Eileen Davidson on Recent Y&R Stint: “I’d Always Been Led to Believe it Was Maria Bell Who Brought Me Back”

Did mercifully ousted The Young and the Restless showrunner Maria Arena Bell take credit for Josh Griffith's efforts to fix the sudser back in 2008? It's starting to look more and more that way.

MAB has long taken credit in the press for the decision to bring back mega popular Eileen Davidson  as Ashley Abbott. However, in a recent TV Guide interview, Griffith—whom MAB allegedly had forced out during his previous stint in Genoa City—said it was his idea to welcome Davidson back to the fold.

Davidson, who returns as Days of Our Lives' wacky Kristen Blake DiMera on Oct. 11, weighs in on the drama for a new TV Guide chat. Here's a snippet:

TV Guide Magazine: Well, for what it's worth. I interviewed Josh Griffith a couple of weeks ago, now that he's back as head writer at Y&R, and he hates it that you're not on the show anymore. He wants you back. Bad! He told me he was the one who brought you from The Bold and the Beautiful back to Y&R during the writers strike.

Davidson: I talked to Peter Bergman [Jack] the other day and he told me the same thing. That's very interesting, because I'd always been led to believe it was Maria Bell who brought me back


For a little spoiler scoop on Marlena (Deidre Hall) finding John (Drake Hogestyn) and Kristen together at the Horton Cabin, click here!

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    Wow, that would be an interesting turn. However, she was on the show for quite some time with MAB and had some story (not always the best) during that time. Let’s get Maria and Josh together and discuss…

  2. Profile photo of harlee490

    Watch Eileen Davidson by the actress that crosses the boundries of the soap world….Hmmmm….MAB didn’t want to share ED as Sony had wanted and Josh could be open…I say bring it on…Eileen…fans need Ashley home in Geona City as fans need Kristan home in Salem!

  3. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Weeks ago when I suggested that MAB was not responsible for actually physically writing (note: approval of storylines is not the same as conceiving or physically penning a storyline) much of what was seen onscreen, at least one poster chided me for making such a statement:

    Well, well, well…

    Judging from what Griffiths says, it seems that Maria may have been in the habit of taking credit for other people’s work, so perhaps it wasn’t such a far-fetched possibility after all!

    Just saying…

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    Eileen Davidson’s only great story post her 2008 return was the reunion with Victor in Paris – which had Josh Griffith in charge. Everything that came after that was messy. This horror trip with Adam got out of control after Griffith was forced out and her marriage to Tucker was one big disaster.

    I’m happy that Eileen is back on DAYS. I just hope that the writers there know how to write for her. Couldn’t stand if Eileen once again is wasted.

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    hey mon

    Agree with you soapjunkie88.

    The beautiful ED was wasted in the ‘gaslighting’ story, and then was paired with yet another billionaire, Mother F/Tucker McCall. Boring. The best scenes of her were with Abby. Whether she was slapping her in 2011 for running down her husband, or confiding with her when McCall slept with Harmony in 2012, they gelled well.

    Cant wait for Kristen to appear on screen.

  6. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Love the side-by-side photos of the two blondes. One of them is a classy, elegant, woman who is truly talented in her field and the other is a crazypants, deluded, almost showkiller.

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    Maria’s responsible for all the crazy, horrible and disgusting crap that has happened on this show since 2008. Even if she didn’t write it herself, she’s still the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER! This means she has veto power and could have easily struck down all the COUNTLESS craptastic stories that this show has spewn……..but she didn’t. And even had the nerve to try to pat herself on the back for most of this bullshit!!

    Really, who does that? Maybe if this whole trophy-wife thing doesn’t work out, she has a future in politics?

    Eileen, rest assured that you don’t owe this wench credit for ANYTHING!!!!!!!

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    hey mon

    80srockfan — The only way MAB EVER got to write for Y&R was because her husband’s family owns the show. SONY wouldn’t let her touch another Show with 10-foot pole.

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