Would You Vote For Sue Ellen Ewing as Governor of Texas on Dallas?

Sue Ellen Ewing (Linda Gray) will be in full-on campaign mode when Dallas returns in 2013. Of course any smart politician must embrace social media and Sue Ellen is as smart as they come! Here's what the fictional gubernatorial candidate posted on Facebook:

Would you vote for Sue Ellen Ewing as Governor of Texas?


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3 July 2008
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7 hours 54 min

Knowing this family for over three decades ... HELL NO! lol

Sue Ellen seems to have become a much stronger woman but with all the scheming in the family and what we know about her ... she shouldn't even have a chance in politics. Wink

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18 February 2009
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3 hours 46 min

She's been a drunk, a philanderer, an attempted murderer and she has been involved in an extortion scandal. She's perfect for the job!

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22 January 2011
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4 hours 28 min

These people are forever mixing their personal agendas with their professional lives, so No Way in Hell!!!!!!!!! Smile

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4 May 2009
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7 hours 20 min

Sue Ellen has quite a history but has turned it around. Hell yeah I'd vote for her and to quote her son that ain't no "bullshit".

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5 December 2010
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29 weeks 6 days

Being a Texan myself.... He'll yeah