Young and Restless’ Sharon Newman in ‘The Burning Ranch’

The rumors are true. The Young and the Restless is about to retire one of its most iconic sets — the Newman Ranch. Eric Braeden (Victor) tweeted, teasing the ranch being burned down, but later took his post down. Unfortunately, it was too late. Fans across the Internet had already started buzzing about the fire!

Soap Opera Uncensored's Nelson Branco later confirmed the development on Twitter. Reportedly the sprawling estate Kay Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) sold to Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) way back in the early 80's, will be torched by that whack-o-mess Sharon (Sharon Case)!

The fictional spread won't be rebuilt. Victor and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) will instead move into (Gasp!) a penthouse. This is not right, and it's not okay. Nikki Newman is supposed to be back on that ranch in a chinchilla coat in time for winter! Grrr…

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    I guess since Sharon could not be lady of the manor any longer she would make sure no one was.

    Victor and Nikki in a penthouse…..I am not feeling that. If that is an idea from the new writers they need to go back to the drawing board.

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    I’m upset about this! They screwed up my opening credits and now they’re getting rid of the Ranch for a Penthouse???? Bill Bell is doing triple axles in the grave right now. I understand budget cuts and all but HELLO? The Opening credits still feature the damn ranch. I’m pissed as hell. They’re killing the classic-ness of this show piece by piece in my opinion. Nikki is supposed to sashay down those steps with authority and yell for a servant to clean the table. I hope it’s not that weak penthouse that Victor used to live in. I wonder what excuse will there be for not rebuilding? I’m heartsick right now.

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    Everything changes, I agree, but THIS is like putting up wood paneling in the Louvre. Change is good but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

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    Restless Fan

    So much criticism and the new regimes work has yet to air.

    First off, Victor lived in a penthouse for YEARS in the Bill Bell days. I quite liked when he lived there. Second while the Newman Ranch is nostalgic it’s also very dated. Plus it’s not the shows first time burning down a landmark set. In 03′ Kevin Fisher torched Gina’s restaurant which was never rebuilt. IF the story is good and leads to even better story I’m ok with it. Had this discussion happened with Maria in charge we all know it would have been done strictly for shock value.

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    Bit by bit, actor by actor, set by set, salary by salary, writer by writer, she will slowly kill Y and R just luke she did each soap she has been allowed free rein on. Just hide and watch!

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    Come on. It’s time they had a fresh start. This makes sense to me. They can’t immediately go from the ranch to a house. A penthouse makes sense until Victor can build Nikki her dream home.

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    I’m OK with this, because things do change and Victor still owns the property. Maybe they will live in fabulous penthouse (Victor had one with Ashley & Hope)could be leading up that Victor is building his lady love a new ranch…. ;)

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    While I like the ranch, if the stories are better then I’m fine with this. But the stories have to be better and there has to be a damn good reason for us losing the ranch!

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    I don’t think Nikki living in that roach infested motel with Deacon was her style either but she adjusted (albeit clutching a bottle of booze).

    I was surprised by this, I must admit. I thought they were going to give it a thorough cleaning (last time I watched an episode featuring the ranch, I was shocked by how dirty everything looked).

    Maybe they decided it was past the point of cleaning. Maybe the set was in such disrepair that it was less costly to start afresh rather than try to repair it.

    I’d actually be interested in the reasons why they decided to get rid of the old and downsize. Maybe ole’ Eric’s contract took a bite of the budget ;)

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    The title of this thread is hilarious! LOL

    I’m glad the Newman Ranch is being torched. It was too old, dingy, and outdated just like the majority of Y&R’s sets. As long as Victor and Nikki’s new digs are modern and stylish then it should work. However I’m so disgusted with Victor and Nikki I don’t give a care where they live. I’m guessing this will save some good money to keep the budget from being blown as well. So it’s all good. I hope JFP will update more of the sets because they desperately need it. I’m TeamSharon all the way!

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    always thought the house that GenV and now Adam more suited a house for Victor and Nikki. maybe eventually thats the house they get once Adam loses his mind lol

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    Some act like it’s the end of the world.

    The Newman Ranch was never one of the prettiest sets of Y&R. And in recent years it became completely outdated. How are you supposed to show a rich man like Victor Newman in 2012 with a Ranch like this!?

    I just hope that the main house isn’t the only house that burns down – that ugly tack house has to go down with it.

    Nikki Newman in a penthouse!? Stranger things have happened. And it’s not like Nikki really lived at the Ranch in recent years while Victor was married to various women – starting with Sabrina, continuing with Ashley and Diane and ending with Sharon…

    But then again, the new regime can do whatever they want – some people just want to hate every little thing that they do.

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    Haha – that’s for everyone who wished the ranch was re-decorated. Well it’s certainly gonna be done over NOW, isn’t it! LMAO.

    I have floved this ranch for over 20 years – to me it is one of the most iconic sets in soap history. Ten years ago I even dreamed about having/ building a house exactly like that for myself. In my opinion the set was classic, there was no need to even re-decorate, much less this.

    But this is very describing what is happening backstage. JFP is cleaning house and she’s gonna re-do as she pleases.

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    Well, well, well…. perhaps the Newman Towers will be a major set again?

    I am sure that is where they are headed.

    By “ranch”, are we discussing just the main house, or the main house, plus Nick’s place, and Sharon’s little fixer-upper??

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    Soap sets are like the vets to me. I don’t like when they disappear. I never liked the Chandler mansion after the got rid of that two-sided staircase in the back and Erica without Linden, how dare they.

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    Between TPTB getting rid of Gina’s and the Colonnade room in favor of the messes that are the GCAC and Gloworm in years past, I was over sentimentality in regards to this show Years Ago.

    I say let it burn.

    Once Sharon finishes torching the Ranch, she can move on to Gloworm and the GCAC come to think of it.

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    The sets should be the last of Jill’s concern.

    I also am not happy with this. The only thing I want to change about the show is the uneven writing, and I was hoping Josh would address this.

    I’ve been skeptical about the regime change. Torching Gina’s was one thing folks, but getting rid of the ranch, the Abbot’s or Kay’s house can’t be compared. I could see updating the “ranch/set”, but it is part of the history of the show. “Make the show more alluring” my ass.

    Don’t like it.

    I think this is the second major mistake they’ve made (axing Abby) and their sh*t hasn’t even aired yet.

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    If they should torch anything it’s that God awful Gloworm!!!

    Ugh – who even comes up with a name like that?
    “worm” with the name Gloria – ewwwwwwwww.

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    I definitely think they needed to get rid of some of the sets. I am surprised that it would be the ranch and its destruction since the RANCH itself is the center of the Newman world. That being said, I hope the new penthouse (which should be Victor’s old one that he lived in for the years between one of his Nikki divorces) will hopefully be modern and WITHOUT any wood paneling! Every new set no matter where or with whom has wood paneling.

    I look forward to the change.

    Other homes that need to be changed…

    The Abbott mansion. Keep the EXACT layout but remodel it. New wall paper, new furniture, new artwork. Just something fresher, brighter and more modern. Its been the same for decades.

    Chancellor estate will always be that way until Katherine goes to the great beyond. (WHICH WILL NOT BE FOR A LONG TIME!!! Jeanne Cooper is amazing!)

    Neil’s place. All brown and woodsy. It’s duller than his personality. Spruce it up and move.

    Phyllis’ place. It’s been the same for decades as well, and you would think that a woman who has been married to 2 of the wealthiest men in town would have spruced up that place or bought a new one. Even upgraded to the penthouse with a terrace.

    Last but definitely NOT LEAST: Billy and Victoria’s. This is the worst set on daytime. I know it was to fit into that whole FATHER KNOWS BEST theme but, honestly, it’s the outside of the house that is the theme. NOT THE INTERIOR. Sure, billy sees nothing wrong with it. He lived in a trailer and is a guy. BUT VICTORIA? Boarding school. Art Lover. She lived in Italy for 2 or 3 years. She is the daughter of a Billionaire and she herself is worth half a billion. TIME to head to Pottery Barn or Restoration hardware, fast!!

    All these sets dont need to be torn down and made to look totally different. They just need to be redone like everyone does all the time. The walls stay in place but the furniture, the carpets, the ring dial phones, the lamps, etc are thrown out. PLEASE JILL FARREN PHLEPS, take some of the guest star money and run out to MACYS HOME and buy Victoria a sofa, Jack a new mirror, Phyllis a new plant!!!

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    [quote=pjc722]Chancellor estate will always be that way until Katherine goes to the great beyond. (WHICH WILL NOT BE FOR A LONG TIME!!! Jeanne Cooper is amazing!)[/quote]

    I’m hoping Y&R will be around long enough that Jill takes over after Katherine retires and Chance/Phillip4 takes over from her. It would be so cool to see a Phillip 4 (played by an actor who resembles Phillip 2) raise a family in that mansion.

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    Sharon burning down Newman Ranch is soapy! The set IS outdated. Even AMC’s Erica Kane moved into a lavish penthouse. DAYS’ John & Marlena have a townhouse. I think this is very modern for a couple over 50. Nobody lives with them anyway. After children leave the nest, a lot of middle-aged couples downsize. Get over it.

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    I say I will drink :beer: to that Yoryla! Burn down Gloworm! I hate that set and what be fitting is to reopen Colonnade Room with a fresh look and old secrets. :)

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    [quote]the sprawling estate Kay Chancellor sold to Victor Newman way back in the early 80’s, will be torched by that whack-o-mess Sharon! [/quote]That’s right Sharon burn that sucker to the ground.
    Yaaay for Sharon……..
    Let it burn baby…………..

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    Oh well, we all wanted change & it looks like it’s coming. I hope the first thing to go up in flames is that dish of potpourri that been on that coffee table in the ranchs’ living/family room for the past 30 years!! Go Sharon.

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]someone needs to change the CD jukebox at Crimson Lights…. the same “selections” have been on it for years!!!

    Let Sharon take an AX to it![/quote]

    I’d pay good money to see this :)

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    Restless Vixen

    So is this Newman Raunch (that’s on purpose) burning part of MAB’s last scripts or is it a creation of the new regime? Just a thought, but it seems like one of many pile-ones to make formerly fucking heroine Sharon Collins officially the evilest evil that ever eviled – MAB’s last stand. Either way, I honestly don’t care. That set, even though a Y&R staple, has become a hideously fugly representation of the now hideous pairing of Nikki and Victor. I just can’t act like these two are the greatest love story ever told anymore after Victor wished Nikki dead instead of Sabrina. Nikki’s ass rolling all over the beach in Meh-hee-co crowing “Victorrrrr” like a drunken rooster, and all of their collective fuckery trying to make each other jealous, including Victor marrying Sharon (it seems the whole Newman family has forgotten that Victor pursued Sharon, nobody held that old codgering fool at gunpoint).

    I’m not falling for the okie-doke outrage on the sly MTS and EB drumming up on Twitter. So what if Niktor have to live in a penthouse? It worked for Victor when he was married to Ashley, Hope, Diane and I’m sure a bunch I’m forgetting. And Nikki lived at the GCAC when she was with David Dog Chow and even worse with Deacon Sharpe. So…whatever

    *Kanye shrug*

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]someone needs to change the CD jukebox at Crimson Lights…. the same “selections” have been on it for years!!!

    Let Sharon take an AX to it![/quote]

    OMG!! YES!!!

    THIS has bugged me for years now – drives me crazy every time I see the stupid thing in the background. I keep checking it out, expecting to see that at least SOME of the CD (!) selections have changed. Between that, and that creepy puppet holding back the stupid curtain, someone there needs to pay attention to these sets!

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    @Restless Vixen Is 100% right why is everyone blaming Sharin but letting Dicktor get away with everything? I now understand why Eric Braeden cried when Maria Hackrena Hell was fired, this woman was so far up his ass that she couldn’t see that she was destroying the whole show with her Dicktator (and SyPhyllis) hard-on.

    Honestly, i’m not sure JG can salvage this mess. I liked his interview, but i now realize that he didn’t a say a thing about Dicktator and Syphyllis finally being held responsible for their heinous actions. If the “Victor and Phyllis Always Win Show” is going to continue, i’d have to drop Y&R for good.

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    I’m really not enjoying any of Y&R’s ridiculous storylines right now and everyone’s written completely out of character. So I won’t complain about anything they get rid of, seeing as how it’s impossible to enjoy my fave sets or even my fave actors with this dreadful writing. So hopefully the new writing will make up for it. Although if this counts as a preview of what’s to come, it still sounds a little like MAB to have Sharon sinking to yet another new low. And, you know, I can accept that Sharon is completely insane now if that’s where they are going. BUT I just hope that unlike MAB, they actually explain WHY Sharon is this crazy now.

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    Blue Skies and Palomino Ponies

    Hey, as long as they’re not giving Victor and Nikki a room at the GCAC where the only window is in the bathroom, I’m fine. Agree that the ranch is looking tired. More than that, I like the added emphasis on V&N getting a fresh start.

    Although I really would have enjoyed seeing what Sharon would have done with the place in her current state…leopard and camo? Zebra and Orla Kiely?

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    That ranch set was an unfunny joke for decades. My ass has better decor.

    When they move to a penthouse, please don’t recycle Michael Baldwin’s pillars any further! I liked them the first time, but not the 3rd time.

    Perhaps the new set will have a lot of built-in monitors so Victor can read his lines without squinting.

  32. Profile photo of RedChair

    That ranch set was an unfunny joke for decades. My ass has better decor.

    When they move to a penthouse, please don’t recycle Michael Baldwin’s pillars any further! I liked them the first time, but not the 3rd time.

    Perhaps the new set will have a lot of built-in monitors so Victor can read his lines without squinting.

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    Burning the ranch is a stupid stunt story…hopefully Josh can do better than this. No one seems to know, but it appears this actually is a product of the new regime. Not off to a stellar start IMO.

    What are people going to do on here once they can’t blame Maria for everything they don’t like? I can’t wait to read the comments starting on 10/12.

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    It isn’t like when Gloria Monty returned to GH in 1991 and destroyed the brownstone with that earthquake because “it took up 3/4 of the studio”.
    I don’t see the point in this.

    To me the ranch is special. When I started watching Y&R in the early 90s Nikki was living there with Jack and Nikki was hiding her booze bottles in a walk-in linen closet that was the size of a studio apt.
    I’ll miss it. :beer:

    If this is how Josh and Jill are starting, I’m worried.

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    hey mon

    Then send Sharon over to the Chancellor Mansion, and burn that thing down, too. Jack could use some re-decorating, Sharon are you ready with your matches?

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    They won’t touch the Chancellor mansion simply because it has remained the same set-up since ’73. Over the years they have remodeled it during each decade but Katherine’s mansion is going nowhere.

    I still don’t mind the torching of the ranch. I still think that Victor will build another fabulous ranch on the property. I’m all for that in the future with a fresh start for Nikki & Victor.

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    Frankly I think this is the right move. Quite likely in the mid term what we are gonna see is Nick get the main house at the Ranch once rebuilt into some modern estate and hopefully we won’t ever have to see the Tack house again.

    While they are at it, rid us of Abby’s house, Kevin’s house, Neil’s apartment and Billy and Victoria’s house.

    I like this starting fresh thing. Hopefully they follow through with some really cool stuff.

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