Lindze Letherman Gets Space Mountain Proposal

Former General Hospital star Lindze Letherman (ex-Georgie) likely expected to get a rush of adrenaline on Disneyland’s Space Mountain ride, but not like this! According to a pic tweeted by Letherman, her longtime love, Adam Etch proposed on the amusement park ride. Congrats to the happy couple!


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Aww adorable!

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Totally sweet and talk about a rush! Congratulations LL! Miss you as Georgie!... Innocent

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Aww how sweet!! That had to be some amazing timing to catch the photopass shot..and her to look over and see it.
Poor Lindze she probably wanted to take it in when the ride came to a stop and the CM's were probably like off the ride lol.

Congrats Lindze!!!Laughing out loud

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Congrats to Lindze!

I can't help but wonder why you staffers @ Daytime Confidential report on other soapers and ex-soapers getting married and having kids yet no mention of ex Brooklyn Ashton of GH & ex Colleen Carlton of Y&R) Adrianne(a) Leon's marriage and baby?