Holding Out For a Better Endgame For Days of Our Lives’ Bo Brady


An article in this week's Soap Opera Digest previewing Peter Reckell's (Bo) exit story has Days of Our Lives fans fired up. Apparently budget cuts at the Salem Police Department cause Bo to quit. Later, Ma Brady (Peggy McKay) will remind Bo of some unfinished business he needs to take care of, which will presumably facilitate his exit.

 Is this supposed to be meta? Since DAYS keeps using budget woes as a justification for losing icons, they're gonna write it into Reckell's swan song? An 80's soap superhero, who once defeated serial killers and made love at Oak Alley is gonna have a regular old midlife crisis, brought on by a job change?

What about Fancy Face? (Kristian Alfonso) Please, someone tell me Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell have a better endgame for my all-time favorite supercouple than this. I guess I shouldn't hold out for a hero.

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    The Melanie Jonas show is going to have a huge hole once she leaves. which I assume will be filled with more EJ/Sami/Rafe/Daniel/Nicole. The fact that Days tapes sixteen years ahead means they do not care what we (or soap journalists) think or say about anything or any character. Peter Reckell thought his character was not valued. I feel the same as a Days viewer. I love seeing Marlena when they bother to put her on and Kate, Victor and Maggie, but as B&B fans gripe about Stephanie standing around talking about Liam/Hope/Steffy, seeing my longtime favs stand around talking about Mel and Chad or Sami and Rafe and doing nothing else DRIVES ME MAD!

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    Why didn’t they just send Bo out to get the mail and then never show him again? That is basically what they are doing. Why on earth would he just leave town with his wife and daughter still there? I would rather have him presumed dead or missing or kidnapped or something. Even recasted with Robert Kelker Kelly again would be better. Now Hope will be on the show just taking up airtime with no real story. This is terrible.

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    I had the misfortune of witnessing a scene a few weeks back in which Bo & FauxRoman had a discussion about the budget cuts the Salem PD had to make and asked Bo to take a paycut. Did I mention moments before this conversation Bo congratulated Rafe on his recent promotion?! WTF?!

    Later, in the same episode, FauxRoman tells Hope about the need to make cuts in the department to which she responded something to the effect of, she would be a “team player.” Double WTF?!

    Seriously?! It was a huge slap in the face to the Peter Reckell, Bo Brady and longtime fans, like myself who was raised on DAYS and have been devoted despite the long lapses in quality writing/acting. More than anything else on DAYS, including the absurdity of Will bedding Gabi, Nick’s return, EJ/Sami/Rafe AND Jenn/Daniel/Nicole/Brady, this was straw that broke this camel’s back. I bid adieu to DAYS until it’s final few weeks on the air. Currently, the show is unwatchable.

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    Why would Hope stay in Salem while Bo goes off on his ‘unfinished business”? Or down the line, are they recasting the Bo role once Peter is out? I do not think the later would work! They would be better exiting both n then have Hope come back to report Bo MIA and maybe leave it at that. Or would that stick Hope in limbo waiting to find out what happened to BO? Maybe there is just no good way to write Peter out!

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    Since Bo is not Rafe or Daniel, he doesn’t mean shit to Tomlin or Whitesell. Those are the 2 heroes of Salem. Everyone else male is nothing in comparison to their greatness.

    I don’t dislike Melanie, so it’s not a bias when I say that she didn’t need to be on every day these past 3 weeks. TPTB bothered to give her an exit storyline but not Bo too? As long as PR and the character of Bo has been on the show, they give him a crappy exit that equals being tongue in cheek middle finger about his reasons for leaving Salem. Ugh.

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    I am a huge fan of hope brady.I have to say that kristian alfonso chose to stay on days of our lives and plus she signed a new contract with the show and she is not going nowhere and also there is no way i want the show to kill off ej he is need on the show.just so the can keep bo on days of our lives.bo and hope are not leaving the show together.and it is just bo brady that is leaving the show.hope brady is staying on days of our lives.

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    Despite my earlier sarcsasm, I do not dislike Melanie either. Molly Burnette has that “it” factor that makes her a star. However, no character needs to overwhelm the show. Also, I am not much of an Ejami fan, but I understand their appeal. The one character (and I like the actor) I cannot stand on the screen is Daniel–in any capacity–even as Maggie’s son. My point is balance. Ejami/Safe/Lumi…. Sami is a legacy character but we do not need to see her every single day and I love Nicole even when she is giving Jennifer a hard time but not at the expense of Bo, Hope and Marlena who barely shows up once a week.

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    It breaks my heart to see this show in such serious creative and executive decline. :(

    Of the four still on the air, it’s the one I’ve watched the longest. I’m not one to pre-judge things; but there is no way Eileen Davidson’s return can save Days if this same team will be in place when she comes on.

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    Even though I hate what Tomlin and Whitesell have done to the show, I will say that it is probably not easy to write off Bo without doing a ‘fake death’, which was just done with Jack.

    A better storyline would have been for Bo to interfere with some kind of FBI or ISA business and get caught and face charges and two choices. Either work for them, or go to jail. He could choose to work for them as an agent/spy and have to leave Salem for an indefinite period of time.

    Hope wouldn’t like it, but she would not want him in prison, plus she would have to stay in Salem for the kids sake. Bo and Hope could have a tearful goodbye scene and Hope would then be faced with a life without Bo for a while.

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    They need to write Bo off in such a way that Hope can be paired romantically with someone new. I think she should break up Justin and Adrienne, and have Daniel form a quad there.

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    Here’s another crazy idea. Have Bo and Hope leave the show. But keep Kristian Alfonso as a woman who comes back to town claiming to be the real Princess Gina (who we thought was dead). You could have her working for/with the Dimeras.

    It’s crazy, but it would be a better exit for Bo.

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    I want something novel, character driven, and not so spectacular for Bo’s exit. My idea is for Hope to review their relationship and have an honest talk with Bo about her disappointment in how he has turned out as an adult.

    Hope fell in love with Bo when she was 17. Now she’s a grown woman with a grandchild. She’s been a model, run a cosmetics firm, become a cop, and even solved many of the Salem mysteries. She then left her family for years to live on a yucky boat to please Bo. So, Hope has had to change her personality from a brat to a responsible mom.

    In response, Bo has cheated on her and married another woman as soon as Hope was declared dead. His hardheaded adherence to the Salem PD has put her family at risk. AND even though he and his family are the rightful heirs to the Kiriakus (sp?) fortune, he has turned it down without even discussing it with Hope or trying to secure a future for their kids.

    So, I’d like Hope to kick Bo to curb. Bo feeling unappreciated by his wife and his job decides to leave town. Hope has a “Reva/Scarlett/Erica” moment of inspiration, declares her independence, and the story moves forward with Hope pursuing her agenda rather than Bo’s.

    Later, Hope and Jen clash because Hope can move forward and Jen is still stuck trying run after a guy. And we (the audience) get to enjoy the evolution of a character who has lived most of her life on screen.

    My idea is cheap, (no big sets or expensive flashbacks), and I think Hope could use a change from victim of her circumstances to master of her domain.

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    Is it somehow ‘in fashion’ for a significant actor to leave a show, and TPTB just sends him off on some stupid reason, and then he just doesn’t come back? This same thing happened to Ronn Moss on B&B.

    In the 90’s even actors who had been on a year got a proper farewell episode. I remember when sometimes on B&B a few characters just faded into the woodwork without anyone saying anything, and it was outrageous. Now, people seem to come and go and it’s like it’s normal. Sad.

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    This is a crying shame! Watching the show (at least through fast forwarding because I can’t sit through an entire episode through real time), I picked up on the way they were writing Bo off and I’m thinking WTF? Really? The show went to great lengths to showcase Melanie’s exit, who has been on the show for about 3 years. Peter Reckell who has been part of the show for 3 DECADES is being swept under the rug because of a budget cut at work? Hell, I’ll take Carly back in her drug induced craziness kidnapping Bo. I just don’t see Bo leaving Hope for anything by choice. And to put such little emphasis on such a legacy character is such a disgrace. I’m 33 and have watched the show for about 30 years. I care about the veterans. Give me Bo, Hope, Kayla, Marlena, Maggie, Victor, Abe, Jennifer, Adrienne and Justin any day. I have NO concern for Daniel, Melanie, Nicole, EJ, Gabi, Sami or Rafe. I get Sami is a legacy character, BUT she is showcased TOO much! The show needs balance. Playing EJ, Sami, and Rafe and by extension Nicole does NOTHING for me. I don’t care about them because that’s all I see. I speed through those scenes. I watch the veterans and that’s it. Yes, I like Will and Sonny, but they come in doses, they aren’t shoved down my throats like EJ and that group are. They need to move back so OTHER characters can shine! I’m just so frustrated that the full cast is not fully utilized. It’s a shame to see how much talent and fan favorites are around and they aren’t getting their fair share to shine on the show. It just goes to show that the long term viewers don’t count because someone like Peter Reckell is being treated the way that he is. Such a shame!

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    My Ridge hopeful is Vincent Irizarry. :love: I think Vince would be hot in the role and have Ridge come home with RJ…Brooke is having house calls from the doctor ;) ;) Been in love with man since in stepped in Springfield and follow around where he was perched.

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    I will wait and see how Bo’s story is wrapped up. When an actor chooses to leave, I support his/her decision. I am more concerned with the story they will tell for Hope once Bo is off the show. Also, is Caroline showing early signs of dementia? It is so good to see Peggy back, looking great, and being involved in story.

    I am not hating DAYS at all. I do think the show needs to work on balancing the airtime of the characters on the canvas. It has been pretty EJ/Sami/Rafe, Melanie/Gabi/Chad heavy lately. I like having Maggie around more. I wonder if we will see anymore hints of a relationship between Abe and Kayla. I look forward to Kristen DiMera and Eric Brady returning to the show.

    I think the show’s biggest problem is that they tape so far in advance..like 4 months! The show neeeds to shut down production for a few months. There are very few surprises because of all the time fans have to figure out what is coming.

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    Every time I see scenes with Bo and Hope–my fave couple on the show next to Will and Sonny–I just think what a loss it’s gonna be when PR finally leaves(at this rate, his last ep will prob air in March of 2014). And I just don’t see how the writers are gonna be able to write anything that would logically have Bo be separated from Hope for any length of time beyond one of them dying. As such, wouldn’t be suprised to see Bo return as a recast after being off canvas for several months(if the show doesn’t get cancelled in the meantime).

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    The show has wasted alot of time since they knew they were losing him. They should have had him not only expressing his mid life crisis as a work issue but also disatisfaction with his home life. He could have cozied up with Billie, maybe talking to her alot and it rekindled something between the two of them. Maybe one night it went to far and they sleep together. Maybe even several times. Hope finds out about it and kicks him to the curb and then he and Billie get together and they go off to visit Chelsea in England. That would have been a reasonable explanation. They spent the earlier part of the year working on their marriage now it is fine again. I find it hard to believe he would just up and leave when everything is fine.
    This would have atleast been a plausible and history filled real reason for his and Hopes breakup. Plus it would leave Hope free to explore other relationships. Heck she hasn’t had a turn with Dr Death yet. Maybe she could get sick and Daniel “nurses” her back to health and falls in LOVE with her!(joking here I just want Daniel gone). With Bo gone, all sorts of situations could arise for Hope. Maybe someone new on the canvas or a John and Hope redux. Someone mentioned Gina. They could explore some of that history. Maybe there was a man in Gina’s life we don’t know about. Or they could soras Ciara and have Hope chasing around that “children of the corn” kid some more. God knows the wierd child she is, what kind of teen she will turn out to be. It would be fun to watch her and her sidekick Theo run amock in Salem.

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    Can’t help it, but I am getting very bored with the Show.
    So bland anymore, like an airplane staying on and on in a holding pattern,
    always afraid to land, and let people get on with their lives…..
    Where is Stefano, …..
    He gave life to the Show like nobody else….
    Stefano and EJ, wow, I enjoyed those two on the screen…

    This show needs some spice and seasoning, it is so hard to swallow right now,,,,, boring….bland… dull…..
    Please give me something, I hate to FF

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    The one time where an actor, ESPECIALLY of his caliber on this show, should be rightfully killed off similar to Jack, this is the time. Not only will Bo just leaving Salem not open the door up for Hope to move on but it will be hard for fans to even fathom her moving on with Bo still alive.

    As well, the emotional payoff wont be there either for the fans in giving Bo a fitting GOOD BYE. The show should have made the tunnel explosions centered around Bo and Hope and his desperate attempts at saving Fancy Face. He could save her but one more explosion traps him as she runs to get him help. Then one more explosion and Bo is gone. No body found of course

    That is the send off we needed. Not Jack’s lame one where not Jennifer is pining for Doctor Hairy Dull Chest. One way to bring back fans in full force would have been to bring back the entire Brady clan for a great Irish Wake complete with booze, laughter, tears and loads of memories.

    Now Bo will be just sent off into the night saying BYE to Hope and their daughter and the fans will be left to wonder when and if he will come back.

    BAD idea days and you will pay for it in fans.

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    EVERYTHING on Days right now is dumb! I wish Days would re-hire the writers they just fired. Days has sucked since new writers too over. The only duos with major chemistry are EJAMI and Will & Gabi.

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    [quote=Soap_Stud]Will and Gabi? Hahahahahahahaha Sorry I don’t feel the chemistry and well Will likes boys. Of course I guess Steven Carrington did too (“Dynasty”).[/quote]

    Yeah, I agree I don’t see it(though I also see chemistry between Will and Sonny, which apparently alot of people don’t, so there’s that). I will say I like the friends/confindante dynamic that’s developed between them. Of course, at the end of the day, nobody beats Will and Marlena in the chem department.

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