Will Nick Catch Ronan and Phyllis Having Sex on The Young and the Restless?

Ronan (Jeff Branson) and Phyllis’ (Michelle Stafford) attraction has been boiling beneath the surface. This week they give in, as Nick (Joshua Morrow) arrives. Will he catch them getting it on?

Meanwhile, Victor (Eric Braeden) threatens Sharon (Sharon Case). Watch this week’s The Young and the Restless promo after the jump!

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    Nobody gets away with it but Victor. He abuses his family for decades now. I’m sick and tiered of Victor and the way he’s written. I really hope that Josh Griffith has the power to write Victor as a complex character again who also has to live with consequences for all his schemes and power plays.

    Getting Phyllis away from Nick might be the best thing that could happen to this character. Not only are Ronan and Phyllis much hotter but she and Nick have completely lost whatever there was between them. If MAB kept them as exes for another two years or so Phyllis and Nick might have worked again … but putting them back together so soon and let them even get married again was a stupid move.

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    [quote]Victor threatens Sharon. [/quote]yeah! yeah! Victor makes another threat. That’s like the 10 millionth threat. Please Eric Braeden can act the part without a script. That’s because the character is always mumbling the same lines.

    I really, really really love Sharon’s new personae. She is so much more interesting than before. Gone is the timid woman who had everyone steam rolled over her for years. I love it. I really hope the new writers keep Sharon as the strong “take no prisoner” kind of woman.

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    RealityCheck 33

    [quote=met][quote]Victor threatens Sharon. [/quote]yeah! yeah! Victor makes another threat. That’s like the 10 millionth threat. Please Eric Braeden can act the part without a script. That’s because the character is always mumbling the same lines. [/quote]

    Yep, Victor is like a rash that won’t go away. It’s just the same shit, different day. No wonder Eric Braeden mumbles his lines, they are the same ones over and over. When he was telling Sharon that he was “finished with her”, it sounded like the same thing he said to Adam about a year ago. Same lines, just insert another character’s name.

    Victor really needs to go. Boring.

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    Maybe EB has one of those pull cords in his neck that has prerecorded Victor lines that randomly spew out.

    Hopefully Nick will catch Phyllis and Ronan in the act. There’s probably not much dispute about that anyway since we all know we he is going to be happily reunited again with his true love very soon.

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    I still maintain that Braeden can’t remember his lines…which would be a personal tragedy for him and a continuing disaster for us. I’m sick to death of that character. Victor and Nikki have no chemistry now – they have dependency.

    And how does that dysfunctional mess Nikki, with Victor, even get their lines out they’re so hypocritical. Sharon discarded a prenup – unsigned and unwitnessed, so no crime – and took over Newman. Her crime was being in over her head and looking to Tucker for help. But Nikki has now killed 3 people, and Victor has set up people for fake murders, and he has the clout to get Sharon arrested!!!

    What a joke. As Truman Capote said about Jacqueline Susann, author of VALLEY OF THE DOLLS… that’s not writing, that’s typing.

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    The Nick and Phil pairing is over. I’m glad they are going to be mixing it up a bit. I’m for the Ronan match.

    Victor’s character needs a transformation. I hope we see this in the upcoming months. I think if they put him and Nikki back together it would be a good start. (Even if they don’t have a place to live after this stupid stunt plot of the ranch burning…)

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    I don’t like the new style on the promos. The letters and the green color are ugly and not befitting to Y&R’s style.

    This promo seems like ABC or NBC to me, not Y&R.

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    Restless Vixen

    What the hell was that at the end, Phick and Lame (sic) walking towards…nothing? It looked like MS and CK had their eyes closed at first. And WTF with DG and JM back to back? Just weird!

    And before someone scapegoats the new regime we have yet to see…I remember DG tweeting about that photo shot, which happened BEFORE the MAB ouster.

    Wow, how the mighty have fallen. MS sounded ridiculously porny with that “I’m trying to be GOOD”. I was waiting for the “bow-chicka-bow-wow” music to kick in. Definitely, definitely NOT one for her fabled “Emmy reel”.

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    Shick should be the endgame because Phick is toast. It’s fitting, tho. My grandmother said “You’ll lose a man the same way you got em”. No truer words were ever spoken. Nick should feel like a damn fool for continuing to stand by Phyllis while she lies & now cheats on him. Victor needs to be rehabilitated somehow. Hopefully, JG can put him through a similar journey as what Sharon is about to go through.

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    [quote=soapy opie]I really don’t like Phyllis’ new non-red hair.
    It’s like I don’t even know who she is anymore!! lol[/quote]

    It is an absolutely disgusting look for Phyllis.

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    Nick has never been the brightest bulb in any socket, so it’s quite possible Phyllis and Ronan will be caught in the act and she’ll still be able to hold on to her husband.

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    RedChair … good and accurate post. I actually think that Avery was more criminal in all that … purporting to be working for Sharon while all the time betraying her trust with the two poisoned Nikki spawns?
    She was playing both sides!

    yojoromo4469 … Phyllis may not currently be the “stunning” redhead she usually is but I’d hardly use the word disgusting to describe her hair because it does actually not look all that bad. Actually her sometimes femme fatale look is quite fetching.

    SoapArmageddon … yes Phyllis could probably tell Nick they were just trying to make the “so called” affair look convincing and he’d believe her.

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    I happen to like Victor taking Sharon down. Sharon was completely in over her head and completely obnoxious. Lets face facts, what has she done to deserve being in charge of Newman? I dont remember her actually working the past few years. I know she ran away with Adam, she tried to save Skye from falling in a Volcano, she was in jail, on a farm, then back to jail again. Anybody has to be better than her.

    I’ll be honest and I hope people wont think Im crazy but I think Ronan and Phyllis have sex just so Nick can see. Thats the way she is. She’ll spin it as if she had to have sex with Ronan because Nick rejected her. Even if its not true and Nick sees them having sex, she will just manipulate the situation like she always does.

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    Sorry but Victor taking anyone down is just so repetitively boring now. He did give Sharon the ammunition by irrationally marrying her not just once but twice. Also, Victor above all should know what mental illness is when he sees it.

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    Can’t say I have much sympathy for Nick if he catches Phyllis and Ronan going at it. He cheated multiple times on Sharon, then cheated on Phyllis, had sex with Diane while she was married to his dad, and even hopped into bed with Avery (ok, Avery isn’t a case of adultery, but your ex wife’s sister – REALLY?!).

    Looks like the shoe is on the other foot now.

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    CtFireWitch … now that you mention it, you are correct.

    I just wonder how legal all that was plus it was never filed. Still, Sharon probably did think she was acting in good faith before she found out (near the end) that Victor still (gasp) lived.

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    my sentiments exactly! I wonder is she is a natural brunette and just returned to it or if the brunette is a dye job . . . regardless, the red hair was more brilliant and vibrant like the character . . .

    I also don’t like what the writers are doing with the character! Turning her into an adulterous is beneath the strength of the character. (Even though I like Ronan too, she belongs with Nich).

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