Jack and Genevieve Team Up Against Tucker on The Young and the Restless!

Tucker's (Stephen Nichols) been playing hardball following Victor’s (Eric Braeden) "miraculous" return from the dead. However, when a vengeful Genevieve (Genie Francis) and Jack (Peter Bergman) showed up at his door, the tune he's been humming started to change a bit! Jack told Tucker to return Beauty of Nature, or he was calling the SEC. Backed into a corner, Tucker asked for 48 hours.

Still basking in the afterglow,  Victor wanted to know how he and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) ended up so far apart.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) and nuNoah (Robert Adamson) confronted Sharon (Sharon Case) about her scheming and plotting.

What are your First Impressions of  Robert Adamson as Noah Newman? He sure looks a lot like Joshua Morrow, doesn’t he?  As Noah argued with his mother, Genoa City cops arrived to arrest Sharon at Victor’s behest.

With Sharon behind bars, Victor waltzed in and began to toy with her. He ended the torture by saying he was through with her.

Ronan (Jeff Branson) made his case to Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) about why they should be together. The two shared a sizzlin' kiss, but Phyllis asked him to leave.

Back at the Newman ranch, Victor and Nikki rushed into each other’s arms. Okay, they didn't quite rush. I know most people want Victor and Nikki together, but I've always enjoyed her with Jack. Unfortunately, The Great Victor Newman wins again.

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    It was the first episode I watched in a while. I’m still not impressed with the writing but I hope the worst is behind us.

    Noah is still a one-note character. Since these lines were still supposed to be acted by Kevin Schmidt, I’ll wait and see what Josh Griffith’s plans for Noah are. So far I can only say that he fits and looks very handsome. But I knew this before…

    I do hope that the new writing team keeps Phyllis in scenes with Ronan. These two actually do have chemistry. And with a story that’s not questioning the viewers intelligence I’d rather see Phyllis with Ronan than in her oh-so-boring marriage with Nick.

    Sharon Collins – once again screwed by all the Newmans. Of course she was wrong but after what this family put her through, who can blame her for going crazy … well besides the shitious “writing”.

    Nikki’s marriage ended way too quickly and it’s also a real shame. Nikki appears so hypocritical after she was supposed to be ready to move on with Jack; knowing that she and Victor wouldn’t work. It’s beyond me that she returns to this man so easily while throwing her marriage out of a window.

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    Poor Jack back in story with Genevieve and Tucker AGAIN. I’m glad I know Genevieve is leaving, they were not good together. One down one to go . I’d like to see Jack do some business with Kay, Jill, Victoria, Lauren, or even Neil again. I hope this all old white male business environment disappears with MAB ( & hopefully Tucker too.)

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    soapjunkie88 … I certainly agree with your post above. Victor is just back being Victor again orchestrating Sharon’s arrest on Faith’s birthday. What a cad and so is his Nikki spawned son.

    All I have to say about the recast right now is … whatever happened to “the role of ??? is now being played by ???”?

    pennywise555… Tucker is in the opening now so it looks like he’s staying, and I just can’t say that’s a bad thing.

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    [quote=tedew]pennywise555… Tucker is in the opening now so it looks like he’s staying, and I just can’t say that’s a bad thing.[/quote]

    Soooo? Jill, Brad,Ashley, John Abbott & more were in the opening & they didn’t stay. SN’s contract doesn’t end until December, why wouldn’t they include him if they had a new opening set to go? I don’t think they would hold back a new opening for the whole show after all these years just because they might let someone go down the line.

    It’s not hard to remove someone from the opening credits, ask MAB, she had Jess Walton removed in a split second, and her last appearance had to be listed as recurring. It may be a project to add someone to the credits but it’s simple to take someone out.

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    Billy and Daniel are also in the new openings, and I don’t think either one of them will be on Y&R much longer. I still say Tucker is on his way out, probably by Feb. sweeps.

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