Katie to Bill on Bold and Beautiful: “I Know Our Son Needed a Mother, And That’s Why I Didn’t Die”

Now that summer's over, Brad Bell is finally giving grown-ups something to look forward to on The Bold and the Beautiful. The mini-storyline involving the near tragic birth of Katie and Bill's baby is providing great material for Heather Tom and Don Diamont. Of course those spouse-swapping kiddos—Liam (Scott Clifton), Hope (Kimberly Matula) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood)—are still playing an endless game of share-and-share-alike. Watch a teaser for today's B&B below!


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    Yes there has been an uptick in stories for the adults and getting better. HT & DD has all kinds of Emmy reels which they will walk away with the gold. HT is a heavy repeat winner for 2012! If Brad runs with Liam\Steffy\Hope story 2-3 days a week and other adult stories add to the mix, it will be a great storytelling on Brad’s part. Now Ronn is gone this story between Katie & Bill will give Brooke some good story in the meantime while Brad can relaunch a good Brooke story. ;)

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    Heather Tom’s performances this week have been nothing short of brilliant! Brad Bell scored a grand slam homerun with the meaty materia he gave her. She’s got at the very least another Emmy nom. As for winning it, it will depend on who’s in the final category with her and how strong their reels are.

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    Also, Don Diamont’s chapel scenes had that WOW written all over it! As much as I cannot stand Don (I’ve met him person and he was a jerk), those scenes were fabulous and Don pulled that off so well!

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    I haven’t watch B&B in years but I’m glad Heather Tom as well as Don Diamont are getting their chance to show what they can do.

    Has Don (I almost said Brad) ever won a Daytime Emmy? I don’t really keep up with statistics and dates.

    Heather Tom has been consistently great going back to her days as a teen on Y&R so good for her!

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    B&B isn’t going anywhere, it’s the only soap that has risen by leaps & bounds in the ratings in the total viewers and in the all important demos. Whomever is starting the rumor is delusional. Maybe GH could be the soap in danger after the 50th anniversary show.

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