am lost in this whole discussion. I am not someone invested in this Sam v Liz debacle. I understand that Liz has a past and that past wasn’t perfect. I don’t have a problem with that. I have never heard any viewer say that Liz was perfect (and really mean it).

    I started watching the show when Liz was pregnant with Aiden. At that time, I saw a woman that had done many things in her life, but was now facing life without Lucky, and with his brother. It wasn’t what she wanted, but it was what she got for what she did. I saw hints of snark along the way. I saw claws come out with Brook over Nik. I saw claws come out with Siobhan. So yes, I see a certain level of manipulation before Jake.

    But the death of a child is a LIFE changing event…so much so that regardless of what she did before she lost Jake, it would keep her from allowing another mother to think her child is dead.

    Further, solely speaking from my perspective, Liz spent a lot of my viewing time off screen. The time that she has been on (again, speaking from my viewership only), she hasn’t been heartless. So to me, this is way out of left field.

    If this is about whatever Sam did years ago that is rarely mentioned on screen today? I will scream. That is kinda what I meant by Liz talking to a picture off screen to explain what she was thinking…

  45. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    The court i agree. The whole Jake dying thing has been a debacle because you are right. I guess I dont feel as tied to the idea jakes death was this life changing event because it didnt happen on screen. Lucky ran from port charles so in whatever way it changed him we didnt see it past the fact that lucky went from gvs committed father to jjs i cant be bothered fatherhood – not really a change for the better. Jason looked at his box of pain for a bit and then said to sam if you want surgery and a child im all for it. They didnt have one convo about how they would really deal with the danger or have any discussion about how jason would deal if he lost another child. I dont see how jakes death really changed him at all. Liz folded clothes, let steve hang out and then she went to Shadybrook. The next we saw much of her she was manipulating nik and snarking at siobhan and brooke. To that end, lizs actions to me might be opening the door to revisiting just what the loss of jake meant for her because making this more about him than wanting jason would be telling story.

  46. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Please let us not have any character speaking to photos or mirrors. Kate is enough. The show’s problem is that they secregate characters. Liz should be chatting up Patrick or Steve. I wouldn’t mind if she sat with Felicia, Mac, or Anna. Hell, at ghis point, give her Luke. He owes her. She needs a friend, a perspective, and some screentime.

  47. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Just saw the bachelorette party episode and it was SO GOOD!! It was a total HOOT! I was actually waiting for even more trashy and tacky from Connie – all things considered she was mild LOL.

    God how I love Kelly Sullivan’s portrayal of Connie! (not Kate) It’s like he knows every beat by heart and looks, and acts just right, like some people I know irl. KSu was made for this kind of part – I wish they would have just kept her as Connie or brought her in as a different trashy character altogether.

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