General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Katherine Hardwick Howard, aka Constanza Louise Falconeri, to Michael “Sonny” Corinthos Junior.

Kristina wants Trey to confide in her and he tells her that his mother will be at the wedding, as she’s the bride, which confuses Kris. Trey admits who his father is. Kristina realizes he’s been lying and that he used her against her father. Trey swears he cares for her even though he wanted to make a name for himself with the show. Kristina wants to know why he married her. Trey says his father ordered him to.

Johnny drops by to see Carly and let her know that he won’t be spending the day with her because Kate asked for his presence at the wedding, for backup. Carly decides to join him, despite his protests. When they’re ready to leave Johnny tells her to remember he loves her, which makes Carly question what’s going on. He says he just wants her to be happy.

Liz overhears Jason tell John about the non DNA results. After John leaves, Liz asks how Jason is doing and sees the divorce papers. Jason says Sam dropped them off the night before, which surprised him since he thought they had reconnected at the Chinese restaurant. Liz lies and says Sam is dating John so Jason signs the paper and thanks Liz for being honest.

Dante tells Steven about Olivia’s latest hallucination, that Kate is actually Connie. Maxie tells Lulu about Spinelli and his date. Lulu reassures her that if Spin knows how she feels, he’ll come around.

Olivia finds Kate dressed in a skimpy wedding dress and declares that she’s Connie. She insists Kate wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress like that. Maxie arrives and said she gave Kate several dress options. Kate claims she was only wearing the dress to show how inappropriate it was. Olivia apologizes for still being messed up. Connie assures her that it’s not her fault. Olivia gives her a blue hankie from their grandmother to bring good luck.

Milo feels the need to tell Sonny what happened with Kate, but Max warns him not to. Sonny overhears and questions them but they claim they have a surprise in store for him.

Sonny insists on seeing Kate before the wedding and asks her again about her argument with Trey. Connie insists it was about him marrying Kristina and then said she got upset because Trey said bad things about Sonny and she didn’t want to make him angry.

John stops by the lake house to pick up a letter from Alexis and finds Sam, who didn’t want to attend the wedding. The letter is from Natalie, saying she’s met someone else, but wants him to honor the restraining order. John says he’ll keep fighting for his son, but that his relationship is over and he’s on his own again. Sam admits she is as well and explains how she overheard Liz and knows she and Jason are over. John says he wants her to be happy and the two share a kiss.

Spinelli explains to Ellie his history with Maxie. Maxie tells Lulu that she isn’t happy with this new development. Sonny’s surprised to see CarJohn, but Carly reassures him that they’re going to play nice. Alexis wonders why Kristina is so late. Sonny tells her about Trey’s fight with Kate. He’s worried Joe’s going to do something. Olivia finds the hankie in the trash and tells Steve that she thinks something’s going on with Kate.

Dante, Michael and Sonny share a moment of bonding. Sonny says family is important and Kate will be part of that now. Sonny warns Max and Milo to be on the lookout, for fear of Joe.

As their leaving Liz stops Jason and tells him that she has something to say. She reveals she lied to him about Sam being with John. She says she said Jason was with her so Sam would overhear because Sam saw their kiss. Jason realizes that Liz made Sam believe he had moved on. She apologizes, saying this isn’t the person she wants to be. Liz begs him to understand, that she cares so much for him and wanted this to be their time. As Jason goes to leave, she says there’s more, about Sam’s baby.

Johnny goes in to see Connie and tells her he can’t do this to Carly and can she change her mind. Connie says he has no choice, as Lulu arrives to check on her.

Kristina angrily tells Trey that she’s going to divorce him and storms out, only to be grabbed by someone.

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  1. Profile photo of Perkie

    I had a good hearty chuckle at the Dancing/Stars clip that Johnny and Carly were watching. Especially BrBa’s reaction.

    Not to bag on an actress’ talent, but the actress who plays Kristina is really not good at emotionals scenes. Was she crying? Was she laughing? What was that? I should have been feeling badly for her, rather than wondering why there were no tears on her face.

    I hated Olivia’s dress. I don’t like that grey on her. She needed something more vibrant. I liked Maxie’s and Lulu’s but not their hair. I thought all the men were handsome, especially Johnny. I loved Liz’ dress, but wished the back had been the same color.

  2. Profile photo of ghalltheway

    Well they are wrecking Liz like they did Sam a few years back. I am on team Jasam. I want them back together sooooo bad before SB leaves. Liz just sounded pathetic. Jason already made it clear that he didn’t want her.

    I love having the real Maxie back. But I don’t feel like her match is spinelli. Ellie is good for him. Maxie needs a bad boy. I always wanted her with Johnny or Dante. I think that is because I can’t stand Lulu.

    I am really curious what Connie’s plan is.

  3. Profile photo of Lucy D.
    Lucy D.

    I thought Rebecca Herbst was outstanding today. You could palpably feel the distress and guilt through the TV screen. And SB is leaving, so no one ends up with Jason. Maybe the endless dissing of one actress or the other will cease.

  4. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Lizzie Webber is pathetic!!! :Sp :Sp :Sp

    I am sooooo happy that Kirsten Storms is back as Maxie!! Her chemistry with BA and JMB was something JL just never had.

    Really enjoying Ellie and Spinelli!

    LM needs some acting lessons if they’re keeping her on as Kristina.

    Loved how they figured out a way to show Kelly and Val dancing!!

    Shouldn’t Morgan be at his father’s wedding? He wasn’t even mentioned.

    And none of Kate’s family other than Olivia were there either. We know they exist because we saw a large group of them at Lulu and Dante’s weddding.

    ME is SMOKING HOT!!! :* :love:

  5. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Remember the nickname E-lies-a-lot? That is what Liz does, she lies. She has become totally pathetic and it is a shame that she is written that way.

    I am sure this is not what Liason fans wanted.

  6. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I am not sure why they would be laughing. Liz didn’t require anyone to catch her. She couldn’t keep up the lie and didn’ t endanger any childre. Sam is back mopping Alexis’s floor with her arse. Are they laughing at that?

  7. Profile photo of GHFan777

    At least Elizabeth admitted what she did without being caught, unlike others on this show. If my memory serves me correctly, Sam was still trying to lie and make excuses when confronted with her own misdeeds. Liz is a good person, who makes bad choices at times. Her essence is good, or she would not be coming clean to Jason on her own. Don’t get me wrong, I still disagree with how she was written…She would never do what they most recently had her do to another mother, no matter who… after what happened with Jake.

    I think BH’s acting was above par also. She definitely conveyed to me just how guilty she felt. I DO agree with the acting assessment of nuKristina however. Just awful.

    I agree Perkie…I hated what they did with both Maxie and Lulu’s hair. I really didn’t care for Liz’s hair either…not as bad as the first two, but nothing special with her end result. They never seem to style Alexis’s hair any different…I wonder why this is so?

    I love Ellie and Spinelli, and agree PLEASE do not bring back Spixie. Go with this new couple. I think they could be a very interesting couple, while Maxie does much better with bad boys. When Maxie is with Spinelli, she is always trying to be a better person…which causes her to be a boring character.

    All I know is I wish whoever kidnapped nuKristina at the end of the show takes her far away and never brings her back.

  8. Profile photo of Clifford

    Gray paint much GH? First Todd’s office, then Johnny’s club, now Carly’s living room?!?! Give it a rest, please! Don’t need the gloom and doom background colors. Sheezh.

  9. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Still have not watched and won’t…this is beyond trite that they (RC/FV) had to re-write things because Steve was their decision was to ruin a character whose fan base has already gotten her re-hired, to set about and make JaSam (the most pathetic couple on any show what more palpable) a family. Can someone explain to me why that was necessary if the Almighty be all to end all JaSam could stand on their own. It’s because they haven’t been able to since 1.0. Their relationship in 2.0 is based on guilt not love.

    Why make Liz do this NOW..years ago during Jake I could have understood this behavior shoot I would have been cheering for Liz to tell the world what Sam did. I would have longed for teenage deceptive Liz at any time during the JaSam reunion it would have made sense. This is to once again pave the way for the character of Sam to be painted the victim.

    GHVet & GHFan777 – as always much :love: :love: :love:

  10. Profile photo of Tris Drake
    Tris Drake

    Ellie is pretty but I hate that she acts like Spin. Still can’t stand him and find him even more useless with Jason leaving. Good grief for that DWTS plug. KM is on
    it,got that fact a long time ago. I totally Gor BB’s “Wtf” look. Poor Liz. I was all for her lying and scheming and getting interesting. Now she is blubbering and begging for forgiveness from that brain dead fool. Sigh. Sad when the only person I really feel bad for is Trey. The acting on this show has give down the tubes and the stories aren’t helping. But as always I’ll hold out hope.

  11. Profile photo of bishbay

    Either the GH lighting/makeup/CA sun&weather really agree with him or Michael Easton is aging backwards, or both: He looks really, really good, far better than he ever did on OLTL. And, as has been said by many, this soap is just a better fit for him. I’m surprised. I really enjoy John on this show. Not looking forward to the inevitable return of Melissa Archer and the one-note Natalie. Not a great character. Pair him with Sam and if they MUST do a triangle, let it be with Finola Hughes, with whom ME also has great chemistry.

    I was loving the Maxie/Spinelli stuff yesterday. Continue to like Ellie and Spinelli. I’m surprised; I haven’t had a good thing to say about BA in forever.

    The Liz stuff really has me wondering if this character is going to get the Marty Saybrooke treatment. Marty was my favorite OLTL character (okay, after Dorian and maybe Blair) and she was completely unrecognizable by the time her run was finished. It’s a damn shame what happened to that classic character. She violently murdered her psychiatrist for crying out loud! I hope Liz doesn’t go that way. It would be way extreme.

  12. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I don’t think the scenes were bad for Liz. Now granted I am still judging based on just her little lies. I am still not convinced that she is hiding something huge. I think it highlighted what I have always known to be true- that Jason loves Sam and Liz finally knows it. She confessed- and I actually think it is a good opening for her character to go into a very good story and somehow I think that was RC plan all along. It frees her up to do something daring new and fresh.

    I am loving Spin and Ellie. They are cuties. I would much rather see Maxie with Johnny- she needs that a guy who is a little darker.

    McBam was very good- but I prefer to finish my Jasam story before I invest in them..

    I liked seeing everyone at the wedding and agree the new Kristinas acting is just not there. GH has a really strong cast and this is when I really miss Lexi..

  13. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Re: Krystina was (the actress) she acting?
    IMO she has no range…

    Re: Elizabeth had a lapse in judgment; that is how years ago explained Sam’s behaviour not only was nothing done about it in story but they spent years straight whitewashing her to be the heroine beginning with E.D.hero; I’m hoping Elizabeth gets the same treatment oh wait she won’t…she’s spent these same six years getting horrid writing which stopped now continues to 2012. Sam is now a poor victim and Mother Teresa. Elizabeth wouldn’t do “malicious” she never has…esp after what happened to Aiden’s paternity switch and kidnapping this is again to prop JaSam as the ultimate victims with nefarious characters trying to keep them apart take their baby…they are being written “for” not against.

  14. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    Oh, would you look at that!! Elizabeth FESSED UP to doing underhanded, devious, malicious, deceitful things. So much for that, “GASP!!! Liz would NEVER!!!” crap.

    I don’t remember anybody saying Sam was Mother Teresa, just pointing out that neither is LizzieBeth.

  15. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Actually Liz point blank said that this isn’t the person she is or wants to be. I don’t remember Sam ever came forward and said this is what I did and I am sorry. How can copping to something be pathetic? I certainly wouldn’t call that a bad character trait.

    FFIT – i guess I have to wonder what makes you so happy. Is it Liz admitting she did something wrong or the fact that Liz is sullied? Is it that you want her fans unhappy or do you think she will lose fans? I don’t see what makes Samfans so twitchy. Liz lied and admitted it. Has Sam ever admitted to any of her CRIMES? She had to be threatened and then she was proud of hurting children. Baby Franco is certainly better off with Tea .

  16. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Yes actually sam has apologized more than once to each involved person and then she SAVED jakes life.

    as for who danny would be better off with, maybe he would be better off with tea and maybe not. On the other hand if jason had never retrieved baby pothole, jake might be happily heading off to kindergarten right about now. I doubt maureen would have been careless enough to KNOW that her children were capable of opening the door and running off (because cam did it before and after jake) and yet she took zero precautions despite living on a busy road. Im not for the record talking about losing track of him, im talking about living on a busy road and having no fence, no chain on the door, no lighting etc. etc.

  17. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    EET – I am not one for youtube but please I would love to see the clip where Sam admitted to endangering Jake and Cam prior to Jason calling her on it as well as the one where she confessed to being married 5 times prior to being called out for it. I am sure I just missed the episode where she went to the crazy lady and brought Jake back but why was he there when Jason found him? Why did he have to threaten her life if she accepted responsibility? Did I miss her admitting this behavior to the whole town and wearing the hair shirt?

    JS – right back at ya

  18. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I happen to like Tea. I don’t like that they killed her kid to advance a story for Sam. Baby Franco doesn’t have to hear about being a product of rape with Tea. He doesn’t have to know Jason rejected him. He will never learn that his mother named him Jason to punish his uncle. He definately won’t have to see McPains hair care regimen. . Better off without even listing his mother’s negatives. And, how long before Sam’s kid gets left in a hotel lobby unattended or gets kidnapped from the park? These writers are not exactly creative.

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Liz says Im forever indebted to you

    sam says I owed you (jason) I owed jake and I owed elizabeth.

    Jason thanks her for saving jake and says (the debt) is over now.

    Liz: how did you get jason to forgive…..

    sam: I made amends with people whenever I could, I gradually had to rebuild my life…..i didnt even think about jason…..

    Im just amazed that you all are acting like elizabeth did sam and her baby a favor by keeping them apart when in actuality elizabeths actions gave heather the time she needed to kidnap danny. Liz put a child in harms way, which i believe you all said was the worst thing anyone could ever do, which makes sam and liz equal in that respect (although sam had way more suffering before she snapped). If we are then going to stack up misdeeds, sam did horrible things when she was 18 and trying to take care of her handi-capable brother and then she did things when she found out her mother kept her apart from her fiance and her finance knocked up a woman after she had lost lila, hope and her fertility. Liz – shes shredded lives all over town for the last ten years, when she should have been old enough to know better, and the bulk of the time she did so not because she was emotionally distraught but because she wanted what she wanted and was willing to do whatever it took to get it.

  20. Profile photo of js3557

    EET – All of your examples are well after the bad deeds committed by Sam. The point was that she never fesses up….she waits until she is caught. Sam only apologizes after she is caught, and even then it often takes a long time for her to apologize. She actually told Jason that she did Liz a favor by having men threaten Cake in the park. She said that it was a warning to Liz about how dangerous life with Jason could be.

    The other point is that Sam PURPOSEFULLY endangered kids more than once. Liz never endangered Danny purposefully. She thinks he is safe with Tea. She was hurting Sam, not Danny. Liz doesn’t know Heather is even near Danny. Sam knew that a mentally unstable woman had Jake. And before you say that the armed men in the park had unloaded weapons, I don’t remember ever hearing that. And if she did tell them to use unloaded weapons, why would she trust that they wouldn’t use loaded firearms? They were dangerous criminals. And what if someone else had come along and the men had hurt Cake in order to get away? She purposely put those kids in the path of dangerous criminals.

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    No she didnt say anything before but she certainly apologized and atoned after.

    As for tea – Im sorry they killed off teas baby. I dont like that they killed off hope either, thought for all we know one or both children are alive. Teas children though are also targets – they are the product of nut job Irene who had enemies aplenty and could also be kidnapped to control victor jr. They also have to grow up with nut job uncle todd. She defends all sorts of criminals which means any of them could target the child. Finally tea is also a fictional soap character which means her children are just as likely kidnapped, left somewhere unattended or whatever – just the same way all the other babies have been including aiden, cam, joss, michael, kristina and emma.

    The bottom line is that because the baby was left in teas care heather kidnaped him – not on sams watch but on teas. Heather ONLY had the time to do that because liz changed the results, something she did I might add AFTER seeing the results not before, so it wasnt that she wanted to end the investigation but that she SPECIFICALLY wanted to keep sams baby away from her as payback and to prevent a reconciliation – both things she admitted to today.

    And for the record, i actually feel somewhat sorry for liz even though i hate what she did and find it totally in character that she lied lied lied lied (because shes a liar liar pants on fire type of character). I think that some of this IS really because jakes death has caused her to crumble the SAME way Lilas death, the loss of Hope and danny dying destroyed sam. Maybe SOME of the sam ffs are enjoying liz getting dinged a little in this story because some of the more ardent liz ffs have been so lacking in empathy for sams back story and act like her losses could NEVER have caused her to go off the rails. We apparently are suppose to sympathize with liz’s loss and put her actions in context when the same was not afforded sam one bit. I for one think grief, loss, pain, fear, and hopelessness are things that have a profound effect on why people do the things they do. In that sense, i get some of why liz did what she did. WAY more in fact than what she did with zander or with nik.

    I will say the ONLY part that actually really pissed me off was liz saying that absent sams decision to let maureen steal jake in the park, jakes life would have been different – implying that were it not for sam taking him, jake would still be alive. Would a, could a, should a….if liz wants to go there, how about jake would not be dead if liz had bought and installed a five dollar chain lock for the door. How about had sam rescued jake from maureen, she would have not felt she owed jake and perhaps she might have chosen NOT to risk her life to save him from the russians. She COULD have just let liz go with jason when jake was taken and had that happened jake would have gone kaboom. If all the events happened right up to liz boinking nik and instead liz just married lucky the way she promised OR liz had been HONEST with lucky, broken it off and then boinked nik (avoiding a paternity test altogether) jake might still be alive. So much for this theory that liz takes responsibility for HER actions and choices. time for liz to own up on that score. And it might be nice if liz stopped justifying herself by this whole I need a man – lucky, nik, jason, ewan – to fix me. Fix yourself honey. its sad she isnt even trying to work on herself without wanting some guy to change her life.

  22. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    777 thats because Ive had enough. How about baby potted plant which danny was called many a time? or saying that a baby is better off with the woman who is inadvertently raising him illegally. How about the times that danny was called devils spawn. I said that because I KNEW it was offensive and i was making a point. I was well aware someone would say something, which would give me the opportunity to point out how many times this child has been trashed and the liz ffs felt thoroughly okay with it happening. Trash sam thats fine, but trashing the baby is disgusting.Im disappointed that you and the other liz ffs on this board feel all of thats okay.

  23. Profile photo of tealita

    [quote=GHFan777]EET…pretty disappointed in you calling a innocent kid “baby pothole”. I am not going to elaborate…but I found that pretty offensive.[/quote]

    “Harry Potted” anyone? Yeah, THAT was good for a laugh.

  24. Profile photo of soapcrazy

    I am glad the writers address Liz’s feeling regarding baby jake’s kidnapping today. I thought Liz’s reaction seemed kinda off and insincere at the time when the kidnapping happened and seemed to focused more on redeeming Sam rather than delving more into Liz’s feelings into almost losing her child and choosing life with Jason (AKA the mob).

    I thought they should have just given Jason and Sam time to develop into an organic couple. Kinda like the way they are giving Sam and John McBain time to develop in a sincere and natural way.

    I hope the writers are not trying to turn Sam into some kinda heroine because that is not her character. I like the real Sam: bitchy, “I can do bad all by myself”, fighter, and independent. Sam should be the girl that the man is trying to tame. she should NOT be crying on Jason.

    Some characters on soap should stay a certain way: Helena, Sam, Carly Corinthos, Sharon, Phyllis, Adam Newman, Sami Brady, EJ DiMera, etc

  25. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    EET – Eloquent as always and spot on with everything!!! :beer: :love:

    FFIT – :love: :love:

    If today’s show was supposed to make me feel sorry for Lizzibitch it most definitely did not succeed!!! Lizzie Webber is pathetic!!! :Sp :Sp :Sp

  26. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Again with the double standards- please I have seen so many people refer to Sams baby as Harry Potted- devils spawn- son of sam… Where is everyone when thats going on. Again I forgot- it’s only Jake no one can say anything about.. Maybe it’s time some fans develop thicker skin..

  27. Profile photo of js3557

    Maybe it’s because baby pothole is making fun of the death of a child, while harry potted is making fun of a mother putting her child, who is still living, in a planter box, and devil spawn is making fun Sam yet again. Completely different. Making fun of the mother with a stupid name for a baby, not so bad. Making up a name to poke fun about a child being run down by a drunk driver, even if said child is fictional, is not so funny…..especially knowing that some people who visit this site have actually lost children.

    And this is from someone who calls Sam’s baby “Danny”.

  28. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Didn’t Sam say Liz’s child was better off kidnapped by Maureen.

    But, I never said a child was better off kidnapped. I said the baby was better off with Tea. My opinion is any child is better off with a woman who wants the child. Sam was considering not having the baby. Sam named her baby after Jason only because she wanted to punish him. The child’s name is Jason and yet SamFF call him Danny. That isn’t his name. I fail to see how my calling the kid Franco is any different than you calling him Danny. Neither is his name yet both are names of his uncles. They can still change the baby’s paternity anytime.

  29. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    So first off- how can you judge a women raped on not being sure if she could have the baby. Second that was like a one second thought. She choose her baby over her husband. Also- why in the heck do you think she was going to name him Jason to punish him. You are assuming- she knew that when she had the baby Jason would fall in love with him. And he did!! Deal in facts!!

  30. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    EET, JASAMMABBY – It’s just not worth getting upset by something a small group of sanctimonious hypocrites have to say about Sam, her child, Jasam, or anything else for that matter!!!!! :|

    The Liz/RH FFs have been bashing Sam for YEARS, calling her every nasty, derogatory name in the book and some have even said those things about Kelly!!! They have constantly criticized the Jasam relationship and their child from his very conception!!! And now that their favorite character has proven that she is a lying, cheating, scheming, manipulative, pathetic bitch, they don’t like it when she is called out on her bad behavior, both past and present!!! Well isn’t that just too bad!!! :Sp :Sp

  31. Profile photo of js3557

    Nice sassysdreams – Prove your point that calling a fictional character mean names is wrong by attacking actual people. “sanctimonious hypocrites”? Classy, real classy.

    As for all then characteristics you just used for Liz, each and every one could be used for Sam as well. cheating = kissing another man while married; scheming = hiring gunmen to scare kids; manipulative = conning men out of money, sleeping with her stepdaddy to hurt Alexis and Jason; pathetic = being the ride or die chick that constantly has to be rescued, endangering kids in moments of weakness and non-existent break downs, bitch = what she did to Jax, everything she did to Jake, Cam and Liz, stringing Jason along while working on her back up McBain.

    I can own Liz’s faults, can you own Sam’s?

  32. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Sam named her child Jason to punish Jason. She told Jason in that stupid fantasy episode that if her baby lived she would have named him Danny. Why name the kid Jason only because he was dead other than as a punishment? Give me an alternative explanation for that one.

  33. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    [quote=sassysdreams]EET, JASAMMABBY – It’s just not worth getting upset by something a small group of sanctimonious hypocrites have to say about Sam, her child, Jasam, or anything else for that matter!!!!! :|
    The Liz/RH FFs have been bashing Sam for YEARS, calling her every nasty, derogatory name in the book and some have even said those things about Kelly!!! They have constantly criticized the Jasam relationship and their child from his very conception!!! And now that their favorite character has proven that she is a lying, cheating, scheming, manipulative, pathetic bitch, they don’t like it when she is called out on her bad behavior, both past and present!!! Well isn’t that just too bad!!! :Sp :Sp[/quote]

    Pot have you met kettle

  34. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    Hmmmm, where exactly did I say I was happy?? Nowhere but thanks for assuming you know me.

    What I meant by Lizzie Beth being PATHETIC (and she IS) was her actions with Jason recently. It’s more like a plan a 15 year old heartbroken girl would do.

    And it’s the LIZFF that can NEVER see her faults. Like the whole thing EET said about locks, gates, fences, etc. She is the stupidest, most incompetent mother I’ve ever seen. Meh, one kid died by opening the door & running out into the street, but whatever, chain locks are expensive. :|

    And at MY hospital, she would’ve been fired LONG ago for her screwups there.

  35. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    FFIT Wrote “And it’s the LIZFF that can NEVER see her faults.”

    I call BullSh!t – The LizFF fans I have come across here at DC have owned up to what Liz has done in her past and many have called her on it. I for one loved her with Nik so I was ok with that.

    So Liz is the worst mother because she did not have eyes behind her head, I mean if Cam burned down the house and killed Jake because Liz forgot to remove all flammable items from Cam then she would be a bad mother since Cam had a pyro history. I guess we plan on crucifying every mother who ever forgot to double check a lock, or turned her back on a child.

  36. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Sassy – you are upset over people calling a fictional character names and express that by calling real people names? Do you know what hypocrital is? Why do you get so worked up?

    Everything that you list that Liz has done wrong, Sam has done with premeditation. Liz has owned her actions and doesn’t need to get caught.

    FFIT – tone

    Why are SamFF getting what they want but are still so angry? For FFIT – again tone

  37. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Guys lets cool down with the tone and go back to character discussion. We are all family here.

    Vet, you really are taking the point that sam doesnt want her child? I call foul on that one. she had a moment of doubt in the beginning because of the RAPE. I cant believe you are glossing over the fact that she believes she was raped and the child is a product of that rape. Sam WANTED a child. She wanted lila and STILL grieves her actively. She wanted hope and when they lost her she was so destroyed she walked out on her relationship with jason. She wanted another baby so badly that she continued to research and work with dr. lee and eventually she had major surgery to conceive. Jason and sam were working on conceiving a child which is why danny was created and is why she wasnt on birth control when franco came for her. She left jason when he said he couldnt accept the child and that for her she was so in love with the baby that if she had to choose she would choose the child. And when danny “died” sam was devastated, which liz knew. Yes, sam said the baby was better off with maureen (if i am remembering correctly or something to that effect). Thats disgusting to think even if history shows us that jake WOULD have been no worse off and probably in fact better off.

    I NEVER claimed jake died because liz wasnt watching. a mom cant watch a kid 24-7 even in their own house. the question was about the lock on the door. Liz said that cam had run out before. If I know my kids have the capability and inclination, I would put a lock on the door up high where they couldnt get to it. That one lock would have saved jake and would have prevented cam from almost meeting the same fate a week later. YES that part of it was TOTALLY knowable because it had happened before. And given that she had five million times two from jason and nik before she stole it, why wasnt there a FENCE on her property and lighting given what we know about the road they live on. A nurse might not be able to afford those measures on her own, but a nurse financed by two multi-millionaires sure can.

  38. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Oh so the baby is better of with tea because he would later learn he was a product of rape. I suppose trey was better off with joe jr. than being placed for adoption because his father full intended to never tell him that.

  39. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    He was certainly better off being found by Joe. Should he have left him in a drawer ?

    Tea is always a better option over Sam. That is a no brainer. How long do you think it will be before Sam leaves the kid with Molly and forgets he exists like Carly with poor Morgan?

  40. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    [quote=GHvetfan]How long do you think it will be before Sam leaves the kid with Molly and forgets he exists like Carly with poor Morgan?[/quote]

    You mean like Elizabeth does with poor Cam and Aiden when she dumps them on grandma Audrey most of the time? ;)

  41. Profile photo of liason4real

    At least Liz has a paying job and is not living off of her mother! Sam has not worked since Todd fired her butt two months ago. Spin has mentioned before that the PI business is not doing very well.

  42. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Sassy – please do tell working mothers that they shouldn’t have a babysitter.

    Sam will be shown with this kid for maybe a month tops and the kid will get forgotten. She will be spending time with McPain who so very easily forgets his kid.

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