Jack to Tucker on Young and Restless: “I Just Happen to Have The SEC on Speed Dial”


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) should really consider opening a Genoa City, Wisconsin field office! Check out a sneak peek below of today's episode of The Young and the Restless, where Ol' Smilin Jack (Peter Bergman) threatens to sic the SEC on Tucker (Stephen Nichols)!



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    Gosh, credit goes where credit deserves…MAB started this and has the making of classic Y&R story and thank the soap gods & goddesses Josh will be writing the rest of story! PHEW! Looks good.

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    That Jack Abbot…never satisfied. LOL.

    Anyone noticed the closing aterwards..Phyllis, Nick, Cane, and Lily…uhm, since when did Lane become a premier couple on this show. Gag…and Phick..aren’t they breaking up…but then this was taped when MAB still had a job.

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    Its ridiculous that Jack is going around talking abotu BEAUTY OF effin NATURE again!!! Honestly, why can’t this be about Jack buying up enough stock to now be a TRUE THRONE in Victor’s side and have Tucker written off the show by have his company go belly up with news that he was doing insider dealings and lying to the SEC.

    That would make for a dramatic exit for that character and open the doors up for the Victor and Jack feud all over again.

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    Sure that what the show needs yet another JackvsVictor story

    Why Have Tucker Co. go they have yet done anything with the McCall Company

    insider dealings like Jack or Victor has never done anything like that

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