Kassie DePaiva Returning to General Hospital!

Blair Cramer is on her way back to Port Charles, New York! One Life to Live vet Kassie DePaiva shared in a blog post today that General Hospital showrunner Frank Valentini called to let her know the soap has "something coming up on the canvas for Blair". 

With Todd (Roger Howarth) and Starr (Kristen Alderson) getting into all kinds of trouble away from Llanview, they could definitely use a visit from Mama Cramer. Are you excited for Blair to hit up Port Chuck again? Sound off in the comments!  

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    Blair showing up is always great!

    I just kind of wish they would just put her on contract. It gets irritating when a person comes and goes all the time.

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    Myst Stied

    Sigh…I hate feeling resentful..I was fine with the OLTL characters showing up on GH. I thought it was brilliant idea and I’m all for characters returning esp when story cause for it. However in this case I’m frustrated. I’ve been waiting for Tristan Rogers/Robert to make another return to GH every since his very, very brief stint that didn’t even allow his character to attend his own daughter’s funeral, however, I let it go and assumed perhaps budget or that the writer’s maybe were planning future storyline that would cause for his immediate return but so far, nothing. Per soap opera digest : Luke return next week after seeing Robert? WHAT? so I’m to assumed everything with Luke/Robert happened off screen. A moment like that happened off screen? How upsetting to the long time viewers..We’ve been waiting to see the show down between Robert/Luke..And it happened off screen? Plus, There’s quite a few story lines right now that Robert could slide right in (coughRobincough) but again nothing, and now KDP is returning again? This return up KDP return engagements to 3x and yet we’ll still haven’t got another return of TR. When are we gonna see TR/Robert again?

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    Myst Stied

    Tvlover01- From all I’ve read on the subject..TR seems to be available to go back to GH..Reading last week Nelson Branco SOU? Y&R hadn’t called him back. I don’t know what the GH PTB are waiting for..Swoop him up. TR has a huge fan following and every time he has returned to GH he brought back lapse viewers. which is what GH need, having TR back only help GH not hurt it and yet they’re dragging their feet on bringing back one of GH most beloved,popular iconic character. I just don’t understand their logic..They keep telling us to watch #GH, bringing him back would get them even more people watching #GH particularly lapse viewers who aren’t watching now.

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    Yes unfortunately I understand that. I too think it is going to even more of that in the future, especially with veteran actor who get a sizeable salary. To me, it’s just frustrating to not know who is on the payroll and when.

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    Myst I understand how you feel. I want robert’s return like you wouldnt believe but I dont think KDP coming has anything to do with why tptb havent brought tristan back. I love blair so this is great news to me and I wish they would put her on contract, even if she is off screen for long stretches. I want tnb!

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    Myst Stied

    EricasEvilTwin- Believe me I like Blair too and I’m glad to see KDP return. It’s just I wish TPTB would bring Robert back because his short stint was very, unsatisfying to long time gh viewers if I want to be blunt about it it was pure crap. Viewers that watch this character for 12 yrs and to see him being absent from his family and especially his grand daughter, and then to have a story that I’ve been waiting for (Robert/Luke) showdown to happens off screen is enough to pissed any longtime viewers off. I think the Robert/Luke confrontation happening off screen is the final straw for me.

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    Myst Stied

    tvlover01- I pray that you’re right and that FV/RC bring Robert back for Robin’s story, because it would be the ultimate insult to longtime/lapse GH viewers to not have Robin’s crime fighting, secret agent, ex-Police commissioner, ex-PI Port Charles original 007 & hero dad not be a huge part of her return story. I hope FV/RC do right by my Scorpios!

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    Myst I would love to see robert run in to anna and have that omg i think i know you from somewhere and have it turn out that sams father is none other that robert. I think kim and kelly look a lot alike and now that alexis is digging on sean what better time to bring back her first love.

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    Thrilled about Kassie coming back for a few episodes wish it could be longer. Blair has so layers as a character and Kassie can sure entertain she sparkles on screen.

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    She should be a permanent part of Port Charles because Todd without her or the rest of their family makes little sense in the long term. Plus, Blair could easily fit into storylines & could actually run Crimson when Kate inevitably has to go back to Ferncliff. Todd also needs to mend fences with his son Jack and Blair is the perfect bridge to make that happen. The man has been gone from his family for 8 years and it makes little sense that he wouldn’t want to try to mend fences with all of them, not just Starr.

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    so glad to see this finally happen….the arrival of Blair can only help SAVE GH. It’s good for everyone, even thought she’s an OLTLer….the T&B relationship is a definite draw for an extremely large fanbase – and GH will benefit from it. Kassie’s wonderful, and her chemistry with Roger Howarth is undeniable. Very pleased to see it, and lots of GHers were added recently….more will come.

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    It’s about time and may I ask what has been the hold up on getting her there permanently? I am a long time OLTL viewer and I tuned into GH because it was advertised that the Mannings were headed there. It makes sense that Frank would want to incorporate the ABC daytime shows into one in order to increase viewership. Yes, there will be viewers who cry and moan about it, but think of the viewers who will tune in. At the end of the day I think for every one person who leaves because it doesn’t “feel” like their soap you will find two new viewers because they see one of their favorite character. Also, I really believe if the GH audience who might never have watched OLTL get to see the dynamics, chemistry and acting ability of Roger and Kassie (Todd and Blair)they would be become diehard fans.

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    TV Gord

    I think the hold up on bringing her on the show for more than a few guest stints is that Blair and Carly are virtually identical characters, and there’s no room for both of them in Port Charles.

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    I am so excited about Blair being in PC again. I can’t wait to see Blair and Todd together again. RH and KDP have the best chemistry. Todd is going to need Blair when everyone finds out about his baby switching scheme. I really wish they would give Kassie a contract. GH needs a “bitch with a heart” character and Kassie is so good at being bad and making you feel sorry for her and root for her. I really can’t say that about most of the actresses on GH right now. I would love to see Blair mix it up with more characters too like- Patrick, Johnny, AJ, Luke, Sam, Alexis. I would put GH back on my DVR if Kassie was given a contract and I know so many others that would too.

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    cri cri

    I am so happy to hear Blair will heading to Port Charles again – I just hope she can stay long enough to begin developing some real ties into the storylines. If folks are fully introduced to or reminded of the incredible dynamics that exist between Todd and Blair, they will be hooked hooked hooked, and the general knee jerk reaction against all things OLTL will die down soon enough – just as they already have around Todd.

    Our tender-hearted and gorgeous she-wolf Blair makes everything and everyone so much better!!

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    [quote=TV Gord]I think the hold up on bringing her on the show for more than a few guest stints is that Blair and Carly are virtually identical characters, and there’s no room for both of them in Port Charles.[/quote]

    I have to agree with TV Gord. KdeP may be a good actress and have chemistry with RoHo. But from what I’ve seen from her short stints, she strikes me as much like LW’s version of Carly. On top of that Carly is a Spencer/core family member. (Yeah, I know we don’t see Bobbie but at least we’ve seen Carly interact with Uncle Luke at the Metro Court and Kelly’s. ;) ) I can understand FV wanting to be loyal to his OLTL people, but in this case I’d prefer he concentrate on GH core family members over another Llanview transplant that I have no investment in. But that’s me… 0:)

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    I have to totally agree with SwanQueen. Cartini needs to concentrate on the core GH characters and actors!!! I don’t object to a short visit by Blair (and I happen to love Kassie DePaiva) to wrap up a story with Todd and maybe see him off the canvas, but I have no desire to see even more OLTL characters permanently joining GH!! OLTL fans may be pleased with Todd and Star being on GH but I am not really enjoying either one of them. And I was a OLTL viewer for more than 30 years! They were very different shows and I don’t feel that they should be combined. Todd, Star and John are on the canvas now so fine. But any other OLTL characters permanently coming to GH is of no interest to me. Now if FV wants to hire OLTL actors to play GH characters that have been off the canvas for awhile, that would be great! But permanently bringing even more OLTL characters to the GH canvas, no thank you.

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    I love KDP but I baffled by why we need Blair to return right now. I love classic TnB but I also feel like the characters have grown apart for now. I thought the last scenes we had with TnB were great and also gave the couple a good break. Blair can’t trust that Todd won’t screw up again and Todd can’t trust that Blair won’t leave him every time he does screw up.

    I’m really enjoying the scenes between LW and RH and would feel really cheated as a viewer if Todd and Carly aren’t paired up. I think it would make more sense to for Blair to come back after Todd and Carly have been together for awhile and then have a love triangle. I don’t know…maybe TPTB just want to KPD little stints here and there in order to keep her busy until that happens. Either way I just have really mixed feelings about it.

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    TV Gord

    She may return to support Starr, especially if it comes out by then that Todd knew that Johnny (not Kate) was responsible for the crash that killed Hope and Cole. That makes sense to me.

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    I wonder with some of the rumors that LW may leave, i could see them trying to get a previous carly to return since neither tb nor sjb are working in daytime right now. if they do recast, neither sjbs carly nor tbs carly really were very blair like. If they did go back to either of the other actors, I totally think there would be room for blair on the canvas, esp. too if they brought back jax. then you would have a jax/carly/todd/blair quad. i could also see tomas being alkie, alkie feels free to make his presence known now that jason is gone, and maybe skye comes back for a sextet. Blair rounds that out and in that sense she serves a purpose.

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    RC’s Skye would be a sparkling addition to be brought back for a place in a quad with Carly, Jax, and Todd. She was a great sparring partner for both Tracy and Monica and she has a definite spark with AG’s Luke even though I’d steer clear of any romantic entanglement. On her previous visit she also had a distinct conection with BrBa’s John Z that was quite potent. She’s a smart, classy actress with a real talent for bringing a sense of finesse and flair to the screen… 0:)

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    That is one character and ONE ACTRESS that I think brought a strong and powerful woman to the canvas of any soap! Skye was written as a true and beautifully dynamic woman who could be both a great friend and lover but an even more powerful and vicious enemy.

    She was, and will always be, the perfect soap vixen!

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    TV Gord

    [quote=pjc722]That is one character and ONE ACTRESS that I think brought a strong and powerful woman to the canvas of any soap! Skye was written as a true and beautifully dynamic woman who could be both a great friend and lover but an even more powerful and vicious enemy. She was, and will always be, the perfect soap vixen![/quote]

    Absolutely. And the funny thing is that she was never that nuanced on AMC (or even OLTL). She really hit her stride as a character when she settled in at GH.

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    But thats why I want all six back – it would be great in my mind to find out that Lorenzo was one of Tomas’s many “personas” or guises if you will and now with Jason Morgan MIA and Blair insisting she wants to move to come out of hiding he fesses up that he has a past in Port Charles. Meanwhile Skye comes back for Edwards funeral and to assert her claim not knowing lorenzo is back from the dead. Yeah there would be some loose ends to tie up given that lo was pretty darn dead and they would have to explain how and why he was willing to abandon both Lila and diego but I would look over some of it to have those six back on screen. If they want to bring blair on and differentiate her from carly, personally i say bring back original recipe carly. My biggest issue with LWs portrayal has always been in part that they changed the character I think to play to her strengths so while I find her talented I dont REALLY see Carly. Let Carly go back to the schemer and plan maker that shes always been at heart.

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    I can’t WAIT until Blair returns!! She’s the only one who *gets* Todd, just as he has always said, even recently, and he’s still in love with her as she is with him.

    And when Carly goes rabid over his dealings with Heather, plus what he’s done with JaSam’s baby, not to mention helping keep her uncle hostage, and what he has tried many times to do to Johnny, as in kill him, as well as keep from her the truth about Johnny’s involvement in Cole/Hope’s deaths, and then lying his ass off about Johnny sleeping with Connie the whole time knowing it’s not true, as IF those two are going to continue being civil. He lulled her into a false sense of security, pulling the same crap he’s always pulled and she bought right into it. Least Blair was smart enough to know this time that he was hiding something else, and he was. Carly’s going to unfortunately learn the hard way who this man really is. Is it not strange that they hardly know anything about each other after all this time? He has no idea the crap she pulled all those years ago with Jason/AJ/Tony and Sonny or anyone else in town, and she has no idea that he’s a convicted rapist and a known baby snatcher, among other things. That’s not a friendship, Ron didn’t even try here and it’s pretty clear why imo. Her real BFF Jason tried warning her that Todd was effed up, and he hardly knew him. And she ignored all of it. That’ll end well. *sarcasm*

    I cant wait until Todd’s lies come out, this has gone on for far too long.

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