Nicole Faces Another Baby Tragedy on DAYS!

I am usually not in favor of soap miscarriages, or killing off of babies, but I’m willing to make an exception for the bun in Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) oven on Days of Our Lives. This week, Nicole learns the fate of her unborn child. Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    Is this a fact that she is gonna lose the baby or they just making it seem that way?

    I am 6 months behind so to kill the baby after 6 months is stupid.
    If she was gonna lose it it should have been earlier.

    Why is Daniel with her now? I hate that himbo. Why does he care so much
    about the kid. It isn’t his and he doesn’t think it is?

    Rafe told EJ he was the father where I am at.

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    So Nicole has yet to lose another baby … and in the end it’s going to be all about Daniel and Jennifer and how Nicole tries to keep him!?

    You know what, FUCK YOU DAYS!

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    How can anyone be in favor of this? This is SO wrong – if it’s true, that is.

    Arianne Zucker has been quoted on saying “there’s a twist in Nicole’s storyline”. I reaaaaallllly hope this means the baby will turn out to be alive later on. Nicole HAS to have her baby. It just has to happen, no other way.

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    I know that Nicole needs to be the VIXEN on this show and this show is in DIRE need of one but killing off her baby after all the fans have seen her struggle to keep the child safe, not only from her medical issues but from the child’s father’s family MAKES this just a bad move on the Days writers.

    Why bother having the fans invest so deeply into this story and the new direction for Nicole just to kill the child off and turn Nicole into a bitch again. For one thing, Soaps today forget that there should only be ONE vixen or villian on a show because otherwise they breathe the air out of the show when there are too many. Stefano and Victor are perfect examples. One was created to fill the void left by the other’s absence years ago and there is just no time for both of them. Sure, Victor is nice when Maggie is around but I prefer his villianess ways to Stefano’s any day.

    Then you have Kate. She should be the queen bee but as much as I love Sammy, she is not of Kate’s caliber other than to be her foil. Kate needs to be up against the likes of Victor or a good guy when she is a vixen and not trying to win out over Sammy. To that direction, the show should have gotten rid of either Kate or Nicole so that one could rule Salem the way Alexis on Dynasty, JR on Dallas, Angela on Falcon Crest, Iris on Another World, Alexandra on Guiding Light, oldTracey on General Hospital, and so on and so on.

    There is not enough time on the soaps for multiple villians.

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    EJ may have not needed another baby, but I’m pissed about this. I wanted Nicole to have her miracle baby. Even if we had to go through with Rafe being the fake father for a while. Why let her carry the child a full term if she’s gonna lose it? This better mean that Nicole is gonna turn into a raging bitch on wheels and destroy Salem.

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    I’m sick of the story line. I’ve been watching long enough to know Nicole was supposed to be infertile years ago. The fact that she’s had SEVERAL “miracle” pregnancies has driven me nuts. Please establish something and stick with it! I know, I’m watching Days so I should know better. But that’s probably why I don’t care about her. Her history gets rewritten to justify the story line needs. That’s also probably why I never cared for John Black, but I digress. She’s been infertile, her “last” pregnancy was supposed to be her “last” chance. What, EJ just has super sperm that can just about fertilize anything? Please. I’m sick of Nicole, Sami, EJ, Rafe and Daniel. Just put these folks on the back or mid burner so I can see some others shine. I’m sick of this crap. What a “reboot” of a “reboot”. Nice work guys. You set everything back to where it was a problem. Yip…poop!

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    I don’t get wth is with tptb of soaps these days. I’m still plenty ticked about baby Ellie on AMC. It was absolutely cruel to the fans as well as the characters(Angie & Jesse) to lose the baby after all Angie went through to carry Ellie to term. Albeit not quite as extreme, there’s still enough circumstance with Nicole for this to be cruel as well. We’ve watched Nicole fall in love with her baby boy & protect him anyway possible for months now. It basically says the investment of writing her pregnancy SL has been for nothing & an absolute waste of time for everyone.

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    I cant believe she’s going to loose another baby..its so unfair!:( I really didnt think they would do that to Nicole again..meanwhile Sami pops one out every few years..sorry but true.
    I know Nicole can be trouble and she is up to her usual self which would cause stress for her baby…but still. I’ve wanted to see them let her have a baby of her own for awhile now even with all she’s done. I’d rather it not be EJ’s either but didnt want her to loose it. I read in Digest…spoiler alert…..that she’s at the doc and that the doc detects no heartbeat and that’s how she finds out. The book then goes on to talk about her being upset ofcourse but then going to Daniel…I am not exactly sure how this is going to play out..but it’s not like you can just detect no heartbeat and go oh…I miscarried and leave..she’s too far along for that. I am not sure how her baby could still be alive..but I hope somehow someway it is.

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    For the love of God, please let this dumb ho have her baby! The only thing I can think of is that EJ somehow manipulates the hospital staff to make her think the baby dies…which would be awful, and prove to me why I hate Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell so much. They have reset the show back to the Days of stupid.

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    i honestly think that every daytime soap writer should be fired & only hire writers who’ve written on primetime shows. the quality of stories on all the soaps are horrible & they wonder why they’re losing so many viewers when the primetime shows are doing fantastic.

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