4 Memorable Soap Opera Alien Invasions


Wednesday night marked the return of classic, extraterrestrial blockbuster E.T. to theaters. The one-night-only occasion was in honor of the 30th anniversary of the movie about the cuddly alien, with the glowing finger. To do our part in supporting the little intergalactic critter, we're looking back on four memorable alien invasions on soaps!

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No. 4 Burt Gets Beamed Up on SOAP

No one believed Burt Campbell (Richard Mulligan) when he told them he'd spotted a UFO flying over the town of Dunn's River, Connecticut on SOAP, ABC's hit, 70's primetime spoof of daytime dramas. Burt was actually excited when he was abducted, because it proved he wasn't crazy! He was less thrilled when alien lookalike X-23 replaced him.


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    Oh dear. lol

    I still think that THE COLBYS were a decent primetime soap which had even the possibility to outshine DYNASTY by the time it hit the air. And I thought it was well done to the scene where Fallon was abducted by aliens. lol
    THE COLBYS didn’t deserve to get canceled up to that point. If ABC had ordered a third season of the show I don’t even want to think what Fallon would have suffered. lol

    The alien twins on DAYS … may they forever be forgotten and never ever mentioned again. Same for GH’s Casey. lol

    As for SOAP … EVERY soap fan should watch this brilliant sitcom. I saw it only a year ago because a friend said I’d like it. It’s been a long time at this point that I laughed so hard about a sitcom. SOAP is pure gold!!!

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    Yes! That’s the reason (when I was young) I steered away from GH and had to stop watching Days. I’ve always been a fan of drama, not fantasy or sci-fi. Couldn’t watch a single episode of Passions either. That’s also why I don’t like the stunt stories, because they generally involve explosions etc. Just not my thing. And for those out there that do like them, have at it! They never had a place on Y and R, and I hope that Josh and Jill get this.

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    I disliked the “Alien Twins” storyline on DAYS, but was exctatic when they turned out to be Kate & Roman’s children!!! Kate & Roman were my absolute favorite couple in 2003-2005 and I have always hoped for them to get back together. Kate & Rex even bonded over time as did Roman & Cassie. I have always dreamed that Cassie would come back at some point as a mega-bitchy adversary for Kate – why couldn’t the Madison James character could have been written for Cassie Brady. Ah it would have been wonderful!

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    I like science fiction (sometimes) but I’ve never liked it when soaps go there. I’ve always thought that, instead of actually going so far, they could have a character who was convinced that he or she had been abducted by aliens and explore the pyschological roots of that person’s mistaken belief.

    Besides, the visual effects are always very cheesy-looking.

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    _Soap_ was structured and written better than most real daytime soaps. The fact that most of its stars went onto greater fame in TV and movies also speaks to its great casting.

    The best part of Burt being replaced by an alien was yet to come, because Burt’s wife ended up pregnant, leading to the funniest WTD story ever. (She feared the baby would be short and silver). When the African-American nurse brought the baby in, the tightly-wound Mary exclaimed “Oh, thank God he’s white!” That got Mary one confused, pissed-off look from the nurse, but the crowd laughed uproariously.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Everyone: Here is what Bill Bell Said:

    “Some of those things I can’t believe (in relation to sci-fi stories)… The audience wants to be entertained. They want to be involved. And unless these things happen, the people are writing for themselves you are not writing for the audience.”

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    Someone help me out please! Was it ever explained why Stefano had Rex and Cassie arrive that way??

    When Fallon returned to Denver(after the Colbys was Cancelled) did she ever mention her space adventure? I dont think it was mentioned, but not sure or not.

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    I read once the writers of the Colbys never intended for the alien abduction to be real, but a hallucination. Dynasty, however, didn’t know that and continued the story. Fallon was in therapy, had memories of inside the spaceship, and fought with her family who all thought she was nuts.

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    I believe that Dena Highley was resposible for that disaster of a story on Days. I think she came up with the story and impressed tptb and took the headwriting job away from Qwickly and Brash on this story alone. Unfortunately it might have been the most convoluted mess of a story ever on Days and that is going a ways.

    Soap was outrageously funny, biting, witty, and out there. Npthing and noone escaped the satire from the military to the church to aliens sightings. They were also the first show to deal openly with a regular gay character. Tune in next time for the next episode of …. Soap! (I loved the recaps at the end of each show.)

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    I read not too long ago that Dynasty handled Fallon’s abduction differently than The Colbys were planning. In Dynasty, Fallon was abducted by aliens and she began to remember her experience aboard the aircraft in her support group. In The Colbys, Fallon’s abduction was going to turn out to be just a hallucination (from medication I think but can’t swear to that).

    Either way, I always thought it was stupid that on The Colbys, leading up to the abduction in the season finale, Fallon kept getting strange phone calls and kept seeing the strange “heat lightning,” like it was all related. A hallucination would have been the only way to describe that since aliens outside of E.T probably wouldn’t use the phone. LOL.

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