You Decide: Best Soap of the Week

Which show do you think was the Best Soap of the Week?


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Don't vote these polls.No reason to.But,of the 3 shows I watch,Y&R,B&B,Days,none were worst or best.

Y&R-The best parts were the bring down of Sharon(only if they redeem her in the end).Nothing else really stood out.

B&B-Katie and Bill were good.I like that at the end of the week,Katie was still upset with Bill.Most shows would have her completely forgiven Bill.As for the rest,ssdd.Liam-I love you Hope,but will now go makeout with Steffy.

Days-I agree with Jamey that the WilSon scenes were sweet.I,also,enjoy the use of not often seen vets.But,I feel like everthing else is on hold till Oct.I noticed that very few of the spoilers for last week said very little about WilSon,and,if you read SOD's recap of last week,there is no mention of WilSon and there interactions with their families.I found that very strange.I have little hope for WilSon to be the story I want.I,also,feel that Days is not long for this world,which will be a shame.