What Do You Think of Young and Restless’ Updated Credits?

Finally! After months of promises, The Young and the Restless has unveiled new opening credits. The first thing I thought when I saw the new opening was, thank the Soap Gods we still have "Nadia's Theme". 

I still have nightmares of when my beloved Another World went from opening like this to this madness!  Watch the new Y&R credits below, then you tell us: Do you love it or hate it? 

What Do You Think of Young and Restless' Updated Credits?

  • Eh, it's okay... (42%, 377 Votes)
  • Hate it! (7%, 65 Votes)
  • Love it! (51%, 462 Votes)

Total Voters: 904


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26 Responses

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    Restless Fan

    I like that it stays true to what they have been doing. I know when Y&R unveiled the current look about a decade ago they put some money into it. I’ve always liked the way the Y&R logo bleeds through out. It seems like an easy update which begs the question, why did it take so long? I’m a video editor and I know swapping out shots and retyping names does not take long. They should be keeping this opening up to date as much as possible. I’m sure it had to do with MAB’s lax involvement with show in general. Did I mention I’m thrilled she’s gone?

  2. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    I guess with Michael Muhney and Daniel Goddard saying that they were supposed to start airing in July was obviously off base. I have a feeling that Maria was saving the new opening credits for the 10,000th episode, which if you ask me, was a smart move on her part(or Sony/CBS’ part).

  3. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    I really like it….especially Melody Thomas Scott and Doug Davidson’s shots. MTS looks beautiful and happy and DD looks really great with his signature smile. However, Eric Braeden’s is not very flattering as it makes him look old and tired….

  4. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    My baby boy Billy Miller is in it. I’m very happy.

    In my opinion, I think as the longest running cast member that Jeanne Cooper should be in every version. Just like when AMC had two opening versions and Susan Lucci was in both.
    When you do that kind of time you should be seen everyday I think.

  5. Profile photo of Traysoblue

    EH…. when I think new I think of something different.. truth be told I didn’t notice until I came on Daytime Confidential. Yeah keep Nadia’s theme but maybe try a different motif. Well can’t complain too much, we could have gotten :12 of just a title card..

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    Jamie I was not a fan of the You are my way to another world theme. I actually liked the modern ER type theme better. However these to me will always be the Another World opening and closings. This theme song is so haunting and the interlocking circles on a black background was classy.
    It is one of my favorite all time soap themes.

  7. Profile photo of jetty

    I love Jeanne Cooper’s raised eyebrow on her segment. However, I think it’s past time they devise a new opening altogether; this “mysterious woman walking in black” thing is tired. I’m sure there’s a way to honor the classic style of the old opening (the sketches of characters’ faces, Nadia’s theme) and make it modern and sexy, and really sell the “young” and “restless” nature of the show. At least B&B’s updated opening tells you what the show is supposed to be about, even if the actual show doesn’t live up to the ideal.

  8. Profile photo of stoney07

    I liked it. It could’ve been A LOT worse. Sure its just like the other one, but I’m GLAD about it!!! Hell, it could’ve ended up like GH’s opening, which a lot of people didn’t mind…however this one is just “EH?” O_O

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    I know it would cost money; but I wish all the shows had more than one version of their opening credits. For example, every year on their anniversary or holiday episodes I’d like to see one that had a shot of the whole cast.

  10. Profile photo of soapbaby

    ^^ GH’s opening is atrocious.

    I like Y&R’s enough but it’s barely different enough to qualify as “new.” Still, I like it and “Nadia’s Theme” is classic. Outside of GH, I have no problem with the openings of the current, on-air soaps. DAYS’ is classic. B&B’s fashion-forward, polished and highly stylized.

    Edited to add: I am in complete agreement with Jamey on Another World’s classic late-80’s theme. That’s my favorite soap opera opening of all-time. I love the image of Rachel, Ada and Amanda; Matt listening to his walkman while playing air-drums and Cass’ devilishly sexy smile. Excuse me…I think I have something in my eye. :-(

  11. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    Hate them. The new opening credits basically set EB and MTS apart from the others, as if they are the STARS of the show and everyone else is a supporting player. They’re not to ME. Y&R is an ENSEMBLE show and I think it’s wrong for the opening credits to reflect the mentality that SOME characters are “more important” than others.

  12. Profile photo of pferrando

    I am thrilled that the theme was kept. It’s probably one of the most recognized TV openings in the history of the genre or TV for that matter. And no it’s not new, but by new, most mean updated/new shots of the actors. Has it really been over 6 years. Good God. I’m thinking that there are still more to come?

    As for Another World, I’m always a sucker for the classic openings. I actually hate the “drawn” opening and prefer the 10 second clip. Still not as good as their circle logo.

    Days is smart as well to have kept it’s classic hourglass and theme.

    As for GH…yuck. I don’t and haven’t liked theirs.

    I love B and B’s though. Very well done and very contemporary.

  13. Profile photo of marybee50

    I’m so glad they did not change the theme song,and,that they use both versions of the song.It was,also,about time they updated the pictures and added new ones.Bitter sweet now that Billy is leaving.

  14. Profile photo of harlee490

    What could have been really special on the new opening for Thursday’s show if they had updated with a new singer or use the original and brought back Nadia’s theme with the lyrics being sung. Y&R in beginning years used the lyrical song at the end of episode. Not all the time but didn’t all through the ’70s and early ’80s. It was beautifully done.

  15. Profile photo of pennywise555

    It’s an update of pictures, & some aren’t flattering. I’m sure it’s exciting for those that weren’t in them before. I still like that red opening best. It was sexy and classy.

    The new credits depress me just because they reflect MAB’s vision of Y&R. After 39 years of Katherine and Jill it’s switched to Katherine & Fucker McBalls. *UGH* The future of YR is a grown man shouting at an elderly 83yrold woman?

    Thank goodness MAB was canned. I swear MAB had no respect for Bill Bell, it was all about HER, and HER vision, and HER ret-conned history for the 10000 episode. Jill was Bill Bells original character and he developed her on-screen until his death, but MAB made sure her name was not even mentioned. MAB could have showed a flashback of BD’s Jill if she had a personal beef with JW. What a slap in the face to Bill Bell and the viewers that were watching Y&R on it’s first day.

    I hope JFP and JG redo the credits for Y&R’s 40th anniversary. With all the technology they have these days the quality SHOULD be an improvement from the old ones, but it’s not.

  16. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Eric B is only one not looking directly into the camera, plus his Victor looks too mean. MTS needs a shorter hair-style. Michelle Stafford looks great, like she swallowed a canary, or something else. Peter B looks downright personable. Jeanne Cooper looks like she either hit the jackpot, or she just threw her napkins at the old folks home around. Dog D looks good, all smiling in the close up, and serious in the other.

    Dont like the repeat of MTS and EB in the second version. I can why MAB got fired. BB looks great, the best shot so far. Amelie H for once looks like a normal human being that we can all feel compassion for. Sharon looks so good. Muhney looks all mysterious again, good job.

    No Josh Morrow, who did he pi$$ off? Waiting for the Winters version. Waiting for the Baldwin/Fisher version.

  17. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=stefanstavros]I really like it….especially Melody Thomas Scott and Doug Davidson’s shots. MTS looks beautiful and happy and DD looks really great with his signature smile. However, Eric Braeden’s is not very flattering as it makes him look old and tired….[/quote]

    Stefan, Don’t forget, Eric Braeden is old and tired.

  18. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I really like it!

    The existing opening was fine as it was, it just needed to be updated, and now it has.

    I’m not too giddy about the “pose” shots though. I wish both shots would have been scenes from the show, like previously. Especially Michelle Stafford’s and Amelia Heinle’s poses aren’t very flattering imo.

    Also, that scene shot of Jeanne Cooper is pretty out there!!! I mean it’s Katherine Chancellor, I get that they were trying to make her look youthful and funny, but I dunnoo….she is the epitome of class and the grand old lady of Genoa City – is that shot really approriate for her?!

  19. Profile photo of pjc722

    It’s a bit dated looking. I wish after all that talk about modernizing the show that jill opted for a more punchy or riveting opening that would give loyal fans and new fans a hint of the excitement to come. i love Y&R and have stuck around during the last 5 years while half the audience left for nothing more than getting that 60 minutes daily back into their lives.

    This is sort of like the openings you see people post on YOUTUBE where they do it at home. Amateurish, at best.

  20. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I’m fine with them just updating the prior opening credits and I’m glad they kept the classic theme and didn’t resort to some soft-jazz version of it like they did in the late ’90s/early ’00s(which was atrocious). Y&R’s always had the best opening credits of any soap(though GL’s opening from the ’90s and AW’s “You are my way…” opening are right behind it).

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