Ex-General Hospital Star DaJuan Johnson to Guest on BONES

Former General Hospital star DaJuan Johnson (ex-Asher Cadwell) will appear in tonight’s episode of BONES, “The Gunk in the Garage." The actor tweeted the news about his guest spot.

Photo Credit: DaJuan Johnson

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    He was on for a handful of episodes back toward the beginning of GW’s stint as headwriter. His character was being groomed by Tracy as a jr. executive and seemed to be headed into conflict with Michael and Abby. He ultimately was found to be a plant for Papa Z when he was trying to get his hooks into ELQ before he ended up marrying Tracy outright. It was a promising business based story that got short circuited by the mob interests. Instead of disappearing into a supply closet at GH I think he got sent to human resources and was never heard from again. Too bad. He was a good addition as an actor as well as bringing the ethnic diversity that is lacking on the roster…0:)

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